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Call Center News
March  2000

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CTL Releases VoiceSupport NT
CTL, a provider of voice processing systems, recently announced that its VoiceSupport NT is available for all customers. VoiceSupport NT allows users to view their voice, fax and e-mail messages from their computer workstations on any TCP/IP local area network (LAN). Users may choose between receiving messages via the Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Inbox or VoiceSupport NT's own graphical user interface (GUI).

VoiceSupport NT, developed by CTL using the Microsoft NT operating system, is based on a Pentium class 300 MHz platform with 128MB RAM. This platform has a CD-ROM Super disk drive and 250 hours of storage. Optional features include desktop messaging, fax mail, and interactive voice response (IVR). VoiceSupport NT includes automated attendant speech recognition, allowing a caller to speak the name of the desired contact and the call will be transferred to that person.
No. 510, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

SYMON Unveils SideBar
SYMON Communications, Inc. has announced SideBar, a real-time messaging application designed to enhance communications between contact center supervisors and agents. Tailored for the need of contact centers, SideBar is intended as an efficient way to notify staff of events, distribute information, ask questions or generate an "instant" online meeting. SideBar message notification can be set up in several ways, such as a pop-up screen, an audible tone or an icon on the screen or in the tool tray area. SideBar runs on a company's Intranet and supervisors maintain control over all messaging. Agents cannot send messages or initiate chat with other agents. Instant messages are delivered only if the agent is online; otherwise, messages are retained in a queue until the agent returns online. Additionally, queued messages provide the agent with a choice of predefined responses or a text response. SideBar tracks responses for a given message and provides supervisors with summary information as well as specific message responses.
No. 511, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

LHS Debuts BSCSAdvise
LHS Group Inc. has announced BSCSAdvise, its new decision support solution designed to allow operators to analyze usage patterns and trends to support customer profiling, target marketing and customer retention strategies. BSCSAdvise provides both network utilization analysis for proactive network management and promotion analysis to enhance efforts in campaign management and aid in the reduction of churn. It also permits marketing analysis to generate new queries or modify existing ones as the market environment changes. The product allows for the use of datamarts, designed specifically for data analysis, for report and query generation that does not impact production system performance.
LHS also announced the integration of BSCSAdvise with Athene Software's Advanced Predictive Technology (APT) Churn. APT Churn is designed to show when a subscriber is susceptible to churn and recommend a unique proactive retention strategy based on the individual subscriber's needs. Additionally, APT Churn provides information so that carriers can address issues or problems prior to churn. The integration is intended to provide effective ways for subscriber retention, providing customer-specific marketing solutions to churn and, thereby, profitability management.
No. 512, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

NexCen Introduces EnvoyFirst
NexCen Technologies, Inc. introduced EnvoyFirst, a core e-process solution that enables start-up service providers to quickly begin tracking and managing customer contacts. Start-up service providers can spend many months implementing back-office systems in support of the business operation. EnvoyFirst is intended to enable providers to conduct business as these systems are deployed and integrate with them as each is deployed. EnvoyFirst pre-processes a customer's telephone or e-mail request regarding billing, trouble or service, and routes it to the appropriate back-end system for faster resolution. EnvoyFirst includes up-front needs analysis, customer management, trouble management and order management modules and on-site user training. Additional modules, such as EnvoyCTI, EnvoyWeb and Envoy Business Process Connectors, are available. EnvoyFirst offers service providers speed of deployment, immediate process integration and the ability to automate more functionality.
No. 513, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Brightware Launches New E-mail Assistant
Brightware announced the availability of Brightware 3.5, an e-mail assistant application that includes Brightware Assisted Answer, its proprietary product Single-Click Workflow, Agent Desktop enhancements and new outbound capabilities with Bright Alert. Version 3.5 also includes industry-specific Knowledge Packs that automate e-mail responses for online retail and Internet Service Providers. The intent is to provide viable assistance in strengthening relationships with customers and Web site visitors alike.

The Assisted Answer component of Brightware 3.5 is designed to automatically understand incoming messages, classify them for appropriate handling and compose replies that agents can review, approve and send. Additionally, the reply is delivered to the agent's desktop based on specified criteria, such as message priority, agent skill set or territory.

Agent Desktop and Single-Click Workflow allow for review of automated responses, insertion of additional templates, access to customer history and delivery of the response to the e-customer. Bright Alert is designed to leverage e-mail interaction data to automatically compose and send personalized follow-up messages to e-customers. Examples of follow-up messages include sales confirmations, cross-sell or upsell offers or alternative product recommendations for site visitors who drop off a site without making a purchase.

Brightware 3.5 also broadens its platform support to include SMTP POP3 e-mail environments such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft mail environments for desktops running on Windows 95 and Windows 98. Brightware 3.5 runs on Microsoft NT and integrates with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2 and databases that support ODBC.
No. 514, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Cisco Announces Latest Java Version
Cisco Systems, Inc. introduced the latest version of its Java client for CTI desktop applications in the Cisco ICM software environment. As network-based computing expands, e-mail, chat, IP telephony and other Internet-based forms of customer interaction are growing as well. The traditional call center is evolving into a "multimedia contact center." The new Java client version permits completely browser-based deployment of agent desktop functionality, such as screen-pop and soft phone across multiple PC operating systems, enabling customers to implement an IP-based contact center architecture while preserving their existing investments. Java enables application developers to write a single program that can be run on multiple platforms, such as Unix, Microsoft Window, Apple Macintosh, IBM OS/2 and browser-based desktops. Cisco ICM users can deploy the software's network-to-desktop CTI functionality in both browser-enabled desktop or non-browser environments.
No. 515, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

PIPKINS Enhances Maxima Advantage
Software developer PIPKINS, Inc. announced that its workforce management product, Maxima Advantage, is now available with a wireless interface. Call center supervisors can now make schedule changes, schedule overtime, re-deploy personnel and monitor agent adherence with any wireless browser-enabled device from any location in the call center. The enhancement is intended to free supervisors from the confines of their desks and enables them to manage agents on a direct basis.
No. 516, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Witness Systems Presents E-mail Evaluation Application
Witness Systems, Inc. recently announced the debut of eQuality Response, developed to address the increasing volume of e-mail interactions received by contact centers. eQuality Response provides a means to record and evaluate specific e-mail contacts, allowing organizations to gauge the effectiveness of customer sales/services representatives' e-mail communications skills. eQuality Response is also designed to integrate with e-mail response management applications to monitor the quality of e-mail interactions. Interactions can be analyzed to measure results against pre-defined goals and opportunities to enhance performance explored. eQuality Response operates on the Microsoft Windows NT Server operating system.
No. 517, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Rockwell: Transcend Release 2.0
Rockwell Electronic Commerce unveiled Transcend Release 2.0, the latest version of it customer contact management application. Transcend Release 2.0 doubles agent capacity to 160 agents and eliminates the need for traditional voice hardware by not requiring a voice connection for system sign-in. The new release provides a multimedia customer contact management capability, featuring industry-standard open interfaces that integrate with existing IP infrastructures and telephony systems. Based on the latest Intel/Dialogic CT Media, Transcend operates with other CT Media compliant applications such as predictive dialers and IVRs to provide a multimedia customer contact solution. Release 2.0 includes enhanced real-time displays and graphical reporting that are intended to give administrators a clear view of how customers are being served and the ability to make immediate changes to the contact center environment. Network enhancements include system monitoring and instant notification and the ability to connect multiple external devices that can assist in enhancing and customizing a customer contact operation.
No. 518, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

iMedeon Introduces Application Suite
iMedeon, Inc. announced the limited release of iM:Work 1.0, a new Web-based application suite that combines wireless and Web technologies with existing front- and back-office systems. iM:Work 1.0's architecture is designed to enable customers to utilize recent technological advances, such as field appliances, global positioning systems (GPS) and enhanced mobile technologies. Integration with back- and front-office systems provides a unified view of work to be done by internal or external field service resources. iM:Work 1.0's design is in anticipation of coming changes in field service for all industries, particularly telecom, utility and high-tech markets. This initial, limited release is for pilot customers who wish to utilize the benefits of Web-based systems. iM:Work 1.0 is intended to aid in optimizing and dispatching several different mobile field forces for an organization, enhancing the management of field-based assets and depot-based parts, and providing real-time status for customer service, all on a daily basis. iM:Work 1.0 includes work administration, messaging, order tracking and execution, resource management functionality and reporting.
No. 519, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

CCTI Releases Prism 2.3
Call Center Technology, Inc. announced the release of Prism 2.3 with features that enable real-time enterprise application integration capabilities for the contact center. Prism enables non-programmers to construct fully functional applications that interact with different systems in a contact center environment. Prism is used to build performance analysis tools that are customizable to satisfy users' requirements. Prism 2.3 adds a graphical Business Logic Editor and expands upon Prism's CAD support. The Business Logic Editor allows for complex rules with many steps and multiple relationships between different systems to be graphically designed and produced using a familiar drag-and-drop method. It also provides for central storage of rules for sharing across applications, departments and sites. The new CAD features include user-definable images for animating state changes of fields, user-definable presentation locations and entity selection for modeling any type of object, and ornamentation customization. It also allows for import of DXF files (floor plans, wiring and network diagrams, maps, etc.).
No. 520, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Inspiration From ASC
ASC Telecom, L.P. announced the availability of Inspiration, an integrated, Windows-based agent evaluation and training system designed for small to medium-sized call centers. Inspiration provides selective recording and evaluation of agents' calls based on criteria determined by company management or supervisory personnel. Calls may be stored and retrieved in several ways; e.g., call type, agent I.D., customer account number, date/time, length of call, etc. Inspiration allows customized recording, scoring and reporting of agent performance on individual campaigns. Agent evaluations may be filled out online while listening to call recordings. Agents can review their own evaluations online and add comments. Other features include saving and e-mailing calls and evaluations, instant replay of conversations, call storage, call grouping for training purposes, and a flexible forms generator and report writer that provides customized reports. Inspiration is compatible with all leading PBXs, ACDs and LAN/WANs when used with the Microsoft Windows NT operating system and any industry-standard ODBC compliant database.
No. 521, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Simtrex Releases StarTrainer Version 2.5
Simtrex Corporation announced the release of StarTrainer 2.5, its voice-interactive simulator for customer relationship management training. StarTrainer synchronizes computer screens and recorded telephone voices to simulate any aspect of customer contact, allowing for role-playing scenarios for training customer contact agents. StarTrainer 2.5 can provide digital trunk support for up to 96 simultaneous connections. By reducing the need for analog line dedication for StarTrainer, a company can keep its analog lines reserved for fax and voice mail connections. Other new features include the ability to launch a program or a specific file from within a lesson, launch of a lesson from within another application, enhanced courseware design features, more flexible viewing of lesson scores and the ability for instructors to input scores for verbal proficiency.
No. 522, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Dictaphone To Bundle 3-dV With da Vinci
Dictaphone Corporation recently announced that it will bundle 3-dV, a data mining capability developed in partnership with Virtual Gold, Inc., with all its da Vinci quality monitoring systems for contact centers. 3-dV will assist da Vinci users in collecting and analyzing diverse elements of contact center data and identifying hidden problems that the center can address to improve the quality of their customers' experiences. 3-dV has the capability to call up samples of calls and associated data that contact center operations and quality assurance teams can review to confirm and further understand a particular problem. Dictaphone said that it would begin shipping the 3-dV-enabled da Vinci products in the second quarter of this year.
No. 523, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Koss Introduces Telecom Headsets
Koss Corporation announced the availability of two new telecommunications headsets, the TC/15 and TC/5. Both units are designed to provide hands-free communication from cellular and cordless telephones. The TC/15 is a single-sided headset that provides a frequency response of 15-25,000 Hz. Its flexible boom microphone is designed to provide noise cancellation for voice signal clarity. The headset is designed around Koss' "Sport Clip" that fits around the ear for extended wearing periods. The TC/5 is also a single-sided headset that is equipped with a conventional headband, and provides a frequency response of 60-20,000 Hz. The headband is adjustable. The TC/15 and TC/5 connect to most car and cellular phones as well as many RF cordless models that have a 2.5mm stereo plug.
No. 524, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Fujitsu Introduces Two New ISDN Centrex Phones
Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. announced the addition of two models to its SRS series of ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) Centrex telephones. By taking advantage of ISDN capabilities, the new phones provide a voice solution with access to advanced Centrex features. The SRS-9912 and SRS-9924 support 5E Custom ISDN and National ISDN. Both phones offer features such as hands-free operation, one-touch dialing, 24-character LCD display screen, oversized keypad, and tilt set design for improved viewing. Also, voice features such as caller ID, calling name display, conference and transfer functionality and a local directory function for up to 32 items are incorporated. The SRS-9924 features a speakerphone, and an add-on button module gives users access to 30 additional multifunction keys. Both models are designed for use with Centrex service offered by local telephone service providers.
No. 525, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Viking's ERO Collection
Viking Acoustical Corporation announced the addition of four new products to its ERO Collection of office products- two workstations and two tables. The Banana Console Workstation can accommodate up to five large monitors (up to 1,000lbs). Powered by electrical actuators, both front and rear work surfaces can be adjusted to the correct working height, including sit-stand, using a surface mounted control pad. The Wrap Workstation is designed for one or two monitors (up to 450lbs) and allows for both a comfortable monitor viewing distance and adjustments needed to achieve a correct ergonomic posture. Viking's ERO Fixed Surface table and ERO Single Surface Adjustable table may be employed as freestanding units, integrated with existing panel systems and used in conjunction with the workstations.
No. 526, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

Eyretel Launches New Applications, Enhancements
Eyretel, Inc., announced the debut of two analysis and quality monitoring tools: QualitySelect, a customer quality monitoring solution, and Replay Studio, a call and screening analysis product. QualitySelect is to enable the review of the total customer interaction as well as the individual customer service representative, using customer-based recording rules to select and record contacts as they commence. Replay Studio allows clients to 'mine' customer communications using data visualization techniques for detecting significant points and patterns within customer interactions. For example, users can review calls for all customers with low repeat business or identify interactive patterns for acquiring, retaining and cross-selling customers. To provide support for these products is System 5, Eyretel's latest release of its call center recording platform, consisting of a digital multimedia contact system, a customer interaction database and software that integrates the platform with clients' CRM and contact center applications and systems. System 5 also provides fault-tolerance for CTI failure and selective recording for Lucent call center systems as well as a wide range of digital telephone systems.
No. 527, www.ccsmag.com/freeinfo

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Call Sciences, an international supplier of enhanced telecommunication services, announced the appointment of Vernon Poyner as chief operating officer, having responsibilities for sales, marketing and finance. Prior to this appointment, Poyner served as Call Sciences' vice president, global operations.

Greenwich Technology Partners (GTP) appointed Richard Haverly to the newly created position of senior vice president, operations. His responsibilities include the executive leadership of GTP's technical management teams. In this role, Haverly will be responsible for the quality of client engagements and the professional development of GTP's engineers and consultants. Haverly is a former partner and 30-year veteran of Andersen Consulting.

Telecommunications equipment manufacturer Tellabs has named Joan E. Ryan chief financial officer. Ryan, who will be responsible for Tellabs' global finance operations, held the post of vice president, finance, and chief financial officer of Ameritech Small Business Services. Most recently she served as senior vice president and chief financial officer of Alliant Foodservice, Inc. Ms. Ryan succeeds Peter A. Guglielmi, who will continue as a member of Tellabs' Board of Directors.

Satisfaction Management Systems, Inc. announces the addition of Wayne M. Serie as president and chief financial officer. SMS is a consulting and marketing research firm focusing on customer measurement, competitive strategy, organizational communication and information systems. Serie, with 20 years of experience in the research, consulting and information service industry, most recently held the position of vice president at Data Recognition Corporation.

Daisytek International Corporation announced that its board of directors approved James R. Powell as president and chief executive officer. Powell replaces Mark C. Layton, Daisytek's CEO and president since 1993, who will now continue as president and CEO of Daisytek's e-commerce logistics subsidiary, PFSweb, Inc. Layton will continue to serve as chairman of the Daisytek board of directors. Powell joined Daisytek in 1988 and most recently served as senior vice president of sales and marketing, primarily responsible for the U.S. computer supplies division of the company.

David L. Solomon has been elected vice chairman and chief executive officer of Gabriel Communications, Inc., a facilities-based integrated communications and applications service provider. He succeeds Robert A. Brooks, who will continue as chairman. Most recently, Solomon served as a board member and advisor to Diginet Americas, Inc.

infoUSA.com, a provider of proprietary business consumer databases and Internet white and yellow page directories, recently announced several appointments. J. Peter Bardwick was named chief operating officer and chief financial officer. Additionally, Bardwick, formerly CFO of MarketWatch.com, was named to the board of directors. Arvind Jain, most recently vice president of Kaiser Aluminum's alumina business unit, was appointed COO and CFO of its Internet "credit portal" subsidiary, businessCreditUSA.com. James Watkins, formerly director of corporate communications at SBC Communications, was named chief marketing officer. infoUSA.com also announced that Larry Kramer, chairman and CEO of MarketWatch.com, Inc., would join its advisory board of directors.

Synchrony Communications promoted Brad Landstra to vice president, worldwide sales. Landstra's most recent position was vice president of sales. Synchrony, a provider of Web-native customer service technology, also announced that Dan Dal Degan, former head of KPMG Consulting's financial services consulting sales group, has accepted the position of vice president, North American sales.

IXnet, Inc, provider of a global Extranet designed for the financial services industry, announced that William F. Adiletta has joined the company as executive vice president and chief technology officer. Adiletta will also lead technology development for IPC Information Systems, Inc., IXnet's parent company. Prior to this appointment, Adiletta served as president of the NASDAQ Capital Markets division and chief technology officer at Optimark Technologies, Inc.

NICE Systems announced the appointment of Koby Huberman as senior vice president of global marketing. Huberman's most recent position was former vice president of Lucent Technology's internetworking systems group. Huberman will be responsible for the company's corporate marketing strategy and leading its worldwide marketing teams.

Tom Shoemaker, a past vice-president of AT&T WorldNet Service, has joined ITXC Corp. as executive vice president of business development. His responsibilities are new service development and mergers and acquisitions. Prior to joining ITXC, Shoemaker was president of Electric Schoolhouse, a K-12 Internet education company.

CRM solutions provider and service integrator Polaris Service Inc. has named Peter E. Walsh as its new vice president of marketing. Walsh will be responsible for the company's strategic marketing initiatives. His most recent position was with Zefer, an Internet consulting firm.

United Customer Management Solutions (UCMS) appointed Sharon Matthews, chief executive office for UCMS worldwide. Matthews was with Unisys as strategic initiatives principal and general manager and director for the postal and retail market sector groups within Unisys' information services group practice in Australia. Edward Norton was named as president of UCMS Inc. (U.S.). Prior to joining UCMS, Norton was president of Consilium, a provider of integrated software solutions for semiconductor manufacturers. Mandeep Khera was named vice president of UCMS worldwide marketing. Prior to joining UCMS, Khera was vice president of marketing and development for Embarcadero Systems Corp., a start-up software company. UCMS provides customer relationship management outsourcing services worldwide.

COM2001.com announced the appointment of Robert Armao as chief operating officer. COM2001 is a provider of Internet and computer telephony products and services. Prior to joining COM2001, Armao was executive vice president of Insight Enterprises.

WebTone Technologies, Inc., a developer of Web-based customer care and service solutions, has named James K. Szyperski president and chief executive officer. Szyperski most recently was executive vice president of strategic development for Premiere Technologies.

Philip G. Ericson, president and founder of Interack Communications Inc., has been named chief operating officer of Franklin Telecom, a digital and VoIP telephony equipment manufacturer. Prior to joining Franklin Telecom, Ericson founded four research and development and manufacturing companies.

TeleTech Holdings, Inc., a provider of e-commerce customer management solutions, appointed Michael Graham-Hyde as senior vice president, marketing. Graham-Hyde will oversee the defining and implementation of marketing and branding programs around Teletech's e-customer relationship management solutions. He was formerly senior vice president of Lucent's NetCare professional services global marketing division.

Davox Corporation, a developer of customer interaction management solutions, announced the promotion of Rusty Coleman to senior vice president of North American sales and Jeffrey Anderholm to senior vice president of marketing. Coleman's most recent position was vice president of North American Sales. Among his responsibilities, Coleman will direct Davox's newly formed solutions services unit and lead the effort to expand market opportunities for Davox's recently launched Ensemble customer contact suite. Anderholm, previously vice president of marketing, will be responsible for establishing product direction, partnering initiatives and creation of marketing programs for the Ensemble product.

Teltrust, Inc., a call processing and calling card services outsourcing bureau and wholesale provider of voice and data services, named Doris Granatowski as chief executive officer, replacing Marc Cohen who has stepped down. She was also appointed to the board of directors. Granatowski, was most recently president and executive operating officer of eShare Technologies, Inc.

Luminous Networks, a provider of carrier class Gigabit IP over fiber optical access switches, announced that William Reid has joined the company as vice president of sales. Reid, who most recently served as national account manager for Cisco Systems, will be responsible for sales of the company's PacketWare family of optical access switches.

Douglas M. Dunn has joined VocalTec Communications Ltd.'s board of directors. Dunn is dean of Carnegie Mellon University's graduate school of industrial administration and a former executive with AT&T Corporation.

Zoe Quan was named senior vice president of Fujitsu Business Communication Systems. Quan will focus on customer needs and traditional and emerging technologies. Her responsibilities include marketing, product development and management and advanced research and technology development. Quan was most recently support vice president for China and new markets at Lucent Technologies.

Servicesoft Technologies, Inc., provider of Internet customer service solutions, announced several additions to its senior management team. Dan Kossmann, previously CFO at Infinium Inc., was named chief financial officer, Chet Barnard, former president and CEO of Internet Business Advantages, as senior vice president of solutions organization, and James Keller, senior vice president of strategic alliances. Prior to joining Servicesoft, Keller was vice president of worldwide professional services for Open Market. Additionally, Tom Gormley, formerly of Forrester Research and Steve Maislin were named as vice presidents of vertical markets. Maislin's prior position was product and operations director at PC DOCS, Inc.

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YourDay.com Comes To deltathree.com
deltathree.com Inc., a provider of IP telephony services and other Web-based communications services, announced its acquisition of YourDay.com. Formerly a subsidiary of SenseNet, Inc., YourDay.com is an online calendar and scheduling system that integrates Palm personal digital assistants (PDAs), telephones, and the Internet. Users are able to access their information on the Internet, over the telephone or with their Palm PDAs. As part of the agreement, deltathre.com will develop an IP Telephony module for use with SenseNet II, a Web-based intranet application that provides workflow management capabilities such as calendars, project management, document sharing and contact management.

France Telecom Acquires Global One
France Telecom has acquired Global One, a corporate telecom service provider with 1999 revenues of $1.1 billion. Global One was created in 1996 as a joint venture between France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom and Sprint. Global One has an ATM-based network reaching more than 800 cities in 40 countries. Global voice, data and IP network solutions for multinational companies include such services as VPN, call centers, LAN-to-LAN and Internet/Intranet solutions. The acquisition is part of France Telecom's international strategy of expanding its position in the global, multinational corporate market and becoming the leading European wholesale carrier for both voice and IP; leveraging its network reach, marketing and sales activity, and developing operating synergies for upcoming opportunities.

APEX Purchases AxelCom
APEX Voice Communications announced its purchase of Paris-based AxelCom SARL, a provider of enhanced service solutions in Europe and Africa, and an APEX value-added reseller. In 1995, AxelCom began providing carrier-grade, Windows NT-based voice processing alternatives and chose APEX's OmniVox Intelligent Call Processor as its core product. AxelCom has expanded into other areas, notably, North and Central Africa, Switzerland and Quebec. APEX manufactures enhanced services and billing solutions for telephone companies, paging and cellular/PCS providers, value-added resellers, OEMs and systems. APEX states that the purchase will allow them to more effectively meet the needs of customers in the French-speaking world and contribute to their growth worldwide.

Esperant Acquired From SAGA Software
SAGA Software, Inc. and Visionyze.com, a division of Speedware Corporation announced that Speedware has acquired SAGA's query and reporting product, Esperant, and its associated customer base. Under the terms of the agreement, Speedware, an Internet solution provider of Web and client/server development tools and services, will be responsible for directly supporting organizations and sites deploying Esperant worldwide. The new agreement means that Speedware, through its Visionyze.com division, will also sell directly to Esperant customers. Speedware is extending the use of Esperant into its suite of analytical applications for the customer relationship management market as well as their specialized applications tailored for telecommunications and healthcare companies. Current Esperant customers have that product as an infrastructure for deploying Visionyze.com's latest analytic applications.

Young America Acquires Denver Company
Young America Corporation, a service provider of integrated fulfillment and consumer interaction processing, recently announced that it had purchased SourceOne Worldwide, LLC, a marketing services company focused on business-to-business and business-to-consumer fulfillment. The acquisition supports Young America's strategy to continue revenue growth momentum by broadening service capabilities. Young America states that SourceOne is positioned to provide comprehensive e-commerce services, such as Web site development and hosting, information asset management, Web-based credit card and e-check clearance and customer service functionality.

Experian And LSSi Complete Business Unit Merger
Experian and Listing Services Solutions, Inc. recently announced the completion of the merger of their national directory assistance businesses. A new company, LSSi Corp., which will be run by the LSSi management team, will combine Experian's long-term customer relationships in the national directory assistance business (NDA) with the national listing data of LSSi. The goal of the new company is two-fold; lead the market in delivery of traditional directory assistance products and generate new directory-related, intelligent network products. LSSi Corp. is also expected to take advantage of growth opportunities in call-screening services in both traditional phone networks and computer-based IP networks. Although a growing enterprise, NDA was not a core business activity for Experian, which believes that LSSi is well positioned to continue investment in technology improvements, data acquisition and expansion in a high-growth market.

IXnet Acquires Business Networks
IXnet, Inc., provider of a global extranet designed expressly for the financial services community, announced the acquisition of Business Networks of New York, Inc., a Manhattan-based provider of voice and data communications services to the financial community. The acquisition is intended to allow IXnet to extend its penetration of the New York financial market customer base and accelerate development of its on-net strategy. IXnet believes that BNNY's customers will have an opportunity to benefit from direct connectivity to a greater number of trading partners and services through IXnet's global extranet. Both businesses believe that their common focus will ensure a successful and beneficial "customer-first integration."

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Williams Achieves Cisco Gold Certification
Williams Communications Solutions announced today that it has received Gold Certification from Cisco Systems, Inc. According to Tom Stevenson, vice president of Global Partners for Cisco Systems, "The purpose of the Cisco Gold Certification Program is to publicly recognize those Cisco channel partners who increase end-customer satisfaction by solving problems quickly." Williams demonstrated success in the sales, design, support and service of Cisco solutions. Williams is a single-source provider of business communications equipment and multimedia integration services for data, voice, video and advanced applications.

IET Changes Its Name
Intelligent Electronics (IET) has officially changed its name to ClickService Software, Inc. ClickService is a provider of Web-centric products that address the needs of the self-scheduling and self-support marketplaces. ClickService has redeployed its core service optimization technologies, which now feature Web-centric architectures Internet-class scalability and new features. ClickService has renamed its two major products. W-6 Service Scheduler will be called ClickSchedule and TechMate will be known as ClickFix.

ISO 9001 Certification To CTL
CTL recently announced that it has received ISO 9001 certification. The certification process requires that an ISO-accredited, third-party registrar assess, audit and register a company's Quality Management System (QMS). Simply put, ISO criteria must be met both in the development of the QMS and each step of the certification process. For CTL, QMS is applicable to the design, manufacture, distribution and service of their electronic call processing and voice messaging systems, interactive voice response systems, fax delivery systems and associated application software.

Lucent Launches Services Unit
Lucent Technologies announced the deployment of a new organization for developing and delivering professional services solutions for e-business CRM applications. The mission of the service line is to help enterprises integrate communications channels in various media (e.g., phone, Internet, e-mail and fax) with their customer care operations. The group will focus on self-service applications designed to provide customer support and choice of conducting business with or without a live agent. The eCRM service line is intended to help organizations implement solutions that support long-term relationships with customers.

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Infotel Opens New Location
Infotel, a special Free Trade Zone located in the Dominican Republic, announced the opening of its second location in Santiago, that country's second largest city. Operations at the new location consist of dispatch/paging support and telemarketing of long distance services for the United States and the Caribbean. The new location provides the company with an additional 350 stations.

DraftWorldwide Acquires UK Presence
DraftWorldwide, an integrated global marketing agency specializing in brand building and direct and promotional marketing has acquired The Boroughloch Agency, a leading marketing communications agency located in Scotland. The move makes DraftWorldwide a major direct and promotional marketing group in the UK, and adds event and field marketing skills to its core capabilities in the United Kingdom. This acquisition increases DraftWorldwide's presence in Western Europe.

In a related move, DraftWorldwide acquired HPI, a global research consultancy that provides qualitative and quantitative research as well as expertise in advertising assessment and tracking. The acquisition is expected to give DraftWorldwide a full-service research capability and strengthen DraftWorldwide's research offerings to UK and global clients.

ICT Group, SmithKline Announce Teleservices Agreement
ICT Group, Inc. announced that it has signed an international teleservices agreement with SmithKline Beecham PLC to be the exclusive outsource provider of pan-European multilingual teleservices for SmithKline's NiQuitinCQ smoking cessation program in the UK, Belgium, Sweden and France. ICT Eurotel in Dublin, Ireland will provide dedicated inbound customer care services for NiQuitinCQ. Agents fluent in English, Swedish, French and Flemish ask a series of questions about the caller's individual smoking habit and cessation needs. The information is then used to provide a set of materials personally tailored to the individual.

Tellabs To Deploy Voice Enhancement System In Taiwan
Tellabs has signed a multimillion-dollar agreement to deploy a voice enhancement system for Chunghwa Telecom's nationwide (Taiwan) GSM mobile network to improve voice quality and network efficiency. Chunghwa will deploy Tellabs' EC Duo 8000 system, which will be integrated into the GSM network by Nortel Networks.

Watergate Software Expands PC-Doctor's Euro-Presence
Watergate Software, Inc. announced that Diagnostico para Soft y Hardware S.L. ("SD") of Madrid, Spain will bundle Watergate's PC-Doctor suite of diagnostic tools with SD's Doctor PC Diagnostic Tools for the European market, available in seven languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Dutch and English. Previously, PC-Doctor was available only as an OEM product, but now will be sold by SD in a retail version to a much broader market. SD will also offer PC-Doctor Service Center 2000, a single-user mobile factory product for PC manufacturers, assemblers and support professionals. Service Center 2000 will also be available in seven languages.

CompleTel Launches Services In Essen
CompleTel LLC announced that it has opened its Western Region subsidiary in Essen, Germany. CompleTel is a European facilities-based provider of switched local telecommunications and related services, including Internet services, to businesses and government end-users in Western Europe. This is their third market presence in Germany, having previously established facilities in Munich and Nuremberg.

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Davox And IEX Announce OEM And Distribution Agreement
IEX, a Tekelec Company, and Davox Corporation have agreed to expand their current product partnership by distributing each other's products. Under the terms of the agreement, Davox will OEM IEX's TotalNet Call Routing Solution, and IEX will distribute Davox's Ensemble customer contact suite.

Davox's Ensemble suite combines inbound, outbound and blended call management with desktop automation tools, Web-enabling capabilities, and both real-time and historical reporting capabilities.

Totalnet's network Call Routing Solution anchors the IEX Virtual Contact Center by controlling calls in the carrier's network before they reach a company's automated call distribution network. This "pre-answer" routing enables contact centers to combine teams of agents . from multiple locations, with the intent of .increasing call handling.

Active Voice And Sphere Communications Announce Strategic Agreement
Active Voice Corporation, a provider of unified messaging and computer-telephony software solutions, announced an agreement to market and sell its Unity unified messaging product with Sphere Communications' Sphericall PBX. The terms of the agreement state that the two companies will work cooperatively on marketing programs, sales activities and continued product integration.

Unity is a Windows NT-based communications solution that provides voice mail, unified messaging an automated attendant and fax server, giving users the ability to access and manage all their messages (voice, e-mail and fax) through a touch-tone telephone, a desktop PC or over the Internet.

Sphericall PBX can accommodate up to 2,500 users per installation, providing for straightforward configuration and installation of a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and phone lines with external network-based components. It is administered through the Windows NT graphical user interface (GUI).

Linx Partners With TeleGea.com
Linx Communications, Inc., a communications service provider, recently announced a strategic partnership with TeleGea.com, an e-commerce company that provides online delivery of a range of communications services. TeleGea will co-brand Linx's LinxConnect one-number service as subscription-free products sold directly to customers via its Web site. LinxConnect is a Web-enabled one-number service that combines voice, wireless, messaging and fax communications tools into a single local or toll-free number.

Telegea is a major e-commerce provider of subscription-free communications services for international calling, domestic long-distance, wireless and other communications services.

Rockwell And Bell Atlantic To Deliver CRM Solutions
Rockwell Electronic Commerce and Bell Atlantic have entered into a long-term distribution agreement in which Bell Atlantic will resell Rockwell's customer contact management technology. The alliance has been created to meet the growing demand for fully integrated, multimedia/IP CRM solutions.
Under the agreement, Bell Atlantic will market and distribute Rockwell EC's product set including Spectrum, Transcend and 3CS customer contact center platforms, and Call Center Studio, Rockwell EC's rapid application development product for desktops. Bell Atlantic's Call Center Services will provide sales, service, installation and professional services including integration, application development and maintenance. Additionally, Bell Atlantic will market Rockwell's Transcend product, with additional enhancements, as the Bell Atlantic Contact Center Express.
The combined technology and distribution plan is intended to expand customer contact product choices to businesses, particularly those with small to medium call center operations.

MCK And Lucent Team To Offer PBX Functionality
MCK Communications, Inc. announced that it has teamed with Lucent Technologies to offer 'seamless' PBX functionality to branch and remote office workers. MCK's Branch Office EXTender 6000 will work in conjunction with Lucent's DEFINITY Enterprise Communications Server and DEFINITY Prologix Solutions to extend corporate PBX capabilities to employees in branch offices or satellite call center via digital phone sets and extensions off of a corporate DEFINITY system. Branch Office EXTender 6000 as well as installation, training and support is available through MCK and Lucent sales channels.

Andrea And ZeroPlus.com Sign Letter Of Intent
Andrea Electronics Corporation and ZeroPlus.com, a subsidiary of e-Net, Inc. have signed a letter of intent stating that ZeroPlus.com will purchase and market Andrea Electronics' new M-200 microphone handsets, bearing the ZeroPlus.com logo, for use with its Internet telephony software. In turn, Andrea will offer ZeroPlus.com's Internet telephony software with its line of microphone headsets and handsets through Andrea's e-commerce channel and existing national retail office/computer stores, such as Staples and OfficeMax. The M-200 features a single-element microphone designed to enhance multimedia communications and provide clear interactive voice ability for Internet telephony, chat, videoconferencing and online gaming applications.

Cisco And Active Voice Enter Unified Messaging Agreement
Active Voice announced that it has signed an agreement with Cisco Systems, Inc. Both companies will cooperate to ensure that Unity, Active Voice's IP-telephony ready, unified messaging solution, and Cisco's CallManager, call processing software and related Cisco AVVID solutions continue to deliver an integrated communications solution to their respective customers. The agreement also establishes a business relationship providing for cross-training and other mutually beneficial sales, support and marketing activities.

Clarify And Witness Systems Join Forces
Clarify, Inc., a provider of e-business solutions, announced a partnership with Witness Systems Inc. As part of this alliance Witness Systems' eQuality multimedia product suite will integrate with Clarify eFrontOffice to record, evaluate and analyze customer contact across a variety of touch points. The combined solution is designed to enable organizations to effectively manage a contact center's employees, business processes and technologies to ensure customer loyalty and enhancing the customer experience.

IMAGINE And VSI Launch CRM Solution
IMAGINE (USA) Inc. and Vertical Solutions, Inc. announced a partnership to launch a CRM solution for the customer service industry. The solution integrates IMAGINE's Visual Meeting with VSI's PowerHelp Millennium. The combined solution is designed to provide live, personalized customer service through the Web, enabling a call center agent to know as much as possible about a customer and have the technology available to offer customized and personalized service. A primary goal for the solution is for the customer to have a consistent, positive experience with the contact agent and assist contact centers to better know their customers and address specific needs, in real-time, online with a live agent.

Crystal Group, Science Dynamics Enter Alliance
Crystal Group, Inc., a maker of industrial computers and integration services for the communications industry, recently announced an alliance with Science Dynamics Corporation, a provider of telecommunications solutions. Crystal Group will operate as the hardware integration source for Science Dynamics and its IP Telephony Gateway products. Science Dynamics is active in the design and development of voice over IP technology.

NetSpeak Announces OEM Pact With Fujitsu
NetSpeak Corp., a provider of advanced telephony solutions for IP networks, announced that Fujitsu Business Communications Systems, Inc. will offer NetSpeak's iTEL product line in conjunction with Fujitsu's new Internet Protocol-based telephony solutions, CLASS+IP and VPN+IP. The three-year OEM agreement is intended to provide both Internet telephony providers (ITSPs) and enterprises with an integrated, IP-telephony call management solution. Under the terms of the agreement, Fujitsu will private label and sell NetSpeak's iTEL H.323 product and application suite through its distribution and systems integration channels. The relationship also covers all new products jointly developed and introduced during the three-year agreement.

Compel Corrals Coyotes
Compel, LLC has announced an exclusive information technology partnership with the Phoenix Coyotes National Hockey League franchise. Compel is developing a five-year, multifaceted technology plan for the Coyotes organization. The plan includes design and implementation of a help desk for tracking and prioritizing incoming/outgoing calls, disaster recovery plans and an automated sales software package. Additionally, Compel will work closely with the Coyotes in the development of an IT strategy for the team's proposed new arena. Compel is a provider of datacom and telecom network installations, including data center design, construction and support, and outsource network services.


Media Fusion Expands Dallas HQ
Media Fusion has completed an office expansion, doubling the size of its Dallas corporate headquarters. Media Fusion has developed and patented a powerline communications technology that can enable the power grid of any nation to deliver communications services to virtually all of its citizens/users through ordinary electrical outlets.

AFFINA Launches AFFINA Select
AFFINA announced the creation of a new business unit, AFFINA Select, to provide customer relationship management programs to clients with low-volume needs. AFFINA Select is expected to fill what is sometimes perceived as a void in the servicing of smaller clients who may not be viewed as cost-effective in a larger CRM program environment. AFFINA Select runs on a proprietary Lotus platform that allows clients direct access to their programs at all times. Access is by direct dial-up or Internet to monitor reports or to make changes to CSR scripts. If AFFINA Select clients require customized or higher volume support, they may migrate to one of AFFINA's other business CRM units, such as consumer products, packaged goods or consumer electronics.

Millennium Opens Call Center
Millennium Teleservices has opened its 27th call center. The Internet-enabled center, located in Logan, West Virginia, is designed to help address the growing need for interactive customer support for e-commerce Web companies. The Web center will allow Millennium customer service agents to handle voice, e-mail, fax, and Web chat at a single computer terminal. The Logan site is the model Web center for Millennium Teleservices, which plans to replicate the design throughout the US.

EnvisioNet Expands To Augusta
EnvisioNet Computer Services, Inc., has expanded its operations to Augusta, Maine. EnvisioNet,a provider of customer care services and technical support to Internet companies and companies that develop Internet-related software and hardware, has established a contact center facility housing several hundred new customer service and technical support agents.

Natural Addition Of Linux
Natural Microsystems Corporation has announced that it will support the Linux operating system. Natural Microsystems provides network products, design and customization resources to suppliers of converged communications solutions and applications.

TCIM Expands In North America
TCIM Services Inc. has opened an affiliate company in Toronto, Canada. TCIM and Canadian partners jointly own the new firm, Gemma Communications. The opening of Gemma adds the French language to TCIM's existing English and Spanish language portfolio. TCIM offers a range of services, including inbound/outbound call center management, Web-enabled services, customer online order entry and database management

BTI Adds New Sales Office
BTI Telecom Corp. continued expanding its Georgia operations by opening an additional sales office in Alpharetta, Georgia, to service the greater Atlanta area. BTI provides a suite of integrated retail communications services to business customers, including local and long-distance, data network management, Internet access and paging. The company also offers wholesale services to other telecommunications carriers and end-user customers, including switched, private line, special access and prepaid calling card.

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