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August 2001



Sideware Expands Online Interaction Capabilities
To help increase the ways that companies can interact with their customers, partners and employees, Sideware has announced the general availability of its Enterprise Interaction Suite (EIS) 4.0, a multichannel customer service solution for call centers and service desks. In addition to its existing Web collaboration, e-mail resolution and computer-telephony integration (CTI) modules, Sideware has added several customer interaction channels to its suite solution. Sideware Assist features an intelligent search engine which employs natural language processing (NLP) to assist customers in searching for answers. Customers can be automatically routed to Web collaboration or other channels if needed. At the core is an adaptive knowledge base which learns from customer interactions. Sideware Wireless provides customers with round-the-clock access to live customer service through any wireless-enabled device that supports wireless markup language (WML).The EIS 4.0 solution allows individuals to reach call centers and service desks when and how they want, via online or phone-based channels. This customer service functionality enables organizations to better manage their customer interactions. In addition, the suite offers companies the option of providing Sideware Assist as the first level of customer support. Customers can use this low-cost and self-learning service to get quick, consistent and accurate responses to questions. When no appropriate response is found, customers can be easily routed to another channel, such as Web collaboration or e-mail. The five modules are built upon Sideware's Enterprise Interaction Platform, the suite's integration framework, which is based on an open platform architecture that allows for easy integration with back-office systems. / 800-227-2096

eGain Targets E-Service Market With New E-Mail Software
eGain Communications Corp. has announced an enterprise software solution for companies grappling with rising volumes of e-mail and Web form submissions from around the globe. A new e-mail management product, eGain Mail Global provides support for inbound and outbound e-mail in virtually any language, as well as agent consoles that have been localized into eight of the world's languages. In addition to English, eGain Mail Global is available now with user interfaces in double-byte languages such as Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean. Localized user interfaces for French, German, Dutch and Spanish will be available in the third quarter of this year. The new software solution was designed to complement the international capabilities of eGain Knowledge, a knowledge management system, and eGain Campaign, an outbound e-mail marketing application. Used together, the three products provide a solution for multilingual e-service management, helping enable companies to deliver improved online customer service throughout the world, regardless of language. eGain Mail Global recognizes and stores content written in multiple languages in a single database, allowing both support agents and customers to work in the language of their choice. Leveraging built-in workflow management, eGain Mail Global also supports language-based routing for sending incoming e-mail to the appropriate customer service representatives (CSRs). From an end customer perspective, the routing is transparent: customers can send e-mail in any language they wish, and it will be automatically routed to the appropriate agents. At the receiving end, agents can read and send e-mail in any language, and have the choice of localized user interfaces for their work environment: through a pull-down menu, agents can select their language preference at log-in. Thus, multilingual agents can work in their native language, even while they support customers in multiple languages. / 800-821-4360

Blue Barn Interactive And ChatSpace Team Up
Blue Barn Interactive (BBI), an integrator and producer of end-to-end online events solutions and services, has announced it has formed a relationship with ChatSpace, a developer and provider of online community software technology and hosting services. The alliance will enable BBI to use the ChatSpace Community Server platform to more rapidly deploy its online event offerings. ChatSpace will offer the event solution to its customer base, leveraging BBI's online event planning, technology integration and moderation competencies. The BBI and ChatSpace relationship will help enable customers to focus on event-related business and editorial activities, using BBI's event teams for strategic planning, customization, marketing and moderation services. BBI's team of event producers and chat administrators works with each client to define event goals and guidelines, customize the event environment and manage events. BBI's reporting specialists will maximize the ChatSpace platform's data capturing capabilities and provide qualitative and quantitative post-event reporting. BBI's event solutions can help boost ROI for companies in a range of consumer, e-tailing, and corporate communities. The ChatSpace Community Server is a scalable, standards-based chat application server. BBI will use the system to develop and maintain its clients' online event communities, including the creation of chat auditoriums, registration of users, integration of audio/video, slide push technologies, chat moderation and remote server administration. / 212-807-8059, / 760-710-3200

InQuent Forms Strategic Alliance With SureFire Commerce
InQuent Technologies Inc., a provider of wholesale hosting platforms to carrier and service providers worldwide, has formed a strategic alliance with SureFire Commerce Inc., a provider of secure online transaction processing services. InQuent has integrated FirePay, SureFire Commerce's payment gateway and real-time transaction processing service, into its carrier-grade hosting platform. This e-commerce service helps enable carriers and service providers to offer their customers online transaction services worldwide. FirePay features include Internet merchant accounts, fraud management, secure credit card processing, multiple currency conversion and payment capabilities. / 416-645-4600

New Functionality For Handspring Users
SkipWire, a provider of wireless Palm OS file distribution and management, will partner with Margi Systems, a company that offers multimedia devices for the mobile professional, to create a new solution that gives Handspring Visor owners wireless access to Web pages and PowerPoint files for on-the-go presentations. offers wireless users of Palm OS devices a host of services designed to increase the functionality of their handheld. These services include free wireless download technology for a selection of Palm OS applications and e-books, online storage, server-based PC to Palm/Palm to PC conversion options, wireless e-mail attachment viewing and editing, and wireless image and data file upload for e-mail forwarding or storage online. The Presenter-to-Go module allows Handspring Visor owners to connect directly to digital projectors or other VGA displays and manage a presentation from anywhere in the room by way of an included remote control. Presentations may be saved to the Presenter-to-Go's Flash Memory, the Visor's internal memory or a Springboard Flash Memory module. / 877-757-9473

Avaya Demonstrates New IP Telephony Applications
Avaya recently announced new firmware for its IP telephones that will offer users new functionality in their personal digital assistants (PDAs), the enhancement of telephony capabilities and access to Web-based streaming text via the phone's display panel. The company also announced a new version of its IP Agent, aimed to make the remote contact center agent more efficient and effective. Avaya will take advantage of its IP Telephone's downloadable firmware capability and infrared port to offer the new PDA-based functionality. New firmware, developed by Avaya Labs, will allow users to dial and control the phone using their PDA's infrared interface. This eliminates the need to remember phone numbers, keep multiple phone directories or look up a number and dial it in a separate step. With the appropriate PDA application software and the new firmware, users will be able to dial directly from the existing PDA "address book" database, as well as provide a remote control for pushing telephone buttons such as conference, transfer and hold. It will also be possible for users to log-in and log-out from a telephone via their PDA to support shared office and hoteling applications. The new firmware, which also features enhanced voice quality and faster start-up, is available to users of Avaya IP Telephones as a free upgrade. Additional capabilities taking advantage of the Avaya IP Telephone's infrared port will be available later in 2001. These include the ability to send business card contact information (vCards) from one PDA to another over the phone. Other LAN-enabled PDA applications will be supported via the infrared connection in the future, including e-mail and Web browsing. / 800-426-2455

WebSideStory Helps Analyze Shopping Patterns
WebSideStory, Inc. has announced the availability of HitBox Commerce, a service designed to help e-commerce sites increase revenue and improve profitability by offering real-time analysis of customer shopping patterns and trends. HitBox Commerce correlates browsing behavior with purchasing activity to help businesses more efficiently acquire, retain and convert online customers. It delivers information about different customer segments, products and brands, orders, shipping and payment methods. The service helps marketing and e-commerce executives determine where a site's most profitable customers come from, which marketing campaigns generate the most revenue, which products represent the best cross-sell opportunities, which search engines or affiliates have the highest conversion rates and which paths through a site lead to the most transactions. As an outsourced solution, HitBox Commerce requires no hardware or software expenses. It is platform-independent and works with all major e-commerce applications. HitBox Commerce is a complementary service to HitBox Enterprise, a visitor analysis solution for high-volume sites. / 858-546-0040

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