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August 1998

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Accelerating Credit Card Authorizations
CPconnect, from CPAutomation, Inc., is a credit card authorization product designed to reduce authorization times, decrease costs and protect the privacy of transactions. CPconnect uses TCP/IP to send credit card transactions over the Internet, or a dedicated line. Typical terminal/dial-up systems require an average of 10 to 20 seconds to authorize credit cards; CPconnect (with a dedicated Internet connection) can provide verification within 3 seconds. CPconnect can be integrated into your existing order entry application, reducing the need to re-key information. It supports three levels of encryption: clear text, XTS (XOR Transaction Security) and DES (Data Encryption Standard). To help simplify charge-back research, CPAutomation provides online access to all previous transactions through SQL server queries or via their Web site. For more information, call 800-822-3137 or visit

ServiceSoft Upgrades Self-Service Support Products
ServiceSoft Corporation has announced the fourth generation of Web Advisor and Knowledge Builder, benchmark tools for providing intelligent self-service support on the Internet or corporate Intranet. Web Advisor and Knowledge Builder Version 4 include new features that provide smarter, more personalized advice for end users, collaborative authoring over the Web or LAN, workflow management, complete conformance to industry standards and enhanced capabilities for high-traffic enterprise sites. A new Activated Question feature (troubleshooting questions automatically answered by a client-side or server-side Java or ActiveX applet) allows Web Advisor to automatically determine end user configurations, service contract status, prioritization, inventory, etc. For more information, contact Leila Dillon at 781-449-0049, ext. 238.

MarketVision Launches Relationship Marketing Solution
A relationship management system specifically designed to support high-tech developer and channel partner programs is now commercially available from MarketVision, Inc. The company launched Channel Marketing Solutions in response to the current growth of alternate distribution channels and alliances between hardware, software and networking companies. The product supports a full life cycle of program functions, including member enrollment and renewal, online partner and product catalogs, certification programs, co-op marketing programs, contact tracking and program effectiveness measurement. For more information, call 303-755-1181 or visit

Latitude Enhances Its Conference Server
Latitude Communications announced that its MeetingPlace conference server now supports scheduling and attandance of conference calls across geographically dispersed conference servers. MeetingPlace 98 includes a distributed multiserver conference capability that allows companies to take advantage of multiple, globally deployed MeetingPlace conference servers to host a single conference call. Conference participants attend a conference by calling into their local conference server rather than calling into a server at a remote location. For more information, contact Joe McFadden at 408-988-7203 or visit

GN Netcom/Unex Adds Headset System
GN Netcom/Unex has announced that the Optima headset is now available in monaural and single-wire binaural. Made with the GN Netcom Quick Disconnect (QD), it is compatible with all GN Netcom amplifiers, including the MPA-II multipurpose amplifier and the wireless MPA Satellite. Optima-G is among the lightest of professional-grade headsets and features an ergonomically contoured speaker that reflects the shape of the human ear, a noise-canceling microphone, a strong Duraflex boom, Pure Sound AccuBass speakers and a Stay Put ratcheting headband. For more information, call the company at 800-826-4656 or visit

Siemens Introduces Intranet Solution For Health-Care Information Management
Siemens Business Communications has brought to the health-care industry an Intranet solution to information management ills that can be installed in 60 days. The solution consists of a robust health-care Intranet architecture with a proactive information delivery system and Web-based paging, professional and consultative services, and necessary hardware and software. It features 750 customizable categories in the site architecture and push technology to selectively provide information to those who need it. The average system costs around $250,000. For more information, contact Ed Rebello at 408-492-6999 or visit

Professional Teledata Releases Outbound Campaign Database Manager
ProDial is Professional Teledata's newly released outbound campaign database manager designed to operate with the company's PI-2000 Inbound Processing System. ProDial allows agents to conduct outbound campaigns either in a preview mode or interfaced with automatic predictive dialers. The new product is a module that enhances existing inbound stations utilizing powerful scripting and database management capabilities. A separate database is used to control call-back intervals and frequency. For more information, contact John Volmars at 800-344-9944.

Consolidated Market Response Offers Quality-Control Service
Consolidated Market Response has introduced a new quality-improvement service for call centers, Quality Assure. Although call centers usually use their own quality assurance staff, Quality Assure offers the following added benefits: keeping operations and quality functions separate - ensuring conflict-free goals, acting as "the ear of the customer" by giving independent feedback; establishing quantitative, meaningful goals that tie to business results; ensuring consistency in the scoring of agents; maintaining the database to provide rapid and flexible reporting as well as custom and real-time queries. For more information, contact Kevin Fields at 800-500-6006, ext. 238 or visit

InterVoice Unveils Remote System Monitoring Service
New from InterVoice, Inc. is RealCareRemote, a service that remotely monitors and proactively tests installed InterVoice systems to verify that applications and services perform as expected. Through an agreement with Interactive Quality Services (IQS), InterVoice will resell IQS's HeartBeat Drills services under the RealCareRemote product name. RealCareRemote automatically places test calls over common telephone lines to verify expected responses, such as calls answered, greetings, prompts, access to account data and response times. Systems can be tested once or several times per hour, depending on a customer's specific plan. For more information, contact Dick Klein at 972-454-8695 or visit

Performance Assessment Tool From The Plotkin Group
The Plotkin Group has designed a performance-gauging tool called the 360 Assessment to provide a full-circle overview of a person's performance on the job. Instead of a single evaluation from the boss, a person receives feedback from peers, subordinates and supervisors. This survey provides participants with insightful feedback on how they appear to others, allowing them to better understand their impact on others and how they can improve their interaction with all levels of personnel in the organization. For more information, call 800-877-5685 or visit

NETWORKprograms Delivers Software For Integrated Operations
NETWORKprograms, LLC has unveiled TNP ("The New Platform"), a new software program designed to enable telecommunications companies to integrate all enterprise data for business operations including customer care, billing and network operations. TNP provides an integration platform, a set of component-based application frameworks and underlying tools and technologies to support rapid development, customization and deployment of B&OSS (business and operations support systems) for communications companies. TNP allows clients to provide their customers with a unified view of all account and product information. For more information, contact Bob Bolen at 800-529-2485, ext. 515 or visit

IMA Announces Year 2000 Compliance
IMA has announced that the latest version of its EDGE software product suite is year 2000-compliant. IMA products that support the millennium date transition include EDGE version 4.0, CyberEDGE 2.0 and AdvantEDGE 4.0. AdvantEDGE 4.0 offers such modules as Agent Work Center, Account Management, Campaign Management, Customer Service and Support, Dynamic Scripting and the IMA Softdial Plug-In, a software-based predictive dialing solution. The company is offering an upgrade plan to customers using earlier versions of these products to enable them to take advantage of the year 2000 functionality. For more information, contact Bob Ventresca at 203-925-6878 or visit

Multiactive Software Provides E-Commerce Tools
New from Multiactive Software, Inc. is Maximizer 5.0, built upon the customer and contact management strengths of Maximizer 97. Included in the Maximizer line of customer information management software is Maximizer for small business users and Maximizer Enterprise for corporate workgroups. Among the Maximizer's 70-plus enhancements are: a full suite of e-commerce features that enable a user to create a Web site and start accepting orders and inquiries online in less than an hour; an enhanced e-mail center that integrates closely with Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and Eudora Pro; Web research tools, including links to the Inquisit personal news service and contact location mapping with MapsOnUs by Lucent Technologies; and a custom report writer, ReportSmith Explorer for Maximizer, by Strategic Reporting Systems. For more information, contact Barbara Gass at 604-601-8178 or visit

Stephen A. Laser Associates Introduces Pre-employment Test For Call Centers
Consulting firm Stephen A. Laser Associates announces the release of an entry-level call center pre-employment test. The LASER L.I.T.E. measures listening skills, intelligence, tact and empathy in a quick, 34-item test. Validation studies conducted with actual call center employees indicate that the test is valid and reliable and has significant, positive correlation with customer service orientation and overall job performance (.53 and .47, respectively), the company says. The test is also said to exceed all EEOC and ADA requirements. For more information, contact Kenneth R. Oehler at 800-254-8663 or visit

Nortel Announces Call Management Offerings
Future releases of Nortel's Norstar Voice Mail 3.0 will come packaged with Norstar MINUET ACD, an entry-level call handling solution for the small formal or informal call center. This integration of voice mail and call center ACD functions helps minimize abandoned calls and potential loss of revenue and clients by giving customers the option of having a live conversation with an expert employee or leaving voice mail. Also announced by Nortel were call center consulting packages from Nortel Symposium Professional Services for the Symposium Call Center Server. The new service packages are designed to complement the resources available from Nortel distributors to assist customers in the implementation of a comprehensive call center solution. Customers may purchase a full suite of services or purchase them individually. For more information, contact Kris Hoover at 972-685-5393 or visit

Clarify Introduces Scripting Module And Mobile Capability
Along with the latest version of its ClearCallCenter solution, Clarify, Inc. is unveiling Script Manager, a new software application to help call centers maximize the effectiveness of each customer interaction to increase revenues and build loyalty. The new release of ClearCallCenter, designed for telesales, telemarketing and customer service organizations, fully integrates powerful scripting capabilities to help call center agents manage a broad range of customer interactions. Clarify has also announced the next generation of its field service solution which now incorporates ClearEnterprise Traveler, the company's scalable data synchronization module for mobile users. The new capability lets field engineers use their Clarify applications anytime, anywhere, to deliver highly personalized service to customers. For more information, please call 888-CLARIFY or visit

Nuance Unveils Australian Speech Recognition Software
Nuance Communications has announced the availability of Nuance 6 for Australian English to enable users to complete transactions over the phone in everyday, conversational language instead of by pushing buttons. It is designed to automate transactions in large call centers and telephony networks. Nuance has partnered with SCITEC Limited to integrate SCITEC's FirstContact IVR platform with Nuance 6. FirstContact integrates a company's telephone network and computing infrastructure along with back-end databases/applications and the Web to offer a single platform for providing customer service over the telephone. For more information, contact Todd Berkowitz at 650-847-0000 or visit

Quintus Offers Complete Call Center Solution
Quintus has announced CallCenterQ, a desktop application for large, multifunction call centers that provide a combination of service, telesales and telemarketing. When combined with Quintus' Nabnasset CTI and QSolutions business consulting practice, CallCenterQ provides a comprehensive solution that enables companies to consolidate many call centers into one multifunction center. CallCenterQ features include easy access to customer information via an intuitive GUI, automatic prompting to upsell and cross-sell based on manager-defined criteria, as well as scripting tools and campaign-management capabilities. For more information, visit

Genesys Offers Managed Services Packages
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. announced two new managed call center services packages that enable network service providers (NSPs) to deliver computer-telephony integration (CTI) capabilities to their customers from the network. The Genesys Core and Enhanced Services Packages afford telcos the flexibility to offer a wide range of call center functionality. They are structured to provide a migration path for deploying increasingly advanced capabilities as customers' call center needs evolve. For more information, contact Lynda Kate at 415-551-2868 or visit

Chelston Releases Call Management And Control Computer
New from Chelston Software Ltd. is CallHandler 240, a preconfigurable call management and control computer that enables users to provide a 240-line system on a single PC under Windows NT. The high-density system is designed to significantly reduce the entry-level costs for high-volume call management applications such as: audiotex, automated call center with speech recognition, voice mail, telephone data into stored database, online catalogs/ordering and telephone banking. For more information, call +44-1923-286401 or visit

New Software Engines From ELAN INFORMATIQUE
ELAN INFORMATIQUE has released new versions of its Elan Text-to-Speech software engines: Speech Engine and Speech Cube. Both incorporate the Psola V1 speech-to-text synthesizer which enables a computer with multimedia capacity to read any text in a natural voice automatically in a variety of languages. Speech Engine is a multilingual human/computer interface capable of reading any written material. Speech Cube is a multilingual, multichannel software engine for telephony applications including call centers, readers for e-mail and database queries. For more information, contact the French Technology Press Office at 312-222-1237 or visit

GeoTel Unveils Web Server Interface
GeoTel Communications Corporation has announced the availability of an open Web server interface to its Intelligent CallRouter (ICR). GeoTel Enterprise Web broadens the customer-contact options managed by the ICR to include interactive, Web-initiated transactions. It provides an open, industry-standard interface that enables any Web server to communicate directly with the Intelligent CallRouter, seamlessly integrating the Web into the call center enterprise. Calls originating from the Internet are distributed by the ICR in the same manner as those arriving from a carrier network. For more information, contact Nancy Pieretti at 978-275-5149 or visit

EIS Increases Product Training Options
EIS International, Inc. has announced that it will initiate interactive, Internet-based product training for its Call Processing System (CPS) 4.3 upgrade. As an alternative to attending classes at EIS' Northern Virginia training facilities - or bringing EIS trainers to their sites - customers can log onto the Internet and get the same training at home or at work. The course can be completed in eight hours; as in the classroom version, students must pass a test upon completion of its seven modules. For more information, contact Rosanne Desmone at 703-326-6509 or visit

GO Software Offers Secure E-Commerce Payment Processing
GO Software, Inc., developer of PC-Charge payment processing software, has announced Virtual Charge, a new product designed specifically for Internet service providers (ISPs). Virtual Charge provides all the functionality merchants have come to expect from the bank terminal they currently use to process payments - but in a virtual environment. It acts as a visual interface between the Web server and the PC-Charge software that actually processes the transaction. This technology allows businesses to easily build low-cost electronic storefronts. For more information, contact Joe Gage at 912-925-4048, ext. 123 or visit

Applied Innovation Management Introduces Web-Based Tracking System
New from Applied Innovation Management is the Asset Expert 5.0, an asset management and tracking system accessed and administered via the Internet. Asset Expert provides an easy and effective way to track company assets, documents and inventory. With its Web interface, it is accessible via any standard browser, regardless of operating system or platform. The system's object-oriented Web engine allows companies to customize their solution without any additional programming. For more information, call 510-226-2727 or visit

Mustang Releases New Version Of Its Mail Server
Mustang Software, Inc. has just released the second version of ListCaster (v2), an SMTP/POP3 mail server with the ability to host Internet mailing lists and company-automated announcements. The new release provides customizable templates for all server control messages and responses, a built-in message-probing feature that helps customers automatically prune subscribers whose e-mail addresses are no longer valid, and an optional subscription confirmation system to prevent users from subscribing others to a list without their knowledge. For more information, contact Michelle Strykowski at 415-956-1180, ext. 222 or visit

TALX Enhances Employee Central
TALX Corp. has unveiled enhancements to its Employee Central, a set of human resources, benefits and payroll self-service applications accessible through both Web and IVR technologies. Employee Central enables employees and managers, through the Web and over the telephone, to access and update data about themselves residing on corporate HR, benefit and payroll systems, whether a company's HRMS data resides in a PeopleSoft, SAP, ADP, Oracle, Lawson, PDS, Cyborg or a mainframe legacy system. New capabilities include manager's desktop modules and expanded workflow options. For more information, contact Jackie Engel at 314-434-0046 or visit

Mergers & Acquistions…[return to top]

TeleSpectrum Worldwide Merges With CRW Financial
TeleSpectrum Worldwide, Inc., a provider of direct marketing and customer care services, announced that it has reached a nonbinding memorandum of terms to merge with CRW Financial, Inc., its largest shareholder. Under the proposed merger, TeleSpectrum would issue 4.6 million new shares of TeleSpectrum common stock in exchange for all outstanding CRW common stock at an exchange ratio of .709.

Ruppman Acquires AFFINA
Integrated marketing services provider Ruppman Marketing Technologies, Inc. has announced its acquisition of AFFINA - The Customer Relationship Company. In addition, Ruppman will adopt "AFFINA" as the company's new name. The AFFINA acquisition enhances Ruppman's market research, data mining and analytical capabilities.

Vantive Signs Agreement To Acquire Wayfarer Communications
The Vantive Corporation, a leader in the front-office automation software market, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Wayfarer Communications, a company that specializes in Web-based information delivery. Wayfarer's technology will enable Vantive to provide a personalized view of real-time information collected from both front- and back-office applications as well as corporate Intranet and Internet resources. Vantive will call its new product offering VantiveVista.

Picazo Acquires Algo Communications
Picazo Communications, Inc., a developer of server-based enterprise communications systems, announced that it has acquired the business of Algo Communications Corporation, a vendor of both end-user commercial products and technology products licensed by a number of large telecommunications companies. Picazo expects to incorporate Algo technology into both current and future product families, to maintain the technology partnerships that Algo has developed and to use the Algo development team in Dallas as the core of a new Picazo development facility in Texas.

GN Netcom Acquires ACS Wireless
GN Netcom, a leader in professional telecommunications headsets for the telephone and computer industries, has announced the purchase of ACS Wireless, Inc., a major U.S.-based headset manufacturer, for $15.7 million. A new company, GN Netcom, Inc., will be formed by the merger of GN Netcom's North American organization, GN Netcom/Unex, Inc. and ACS Wireless.

Expansions… [return to top]

GLS TeleServices Opens New Call Center In Florida
GLS TeleServices, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has announced the grand opening of a second outbound call center in the Clearwater, Florida area. The new, 7,500-square-foot, 85-seat facility will create 230 new jobs in Pinellas County. GLS has been providing telemarketing services in the U.S. for over 39 years.

Guaranteed Marketing Solutions Opens New Headquarters
Guaranteed Marketing Solutions, Inc., an outbound teleservices agency, has announced the grand opening of its new corporate headquarters and third call center in Bedford, Texas. GMS will hire over 100 additional teleservices employees in the new Mid-Cities location. The company also has offices in Arlington and Wichita Falls, Texas.

Telemarketing Concepts Relocates Headquarters
Telemarketing Concepts, a full-service teleservices agency, has announced the relocation of its corporate headquarters and its Yorktown Heights, New York contact center to a new, 20,000-square-foot facility in Yorktown Heights. The new facility, located less than a mile from the current Telemarketing Concepts' offices, will employ over 300 part- and full-time employees. The company has also opened a new contact center in Kennesaw, Georgia. The 11,000-square-foot facility will employ over 300 part-time and full-time employees.

JCPenney Expands Its Services
JCPenney Catalog, among the U.S.'s largest catalog merchants, announced that it will provide a complete range of fulfillment services to other companies through its six fulfillment centers throughout the country. In addition, the company is expanding its telemarketing operations, having opened a new, state-of-the-art customer service center in Pittsburgh.

DMS Opens New Call Center In Yuma
DMS Direct Marketing Services, Inc. announced that it is opening a new call center in Yuma, Arizona, providing more than 400 employment positions and $40 million in economic impact to the Yuma economy over the next six years. Furthermore, DMS will work to hire local contractors and suppliers to make improvements and furnish the new center, the former Old America Store.

Happenings…[return to top]

MATRIXX Center Granted COPC-2000 Certification
COPC has announced that the MATRIXX Marketing, Inc., Custom Solutions Group's Microsoft Inbound Affinity Program (MIAP) Service Center in Salt Lake City, Utah is fully certified to the COPC-2000 Standard, meeting the requirements of all 32 areas described in the Standard. The Center provides support for inbound calls received from Microsoft Certified Solution Providers, Microsoft Certified Professionals, Microsoft Certified Trainers and Microsoft Authorized Technical Education Centers.

Maximizer Technologies Becomes Multiactive Software
Maximizer Technologies, Inc. has unveiled a new company name, Multiactive Software, Inc., which will harmonize all international offices under one corporate umbrella. Multiactive Software is a leading developer and marketer of customer information management software - including the Maximizer, Tracker and Sharkware product lines - and Internet commerce technology.

Oklahoma Promotes High-Tech Development
Oklahoma legislation enabling the transfer of new technologies and intellectual properties between universities and private sector businesses has been passed and signed by Governor Frank Keating. The initiative is the latest in a series of major steps taken by the state to develop a high-technology industry base.

GF Office Furniture Receives ISO-9001 Certification
GF Office Furniture, Ltd., a leading manufacturer of contract office furniture, was awarded the ISO-9001 Quality System Certification. GF has headquarters offices and a 500,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Gallatin, Tennessee. The certification follows a 12-month companywide quality systems review and implementation of quality standards.

International News… [return to top]

Sonitel To Distribute Periphonics Solution In Panama
Periphonics Corporation, a leading worldwide provider of products and professional services for call processing solutions used in computer-telephony integration (CTI) and telecom-enhanced network services, announced that Sonitel S.A. of Panama has signed an agreement to distribute Periphonics products and services. Sonitel will market Periphonics solutions and provide all post-sales installation and maintenance services.

Inference Expands Global Presence
Inference Corporation announced that Dimension Data Interactive will distribute Inference's CBR Content Navigator products in South Africa. Inference's customer care products enable call center staff to increase first-call resolution, reduce training time and provide swift, accurate answers by providing access to a knowledge base of support information. Inference also announced that BUPA, the largest health insurer in the U.K., has chosen Inference customer care software to enable its members to pre-authorize their medical insurance claims with a single phone call.

Lightbridge Opens U.K. Subsidiary
Lightbridge, Inc., a leading provider of customer acquisition and retention solutions for the global telecommunications industry, announced the opening of its UK subsidiary in London. Called Lightbridge Technologies Limited, the subsidiary underpins a growing investment in the European market, where deregulation has opened new opportunities for telecommunications companies.

Bell Canada Provides New Telecom Service
Bell Canada is offering a new service to assist business customers in managing their voice telecommunications resources more quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively - over the Internet. With Bell Internet Voice Information Services (BIVIS), customers will have online access to key information on their telecommunications activities and costs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Electronic Commerce Advances In France
Electronic commerce is making big strides in France, where it is referred to as "Ecommerce." A number of French retail firms are expanding aggressively into this field, among them La Redoute, one of the country's two biggest general merchandise mail order companies; Les Trois Suisses, the first general merchandise mail order company to open an Internet server; France Tlcom, which operates an electronic sales service called "TlCommerce" in conjunction with its IT and banking partners; and Bull, France's largest group of computer and electronics manufacturers, which has teamed up with Gencod-EAN France to offer a new service as part of SmartCommerce, its safe sales chain on the Internet.

ServiceWare Launches European Operations
ServiceWare, Inc. announced two major account wins to highlight the launch of its European operations, ServiceWare Europe, headquartered near Geneva, Switzerland. London-based Alliance & Leicester PLC, one of the largest financial services providers and the 10th largest company in the U.K., and EDS in Antwerp, Belgium, have licensed Knowledge-Pak solutions from the new subsidiary.

Telstra To Connect Rural Australia
Telstra unveiled a multimillion-dollar satellite strategy that will extend the availability of telephony, data and Internet to potentially all country customers before the end of 1998 - affirming its commitment to rural Australia. Scientific Atlanta, Hughes/Ericsson and Gilat will provide the satellite equipment. This investment, the company said, "is about 'putting the outback in front,' boosting access to information, electronic commerce and key services like health and education."

Xerox Invests In Dublin And Dundalk
Xerox Corporation will undertake a strategic investment project involving a capital commitment of $270 million in new facilities to be established in Dublin and Dundalk, on the border with Northern Ireland. In Dublin, Xerox plans to locate some of its shared services and customer support services for Europe. The venture has received government approval for support by Ireland's Industrial Development Agency, IDA Ireland.

Strategic Alliances…[return to top]

SCO And IBM Announce Agreement
SCO has signed an agreement with IBM to deliver support for IBM's Network Station Manager (NSM) in SCO operating systems. Under the agreement, IBM will support SCO in testing and distributing IBM's NSM management and client boot software on SCO UnixWare and SCO OpenServer operating systems. The NSM components will be delivered free of charge and integrated as part of the SCO operating systems.

Gage Marketing Partners With AHL Services
Gage Marketing Group LLC has announced a partnership between its marketing execution businesses and AHL Services, Inc. (AHL). The Gage businesses, currently known as the Marketing Support Services Division, include consumer fulfillment, teleservices, trade support services and a lettershop. These businesses will operate under the name Gage Marketing Support Services (GMSS), a division of AHL.

NICE Allies With TCS
NICE Systems Ltd., a global provider of CTI logging and quality measurements for call centers, announced that it has formed an alliance with TCS, a leading provider of workforce management software. The companies will jointly pursue opportunities for providing integrated solutions of advanced logging, monitoring and workforce management tools to call centers.

GeoTel And Carnegie Group Establish Strategic Relationship
GeoTel Communications Corporation, a leading provider of customer-interaction software solutions for mission-critical call center applications, announced that it has signed an agreement with software developer and systems integrator Carnegie Group, Inc. Under terms of the arrangement, Carnegie Group personnel will be trained and certified on GeoTel's Intelligent CallRouter (ICR) platform, enabling them to integrate GeoTel products into a client's unique customer-interaction enterprise.

Marketing1to1/PRG Signs Agreement With Chordiant Software
Marketing1to1/Peppers and Rogers Group (PRG), a strategic consultancy based in Stratford, Connecticut, has signed a two-year product development and marketing alliance agreement with Chordiant Software, a leading developer of large-scale call center software systems for global enterprises. Chordiant will work closely with Marketing 1to1/PRG to train and consult with the firm's product development teams to consult with Chordiant's customers, and will also work closely with the firm's product development team to further enhance the one-to-one features and functions of Chordiant's CCS call center and Internet software systems.

Astea Software Integrates Tool From Cognos
Astea International announced that it has enhanced its Abalon CMS (Customer Management Software) sales and marketing support software to integrate with Cognos' business intelligence tool, PowerPlay. As a result of this integration, customers of Abalon version 3.8 can now analyze and organize their sales data using the power and flexibility of online analytical processing (OLAP).

Silknet Enters Alliances With Hewlett-Packard And Inventa
Silknet Software, Inc. has announced a cooperative sales and marketing alliance with Hewlett-Packard Company to provide enterprise-class, Internet-architected customer service solutions for medium- and large-sized businesses. Through HP's Covision program, Silknet's eService 98, a comprehensive customer service suite, will be sold with Intel-based HP NetServer systems and other HP hardware solutions through HP resellers. Silknet has also established a strategic partnership with Inventa Corporation, which will provide systems integration and strategic consulting services for eService 98.

Lucent Adds Davox Software To Its Call Center Solutions
Davox Corporation has announced that its distribution agreement (dated May 2, 1997) with Lucent Technologies under which Lucent distributes Davox's Unison call center management system for outbound call management and call blending has been amended. Under the amended agreement, Lucent will additionally market and distribute LYRICall, Davox's browser-based scripting and application design software for call centers.

Aspect Alliances
Aspect Telecommunications and Active Software, Inc. have partnered to integrate Aspect's front-office call center products into enterprise environments using Active Software's EAI (enterprise application integration) software solutions. By integrating customer service call centers with multiple enterprise applications, the two companies will enable their customers to easily access information across front- and back-office applications. Under a reseller agreement signed with Melita International, Aspect's Consulting and Systems Integration (C&SI) group will integrate Melita's PhoneFrame Explorer into its offerings of customized call center solutions. Under an agreement signed with POINT Information Systems, Inc., Aspect will integrate POINT's TeamPOINT Enterprise Relationship Management solution with Aspect's ACD System.

Versatility Reaches Worldwide Distribution Agreement With Cincom
Versatility, Inc., a leading provider of open, enterprise relationship management solutions for teleservicing, telesales and telemarketing, has signed a worldwide distribution agreement with Cincom Systems, Inc. Cincom will expand Versatility's presence significantly through its 60 offices in over 24 countries. The nonexclusive agreement includes Cincom's absorption of Versatility's current international distribution channel.

Periphonics Enters Partnerships With T-NETIX And CMA
Periphonics Corporation announced that it has joined forces with T-NETIX, Inc. to offer voice verification for automated telephony applications: Periphonics will integrate T-NETIX's SpeakEZ Voice Print technology into its VPS family of interactive voice response (IVR) systems. Also joining forces with Periphonics is Customer Management Automation (CMA): CMA will integrate Periphonics IVR systems into its comprehensive call center solutions.

SoloPoint Signs Distribution Agreement With ALLTEL
SoloPoint, Inc. has announced a joint marketing and distribution agreement for its new SoloPoint Auto Attendant product line with ALLTEL, an information and technology company that provides wireline and wireless communications and information services. The SoloPoint Attendant is a multiline call management system designed for small- to medium-sized businesses.

Brite And Philips Deliver Speech Recognition Solution
Brite Voice Systems and Philips Speech Processing have entered into a global platform agreement to combine their technologies for the worldwide natural language speech recognition market. The multimillion-dollar agreement allows for the integration of Philips' speech recognition software into Brite's application development environment, expanding Brite's portfolio of enhanced telecommunications and interactive information systems.

Rockwell Selects Oracle Systems
Rockwell Electronic Commerce has named Oracle Corporation as its preferred relational database management system supplier for its entire line of integrated call center technologies. As part of the agreement, Rockwell will integrate the Oracle8 database server into its telephony and Internet-based customer management solutions for call processing management and also for agent desktop application development and deployment.

People…[return to top]

Inference Corporation Appoints HP Veteran To Board
Inference Corporation announced the addition of Raymond Smelek to the company's board of directors. Smelek is chairman of Extended Systems, Inc., provider of distributed and mobile computing solutions for the virtual enterprise, and sits on the boards of Apexx Technology and Gem Pharmaceuticals. He spent 37 years at Hewlett-Packard Company, last serving as the vice president and general manager of its Mass Storage Group.

ALTech Adds Vice President
Applied Language Technologies, Inc. (ALTech), a leading provider of conversational speech recognition technology and customer service solutions via telephone, announced that R. Todd Barber has joined the company as vice president, Corporate Partnerships. In this new role, Barber will manage ALTech's existing partner relationships and establish new distribution channels for SpeechWorks, the company's speech recognition solution.

ServiceWare Enhances Executive Management Team
ServiceWare, Inc. announced that two executives have joined its senior management team: Mark Tapling is now the company's vice president of Worldwide Sales and Professional Services, and Carl Schwarcz is vice president of Software Engineering and Support. Tapling's new role is to lead ServiceWare's direct and sales channel initiatives in the U.S. and international markets. Schwarcz oversees the development, quality assurance and customer support of the company's software applications for support knowledge management, including Knowledge-Pak Architect and Knowledge-Pak Viewer.

Motive Communications Adds Two Executives
Motive Communications, Inc., an Internet startup that provides a flagship product in the support chain automation market, has appointed Doug McNary as vice president of sales and Pat Motola as vice president of product development. Most recently, McNary served as vice president of sales for Trelix Corporation. Motola served as senior vice president of operations at PSW Technologies before joining Motive.

Advanced Communications Reorganizes Sales Team
Advanced Communications Group, Inc. announced that it has reorganized its sales and marketing team following new hires. Reporting to James F. Cragg, executive vice president, sales and marketing, are new officers Brad Van Leur, vice president, marketing; Anthony Glen Capers, vice president, sales; and Theodore A. Wiethop, director, sales operations.

Davox Announces Promotions
Davox Corporation announced that it has promoted Thomas M. Chamberlain to vice president of customer services and Joseph M. Venskus to the newly created position of director of technical services and support. In his new role, Chamberlain will be responsible for the company's worldwide support center, field operations, business development and educational services. Venskus will be responsible for building, maintaining and updating technical support infrastructures and programs.

EASYPHONE Appoints New Vice President
EASYPHONE, an international provider of CTI call center solutions, announced that David Musser has joined the company as vice president of Worldwide Marketing. In this role, Musser will be responsible for increasing EASYPHONE awareness and market potential throughout North America as well as expanding an international marketing program.

IDRC Names Senior Vice President
International Data Response Corporation (IDRC), a telemarketing and customer service outsourcing firm, has appointed David Figgat senior vice president of U.S. customer care operations. With 17 years of experience in the teleservices and call center industry, Figgat will manage all IDRC U.S. inbound operations at its call centers in San Diego and Buffalo.

New Business Development Manager Joins Atlantic
Bryan W. Sykes has joined Atlantic, a Lucent Technologies Associated Company, as the new business development manager for the company's national telemarketing and call center. Atlantic provides outbound and inbound business-to-business telemarketing/telesales services.

Racotek Selects New Vice President
Racotek, a Minneapolis-based enterprise customer management consulting company, has named John Higgins as vice president, Enterprise Customer Management. Higgins had been Partner in Charge of KPMG's Call Center Solutions Practice.


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