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Everything You Need To Know About Agency Pricing Models

12/15/2020 2:25:52 PM

Effectively marketing your business has become equal parts necessary and complex in today's competitive business environment. The complex nature of modern …

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How Employee Training Can Be Made More Learner-Centric

12/15/2020 2:22:05 PM

While elearning has revolutionised many aspects of training in the modern times, there are certain challenges that L&D professionals and organisations have…

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El Paso Water Transforms Customer Service with Infosys

12/15/2020 2:10:19 PM

Digital transformations are happening across businesses today as the need for fast, convenient online services grows. For El Paso Water (EPWater), a munici…

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Tide's On-Demand Dry Cleaning Service Named Best in Customer Service

12/15/2020 2:03:35 PM

When national laundry-detergent brand Tide decided to start a franchise dry cleaning concept location - the idea was to bring customers a brand they were a…

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Reducing IT Risk, Maximizing Productivity with Remote Workers

12/15/2020 1:24:49 PM

It needs have changed with the prevalence of remote workforces. How can companies support productivity in work from home models while helping maintain work…

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The Basic Website Development Process Checklist

12/15/2020 1:18:23 PM

Having a website development process checklist for 2021 is a must if you want to have a highly-functional, responsive site.

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Invest in An Inventory Management Software to Get the Most Out of Your Business

12/15/2020 1:03:23 PM

This article will tackle the advantages and disadvantage of using an inventory management software for businesses. Also, it will discuss what an inventory …

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6 Ways How Technology Has Impacted Law

12/15/2020 12:57:57 PM

With the advancement in technology, accessing information becomes quite simple and quicker than ever before. Technology has created a great impact on all t…

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Chris Lamb, Niagara Falls Entrepreneur Explains How Technology Has Impacted Real Estate Investment

12/15/2020 12:51:17 PM

The real estate sector is an ever-changing market that has been recently - and quite significantly - impacted by technology. Today's technology continues t…

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Vonage Video API Empowering bellFace with Seamless Engagement

12/15/2020 12:42:05 PM

bellFace selected the Vonage Video API to support the online sales system provider's video call solution. The bellFace solution provides sales and support …

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Data Protection: The MSP Opportunity in a Data-centric World

12/14/2020 8:45:43 PM

MSPs have an opportunity to capitalize on the exponential increase in digital data that's being generated by delivering effective, efficient data protectio…

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Vandis Unveils Managed vWAN with Barracuda CloudGen WAN

12/14/2020 5:11:38 PM

Vandis Inc announced the arrival of Barracuda CloudGen WAN to its stable of Microsoft Azure Lighthouse managed service offerings. Firms can now implement s…

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Key Advantages of Enabling Mobile Payment for a Business

12/14/2020 11:25:57 AM

The world is no more the same place that it used to be a couple of decades back. The change has been even more rapid in the past year thanks to the deadly …

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5 Tips to Modernize Your Retail Store and Make More Profit

12/14/2020 11:23:37 AM

If you want your retail store to start making as much profit as it used to a decade back, you must modernize it. The modernization should involve both chan…

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Useful Gadgets That'll Guarantee You A Successful First Date Night

12/14/2020 11:16:32 AM

These days, online chatting is normally the first step to your date. Because of the information highway that is the internet many first dates are discovere…

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used In Online Casinos

12/14/2020 11:11:07 AM

The online gambling industry has progressed significantly over the last few years and as a result, this has meant that certain technologies have been lever…

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Working on Big Projects as a Remote Team: 4 Tips for Success

12/14/2020 10:33:30 AM

Even before the effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic were being felt in the business world, more and more businesses were seeing the benefit of allowing…

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Is AI Real? 4 Things We Thought Was AI

12/14/2020 10:25:19 AM

There had been several technological trends in the past decade that took the world by storm. These trends brought about changes in the lives of people, and…

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How to Work With Customer Feedback to Improve Your App

12/14/2020 10:20:01 AM

You can design the most innovative and feature-rich app in the world, but if you don't meet the demands of customers, your app won't succeed. In today's wo…

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Blockchain and Big Data: How The Analytics are Improving Businesses?

12/14/2020 10:16:30 AM

Blockchain is recognized as one of the advanced forces for storing data. It is highly pertinent in the fintech sector and the manufacturing and service sec…

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Going All-Remote Without the Cloud? Unlikely, Say Contact Center Leaders

12/14/2020 10:15:56 AM

Contact center leaders explain why going remote would be impossible without cloud computing.

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New Technological Developments in Online Gambling for 2021

12/14/2020 10:12:04 AM

The online gambling industry has long been one of the most rapidly developing ones across markets worldwide. In line with being a highly competitive market…

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As the Pandemic Continues, Telehealth Connected Devices Becoming more Common in Healthcare Industry

12/11/2020 3:01:36 PM

Prior to the pandemic telehealth services were used by 15,000 fee-for-service beneficiaries per week. Since March, when the pandemic officially began, roug…

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Cato Cloud API Introduces SASE First

12/11/2020 2:36:11 PM

Cato Networks announced Cato Cloud API to empower the Enterprise and MSPs with automated provisioning for new sites and policies, and monitor Cato network …

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Verint Celebrates Exceptional Customer Engagement

12/11/2020 12:59:25 PM

At the recently concluded Engage20 EMEA, Verint celebrated customers putting the Verint Cloud Customer Engagement solutions in an exceptional way. The Cust…

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The Intersection of Humans and Technology - The Future of Customer Service

12/11/2020 12:30:42 PM

Every few years, a new customer service channel arrives on the scene with claims that this technology will be the main service channel and the future of cu…

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8x8 Closing 2020 Strong

12/11/2020 11:07:43 AM

8x8 is zeroing in a strong close to 2020, a year so many are ready to put in the rearview mirror. In this week alone, we've seen CEO Vik Varma step away, h…

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When and why to choose Node.Js for your next project?

12/10/2020 4:25:25 PM

Open-source programming has become the next big thing. And such a powerful tool as Node.Js is set up to rule this community. Today, some top names, such as…

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5 Ways to Up Your Tech Game this Christmas

12/10/2020 4:21:01 PM

Christmas is a great time to indulge your passion for technology and there are lots of ways to do it. Up your tech game, and show your Christmas spirit at …

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Accern's AI Marketplace Launches First No-Code AI-Powered Use Cases for Financial Services

12/10/2020 4:03:08 PM

No-code is hot. AI is hot. But what happens when you bring the two together specifically for financial services sectors? You get the future of fintech at y…

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Five Trends to Boost Customer Engagement and Position for Business Growth

12/10/2020 2:38:23 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the customer service landscape, and those changes are likely to outlive the pandemic. Businesses realize they must bo…

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Singapore Positions Itself as Blockchain Hub with $9 Billion Innovation Project

12/10/2020 2:11:47 PM

Singapore has launched a new $9 million Blockchain Innovation Programme with the goal of becoming a global blockchain hub. The project will foster developm…

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CardSnacks Upgrades Digital Gift and Greeting Cards App for Businesses

12/10/2020 1:42:25 PM

Employee and customer engagement rank high on the list of important tactics for maintaining relationships - especially today, with worldwide shutdowns, soc…

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Smartronix a Part of Professional Services Now Inside AWS Marketplace

12/10/2020 1:34:53 PM

AWS Marketplace, an online software store where customers can find the solutions they need to improve the services they run on AWS, recently announced prof…

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Horizon Telecom Taking RingCentral Cloud-based Business Communications Global

12/10/2020 1:24:07 PM

Cloud communications play an important role today for businesses, not only for the cost efficiencies they provide but also the ability to enhance collabora…

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Why Native Teams Integration Enhances the Communications and Collaboration Experience

12/10/2020 10:35:57 AM

What benefits do features like Native Microsoft Teams integration and SDS-WAN provide for companies as they navigate the world of remote working?

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MSSPs Choose Fortinet to Offer Customers Added Value

12/10/2020 10:25:56 AM

Fresh off the heels of acquiring network monitoring and remediation platform provider Panopta, Fortinet announced the addition of several new MSSP partners…

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Overcoming the Challenges of Remote Working to Maximize Collaboration

12/10/2020 10:22:51 AM

How can businesses maximize their unified communications and collaboration investments to empower remote workers?

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Cloud Solutions Provider AllCloud Enters Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS

12/10/2020 9:43:42 AM

AllCloud is an Israel-based cloud solutions provider specializing in cloud stack, infrastructure, platform, and software-as-a-service. The company, which i…

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ION Networks Enables MSPs to Securely Manage Customer Systems with New Privileged Remote Access Solution

12/10/2020 8:58:48 AM

ION Networks launched Netgard Privileged Gateway, a new secure remote access tool for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), government and military agencies, a…

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What is a Microscope Used for in the Health Industry

12/9/2020 4:55:46 PM

Despite having extensive research about living and non-living things, mankind is still barely touching the surface of science, and there are many questions…

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How to Rate iPaas Companies

12/9/2020 4:41:48 PM

Many businesses utilize hundreds of cloud applications throughout the organization. Commonly used systems include IoT devices, business SaaS applications, …

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Cloud services provider: real experience, real cases

12/9/2020 4:29:23 PM

Vasily Belov, Deputy CEO, Head of Integration & B2B Departments of the global cloud services provider ITGLOBAL.COM, tells the differences of private vs pub…

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What is the Technology behind Calculating Betting Odds in Real Time?

12/9/2020 4:13:08 PM

We take a look at the technology that makes in-play betting possible and how it is used by the bookies to create a long term profit over the players.

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How Tech is Reducing Road Accidents with Joe Stephens of The Stephens Law Firm

12/9/2020 4:08:30 PM

The automobile industry has continued to evolve at a rapid pace over the last decade or so. There is brand new technology continually being innovated upon …

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How to Use Technology to Encourage Employee Retirement Investing

12/9/2020 4:04:52 PM

Retirement is something we all look forward to. But enjoying it to its full requires financial stability, which requires some planning. While it's not s…

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How Technology Has Advanced The Betting Industry

12/9/2020 4:00:56 PM

In the olden days, it was either bingo or poker for punters. Choosing to place a bet in the betting market was very limited. Their availability offline was…

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The Right Way to Use Hedge Betting.

12/9/2020 3:57:22 PM

The sports betting industry is one of the renowned industries and the most appealing thing is that it is very simple. The losses and the winnings are a par…

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How to Get Your Remote Team to be More Efficient

12/9/2020 3:51:38 PM

Today, almost every company has had employees work remotely. With the current pandemic situation and lockdown restrictions all over the world, businesses e…

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Review: Xnspy cell phone monitoring app for Android and iOS

12/9/2020 3:45:45 PM

All of us know how smartphones are taking over the world. From official meetings to distance learning in schools, everything can get managed with a smartph…

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