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March 1999

The following information was supplied to [email protected] CENTER Solutions after publication of the 1999 [email protected] CENTER Solutions Buyer's Guide (December 1998 issue). Listings with an asterisk were originally published in the 1999 Buyer's Guide and are published here with new or changed information. Listings in blue type have purchased an enhanced listing. You may also search for companies and products or services on our online Buyer's Guide.

Acacia Teleservices International (S)*
P/F: 541-484-5545/541-465-9406
Web/E-mail: www.acaciatel.com
Products/Services: Inbound Teleservices Agency

Acuity Corp. (C)*
Contact: Jennifer Bibbo
P/F: 512-425-2200/512-719-8225
Web/E-mail: www.acuity.com
Products/Services: Customer Interaction Management Software, Inter/Intranet Call Center Software, ACD Software, Web Callback Products, Web Self-Service Solutions

Aftermarket Co. (S)*
Contact: Paul Kerstetter
P/F: 602-470-2500/602-470-2501
Web/E-mail: [email protected]
Products/Services: Fulfillment, Database Marketing/Services, Inbound Teleservices Agency, Outbound Teleservices Agency

Applix, Inc. (C)
Contact: Patricia Riemitis
P/F: 508-870-0300/508-366-2278
Web/E-mail: www.applix.com
Products/Services: Customer Interaction Management Software, Inter/Intranet Call Center Software, Teleservices Software, Help Desk Software

Aubeta Telecom (C, S)*
Contact: Norm Hernandez
P/F: 206-766-8800/206-766-9100
Web/E-mail: www.aubeta.com
Products/Services: Call Center Design, CTI Software, Consulting, PC-ACDs, PBX

Callscan Australia (V)
Contact: Ellen Frajman
P/F: +61 3 9253 1000/+61 3 9253 1099
Web/E-mail: www.callscan.com.au
Products/Services: Call Accounting, Call Center Simulation/Testing Software, Voice Mail, Workforce Management Software, Call Monitoring Systems

CompuFax Solutions (V, S)
Contact: Alan Nusbaum
P/F: 905-477-0105/905-477-1596
Web/E-mail: www.compufax.com
Products/Services: CTI Software, Fax Broadcasting Services, IVR Products, Internet Telephony Products/Svcs., Consulting

Comverse Information Systems (C)*
P/F: 800-967-1028/516-677-7197
Web/E-mail: www.cis.comverse.com
Products/Services: ACD Software, Call Monitoring Systems, Inter/Intranet Call Center Software, Logging & Monitoring Equipment, Simultaneous Voice/Data

Consultronics (M)
Contact: Tom Gough
P/F: 905-738-3741/905-738-3712
Web/E-mail: www.consultronics.com
Products/Services: CTI Testing Tools, ISDN Hardware/Software

Conversational Voice Technologies Corp. (S)
Contact: 800-343-CVTC
P/F: 800-97-OUTSOURCE/847-249-9773
Web/E-mail: www.cvtc.com
Products/Services: Fulfillment, Disaster Recovery, 800 Service, Inbound Teleservices Agency, Multilingual Teleservices

COPC, Inc. (S)
Contact: Karen Weber
P/F: 512-329-0010/512-329-0029
Web/E-mail: www.copc.com
Products/Services: Conferences and Expositions, Consulting, Customer Interaction Management Software, Standards Organizations, Certification to COPC-2000 Standard

Copia International, LTD (C)*
Contact: Dorothy Gaden-Flanagan
P/F: 800-689-8898/630-778-8848
Web/E-mail: www.copia.com
Products/Services: Fax Mail, Fax Broadcasting Products, CTI Software, IVR Products, Fax-On-Demand

Digisoft Computers, Inc. (C)*
Contact: Andrew Davidson
P/F: 212-687-1810/212-687-1781
Web/E-mail: www.digisoft.com
Products/Services: Scripting Products, CTI Software, Preview Dialers, Predictive Dialers, Reporting

eSupportNow (S)
Contact: Julie Harrington
P/F: 781-306-9797/781-306-9777
Web/E-mail: www.esupportnow.com
Products/Services: E-mail Management Software, Internet & WWW Marketing Svcs., Internet Telephony Products/Svcs., Web Self-Service Solutions, Inbound Teleservices Agency

Fujitsu Business Communication Systems (M)
P/F: 800-553-3263/602-921-4800
Web/E-mail: www.fbcs.com
Products/Services: Software, PBXs, Unified Messaging, Digital Announcers (ACD), Voice Recognition

GLS TeleServices (S)
Contact: Jeanette Laquintano
P/F: 800-232-1100/215-988-0188
Web/E-mail: www.glsteleservices.com
Products/Services: Outbound Teleservices Agency

Hammer Technologies (C, S)
Contact: Alan George
P/F: 978-661-1271/978-988-0148
Web/E-mail: www.hammer.com
Products/Services: CTI Testing Tools, Call Center Simulation/Testing Software, IVR Products

Horizon Video (S)
Contact: Sam Davis
P/F: 617-232-9811/617-734-1989
Web/E-mail: www.fyi.net/~andy
Products/Services: Training: Audio Cassettes, Books/Workbooks, Interactive Videodisc/Computer Training, TSR/Management Products, Video

Info Zero Un (C)*
Contact: Maurice Beauregard
P/F: 514-861-9255/514-861-9209
Web/E-mail: [email protected]
Products/Services: Auto Dialers, Predictive Dialers, Internet & WWW Marketing Svcs., Teleservices Software - PC

Intellix A/S (M, S)
Contact: Ole Rnberg
P/F: +45 70233700/+45 70232700
Web/E-mail: www.intellix.com
Products/Services: Workforce Management Software, Help Desk Software, Inter/Intranet Call Center Software, Web Self-Service Solutions

Justin David Direct (S)
Contact: Don Watters
P/F: 402-343-1132/402-343-1229
Web/E-mail: [email protected]
Products/Services: Ad Agency Services, Consulting, Presentation Products, Scripting Services, Design Studio Services

MarketForce (C)
Contact: Sarah Lawrence
P/F: 817-277-3000/817-274-6700
Web/E-mail: www.marketforce-inc.com
Products/Services: Contact Management Software, Territory Management Software, Telemarketing Software - PC, Workforce Management Software, Salesforce Automation Software

MediaPhonics, The TelWare Co. (M)*
Contact: Kerry Price
P/F: 877-TELWARE/214-327-5325
Web/E-mail: [email protected]
Products/Services: Unified Messaging, Integrated Voice Messaging Products, Voice Mail, Text-to-Speech Conversion, Voice Board Products

MER Telemanagement Solutions, Inc. (M)
Contact: Al Anastasi
P/F: 877-TABSWEB/201-553-0799
Web/E-mail: www.TABSWEB.com
Products/Services: Call Accounting, Toll-Fraud Detection, PBX Alarm Monitoring Package, Web-based and Windows-based Call Accounting

Ogen Creative Services (S)
Contact: Stan Ogen
P/F: 609-663-2274/609-663-2363
Web/ E-mail: [email protected]
Products/Services: Ad Agency Services, Mailing House Services, Printing Services, Signage, Direct Mail

Paragon Decision Resources (S)
Contact: Deane Foote
P/F: 630-889-7239/630-889-7022
Products/Services: New sites for Call Centers, Relocation Specialists

Per Annum, Inc. (M, S)
Contact: Dan Nichols
P/F: 212-647-8700/212-647-8716
Web/E-mail: www.perannum.com
Company category: Premiums/Incentives, Printing Services, Customer Satisfaction Services, Fulfillment, Palm Pilot

Periphonics Corp. (M)*
Contact: Karen Ferraro
P/F: 800-733-8182/516-981-2689
Web/E-mail: www.peri.com
Products/Services: CTI Distributor, CTI Software, CTI Testing Tools, Prepaid Calling Cards, IVR Products

Picazo Communications, Inc. (M)*
Contact: Tamye Oshman
P/F: 408-383-9300/408-383-0136
Web/E-mail: www.picazo.com
Products/Services: PC-PBX Hardware, PC-PBX Software, CTI Software, Auto Attendants, TAPI Compliant

PriceInteractive, Inc. (S)*
11800 Sunrise Valley Dr.
Reston, VA 20191
Contact: Donna Florimbio
P/F: 703-620-4700/703-758-7180
Web/E-mail: www.priceinteractive.com
Products/Services: 800 Service, Consulting, Inbound Teleservices Agency, Multilingual Teleservices, Outbound Teleservices Agency
PriceInteractive provides high-capacity IVR services for major telcos and Fortune 100 companies. Our advanced technology and responsive staff can handle the most demanding campaigns and customer needs. Quick turnaround. Multiple languages. Fax-back. Web integration. Every customer is a reference!

Private Label Leasing, Inc. (S)
Contact: James Hill
P/F: 800-451-6567/800-571-3921
Web/E-mail: [email protected]
Products/Services: Rentals/Leasing/Financing, Equipment and Software Leasing

ProMark One, An IDRC Co. (S)*
7272 E. Indian School Rd., Ste. 350
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Contact: Lori Fentem
P/F: 800-933-0233/602-707-9179
Web/E-mail: www.promarkone.com
Products/Services: Inbound Teleservices Agency, Multilingual Teleservices, Outbound Teleservices Agency

Proxy Communications, Inc. (S)*
140 Valley Dr.
Brisbane, CA 94005
Contact: Patricia O'Neill
P/F: 800-776-9980/415-468-1222
Web/E-mail: [email protected]
Products/Services: Catalog House Services, Fulfillment, Check and Credit Card Processing & Verification, Inbound Teleservices Agency
Proxy is a 24-hour call center serving the inbound telemarketing industry since 1972. Highly skilled agents field orders, catalog requests, seminar registrations and customer service calls as an extension of your business. Calls are outsourced 24 hours, after hours or during peak periods.

Ryan Technologies, Inc. (C)
Contact: Ray Ryan
P/F: 209-245-5500/209-245-3036
Web/E-mail: www.ryantechnologies.com
Products/Services: Application Software, CTI Software, Groupware, PC-ACDs, Call Center Design

Sandy Corp. (S)*
Contact: Mary Ann Smith
P/F: 248-816-3674/248-816-2318
Web/E-mail: [email protected]
Products/Services: Inbound Teleservices Agency, Outbound Teleservices Agency, Interactive Videodisc/Computer/Simulation-based Training, Scripting Products, Video Training

Sencommunications Inc. (V)
P/F: 800-654-2993/813-621-2280
Web/E-mail: www.sencomm.com
Products/Services: Audio Conferencing, Handsets, Headsets, Headset Repair and Accessories

smallwonder softworks, inc. (C)*
7840 E. Broadway Blvd., Ste.180
Tucson, AZ 85710
Contact: Bill Maynard
P/F: 800-258-5828/520-721-7135
Web/E-mail: www.smallwondersoftworks.com
Products/Services: CTI Distributor, Customer Interaction Management Software, Predictive Dialers, Teleservices Software - PC
smallwonder softworks' XChange call center system can connect to your network. This Windows NT system includes predictive outbound and inbound call processing, digital recording, call conferences, scripting and more. It's advanced technology you can manage. No black boxes. No high support fees.

Teltone Corp. (M)*
Contact: Angie Clark
P/F: 425-487-1515/425-487-2288
Web/E-mail: www.teltone.com
Products/Services: Remote Access/Capabilities, Line-Sharing Devices, CTI Testing Tools, Telecommuting and Remote Agent Solutions

Third Wave Solutions (S)
Contact: Alan Taylor
P: 727-530-7509
Web/E-mail: www.third-wave.net
Products/Services: Call Center Design, Consulting, Facilities Management, Inter/Intranet Call Center Software, Systems Integration

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