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Leading Tech Companies Put Customer Sentiment in Spotlight

8/10/2021 10:50:29 AM

AWS and Qualtrics are just two of the many tech companies investing in customer sentiment technology for deeper understanding.

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With Innovation Booming in Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg, Senet Announces Expansion of LoRaWAN Network

8/10/2021 10:30:02 AM

Senet, the provider of cloud-based software and services platforms that enable global connectivity and on-demand network build-outs for the Internet of Thi…

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How can Healthcare Organizations Overcome a COVID-Data-Overload to Avoid Digital Slowdown?

8/10/2021 10:25:26 AM

As we enter the second year of a global pandemic it's clear that COVID makes no exemptions in its attack; our economies have been hit hard and almost every…

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New Exhibitors Added to the 2022 #TECHSUPERSHOW

8/9/2021 3:50:06 PM

TMC today announced an impressive amount of Exhibitors who signed on to join us at the #TECHSUPERSHOW, being held February 8-11, 2022 at the Broward County…

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Archway Marketing Services Turns to 8x8 for Cloud Overhaul

8/9/2021 3:30:00 PM

Archway Marketing Services will be utilizing 8x8 cloud services to enhance contact center and employee operations.

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Avaya Expands Business Capabilities with CTIntegrations Acquisition

8/9/2021 3:25:43 PM

Avaya has announced the acquisition of longtime partner CTIntegrations, allowing customers to take advantage of new digital resources for contact center op…

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Kahuna Blockchain-Based Social Media Ecosystem Goes Live in October

8/9/2021 12:06:07 PM

Kahuna will be launching the first ever decentralized social media platform later this year, offering content creators a unique way to monetize their conte…

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Privileged Access Management is More Crucial than Ever As Endpoints Continue to Expand Network Edge

8/9/2021 10:36:15 AM

For organizations looking to break beyond the limitations that traditional cloud-based networks impose, edge computing can make all the difference. Often t…

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Los Angeles Pacific University Turns to DialPad for Contact Center Switch

8/6/2021 3:58:00 PM

LAPU has teamed up with Dialpad to transform the university's current contact system with advanced cloud technology and advanced solutions.

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G2 Names Nextiva Mid-Market Leader

8/6/2021 3:34:02 PM

The G2 Summer 2021 report named Nextiva a Mid-Market Leader for VoIP, earning such status for the third consecutive quarter.

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TimeTrade SilverCloud Renamed Engageware, Highlighting CX Focus

8/6/2021 1:24:30 PM

By renaming the company Engageware, leaders at the company believe it will emphasize the organization's commitment to focusing on creating better customer …

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New Study Finds Varying Success Among Internet-Based Customer Experiences

8/6/2021 1:18:05 PM

A new ASCI report revealed how customers rate their experiences with the most notable internet-based companies.

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Video Chat Helps Companies Maintain High Touch Customer Experiences

8/6/2021 12:48:42 PM

Companies looking for better and more intuitive customer engagement these days are focusing on what's known as "high touch" digital processes. "High touch"…

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MPaaS Helping Agencies with Data & Insights

8/6/2021 11:39:58 AM

Data is incredibly important today. From collecting massive amounts of information - to finding efficient systems that can analyze and extract valuable ins…

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The Future of Work Dependent on Various Corporate Cultures and Ideologies

8/6/2021 11:34:17 AM

Although COVID-19 has transformed the workforce virtually overnight, there is no clear consensus on what the workplace will look like moving forward. Worke…

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Cobrowse Continues to Provide an Exceptional Guided CX

8/6/2021 11:29:34 AM

Companies that effectively engage with their customers through Guided CX enjoy higher customer satisfaction, greater opportunities to sell new products and…

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How Technology will Influence and Change Fashion?

8/6/2021 11:21:03 AM

The benefits of technology extend beyond optimizing a company's processes, since it provides more and better tools for companies to satisfy their customers…

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Why you should metal 3D print

8/6/2021 10:40:06 AM

If you are planning on producing metal parts you can use multiple different manufacturing methods. CNC machining services can create the metal products for…

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Starting Entrepreneur and Experiencing Stress? Here are 3 Tips!

8/6/2021 10:29:34 AM

? Did you start your own company? Congratulations! It's great to be able to work for yourself. You are your own boss and you can do things exactly the way…

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Importance of IT Security and CX Enhancement for Large Enterprises

8/6/2021 10:21:05 AM

Cybersecurity issues are on the rise and becoming a day-to-day struggle for large enterprises. The global information security market is likely to reach US…

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Four tips for the best 3D printing results with PLA filament

8/6/2021 10:16:21 AM

When producing a three-dimensional part, you could decide to outsource the production to a CNC machining service. However, this is not always the best avai…

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How to Add Ringtones to an iPhone Using a PC?

8/6/2021 10:10:38 AM

Every iPhone user wants to set their own customized ringtone on their phone and call notification, but the problem is there are not enough options availabl…

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Key Reasons Outsourcing Could Help to Grow Your Business

8/6/2021 10:02:15 AM

When many entrepreneurs decide to start a business, they automatically start to look at the ways in which they can grow it. Of course, there are all sorts …

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4 Ways Data Science Services And AI Can Transform The Utilities Industry

8/6/2021 9:57:26 AM

Each and every sector in the society relies on the energy industry for functioning appropriately. From agriculture to transportation and manufacturing, the…

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Los Angeles Pacific University Turns to Dialpad for Contact Center Switch

8/6/2021 12:00:00 AM

Cloud contact center solutions provider Dialpad recently announced a new business relationship with Los Angeles Pacific University, as the online instituti…

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CenturionCARES Releases Contact Center Software v14.5

8/5/2021 5:21:42 PM

Call centers have played a unique role in helping businesses to maintain customer service levels during the global pandemic. While COVID-19 shutdowns are n…

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Contact Center Leaders Struggle with Future of Work Post-Pandemic

8/5/2021 5:16:04 PM

Post-pandemic strategies are all the buzz across business right now, even as COVID-19 cases are seeing an increase across the nation. Many companies, despi…

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Evolving Workforce Models Shine Spotlight on Collaboration Tools and Voice Quality

8/5/2021 3:37:12 PM

As workforce models evolve, businesses need the right tools to communicate, placing a premium on UCaaS, collaboration suites, and voice quality.

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Ernst & Young Australia to Acquire MSSP and Cybersecurity Firm SecureWorx

8/5/2021 3:08:25 PM

Ernst & Young Australia announced this week that it plans to acquire MSSP and cybersecurity consulting firm SecureWorx (not to be confused with the U.S.-ba…

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Federal Government Begins Push for More Omnichannel Communications Across Agencies

8/5/2021 2:13:59 PM

Can a federal government mandate better customer support? Not among private companies, certainly. But the Biden administration seems poised to make an atte…

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Workers Driving the Shift to a Bring Your Own Environment (BYOE) Culture

8/5/2021 12:36:48 PM

The BYOD trend is steadily evolving to a bring your own environment (BYOE) work culture as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses are rethinking the…

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Quanergy Signs Distribution Deal with Power Motion

8/5/2021 11:43:17 AM

Today, Quanergy announced a partnership with industrial automation distributor Power Motion to provide 2D and 3D LiDAR solutions for industrial automation …

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Qaunergy Signs Distribution Deal with Power Motion

8/5/2021 11:43:16 AM

Today, Quanergy announced a partnership with industrial automation distributor Power Motion to provide 2D and 3D LiDAR solutions for industrial automation …

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China May Be Six Years Ahead of U.S. in Blockchain Development

8/5/2021 11:37:23 AM

China may be as much as six years ahead of the U.S. in blockchain development, according to the founder of a leading cryptocurrency hedge fund. The central…

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Questionmark Employer Survey Reveals Major Cybersecurity Concerns

8/5/2021 10:15:35 AM

New research found a significant percentage of employers are anticipating a cybersecurity breach, as the drive toward hybrid work continues to surge.

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Fully Managed Strengthens Operations with Quartet Services Acquisition

8/5/2021 10:11:11 AM

Quartet Services will now become an official part of the Fully Managed family, supporting the company's efforts to expand across North America.

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A Guide: Investing in Oil Stocks and Oil Stocks Trading

8/4/2021 3:28:30 PM

Oil is the most traded commodity in the world, and its price influences the global economy in so many ways. Investing in oil is a good idea although it inc…

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How payments have transformed: Towards portability of card machines

8/4/2021 3:04:28 PM

The payment sector has transformed greatly with the introduction of card machines. The portability feature in the card machines has become imperative for b…

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Small Business Remote Work Tools During Crisis's

8/4/2021 2:36:56 PM

The past 18 months have been difficult for businesses of all sizes, especially small and growing businesses. When the Covid-19 virus began to spread quickl…

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BJ's Wholesale Launches Automated Voice-Based Virtual Assistant for Older Shoppers

8/4/2021 2:19:11 PM

BJ's Wholesale Club has implemented a new automated voice-based virtual assistant from Everise to help cater to its older customers. The technology has bee…

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How to Use Tech to Manage a Team That's Really Remote

8/4/2021 2:01:34 PM

Remote teams are becoming more and more commonplace. Companies great and small are embracing a remote work model as they navigate the nuances of the modern…

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Unified Communications Paired with SASE Drives Digital Transformation

8/4/2021 1:48:24 PM

Including SASE in a digital transformation strategy supports UC services and new remote work models by securing network connections, while improving qualit…

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AMP Agency Combines DX Division with SmallTalk

8/4/2021 1:04:07 PM

After the recent purchase of SmallTalk earlier this year, AMP Agency officially announced the company will condense SmallTalk with AMP's own digital experi…

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Which Industries and Investments Make Sense as COVID-19 Turns the Corner

8/4/2021 12:33:16 PM

The world is changing, creating new opportunities for education and in job markets for people to leverage emerging global trends.

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IoT Evolution Announces Winners of 2021 Asset Tracking Awards

8/4/2021 12:14:47 PM

IoT Evolution World and IoT Evolution Magazine, leading print and online voices of the high-growth Internet of Things marketplace, announced today the reci…

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The Remarkable Story of Datamation, America's First Computer Magazine

8/4/2021 12:03:40 PM

In 1957, America's first computer magazine, Datamation, was launched, the name created by combining the words data and automation.

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Here, There, and Everywhere: Learning Can Be Enhanced on Campus or At Home

8/4/2021 10:38:42 AM

Online learning emerged as a safe and viable option for education continuity during the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, 65 percent of teachers reported using dig…

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Conversational Customer Engagement Platform Dixa Announces $105 Million Funding Round

8/4/2021 10:30:45 AM

Today, much of the buzz around customer service methodology includes something called "conversational customer engagement." At its core, it's about messagi…

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Finding Rare Parts for Your Electronic Device

8/4/2021 10:06:17 AM

Getting the right electronic components for your device isn't always easy. Unfortunately, some parts are rarer than others and those that are particularly …

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Essential technologies required for online gaming

8/4/2021 9:31:59 AM

Online games employ cutting-edge technology to offer a fair and ethical gaming platform for their customers, as well as a consistent gaming experience acro…

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