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As we all know, faithful clients are of much worth to the organizations. Accordingly, giving a remarkable client experience is fundamental for growing business activities.
3/2/2020 11:07:57 AM
It is not very often you hear of a devastating fire taking place at a data centre. There is a reason for that. It's not that such fires happen and data centre operators cover them up; it is that data centre fires are extremely rare. The problem is that when fires do occur, they can be quite devastating. As such, there is a nearly universal requirement for fire suppression equipment in data centres worldwide.
3/2/2020 11:04:14 AM
These days, it can be tough to make ends meet. In fact, nearly half of all millennials have a second job to bring in extra income. Instead of grinding for a side hustle that's just a job, why not do what you love? For instance, a stunning 61% of people wish they could pursue online gaming as a career. But many worry this is unrealistic, and settle for something more attainable.
3/2/2020 10:59:07 AM
Anyone who starts a new business has a range of challenges they have to face. Even though it can be very exciting and rewarding to start your own business, getting it off the ground and helping it to flourish can be difficult. There is a lot of competition out there, with other businesses looking to compete on a national and even global level.
3/2/2020 10:56:00 AM
Five9, a company that provides intelligent cloud contact center solutions, will acquire workforce optimization company (WFO) Virtual Observer. The merger will enable Five9 to add integrated WFO capabilities to its portfolio.
3/2/2020 7:00:00 AM
Celebrating two decades of supporting open source approaches to technology, the Linux Foundation continues to grow in 2020, and recently announced the establishment of a new developer community from The Open Mainframe Project (OMP), which is intended to serve as a focal point for deployment and use of Linux and open source in a mainframe computing environment.
3/1/2020 10:13:00 AM
Communications is a vital component to businesses of all shapes and sizes. So, while your company chooses to deploy a future-forward, feature-rich unified communications solution or working with a number of vendors for collaboration needs it is vital to protect this investment with UC network management. And, with the weekend upon us there's no better time than the present to take a look back at the week that was in UC network management: It's time for the Week in Review!
2/29/2020 7:00:00 AM
How can sellers protect their sales funnels if their Amazon product supply is at risk of running out?
2/28/2020 4:36:34 PM
The benefits of SD-WAN reach far beyond today's connectivity, future-proofing enterprise networks and applications for 5G rollouts.
2/28/2020 4:12:09 PM
RingCentral announced a new partnership with Canadian-based technology distributor Xeo AI to assist enterprises in Canada with transforming communications. Xeo AI can offer the complete RingCentral arsenal of cloud communications, collaboration and contact center solutions.
2/28/2020 3:12:59 PM
Smart businesses are unifying their communications and contact center technologies to create more efficient operations and better customer experiences under a business-wide unified communications mentality.
2/28/2020 2:50:01 PM
This week, the Verint Experience Index: Retail was unveiled. The report takes a deep dive in customer satisfaction rankings of 25 prominent retailers, including NPS score as well as data and key trends impacting the omnichannel retail environment from the responses of over 6,000 shoppers.
2/28/2020 1:37:17 PM
This week, Vonage announced a partnership with communications workflow platform Whispir. The pairing will deliver access to Vonage SMS, video services and WhatsApp through the Whispir platform, promising more quality business to customer interactions.
2/28/2020 12:30:43 PM
Sprint has once again filed a VoIP lawsuit, this time alleging three telecom companies and two former employees stole its VoIP patents, technology and trade secrets. The company is arguing the IP is worth billions, just as it is poised to merge with T-Mobile in a $26 billion acquisition deal.
2/28/2020 11:17:46 AM
Patton has released the first generation of its SmartNode series of VoIP Gateways. The scalable offerings are designed to bridge the gap between legacy analog PBXs and key systems and IP, UC and cloud services.
2/28/2020 10:57:55 AM
Telestax, an Austin, Texas-based CPaaS enablement and application provider, has added a feature that's likely to be attractive to the call center industry: call queuing. According to the company, the call queuing feature is easy to deploy, fully supports the bring your own carrier (BYOC) model and provides immediate return on investment (ROI) for cloud-based contact centers. The feature is now included as part of the Restcomm CPaaS offering.
2/28/2020 10:53:05 AM
Cytracom, which provides UCaaS solutions to MSPs and has just gotten a majority investment from Sverica Capital Management to drive growth.
2/28/2020 10:36:10 AM
Try to grasp how the Coronavirus pandemic can accelerate - a cough and sneeze plume travels at 50-200 miles per hour and can stay airborne almost indefinitely. It's amazing that any of us is alive at all with all the versions of flu, cold and other viruses.
2/28/2020 10:12:33 AM
Samuel Leach is a British entrepreneur, investor, trader, and self-made millionaire. He is a regular contributor to Forbes and the founder and CEO of Samuel & Co. Trading. Since 2016, his company has coordinated various trading programs with over 3,000 people from 63 countries to help them learn how to build their wealth by trading in financial markets.
2/28/2020 9:20:47 AM
Each day, more and more online businesses are getting planned and started. The boost in online businesses actually reflects the shifting buying preferences of the consumers, as the businesses have already covered every single life aspect there is. Why not? Consumers love the convenience online businesses bring, and that is the number one reason why this trend seems to strengthen overtime.
2/28/2020 9:11:45 AM
Varicose veins are an unpleasant condition that affect up to 30% of all adults globally. Causes can be many and varied but until fairly recently, the treatments have been limited. That situation is, happily, changing and in the modern day, there are many new ways in which to address the issue
2/28/2020 9:04:35 AM
Phishing Scam Causes TV Star Barbara Corcoran to go from Shark Tank to Biggest Loser
2/27/2020 8:25:21 PM
In a recent blog post, Nick Michaelides announced Cisco's SD-WAN is the first to receive the FedRAMP In Process designation. Cisco SD-WAN already powers the networks of nearly three-quarters of Fortune 100, FedRAMP certification opens the door to government agencies gaining access to this transformational technology.
2/27/2020 5:07:21 PM
Patients everywhere are in desperate need of medical attention, but many individuals are hesitant to head to the hospital or similar medical facility because they're uncertain of how their data is being processed and stored by healthcare providers. We've entered into the era of big data, which means it's impossible to prevent the generation and storage of your personal information across digital mediums, but that doesn't mean you have to be helpless when it comes to your private healthcare information.
2/27/2020 4:41:43 PM
InMoment has acquired MaritzCX to create a CX powerhouse. CMO Kristi Knight is excited about the opportunities the new company has.
2/27/2020 4:39:47 PM
Today, Sprint announced a global SD-WAN infrastructure expansion, extending its partnership with VMware to further leverage the VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud and augment presence of Sprint's SD-WAN to more than 100 countries.
2/27/2020 3:50:59 PM
SSL is what facilitates secure internet as it protects sensitive user data. Regardless of whether or not a website handles sensitive data like credit cards, SSL is tasked with protecting a website. It provides high levels of privacy, and data integrity for both the website and the website user.
2/27/2020 3:09:18 PM
Soccer is without a doubt the most followed sport in the world. The number of fans has always been on the up, and so is the growth of football leagues around the globe. It has become almost impossible keeping track of whatever is happening on different stadiums for the loyal fans, but with the help of simplified technology, everything is right at your fingertips. Devoted soccer apps have been developed, and now, more than ever before, fans can get instant updates right on their mobile phones.
2/27/2020 3:02:18 PM
Designers having prototypes made for their clients to view and hold has become a normal part of the designing process. Physical models are much easier to explain and understand than a drawing. Prototypes have become invaluable in making design changes in order to save both time and money in the manufacturing and assembly processes.
2/27/2020 2:51:47 PM
Regex-enabled search could become a vulnerability for systems, as a Japanese security researcher revealed a new theoretical exploit that allows the forced extraction of data from web applications. The researcher, Takashi Yoneuchi of the University of Tokyo's Department of Information Science, refers to this threat as blind regular expression attacks.
2/27/2020 2:44:16 PM
Converting videos to audio files may sound like an odd decision, but it can be helpful in specific cases. It is most commonly used to save the soundtrack from videos, or to extract other audio tracks from videos where you're only interested in the audio.
2/27/2020 2:38:07 PM
This week, Telefonica's investment arm, Wayra Germany invested in flexiWAN giving the service provider a minority stake in the open source SD-WAN startup.
2/27/2020 1:46:26 PM
In this episode of IoT Time Podcast, Ken Briodagh sits down with Denise Ebenhoech, Regional Head of Advanced Robotic Applications for KUKA Robotics, to talk about Robotics, mobile robots, IIoT and Smart manufacturing.
2/27/2020 12:38:39 PM
Honeywell has launched its Forge Energy Optimization, a cloud-based, closed-loop, machine learning solution designed to continuously study a building's energy consumption patterns
2/27/2020 12:13:11 PM
In a great case study of the broad applications of LoRaWAN IoT connectivity, Kerlink's Wirnet gateway is powering a radon-sensing project on Europe's most active volcano, Mount Etna
2/27/2020 11:47:19 AM
As IIoT continues to gather momentum, there has been a perception that the business impact it creates could have been significantly higher.
2/27/2020 11:35:12 AM
As of January 2020, commercial 5G networks have been deployed in 378 cities across 34 countries, according to the new VIAVI report, The State of 5G Deployments.
2/27/2020 11:23:43 AM
Do you want your website to gain more traffic? One way you can entice your customers is by writing catching titles for informative blogs. Yes, you read that right. The world's highest-paid bloggers have shared their secret with us.
2/27/2020 10:54:11 AM
5G service is slowly being rolled out. Soon, it won't just be the major cities that have access to super-fast 5G network, which is reportedly 20 times faster than soon-to-be-outdated 4G connectivity. Just like the technology before it, we should expect this to become the norm in the coming years, but is swapping to a 5G phone the best option for you right now?
2/27/2020 10:38:25 AM
Technology is disrupting almost every sector and finance is certainly one of them. One key area in which new technological advances are already making a huge impact is in lending. The coming years are likely to see a trend for quicker transfers, greater transparency and fairer terms for borrowers as a result of these changes.
2/27/2020 10:20:43 AM
This new award honors those platforms that are enabling the mass proliferation of IoT devices, networks and services. It's time to give credit to the PLATFORMS on which the Internet of Things is being built and executed.
2/27/2020 9:20:36 AM
Medical marijuana is known to stir up controversy among healthcare professionals, researchers, and policymakers. Several states are yet to legalize medical marijuana and do not allow the sale of marijuana products in the State.
2/27/2020 9:05:33 AM
From the earliest days of mankind, the quest for a long, healthy, and fruitful existence has led bright individuals on the quest to discover the secrets to maintaining long-term health, developing preventive measures of protection against visible ailments, and treating symptoms through the most modern version of intervention available.
2/26/2020 4:58:31 PM
Cross-signed endorsement certificates for Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) enable system integrators and solution operators to securely enroll devices with minimum effort
2/26/2020 3:03:30 PM
Utilities have an extraordinary opportunity to develop and utilize customer information, and with the evolution of cloud and big data analytics, are personalizing customer interactions.
2/26/2020 2:15:31 PM
The sleep tech industry is booming at the moment and is now valued at more than 28 billion dollars, with many factors contributing to this trend. With the boomer generation moving into retirement, and an increasing number of people suffering from sleeping disorders, there is now more demand than ever for products to help Americans sleep better. Sleep tech is much more advanced than many imagine too, and we're seeing more integration with smart devices. Here are some of the things you should know about the sleep tech market.
2/26/2020 10:45:02 AM
When launching an online business, it's easy to drown in a sea of strategies, tasks, and opportunities. The good news is that there are some awesome tools available to help you get started. Most of them are either free or quite cheap. In this article, we list our top picks.
2/26/2020 10:28:15 AM
Healthcare innovations are happening at a fast pace, and the startup ecosystem is a major reason why. If you take a look at some of the most revolutionary changes in healthcare tech over the last decade, you'll notice a major spike in the role startups play within the healthcare ecosystem. These emerging organizations are lean, flexible, and ambitious; indeed, they will continue to shape the industry on a global scale moving forward. Here are some of the factors that influence the rise of health technology startups:
2/26/2020 9:53:13 AM
The number of devices currently available in the Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding at a rapid rate. Currently, there are billions of products available and hundreds more are being added every year. It's taking a huge number of developers, designers and engineers to make this possible.
2/26/2020 9:40:23 AM
Have you ever considered learning guitar, but have held back because you couldn't afford lessons or didn't have the time? Well, technology is making it easier and easier to learn how to play guitar right from the comfort of your home at your own pace without spending a huge amount of money.
2/26/2020 9:33:05 AM
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