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IP Building Blocks

Peering as it relates to VoIP comes in many different shapes and sizes and for some this can be confusing. Traditional IP Peering has a point of reference and those that understand it may however not fully understand the scope of VoIP Peering (News - Alert), as it has a direct relationship to a specific application, whereas straight-up IP peering does not. Simply put, IP Peering lacks the “Vo”.

Basically any application that uses IP can be described as being “over” it and then defined specifically with interoperability standards and be made to seamlessly interconnect whether over the public Internet, or a private IP network. This somewhat dilutes the purist form of peering which is rather simple and simple is usually better and easier to understand. What is also understandable is the challenge of finding a functional similarity in the use of the term peering for all groups in the IP world. The truth is that IP is layer 3, but the Vo is Layers 5-7. Just as with any other religion, though, there are sects, but they share the same common root at some point.

In the VoIP sect there are many developments occurring. VoIP Peering is manifesting itself in application to network bridge-building at several levels. A recent example of this comes from a Dallas-based company, Jaduka (News - Alert) ( Jaduka and their Transaction Services link Point of Sale (POS) with mobile networks and devices and also ecommerce via the web, all to voice (VoIP and PSTN) networks.

The uses for these capabilities are financial transaction in nature. Working towards a more integrated experience with data integrity and security are very valid efforts and they truly create the “glue that binds”. What is particularly interesting about this group and their work is in their roots. Jaduka’s parent company, NetworkIP, is a carrier-grade telecom service provider.

For them the concept of developing web APIs as an interface to the voice network was a logical way to drive more traffic. Through the process of creating a web-window to the mobile and fixed voice world with ties to the commerce terminals of brick and mortar they have built an IP version of a free-trade zone allowing multiple parties to virtually meet in the middle and transact. It is virtual real estate for a giant digital Wal-Mart.

As with all things in life, there are building blocks. From those early stages, the future is built. Not many can explain how it all works, but most can benefit from what has been created without even knowing what really went in to it.

Hunter Newby (News - Alert) is the Chief Strategy Officer and a Director of a Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation focused on the communications industry. Reach him at or visit

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