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  Ranhill Powertron Selects GE
"Many countries around the world, such as Malaysia, are seeking to meet their growing power demands in a responsible manner," said John Reinker, general manager-gas turbine combined cycle product line, for GE Power & Water.
  Smart Paper Battery Looks Hopeful for Green Market
Sweden's Uppsala University recently announced that researchers within the university have crafted a battery using two common and inexpensive substances: cellulose and salt.
  Energy Harvesting Without Batteries
Energy harvesting is the conversion of ambient energy into electricity to power small electric and electronic devices, making them self-sufficient, often for decades. It is popularly believed that energy harvesting always calls for a battery, albeit a smaller, longer lasting rechargeable one. That is what gives you the electronic wristwatch powered by solar cells. Such a battery will last up to ten years. In some cases, 20 year primary batteries such as lithium thionyl chloride versions can be used but they have their own challenges.
  Alcatel-Lucent Unveils Alternative Energy Program
As companies all over the world realize the need to save energy, the demand for energy efficient products have been on the rise. Apart from helping companies do their bit for the environment, these green products also make it possible to reduce costs.
  OWIkit Designs Educational Solar Building Kit for Children
OWIKit has announced the release of a newly designed 6 in 1 Educational solar building kit that will provide a fun way for kids to learn about robots and solar power.
  When Telephony Gets Wet
For some time now, Motorola, NEC, Toshiba and other companies have been working on how to provide more power to mobile handsets and laptops for longer periods of time. Conventional battery technology has just about been pushed to its limits – after all, if a chemical battery could somehow store a lot of power, it would probably be so unstable that at full charge it would be always be on the verge of exploding.
  Human-Powered Laptops Now In Beta from Easy Energy
Easy Energy, the inventor and manufacturer of the Yogen product suite, a series of man-powered generators for recharging cellular phones and small electronics devices, has announced that it has completed the first prototype of its patented foldable laptop charger, known as the Yogen Max, a product that charges laptops without the need to depend on any external power source.
  Utility Company Implements GE Smart Grid Technology
WEL Networks of New Zealand has announced it will be implementing GE smart grid technology in its endeavor to improve power reliability for consumers.
  Ericsson Launches Wind-Powered Concept for Its Tower Tube
Committed to sustainable and cost-efficient solutions that help bring communications to all, the Swedish telecom giant is currently working with Vertical Wind AB and Uppsala University in Sweden to develop the concept.
  Facebook Helps Americans Secure Green Jobs and Reach Congress
Congress has renewed the solar and wind tax credits as part of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act.
  AMSC Ships 2G Superconductor Wire
American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC) recently announced its single largest shipment of the 2G (Second Generation) HTS (High Temperature Semiconductor) wire. AMSC has manufactured almost 17,000 meters of its HTS wire branded as 344 superconductors from its manufacturing unit in Devens, Mass. for utilization in Project HYDRA.
  Jinpan International Announces Significant Order with Siemens
The U.S. sales office of Jinpan International has secured a significant order for power distribution transformers with Siemens Energy & Automation.
  Holy Cross Project in New Orleans Features Sustainable Green House
Global Green USA's New Orleans home has proved to be environmentally sound as this Holy Cross project, which is currently serving as a Visitor Center for the public is built on clean technology both inside and outside.
  Modesto Irrigation District Picks Silver Spring Networks' Smart Energy Network for Smart Grid Initiative
Silver Spring Networks (SSN) announced that it has signed an agreement with Modesto Irrigation District (MID), which is a California-based agency that provides irrigation water, electric service and drinking water. SSN will be providing an advanced, two-way Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking communication infrastructure called as Smart Energy Network, in support of MID's system-wide Smart Grid initiative.
  TI Set to Intro Energy Efficient Chips
The energy crisis is gaining the attention of many, from consumers to big corporations, politicians and small businesses, all are seeking ways to become more "Green" in their approach to business and to life.
  First Commercial Solar-Powered GSM System Launched to Serve Remote and Rural Areas
VNL today announced the launch of VNL's WorldGSM, claiming that it's the first solar-powered GSM system that will reduce power requirement which will make it suitable for a rural environment where electricity is scarce or unavailable.
  Honda's FCX Clarity to be Commercially Produced
FCX Clarity, Honda's zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell car, is now in commercial production according to the latest announcement made by Japan's Honda Motor Co.
  'Green Fleet' of Alternative-Fuel Vehicles Introduced by AT&T
AT&T has announced plans to add 105 alternative-fuel vehicles to the corporate fleet of its operating companies. This announcement is a reflection of the company's commitment to reduce its impact on the environment and its dependence on imported oil.
  Odyne Develops Plug-In Hybrid Electric Refuse Vehicle for Fresno City
The world's first compressed natural gas refuse vehicle equipped with Odyne's PHEV technology was unveiled at a press conference in the City of Fresno, California recently.
  MTI Micro Announces Embedded Fuel Cell Prototype
MicroFuel Cells Inc. (MTI Micro), which develops Mobion off-the-grid portable power solutions launched an embedded micro fuel cell prototype for handheld global positioning system (GPS) devices, the company announced at the 10th Annual International Small Fuel Cells Conference in Atlanta. It also showcased a micro fuel cell powered GPS prototype.
  Averox Telecom Services Portfolio Goes Green
Averox has reportedly added the provision and installation of wind and solar powered generators for telecom base stations to its telecom services portfolio. Salman Mahmood, Averox's president and CEO explained that their company has been providing telecom services on a turnkey basis for some years to mobile operators to enable them to rapidly deploy base stations.
  Thermal Power Plant to be Built by Siemens
An Industrial Info News Alert claims a consortium led by Siemens is constructing a highly efficient thermal power plant in Mainz, Germany. The group also includes Austrian Energy & Environment and Japan's IHI. The cost of this plant would be $1.5 billion and the capacity of it will be 800 MW.
  New Mexico to Become Site for a Solar Manufacturing Plant
New Mexico is slated to become a player in the global alternative energy sector, with the announcement of a leading solar equipment manufacturer looking at a desert stretch of land for a site for solar manufacturing.
  Vette Unveils Liquid Cooling Solution for IGBT Power Semiconductor Devices
Vette, a global provider of thermal management solutions, has unveiled Aluma-Cop liquid cooling for insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT). The company's liquid cooling flat tube design offers a smaller and lighter alternative to cool IGBT power semiconductors incorporated in demanding applications.
  New Micro Fiber Enables Mobile Devices to be Powered by Clothing
Scientists in the U.S. have developed tiny brush-like fibers that generate electrical energy from movement, suggesting that clothes could be produced capable of harnessing the energy generated by movements of the human body.
  Motorola Demonstrates Alternative Power Solutions
Motorola Inc. announced it would demonstrate a number of new alternative power technologies at the Mobile World Congress including fuel cell and reflow batteries.
  J-Power Systems to Form High Voltage Power Cable Joint Venture Plant in India
J-Power Systems Corp. and its Indian partner Finolex Cables Ltd. have entered into a partnership to form a joint venture plant in India to manufacture high voltage power cables. The agreement was reached on December 13 by Kiyoshi Shimojima, president, J-Power Systems and D.K. Chhabria, managing director, Finolex Cables.
  SCiB Boosts Mobility
The biggest problem with mobile devices has been — and will be for the foreseeable future — the fact that battery technology is not advancing quickly enough to keep up with the power needs of today's mobile devices. Battery breakthrough is something technology enthusiasts dream about but rarely get.
  IdaTech Signs Distribution Agreement With b+w Telecom Solutions
IdaTech plc, a global fuel cell solutions provider, has signed a contract with b+w Telecom Solutions for the distribution and integration of IdaTech's family of backup power solutions throughout Germany and Eastern Europe.
  Cox Communications' Public Service to Nevada
Cox Communications broadcasted the oral arguments between Nevada and the Department of Energy (DOE) regarding the storage of nuclear waste in Yucca Mountains. A local access channel Cox Cable Channel 96 undertook this service.
  Ericsson and Telkomsel Deploy Solar-Driven Macro Base Station in Indonesia
Ericsson has announced that its latest low-energy telecommunication solutions—a solar-driven and energy-efficient main-remote GSM base station, has been deployed in Indonesia, in conjunction with Indonesian operator PT Telekomunikasi Selular (Telkomsel).
  Alternative Power: Grapes Now Used for More than Just Wine
As the need for alternative energy sources to reduce our dependency of foreign fuel and green house gas emissions increases, alternative power from oil, corn and other products have been successfully created.
  Verizon Soaks In Solar Power at Tampa Office
With the solar project, Verizon is able to meet its green energy commitment while assisting the state of Florida in reducing greenhouse gases. According to a news release, the project is expected to generate an average of 19 kilowatts to 21 kilowatts of daily energy production. This will help to reduce the building's normal power consumption by 5.5 hours per day.
  Oki Electric Cable Launches Camera Link Interface Cable for Power Supplies
Oki Electric Cable Company has launched a camera link interface cable for power supplies to its product line up. With its latest offering, Oki now offers five models of camera link cables compliant with camera link interface.
  Rockwell Acquires Pavilion Technologies
Rockwell Automation, Inc. has announced it entered into a definitive agreement to buy Pavilion Technologies, Inc., a privately held company that provides advanced process control, production optimization, and environmental compliance products for process and hybrid industries.
  Fuel Cell Store to Distribute Medis 24/7 Power Pack for Hand Held Electronic Devices
Fuel cell technology and particularly liquid fuel offer a solution to the need for alternative power solutions for electronic devices.
  Fuel Tech Wins $16.2 Million in Air Pollution Control Orders
Fuel Tech, a technology company engaged in the worldwide development, commercialization and application of state-of-the-art proprietary technologies for air pollution control, process optimization, and advanced engineering services, has been awarded multiple air pollution control orders totaling $16.2 million.
  Alternative Power for New York Fairgrounds
For the millions of people enjoying this year's New York State Fair, and for the many event goers who will visit the New York State Fairgrounds in the future, new fuel cell systems installed on the grounds will provide essential communications backup during emergency and other situations to ensure operations continuity and emergency preparedness.
  Cyclone Power Technologies Successfully Completes Testing of Ethanol in Green Revolution Engine
Alternative fuels are increasingly important for reducing our dependency on foreign fuels as well as a way to reduce the impact of Co2 emissions on our environment.
  Siemens and National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center Partner to Enhance and Grow Alternative Fuel Technology
In a bid to increase the speed and growth of alternative fuel technology, a new 10-year agreement has been announced between Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. and the National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center (NCERC).
  WhiteFence Launches, Helps Texans Help the Earth
WhiteFence, an online, one-stop comparison-shopping marketplace for home service buyers, has launched, a Web site that aims to provide Texans information about environmentally-conscious energy products.
6/13/2007 Study Shows Online Retailers Benefiting from Higher Fuel Prices
The last time I visited the gas pump to fill my SUV, my total bill got much closer to the $100 mark than I am comfortable with. Unfortunately, my choice in vehicle dictates that I will consistently pay a higher price to fill up and will have to do so more often than my more fuel economic-minded friends. And, like the rest of the American population, as my gas bill goes up, that cuts into my spending in other places.
  U.S. Army Looks to Quantum for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Furthering their investment in the capabilities of alternative power, the U.S. Army has signed a contract with Quantum, an alternative energy company, for the development of a diesel hybrid electric version of their "Aggressor" vehicle.
  PolyFuel Restored Funding for Portable Fuel Cell Development
Alternative power and the discussion of shifting American dependency on foreign oil has taken on specific prominence in today's world.
  Millennium Cell Develop Enhanced Fuel Cartridge Design for U.S. Air Force
The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has awarded a contract to Millennium Cell Inc. to extend the capabilities and performance of its Hydrogen on Demand-based fuel cartridges for current and future soldier power systems.
  NearBio Unveils Two Eco-Friendly GPS Widgets
Supported by uLocate Communication Inc.'s first GPS widget platform for rapid development and publishing called WHERE, mobile applications company NearBio has launched two new widgets designed for the environmentally-conscious customers.
  Improved Electric Car Design Responds to Traffic Congestion
Alternative power has taken on a particular significance in the automotive space. One type of alternatively powered vehicle, the electric car, provides an environmentally conscious solution that also answers to relieving our dependency on foreign fuel. '
  Biofuels Spark Biotech Rally
Thousands of corporate executives and scientists gather this weekend in Orlando, Fla. for an industry trade show specifically aimed at touting biotechnology's so-called third wave, industrial applications. The word on everyone's lips: ethanol.
  Practical Instruments Receives $4 million to Fund Solar Panels
Practical Instruments, a provider of high-performance concentrating rooftop solar panels, has been awarded $4 million from the U.S. Dept. of Energy's (DOE) Technology Pathway Partnerships (TPP) program, which will be used to fund its Heliotube product platform for rooftoop solar panels.
  Delta Solar Cell Assembly is Over 35% Efficient
Power and energy company Delta Electronics has successfully completed the development of a certified and cost effective assembly process to manufacture concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) modules, a solar cell technology that claims to provide greater than 35% efficiency.
  Ericsson, GSMA and Idea Extend Mobile Coverage in Rural India with Biofuels
Ericsson, the GSM Association's Development Fund and the Indian mobile operator Idea Cellular will jointly develop biofuels as a source of power for wireless networks in rural India.
  Cree XLamp XR-E LEDs Touch Luminous Flux of 210 Lumens
Cree, Inc., a prominent manufacturer of LED lighting components, informed the press today that it’s acclaimed XLamp XR-E LEDs are fit to be used in high-power applications of up to one amp (A).
  KYE's Genius Brand Wins 2007 CES Innovation Award for Power-saving Keyboard and Mouse
KYE's Genius wireless desktop combo package, dubbed SlimStart 820, snagged a CES Innovation 2007 award for its eco-friendly features.
  Alternative Power at Disney
Targeting the younger generation, frequent visitors to the theme park, is especially important as it is their future that will be mostly impacted by the undertaking of various alternative power sources for the environment.
  Italy signs biofuel deal to help save energy
Italy has taken another important step towards meeting its Kyoto protocol targets with the first national agreement on biofuels, Italian Agriculture Minister Paolo De Castro said here on Thursday.
  Samsung Demos 'One Month' Fuel Cell for Notebooks
Samsung has developed a 12,000Wh fuel cell storage system for its Q35 ultra-light laptop.
  VeraSun E85 On Sale This Weekend in Pittsburgh
Motorists with flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) in the Pittsburgh area can take advantage of scoring cheap E85 this weekend.
  Pennsylvania Invests in Alternative Fuels
In an aggressive move to push for more alternative fuels, Governor Edward G. Rendell of the state of Pennsylvania has invested more than $3 million in Alternative Fuel Incentive Grants (AFIG) for the production and distribution biofuels made in Pennsylvania.
  Gasoline-Only Vehicles Can Now Be FFVs
ABCesso Technology announced recently that they are making available their conversion kit called AutoFFV, a solution designed to convert gasoline-only vehicles into functioning FFVs.
  Fight Global Warming from Your Desk
Uniblue has launched, a downloadable application that optimizes the power settings on a PC so that when in save mode, power is used more effectively and efficiently.
  Alternative Fuel Resource Co Brands Website
Shortly after announcing its plans to brand its own biofuel, Heartland Energy Group released the news that it officially reserved the domain for their new Website,
  Heartland Energy Brands HE85, Fuels Up for E85 Widespread Adoption
North American-based alternative fuel resource Heartland Energy group made quite an announcement this week, as its plans to brand, trademark and market their version of E85 have come to fruition.
  Calculate CO2, Make a Greener Choice wants you to offset greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles by calculating the total pounds of Carbon Dioxide (CO2).
  BioPower Hits Irleand, Nordic Markets
Now serving the environment and eco-minded individuals in Ireland and Nordic markets, automobile giant Saab released this week its alternative-fuel vehicle, the Saab 9-5 2.3t BioPower.
  Hydrogen Engine Center Signs MoU with ITM Power Plc
In an effort to provide essential technology to convert low-value, intermittent, renewable energy (wind, solar) into a reliable, non-fossil energy supply, Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc., (HEC) announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) ITM Power Plc (ITM), an innovator of alternative energy sources in the UK.
  Siemens Subsidiary and WKN Windkraft Nord AG Set Up Joint Venture For Wind-Energy Projects
Siemens Project Ventures GmbH (SPV), a subsidiary of Siemens Financial Services and WKN Windkraft Nord AG have entered into a joint venture to develop and accomplish wind-energy projects in central and eastern Europe. They have set up a new company called "Innovative Wind Concepts GmbH" (IWC) with each holding 50 percent of the shares.
  APC Sold for $6.1 Billion to Schneider of France
American Power Conversion (APC) announced on Monday it is being acquired by French competitor Schneider Electric SA for $31.00 per share in cash, or approximately $6.1 billion, creating the world’s undisputed leader in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems as well as a preeminent provider of integrated systems for IT and data center applications.
  Millennium Cell Steps Up for Fuel Cell Challenge
Hydrogen battery developer Millennium Cell Inc. agreed to supply up to 250 Hydrogen On Demand fuel canisters for delivery to South Carolina in what is known as the "Greater Columbia Fuel Cell Challenge"
  TMC adds Michelle Amodio as Alternative Power Blogger
(Norwalk, CT – October 26, 2006) Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) today announced its newest feature on TMC’s Alternative Power Web site,, a blog devoted to alternative power. As a new addition to TMC’s revamped Web site Alternative Power, Michelle Amodio will become the Web site’s first blogger dedicated to alternative power.
  Alternative fuels get a break
In a dramatic turnaround from previous years, South Carolina is offering a number of tax incentives to encourage the use of alternative fuels.
  Ericsson, GSMA and MTN to Use Biofuels for Wireless Networks
A Nigerian project has been set up by the three companies to demonstrate the potential of biofuels in replacing diesel as a source of power for mobile base stations located beyond the reach of the electricity grid.
  Ford to donate 2 hybrid vehicles to Virginia Tech
The 2007 Ford Edge made its Virginia debut at the Duncan Ford dealership in Blacksburg, Va., on Monday in conjunction with the Engineering Expo at Virginia Tech where several model cars, including the Edge, were on display.
  DEBUT: Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
If you thought cars that plugged in for power were only part of a collection amongst young boys toy boxes, you may want to think again. Plug-in electrical cars are entering the market with promising benefits for both the environment and our pockets.
  E85 Now for Retail Sale in Florida
Through a partnership between Inland Food Stores and the State of Florida, General Motors announced the first public E85 station located in Tallahassee at an event presided by Florida Governor Jeb Bush. With GM as the backbone, several similar partnerships have already been instituted with various states and fuel providers around the country to locate up to 170 new E85 ethanol fueling locations by the end of 2006.
  Researchers propose energy plan
Two U.S. researchers have unveiled a strategy for meeting 20 percent of the nation's electricity demand with clean, renewable energy by the year 2020.
  Jadoo Inks Deal with Advanced Fuel Canister Design
Portable fuel cell power systems supplier Jadoo announced on Monday that it signed a contract with Advanced Fuel Canister Design to develop an advanced fuel canister for use with hydrogen fuel cells.
  Siemens Announces New Site for Power Generation in U.S.
Siemens Power Generation will establish its U.S. wind turbine blade manufacturing site at Fort Madison, Iowa. The new facility is expected to employ around 250 people and will enable Siemens to better meet the strong U.S. demand for wind power generators in the future.
  TMCnet Launches Redesigned Alternative Power Web site
Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) today announced the relaunch of its popular Alternative Power magazine Web site.
  Save with Solar Powered Wireless
IR Data Corporation has introduced its SWAP900 solar wireless Access Point, masking it possible to deploy large wireless networks with total independence from external power sources and data cables.
  Nissan Intros New E85 Compatible Vehicle
Joining the likes of Ford Motor Co. and DaimlerChrysler, Nissan North America announced its plans to produce a brand new E85 compatible vehicle in 2007, adding another FFV to the already-popular Titan.
  ABI: Commercial Hybrid Vehicle Orders “Significant”
Market intelligence from ABI Research recently reported that orders for commercial hybrid vehicles are becoming increasingly significant, particularly in the heavy commercial vehicle market. According to ABI, commercial hybrids are a more economic choice and not so much environmental.
  Solution to Fuel Crisis Closer Than We Think
A solution to the world's looming energy problems could literally be in your back garden. Plants are solar energy converters that can provide us with clean "bio-fuel". More research is needed to learn how to harness photosynthesis to produce new forms of biofuels.
  How to Be energy Efficient - Innovative Changes Are Vital to Make Fuel Savings
ENERGY efficiency is one of those topics that seem designed to induce torpor in the general public. While the technically-minded debate the thermal insulation values of various building materials and the energy savings from different light bulbs and washing machines, most of us behave as if resources were infinite.
  NEVC Praises the Big Three for E85 Vehicle Production
National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition executive Phil Lampert praised the Big Three for their decision and their efforts to promote ethanol awareness and production.
  Motor Co. Triumvirate to Boost Flexible Fuel Vehicle Production
In a letter to Congress, Detroit automakers stated on Wednesday their intention to produce double the amount of flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) by 2010, placing demands on Congress to make renewable fuels more commonly available in the United States.
  When Storm Clouds Roll Service Providers Fret, Unless…
When storm clouds roll across Kansas, WiFi users at the Frisky Brisket hot spot in Phillipsburg are no longer worried about losing Internet connections. They used to be subject to the woes associated with intermittent service disruptions because their ISP, Nex-Tech, frequently suffered power outages that wiped out hard drives and servers.
  Is 73 Percent Enough?
According to a recent survey conducted by Luth Research, Americans are more interested in buying and using fuels with ethanol content than ever in recent years. For a variety of reasons, 73 percent of Americans would be interested in ethanol blends, as compared to 64 percent from a survey conducted last year.
  Biodiesel Fuels Discussion About Alternatives to Fossil wants you to understand the basic chemical makeup of biodiesel, an alternative fuel derived from vegetable oil. A clean burning fuel that is produced from domestic resources, biodiesel can be used in diesel engines without any modifications, making it the top biodegradable, nontoxic form of accessible fuel.

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