Sweden-based handheld computers and personal digital assistants, or “PDAs,” provider Handheld Group and Hemisphere GPS, a Calgary, Alberta-based provider of global positioning system, or “GPS,” products, jointly announced the release of latest Kenaz differential GPS, or “Kenaz DGPS,” receiver specifically customized for Handheld’s newly launched Nautiz X7 ultra-rugged PDA.

Recently, both the companies together had released the similar Kenaz DGPS receiver, but customized for Tripod Data Systems, or “TDS,” Nomad handheld data collector device.
According to Handheld Group, the latest Kenaz differential GPS receiver for Handheld Nautiz X7 PDA is a rugged and robust differential GPS, or “DGPS,” solution, which offers superior positioning accuracy required for precise positioning applications specially used in handheld mapping.
Generally, DGPS receivers are used for differential corrections on GPS receivers.
Powered by Hemisphere GPS’s Crescent receiver technology, Kenaz provides sub-meter accuracy for handheld mapping. It incorporates a maintenance-free smart antenna and a compact flash adapter, which maintains the IP67 rating for the total handheld solution.
This small and compact DGPS solution is built to withstand most demanding environments, company officials said.
Kenaz DGPS receiver supports SBAS differential corrections and Hemisphere GPS’s exclusive e-Dif extended differential option. So, if a differential signal is lost, Hemisphere GPS’s COAST technology helps the receiver to maintain accuracy for up to 40 minutes.
In addition, the Kenaz is designed for low power consumption to conserve the handheld's battery power. An optional external antenna is offered for additional accuracy.
According to company officials, the Kenaz NZ100 joins Kenaz models designed for TDS Nomad and TDS Recon.

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