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July 1998

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Mosaix Announces Multi-Country, International Dialing Capabilities For Call Centers
New from Mosaix is a multi-country international dialing feature to enhance the company's Call Management System. Conventional predictive dialing systems require companies to establish separate operations for international campaigns, and many systems cannot handle the dialing pattern requirements of multi-country campaigns (i.e., U.S. and U.K. calls in a single system). The newly enhanced Mosaix Call Management System enables call centers to manage complex, multi-country calling campaigns from a single location, as well as to automatically manage the variables - such as time zone, area code, phone prefix and language considerations - involved in international telemarketing and collections campaigns. For more information, contact John Tarabini at 510-749-6415 or see

AT&T, GeoTel Offer Enhanced Network-Based Routing
AT&T has announced next-generation call routing capabilities that will enable companies to create virtual call centers through network-based technology. AT&T Solutions' call center practice - Multimedia Call Center Solutions - will install and maintain AT&T Resource Manager for companies that want to monitor and route voice traffic among multiple call centers or at a single center based on real-time caller and call center information. AT&T Resource Manager will be built upon the Intelligent CallRouter software from GeoTel Communications Corporation. For more information, contact Jim Byrnes at 908-221-7876 or see

Telco Develops Internet Billing Solution For Windows NT
Telco Research Corporation has announced the integration of its TRU RADIUS Accountant product with the Internet Authentication Services (IAS) of Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0. The integrated solution lets ISPs and enterprises centralize and simplify authentication, reporting and billing of all Windows-based and other remote users. By integrating with IAS, the TRU RADIUS Accountant capitalizes on Windows NT Server remote user administration so that reports automatically reflect management policy for users and groups. For more information, call 800-488-3526 or see

New Perimeter Technology Call Center MIS Selected By Claridge Casino
The Claridge Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey has purchased the Perimeter Technology VU-ACD/100 Call Center Management Information System (MIS) for use throughout its entire Centrex-based call center operations. The Claridge Casino is the beta site for the VU-ACD/100 Version 38.1 which includes the new 5ESS switch interface. The initial installation is for one host system and three remote supervisor workstations to monitor up to 50 agents. For more information, call 603-645-1424 or see

NEC Canada Debuts SME-Targeted Call Center Product
NEC Canada's Business Communication Systems Division has designed an affordable call center enhancement and productivity tool, the CallCenterWorX ACD (automatic call distribution) platform. The new product delivers the power and benefits of advanced call center systems in an NT-based, easy-to-deploy and cost-effective package for small to medium businesses. For more information, call 905-795-3500.

PriceInteractive Announces Secure Third-Party Verification
PriceInteractive, Inc. is offering a third-party verification (TPV) service based on a combination of telecommunications technology and human verification. The service is designed to provide bullet-proof security at a cost savings up to 70 percent over traditional TPV methods. Not only are calls recorded and "human verified," but state-of-the-art speech recognition is used to double-check the human verification. For more information, call 800-341-7800, ext. 204 or see

Nortel Introduces Software To Enhance Call Center Productivity
Nortel (Northern Telecom) has released Symposium Agent software to improve agent productivity and the quality of agent-customer interaction by delivering more information to agents' desktops and guiding them through the call process. An addition to Nortel's extensive call center portfolio, Symposium Agent software further automates call centers with workflow automation and call scripts tailored to various situations. Screen pops - customer information that appears on agents' PC screens - can be based on interactive voice response (IVR), automatic number identification (ANI) and dialed number identification service (DNIS). For more information, contact Carter Cromwell at 408-565-2835 or see

VoiceLog Provides New Automated Third-Party Verification Product
VoiceLog has announced Total Slamming Control, a new service designed to completely eliminate slamming - the unauthorized switching of customer telephone services. Total Slamming Control provides three separate verifications of the customer's order: a full audio recording of the customer providing authorization, a live operator review of the recording, plus one or more callbacks to the customer to confirm their decision to change a telephone service provider. In addition, VoiceLog conducts an inventory of the telephone company's sales practices and conducts statistical audits to look for potential problems in verification. For more information, contact Larry Leikin at 301-230-2129 or see

ITT Industries, National Registry, Inc. Design New Computer Security Software
ITT Aerospace/Communications Division (ITT A/CD), a unit of ITT Industries (IIN), and National Registry Inc. have cooperatively developed new computer security software that utilizes biometrics to authenticate users. Biometrics are unique human characteristics such as voice, fingerprints and facial features. Called SpeakerKey, the software allows only authorized users to log onto protected computer systems running the Microsoft Windows NT operating system, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Microsoft Internet Explorer browser products, as well as enterprise management systems. For more information, contact John Kirkwood at 219-451-6384 or see

Prism Unveils Data Warehousing Solution
Prism Solutions, Inc. has announced the latest release of its Executive Suite data warehousing software product. Executive Suite combines the power and flexibility of warehousing tools with the speed and ease of use of data mart tools and introduces server-side Java technology to the data warehousing market. The Prism Executive Suite allows users to build flexible systems that acquire, transform, integrate and deliver all the information needed to answer critical business questions, placing no limit on who can build and use applications. For more information, contact Lori Bush-Zibell at 408-752-1888 or see

Vitel Releases Software To Analyze Voice Mail Traffic Trends
Vitel Software, Inc. has announced its new VMACS-Plus for Centigram software program designed to provide TCP/IP connectivity. This newest release of VMACS-Plus enables large organizations with many Centigram systems to pull voice mail statistics into a central system. VMACS-Plus software is used by system administrators to monitor systems usage and flag possible security issues through tracking and analysis of usage trends and volume. For more information, call 508-831-9700 or see

xPect Technologies Delivers Performance Measurement System
xPect Technologies has developed a software-based system called Expectations to meet the performance-measurement needs of call centers. Expectations features point-and-click screens to enable the quick collecting, evaluating and reporting of agent performance information. The data about a client's operation and staff activities is collected directly from their phone switch, ACD and other telecommunications systems; however, the system also readily accepts supervisory input. For more information, call 303-604-1258 or see

New Feature Package Available For Nitsuko's 124i System
Nitsuko America has enhanced the 124i telephone system with software version 4.03, also known as Group 3 (G3). The G3 software release provides the 124i with a Verifiable Account Codes feature, whereby the system compares the account code dialed by the user to a list of up to 1,000; if the code dialed is not on this list, the system prevents the call. The G3 software also enhances existing 124i features such as automatic call distribution (ACD), maximizing ACD service during high traffic periods or when agents are unavailable. For more information, contact Mark Fusco at 203-926-5498.

Tadiran Enhances CoralCenter ACD MIS Products
Tadiran Telecommunications has announced the latest enhancement to its CoralCenter family of ACD Manage-ment Information System (MIS) products for the Coral ISBX Multimedia ACD: CoralCenter Links (CC Links). CoralCenter has been enhanced with multiswitch monitoring functionality, giving call center managers the ability to monitor several Coral ACDs. Tad-iran has, furthermore, integrated CoralCenter with TCS Management Group, Inc.'s workforce management software system. Now Tadiran's ACD customers can take advantage of the Coral's highly flexible ACD and MIS systems complemented by TCS' sophisticated workforce management software modules. The TCS interface capability is built into every LAN-based CoralCenter. For more information, call 813-523-0000 or see

Mosaix Announces Call Management Solution For Telemarketing
New from Mosaix is the TM Express, a complete telemarketing call center solution that delivers industry-leading predictive dialing, inbound and outbound call blending, scripting, list management, campaign management and reporting capabilities. TM Express gives call centers a flexible, industry-
standard platform for conducting value-oriented telemarketing operations. It provides a solid foundation for conducting value-oriented telemarketing activities, characterized by pay-for-performance pricing, high-quality phone interactions between agents and customers, and industry specialization. For more information, contact John Tarabini at 510-749-6415 or see

Harte-Hanks Launches Database Construction And Management Solution
Harte-Hanks Data Technologies has announced the availability of Relationship Builder, a comprehensive database construction and management solution for companies seeking to extend and enhance their customer relationships. Relationship Builder is a platform-independent scalable applica-
tion designed to handle large amounts of complex data from multiple sources. It can solve difficult data challenges faced by marketing managers such as: continuity management (database keys), change detection, business and consumer matching, name and address cleansing, and relationship-centered multiple views. For more information, contact Jim McNulty at 978-436-2861.

Nortel Releases Symposium Call Center Server
Nortel has announced the availability of its Symposium Call Center Server, a leading-edge call center solution designed to increase call center efficiency and enhance the management of customer relationships. The Symposium Call Center Server, running on a Microsoft Windows NT server, is one of the key components of Nortel's Power Networks blueprints and enables businesses to take advantage of the latest call center solutions. It features client/server architecture, cradle-to-grave control and reporting, skillsets that enable skills to be assigned to agents, advanced supervisor tools, the ability to network existing Meridian call center applications with new Symposium call center sites and ease of integration with third-party products. For more information, contact Kris Hoover at 972-685-5393 or see

Software From AcknoSoft Offers Fast Maintenance Diagnosis
AcknoSoft has released a software suite for decision support and troubleshooting. Called KATE, it is based on two innovative technologies: data mining with case-based reasoning (CBR), and logical induction. These can be used to help organize, manage and recall knowledge, whether it's in a call center, for medical diagnoses and fraud detection, to improve the reliability of measuring instruments, to assist with sales of electronic components or to handle industrial equipment. For more information, call Alicia Ronan at 312-222-1235 or see

Precision Response Corporation Launches New Service
Precision Response Corporation (PRC) is offering a new exception handling and data/document processing service called Precision Resolution. Cornerstone to this service is a real-time, automated system that allows PRC to receive and track data files and/or documents that are prioritized and distributed to customer service representatives online for processing. This new service provides PRC the ability to manage workflow, volumes, processes, improved efficiencies and enhanced quality during the processing cycle. For more information, contact Martin H. Cohn at 305-626-4558.

i.d. Centric Delivers Data Quality Applications
i.d.Centric, from Firstlogic, Inc., announces that its data quality products now run in a parallel environment. Through a partnership with Torrent Systems, i.d.Centric data quality tools are available as Torrent Operators, which perform seamlessly within the Torrent Orchestrate environment. Large-scale data warehouses and database marketing systems can now take advantage of high-performance scalability and speed of MPP (massive parallel processing) and SMP (symmetric multiprocessing) environments when employing data quality tools. For more information, call 800-551-9491 or see

SIS Human Factor Technologies Debuts Line Of Computer Tables
SIS Human Factor Technologies, Inc. has added the Omniflex series of gas spring, sit-to-stand computer tables to its offerings. These tables feature an extensive height range, 26 inches to 49 inches. The Omniflex gas spring table tracks straight up and down, allowing users to raise their workstations from a seated to a standing position in one easy linear motion. For more information, contact Alan Morse at 603-432-4495.

Nortel Adds Attendant Console To Norstar Communications System
Nortel (Northern Telecom) has announced the availability of a PC-based attendant console for the Nortel Norstar Integrated Communications System. Norstar users can now take greater control of their business calls through the user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) of the Norstar PC console. The Norstar PC console is a software program that provides the capability to attach one or more client-provided PCs to a Norstar Integrated Communications System for use by telephone system attendants. For more information, contact Elizabeth Lindsey at 919-992-0262 or see

Waldmann Lighting Launches Twin-Component Lighting System
Waldmann Lighting has introduced the "Twin-C" twin-component indirect/direct office lighting system designed to increase employee productivity and well-being. Part of the new Chorus Uplighter Line, the Twin-C provides highly diffused light which creates natural, ambient lighting conditions. The uplighters, which radiate light at the ceiling, complement Waldmann's direct workplace task lights to form an interactive lighting system. For more information, call 800-634-0007 or see

VXI Announces The Parrott Translator
VXI Corporation has introduced the Parrott Translator, designed to work in conjunction with Parrott headsets to address and solve voice recognition performance issues that often result from hardware incompatibility. The easy-to-use Parrott Translator enables users to perform headset functions with greater sound quality, comfort and convenience. With the Parrott Translator, Parrott headsets are now universally compatible with any PC, sound card or laptop, ensuring successful voice recognition and operation. For more information, call 800-742-8588 or see

Oz Chair Introduced By American Seating
American Seating is offering a new ergonomically designed chair called Oz. The new chair features easy-to-access adjustments and proportions to comfortably support a diverse workforce. It is offered in full back, mid back and side chair versions; a tilt mechanism controls synchronized movement of the chair's back and seat at a ratio of two-to-one, as well as infinite tilt lock. For more information, call 800-748-0268, ext. 6461 or see

Decisive Technology's EnterpriseView Program Chosen By PeopleSoft
PeopleSoft announced that it has selected Decisive Technology's EnterpriseView Program to deploy a companywide feedback program. PeopleSoft will now have the capability to gather customer information in real-time to gain a detailed understanding of its customers' attitudes and opinions. The Internet-based EnterpriseView Program includes DecisionSource, an advanced client/server intelligence engine that allows workgroups, departments and enterprises to distribute online surveys, collect responses and analyze data automatically. For more information, contact Decisive Technology at 800-987-9995 or see

New Software Automatically Updates Area Codes In Database
Information Technology Group has introduced Area Code Update, an easy-to-use software program that scans databases and replaces outdated North America area code numbers with those that are accurate. The software completes in minutes a task that normally takes data-entry workers days and weeks to accomplish manually. The Windows 95/NT 4.0 utility program is compliant with, and updates, a wide variety of user data files including: D:Base, Paradox, MS Excel, MS Access, MS Fox Pro, ODBC-compliant database files, plus ASCII text files and such software packages as ACT, WinFax PRO and GoldMine. For more information, call 877-228-3283.

Pitney Bowes Offers Integrated Mail System
Pitney Bowes is marketing a fast, all-in-one direct mail system that makes advertising mail look like personal mail. Called the DocuMatch Integrated Mail System, it combines document and envelope printing with paper-handling functions, enabling companies to automate the production of matched mail (personalized and matching letter and envelope). The DocuMatch System works with virtually any Windows-based computer, just like a regular printer. For more information, contact Brendan McCartney at 212-684-6300, ext. 327 or see

Mode, Unicom Offer SMART Panel Voice And Data Connections
Mode Office Systems has joined with Unicom Global Systems Solutions to design a panel that provides a total solution to voice and data connections. At the heart of this modular system are pre-installed wiring kits that provide an Ethernet hub to serve up to eight workstations within a single
workgroup; these wiring kits are pre-terminated and color-coded for the most simplistic network installation. The hub, which is tucked away inside of the beltline raceway of a Mode Profile 80NXT panel, can be connected by a backbone cable to a larger network group using either co-axial cable or UTP (unshielded twisted-pair). For more information, contact Howard L. McKean at 302-395-0520.

InterVoice's Mondex Gateway Supports 19 Mondex Devices
InterVoice, Inc. has announced that its Mondex Gateway now supports Mondex electronic currency value transfers and remote card management functions over common telephone lines using Nortel's Mondex-ready telephone. InterVoice's Mondex Gateway now supports 19 different Mondex devices, including point-of-sale (POS) terminals, home phones and payphones, all of which are capable of transferring Mondex value to or from a bank. Mondex is a cash-like electronic smart card; these are being introduced worldwide as a more efficient alternative to physical cash for use in everyday shopping and as a future payment mechanism in such areas as the Internet and "pay-per-view" television. For more information, contact Dick Klein (InterVoice) at 972-454-8695 or see

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SiteBridge Launches Web Call Center Software Solution
SiteBridge Corporation has introduced a Web-enabled customer service product called CustomerNow. This new software enables real-time visual collaboration and chat between a live Web customer service representative (CSR) and an online customer. It is designed for environments where customers require an immediate response to queries, such as online brokerages, consumer banking, insurance services, Web merchandisers, computer help desk support and inbound call centers. Using SiteBridge's WorksEverywhere technology, CustomerNow works behind firewalls and on all Internet browsing platforms. For more information, contact Mark Cooper at 212-645-8700 or see

Clarify Introduces Integrated Front Office Solution
Clarify, Inc. has announced FrontOffice 98, a new release of its integrated suite of sales and service applications. The suite enables companies to attract and retain more profitable customer relationships by integrating and automating their marketing, sales and customer service operations. FrontOffice 98 provides integrated sales, call center, technical support, contract management, and field service and logistics-critical capabilities for companies in complex and demanding sales and support markets such as high-technology, telecommunications, manufacturing and industrial equipment. For more information, call 888-CLARIFY or see

TenFour Releases New E-Mail Gateway Solution
New from TenFour is the TFS PostOffice, a stand-alone module for its Gateway 3.12 system. Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, TFS PostOffice acts as local mail platform to serve e-mail clients both locally and globally through full integration into the existing e-mail gateway. When installed, it acts as a POP 3 server, which allows clients to connect to the existing POP mail server and access their e-mail accounts within the gateway post office. For more information, call 800-387-0046 or see

Lucent Software Lets Customers Receive Call-Waiting Signals While Using The Internet
Lucent Technologies has announced a new intelligent network (IN) solution that will allow consumers to receive a call-waiting pop-up message on their computer screen while using the Internet. Called Lucent Internet Call Waiting, the IN solution enables someone using a home phone line for data access or Internet use to be notified of incoming calls without disruption of the data connection. The screen message offers the Internet user icons he or she can select to accept the call, route it to voice mail or ignore the call. Accepting the call is made possible by the Lucent IN Server which smoothly terminates the Internet connection and connects the incoming call to the person's telephone - all over the single telephone line. For more information, contact Dan Coulter at 908-580-4111 or see

Insite Innovations Offers New Version Of Its Website Concierge
Insite Innovations has announced the Beta version of its Persona 1.0 full-service Website "conciege" which enables companies to interact with customers on the Web in real-time. Persona allows both outbound and inbound interaction on the Web without the need for client downloadables such as multimedia players or plug-ins; the customer need only have a Java-enabled browser. It also features tools for identifying "hot leads" and visitors experiencing difficulty. For more information, contact Alan Weisleder at 415-439-8338 or see

Tadiran Announces Enhancement To CoralCenter ACD MIS Products
Tadiran Telecommunications, Inc. has introduced the newest enhancement to its CoralCenter family of ACD management information system (MIS) products for the Coral ISBX Multimedia ACD: CoralCenter Web (CC Web). By adding Web server functionality to CoralCenter, CC Web gives call center managers the ability to remotely monitor their ACD from anywhere in the world. Using Tadiran's advanced software technology, Coral Center with CC Web delivers real-time statistics over the Internet or Intranet. Using Netscape's browser along with CC Web, every call center can "Web connect" its MIS. For more information, contact Candy Barr at 813-523-0000 or see

Contact Dynamics Launches Interactive Software For Call Centers
Contact Dynamics has released a complete suite of software products that enable Internet site monitoring and real-time communication over the Web. Called iContact, the suite includes two modules, iContact Outbound and iContact Inbound. Since it does not require Web site visitors to install software or download applets, iContact enables live one-to-one communication with virtually any Web site visitor. For more information, call 312-345-1344 or see

e-2 Software Introduces Real-Time Web Marketing Tool
e2 Software Corporation has announced the release of e2 SalesOffice, a cost-effective, real-time eMarketing automation system. e2 SalesOffice helps companies sell products to Web site visitors by tracking leads, customizing Web content and generating customized e-mail offers to prospects based on collected and tracked profile information and Web browsing history. By tracking preferences, e2 SalesOffice allows Web marketers to engage in a nonintrusive dialog with prospects that serves both parties well. For more information, contact Cathy Rentzel at 214-368-7495, ext. 253 or see

GWI Software Unveils Help Desk Application
GWI Software, Inc. has introduced Help! Lite to provide help desk, customer service and support operations with incident, knowledge and IT-related asset-management features. Help! Lite also provides customers with Web-related "self-help" features, including searching knowledge bases, submitting requests electronically and viewing the status of outstanding requests. Help desk technicians can also access trouble tickets and knowledge base information from the Web. For more information, contact Al Hulaton at 360-693-6944 or see

Astea, Mitsubishi Announce Virtual Service Bureau
Astea International, in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electronics America, is offering full-functioned field service management software (FSMS) to the fast-growing customer interaction software (CIS) market segment. Astea has formed a new subsidiary called Virtual Service Corporation that will offer the company's DISPATCH-1, allowing customers to lease or rent access to the system, via the Internet, on a highly secure, time-share basis. New state-of-the-art communication technology, engineered by Mitsubishi, will be added. For more information, contact Bob Ingersoll (Astea) at 215-682-2500 or see

Ericsson, Delta Three Offer Quality Voice Communications Via Internet
Ericsson and Delta Three, a subsidiary of RSL Communications, Ltd., have announced their development of the IP telephony solution for Carriers (IPTC), an Internet protocol (IP) telephony platform. The companies are able to deliver quality phone-to-phone and PC-to-phone IP communications, they say, because IPTC has a latency of under 100 ms. In addition, Delta Three maintains quality by routing the calls over a managed international network, thereby bypassing the congested public Internet. For more information, contact Kathy Egan at 212-685-4030.

Nortel Delivers Internet Capabilities To Call Centers
Nortel (Northern Telecom) has announced the Symposium OPEN IVR 4.0 with new Internet capabilities, enhanced text-to-speech and a large vocabulary for speech recognition to provide call centers with a complete solution for increasing customer service levels. Symposium OPEN IVR 4.0 provides Web callback, faxback and look-up features. Furthermore, it provides convenient, flexible access to the call center through touch tone, speech recognition, text-to-speech, fax, Internet, analog display services and Interface (ADSI) compliant telephone sets. For more information, contact Carter Cromwell at 408-565-2835 or see

Vantage Delivers Next Level Of E-Commerce
To broaden Web merchants' ability to do business over the Internet, Vantage has created Vpay to provide Internet credit card merchant account capabilities. Vpay, which is global and 100-percent digital, pays referral fees and ongoing residual income on VISA and MasterCard revenues of Web merchants referred to Vantage. Web marketers worldwide can create ongoing, residual income by referring Internet merchants, ISPs, Web hosting firms, Web design companies and Internet malls, many of which desperately need Internet credit card merchant account capabilities. For more information, contact Phil Doyle at 707-538-5043.

CTI Products…[return to top]

Xantel Delivers Plug-And-Play CTI
Xantel Corporation has announced Version 2.3 of its flagship product, Xantel Connect for "virtual office" applications requiring remote workforce connectivity. This latest version has a fully formed CTI (computer-telephony integration) technology that enables field personnel and geographically dispersed branch office operations to be seamlessly integrated into an organization's headquarters telephone system. In addition, Xantel Connect V2.3 connects Web-browsing users for real-time multimedia, voice and data communication in true desktop collaboration. For more information, contact Mary Ann Lawson at 602-437-6436 or see

VXI Releases Switch For Computer-Telephony And Voice Recognition Applications
VXI Corporation, a leading manufacturer of precision headset systems, has introduced the Parrott Switch 60V for computer-telephony and voice recognition applications. The Switch 60V is specially designed to work in
conjunction with Parrott headsets to address and solve voice recognition performance problems related to hardware incompatibility. VXI's new switch allows the user to seamlessly alternate between a PC and a standard telephone. For more information, call 800-742-8588 or see

Saratoga Systems Taps Dialogic For CTI Capabilities
Saratoga Systems, a leading provider of customer management software, announced plans to enhance its Avenue customer management system with new computer-telephony integration (CTI) capabilities provided by Dialogic Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high-performance, standards-based CTI components. Under terms of the companies' agreement, Dialogic's CT-Connect will form the basis of a new call center software module that Saratoga is introducing as an integrated option for Avenue. For more information, call 408-371-9330 or see

Teltronics Unveils Call Center Management Software
Teltronics, Inc. has released QueVision, a powerful new software package that provides a call center management tool to monitor, collect and report the automatic call distribution (ACD) data from a Vision switch.QueVision uses computer-telephony integration (CTI) to monitor ACD events as they happen. Designed to help supervisors of small and mid-sized call centers maximize personnel efficiency, QueVision reports call performance data for agents, groups and trunks. For more information, contact Dawn Saunders at 941-753-5000, ext. 7292.

Brite Adds Voice Option To Its Front End Switching System
Brite Voice Systems has announced that its Programmable Switching Option (PSO), part of Brite's IVR solutions, is now being offered with voice capability as a stand-alone unit. Called PSO PLUS, the new product has an existing installed base of 400 units supporting over 100,000 ports; it is well-suited to applications that do not need full IVR capability yet do need to support a large number of ports with nonblocking touch-tone capability. It enables VARs and system integrators to provide low-cost IVR solutions to call centers and telecommunications suppliers. For more information, contact Marlene Hoover Frith at 407-357-1028.

InterVoice Introduces Complete Call Center Solution
InterVoice, Inc., a leading global supplier of call automation systems, has released a turnkey call center solution called AgentConnect. The new product integrates the most commonly used inbound and outbound call center applications on a single, multi-application platform and, in its first release, supports up to 960 agents. Applications can be enhanced with speech recognition and Internet connectivity, and the system can also interface with virtually any legacy telephony, host or database environment. For more information, call Dick Klein at 972-454-8695 or see

Mergers & Acquistions…[return to top]

SITEL Acquires French Teleservices Provider
SITEL Corporation announced that it has acquired SA Intuiparc (IPA), a leading teleservices provider in France. IPA, with annual revenues of approximately $8 million, has particular expertise in information technology (IT) sales and after-sale technical support on both an inbound and outbound basis. Through IPA, SITEL is offering its customers the full scope of teleservices products and services, including consultancy, in the key European markets: Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Telemark And Blenkarn Merge
TeleMark, Inc. has acquired J. Blenkarn Systems, Inc. and J. Blenkarn Holdings Canada, Ltd. (Blenkarn), Michigan-based firms that specialize in circulation telemarketing for the newspaper industry. Telemark specializes in inbound and outbound live-operator telemarketing services for multiple clients and industry segments on a nationwide basis. TeleMark will now contribute customer service support plus operational and technological expertise to Blenkarn, which will continue to operate autonomously as a strategic business unit.

Vendre Acquired By GWI Software
GWI Software, a leading developer of collaborative customer management solutions, announced that it has purchased Vendre, developer and seller of FORCE, a Notes-based sales force automation (SFA) solution especially designed for the mid-tier market. GWI will integrate FORCE into its customer service and support product family; it will be integrated into the Help! for the Web and Help! for Lotus Notes suites. GWI will also continue to maintain and enhance FORCE as a stand-alone product.

Multiactive Acquires Sharkware Software
The Multiactive group of companies (Vancouver, B.C.), developer of the Maximizer line of customer information management software, announced its acquisition of CogniTech Corporation, the developer of Sharkware. The acquisition of CogniTech, based in Atlanta, Georgia, significantly expands the Multiactive Group's presence in the U.S. The deal includes distribution networks and customer base.

Prism Solutions Acquires Systems Techniques, Inc.
Prism Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of business intelligence application solutions, announced that it has acquired Systems Techniques, Inc. (STI), a specialist in data warehousing solutions for the health care industry. STI extends Prism's core data warehousing solutions by adding application-specific bundled solutions, a methodology and consulting services for the health care industry.

Lotus Development Purchases DataBeam And Ubique Ltd.
IBM's Lotus Development Corp. has announced the signing of purchase agreements with DataBeam Corp. and Ubique Ltd., privately held leaders in real-time communications software. Under terms of the agreements, the companies will be acquired by IBM and will become part of Lotus Communications Product Division. The acquisitions will help Lotus realize its plans to bring real-time dimension to e-mail and collaboration in businesses of all sizes via Intranets and the Internet.

Compass International Acquires Bender Direct Mail Services
Compass International Services Corporation, a leading single-source provider of outsourced business services to both public and private entities, announced the acquisition of Bender Direct Mail Services Inc. Bender is a privately-held provider of mail services. This merger marks the beginning of Compass' acquisition program within its core businesses, mail services and accounts receivable management.

Voice Control Systems Completes PureSpeech Acquisition
Voice Control Systems, Inc., a leading global supplier of speech recognition and related technologies, has acquired PureSpeech, a privately held speech recognition company. This acquisition adds two high-performance speech recognition products to the VCS lineup: Pure ReQuest!, a speech-enabled auto attendant, and ReCite!, an advanced speech engine. It follows on the heels of VCS' strategic partnership with IBM, creator of a complete set of speech recognition offerings for telecommunications applications.

Expansions… [return to top]

VSI Holdings Expands In Livonia
VSI Holdings, Inc., through its Visual Services subsidiary, has opened a new $5.5 million facility in Livonia, Michigan to house its Dialogue Marketing Systems Group (DMSG). The Dialogue Marketing Group seeks more than 100 qualified marketing professionals to join its current 300-person staff - the 60,000-square-foot facility will employ more than 1,000 marketing consultants at full capacity. The facility is part of its marketing division and joins VSI Holdings' Vispac Integrated Logistics subsidiary in Livonia.

KPMG Advances Into Mid-Enterprise Market
The Customer Value Management (CVM) practice of KPMG Consulting, part of leading professional services firm KPMG Peat Marwick LLP, has announced a long-term, mid-enterprise business strategy. The CVM practice offers end-to-end sales, marketing and customer service solutions, The new strategy has CVM developing synergistic relationships with leading business and technology entities; currently it is building on the existing KPMG alliance with Microsoft.�

Paragren Technologies Opens West Coast Office
Paragren Technologies, provider of high-performance relationship marketing, has announced the opening of its West Coast office in Pleasanton, California. In response to growing interest in Paragren's marketing solutions, the company's first remote office will provide enterprise relationship marketing as well as support services to clients throughout the Western U.S. region. Paragren operates independently as an APAC TeleServices company.

Teltrust Increases Call Center Capacity
Teltrust has announced that Teltrust Teleservices, a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, has relocated into larger facilities to address the increased demand for its third-party verification (TPV) services. The new 27,000-square-foot facility is located in Salt Lake City and will house 270 agent workstations, more than doubling the group's previous call center capacity. In conjunction with the relocation, Teltrust has incorporated state-of-the-art call center technology, including dedicated switching platforms, advanced software and digital voice recording systems for remote call monitoring and live access to verification recordings.

IDRC Announces New Inbound/Customer Care Business Unit
International Data Response Corporation (IDRC), a leading provider of telemarketing outsourcing solutions, has created an inbound/customer care business unit in the U.S. IDRC launched the initial inbound business last year with the building of two new call centers, in Buffalo, New York and San Diego, California. The establishment of a business unit to focus on inbound and customer care functions allows IDRC to offer both inbound and outbound telemarketing outsourcing services for its U.S. clients.

Happenings…[return to top]

Sky Alland Consolidates Customer Communications Centers
Sky Alland Marketing, a leading provider of customer relationship management programs, is consolidating its Wisconsin-based customer call centers. The company will relocate these operations to its newly constructed customer communications center in Milwaukee.

DialAmerica Provides Fixed-Cost Telemarketing
Privately held telemarketer DialAmerica now offers a fixed-cost telemarketing service to cable TV companies for new subscriber acquisitions and upgrades. The new service proved successful in acquiring new customers for Cox Communications cable TV system, covering western Texas. DialAmerica provided Cox with an hourly-based test program, then a single fixed cost per new buyer, enabling Cox to project the entire cost and feasibility of the campaign.

Support Center Practices Certification For SPS
SPS Payment Systems, Inc. (SPS) announced that its call center in Gray, Tennessee has achieved Support Center Practices (SCP) certification in recognition of its ability to deliver exceptional services and support. The SCP certification was developed by 25 leading industry companies to establish criteria and elements required for top-level support centers. Among the criteria are: customer relationship management, customer feedback, training programs, performance metrics, automation tools and total quality management.

DialAmerica Announces TeleWatch Membership
DialAmerica Marketing, Inc. announced its membership as one of the 36 founders of TeleWatch, an organization devoted to promoting high-quality telemarketing. TeleWatch provides a uniform body of standards and accepted practices with which to measure teleservice performance. These standards include conformance to federal mandates such as The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (1991); The Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act (1994); The Federal Trade Commission Telemarketing Sales Rule (1995); applicable state and local government rules, laws and regulations; "Do-not-call" list requirements; and strict adherence to the American Telemarketing Association's Code of Ethics.

TECHMAR Launches New Communication System
TECHMAR Communications, Inc., a leading provider of outsource response management services, has implemented the Enterprise Interaction Center system from Interactive Intelligence, Inc. The new communication system enables TECHMAR to queue and distribute not only incoming telephone calls, but e-mail, faxes, Web chat sessions, etc. TECHMAR is now able to offer its clients the same level of service regardless of how they choose to interact with the company.

Cincinnati Bell Separates Communications, Customer-Care Businesses
Cincinnati Bell, Inc. announced it has formed a new subsidiary, Convergys Corporation, to hold its billing and customer management businesses, CBIS (Cincinnati Bell Information Systems) and MATRIXX Marketing. Cincinnati Bell intends to take Convergys public and later spin it off in a tax-free distribution to Cincinnati Bell shareholders. Convergys will bring together the global resources, billing and customer-management expertise and market leadership of CBIS and MATRIXX.�

From SocialScience To SiteBridge
SiteBridge Corporation, a leader in the development of Web-based call center solutions, announced its name change from SocialScience. The company will market, promote and sell its CustomerNow Web-based call center software under the name of SiteBridge Corporation. "The name SiteBridge communicates the idea of bridging enterprises to Web customers," said Wendell Lansford, the company's president and CEO.�

Harte-Hanks Data Technologies Lands Leading Retailers
Harte-Hanks Data Technologies has announced a host of account wins that includes two divisions of Gap Inc., Banana Republic, the new Gap Online Store and Stage Stores Inc. Having built their databases, Harte-Hanks Data Technologies will now work with these clients to maximize their customer information. Harte-Hanks Data Technologies is a division of Harte-Hanks Direct Marketing, which supplies marketing database, response management/teleservices, database agency and marketing services that provide direct marketing solutions to the retail, financial services, high technology, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.�

EDS Forms Customer-Management Unit
EDS has unveiled Centrobe, a provider of Enterprise Customer Management (ECM) solutions combining EDS' call center operations, data mining technologies, fulfillment and distribution capabilities and other technologies and services. Centrobe enables its clients to communicate seamlessly with their customers through any interaction channel, at any time, from anywhere in the world. It will offer marketing planning, loyalty and database marketing, analytics, teleservices, Internet services, fulfillment and order management, and distribution.

International News… [return to top]

Priority Call Management Continues Global Expansion
Responding to the global demand for next-generation messaging and calling services, Priority Call Management, a provider of enhanced service platforms to the telecommunications industry, has expanded its presence with the opening of a new sales office in the U.K. It has also added two international sales directors for Asia and Latin America. The expansion will enable Priority Call Management to seize new opportunities created by the European deregulation and the universal need for enhanced telecommunications services.

Lucent, Davox Enter U.K. Distribution Agreement
Davox Corporation announced that it has entered a distribution agreement with Lucent Technologies UK Limited. Under terms of the agreement, Lucent will market and distribute Davox's Unison family of call center management products and browser-based LYRICall software in the U.K. and Ireland. This agreement follows a similar arrangement under which Lucent Technologies, Inc. has marketed Davox's Unison system in the U.S. since May 1997. Under the new agreement, Lucent, assisted by Davox, will sell, implement and support Davox's outbound and blended call center solutions. The Unison system gives call center managers the ability to control call activity in real-time.

SITEL UK Expands Operations, Create Jobs
As it restructures in anticipation of a global boom in outsourced call center operations, SITEL UK is expected to create 10,000 jobs over the next five years, the company has announced. The U.K. is the largest and most developed outsourced call center market in Europe, according to Paul Cresswell, SITEL UK managing director. "By 2002," said Cresswell, "some 2.3 percent of the working population in the U.K. will be employed in this field - that's some 274,000 agent positions."

Caribbean Call Center Targets U.S. Telemarketers
With an exclusive arrangement on the island of Dominica to the U.S. mainland, THE CALLING COMPANY will be one of the first call centers based in the Caribbean basin to provide low-cost telemarketing and fulfillment services for North American businesses. The company is to provide a significant competitive advantage especially to organizations that want to use catalogs and other telemarketing techniques to sell their lower-ticket items.

Telekom Papua New Guinea Awards Contract To Axiom
Axiom, a provider of real-time billing data collection and processing, fraud management and traffic management systems, announced that it has signed a contract with Telikom Papua New Guinea for approximately $3.0 million for a Sterling Solution billing data mediation system. The contract calls for more than 25 Sterling data servers, a Sterling Host Collector and a Sterling Manager for central management of the entire Sterling Solution. Also included are several specialized processing modules (SPMs) for validating, correlating and repairing the call detail records (CDRs) collected by the system as well as ongoing support and maintenance.

Prudential Endorsement Of Northern Ireland
Prudential, the U.K.'s largest life insurance company, is investing more than �7.25 million to expand its Customer Services Centre in Belfast with the prospect of 403 new jobs over the next three to four years. The investment involves a major upgrade in facilities and a relocation from Prudential's existing premises at Fountain Street to a new, state-of-the-art processing center at Clarendon Docks in North Belfast. The project is being assisted by the Industrial Development Board.

Australia Spanned By Telstra Payphone System
Telstra is installing a single, consistent pay-phone system in more than 30,000 locations throughout Australia. Using a new Telstra smart Phonecard, travelers will always be able to make a call from any Telstra pay phone in the country. The new pay phones also accept the full range of Australian coins.

Strategic Alliances…[return to top]

Mosaix And TASC Form Alliance
Mosaix, a leading developer of enterprise customer management (ECM) solutions, has signed an agreement with TASC, a leading provider of computer output to laser disk (COLD) solutions. The two companies have integrated TASC's COLD solution which provides high-volume information storage and retrieval capabilities, with Mosaix's ViewStar 5.0 customer relationship management software.

Clarify And xPECT Partner To Improve Call Center Performance
Clarify Inc., a leading provider of front office solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with xPECT Technologies, Inc., developer of an innovative new system for call center performance evaluation. As part of Clarify's Complementary Software Partner Program, the companies will combine Clarify's ClearCallCenter with xPECT's Expectations. Used together, these applications provide a complete solution for automating call center sales and service processes, measuring the performance of call center agents and improving the overall performance of the call center.

ALTech Announces Intel Investment
Applied Language Technologies (ALTech), a leading provider of conversational speech recognition technology and products for over-the-telephone, customer service solutions, announced that it has received an equity investment from Intel Corporation as part of a round of financing. In addition, ALTech announced that it plans to work with Intel to further optimize the performance of ALTech's SpeechWorks solution on IA-32 processors, including Pentium II Xeon processors and on Intel's forthcoming 64-bit processors.

InTelegy Wins Winterland Contract
InTelegy has announced a major services contract to provide consulting and telesales expertise to Winterland, a leading producer of licensed and private label apparel and related merchandise. InTelegy will provide the design and implementation of a new direct sales channel for all Winterland merchandise worldwide, which will include the relaunching and design of Winterland's Web site.

Brightware Allies With Rockwell Electronic Commerce
Brightware, Inc., a market leader in automated customer interaction on the Net, has announced an alliance with Rockwell Electronic Commerce, a leading vendor of call center systems. Under their agreement, the Brightware application, which automatically answers free-form, natural language questions entered by customers on a Web page or via e-mail, will be integrated with Rockwell's recently announced Windows NT-based Call Center Command Server (3CS) platform, and the two companies will collaborate on joint marketing strategies.

GWI Software And Teloquent Communications Form Partnership
GWI Software and Teloquent Communications Corporation have announced a strategic relationship in which the partners will cooperatively integrate Teloquent's Distributed Call Center technology with GWI's customer service solution, Help! The vendor-supported integration of these products from GWI, a developer of collaborative customer management tools, and Teloquent, a provider of virtual call center solutions, will allow help desk and customer service technicians to improve service levels, increase efficiency and reduce errors.

Spectrum Signs Distribution Agreement With AAC Call Center Systems
Spectrum Corporation, an international leader in electronic message boards, marquees and scoreboards, has signed an OEM agreement with AAC Corporation to private label AAC's AgentView call center communications system and to market the system as "UltraView" with Spectrum's broad range of wallboard displays. AAC's AgentView was selected by Spectrum in response to an increasing market demand to provide a more advanced set of features and options - the addition of the AAC product creates a new high end product upgrade to meet sophisticated call center requirements.

Joint Venture Links SIS Human Factor Technologies And Weber Knapp
SIS human factor technologies, inc. has combined its expertise and effort with those of the Weber Knapp Company in a joint venture to produce computer furniture that offers the best of Scandinavian ergonomic know-how and American research, development and manufacturing. SIS manufactures and distributes adjustable computer support furniture and ergonomically correct workstations. Weber Knapp Company manufactures ergonomic products and mechanical, functional hardware for home and office furniture and office equipment builders.

Telstra And Excell Launch Joint Venture
Telstra Corporation Ltd. and Excell Global Services have announced the formation of a joint venture company specializing in call center solutions in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Called Stellar Call Centres Pty Limited, the new company is now operational and will provide consultancy and manage call center activities on behalf of clients.

HTI Voice Solutions And Unisys Form Partnership
Unisys and HTI Voice Solutions have signed a VAR (value-added reseller) agreement to bring Internet financial service solutions to mid-tier banking institutions in the U.S. and Canada. Under the agreement, HTI will provide turnkey Web-based system solutions on the Unisys ClearPath and Aquanta Windows NT-based platforms.

Sutherland Signs Multiyear Contract With Hitachi
The Sutherland Group, a leading provider of outsourcing and customer management services, has announced that it has entered into an agreement to provide high-level technical support services to Hitachi PC users. Sutherland will provide 24-hour support to all of Hitachi's end users and corporate customers from its West Coast Technical Operations Center in San Diego, CA, part of Sutherland's National Closed-Loop Network.

Syntellect Announces Partnerships And Distribution Plans
Syntellect, Inc. has entered into a series of partnership plans as well as a new distribution strategy plan. In a partnership with Corillian, Syntellect will develop integrated Internet and telephone banking solutions. In an arrangement with Conduit Software, it will integrate Conduit's HRConnect (Intranet-based employee and manager self-service application suite that automates Human Resources processes) with its own Vista Interactive Communications Management (ICM) software platform. Syntellect's new distribution strategy will be facilitated by Vista; Vista's open-standards architecture will enable Syntellect to seek and forge relationships with select niche vendors and distribution partners it could not reach with previous products.

Mosaix Enters ECM Deal With USAA
Mosaix, Inc. has announced that a leading insurance and financial services association, USAA, has selected the company to provide an enterprise customer management (ECM) solution for a new business initiative. USAA, which serves more than 3 million members, primarily military personnel and their families, is deploying Mosaix's ViewStar software as a core component in its initiative to create an enterprise framework for managing interactions with customers across different departments and communications channels.

NetPhone PBX Technology Chosen By IBM
NetPhone, Inc., a leading provider of communications servers and telephony solutions, announced that IBM will offer NetPhone's PBX technology as part of the IBM Small Business Computer Telephony Solution. The solution combines a telephony-switching adapter card with advanced call control and voice-mail software; it helps support increased demand for standards-based communications servers and applications and provides an alternate distribution channel for NetPhone VARs.

Ruppman Express Announces Partnership To Serve Canadian Market
Ruppman Marketing Techno-logies, Inc. and Media Express Group have formed a partnership to create the Ruppman Express Company offering integrated marketing services - Customer Access Solutions - for companies that market and distribute in Canada. Ruppman Express will provide comprehensive inbound and outbound call handling teleservices, including customer service, help desk, technical support, order taking, consumer relations and dealer referral.

Metromail And PNR Form Strategic Alliance
Metromail Corporation has announced a strategic alliance with PNR and Associates, Inc. to deliver household-level insight into U.S. consumers' behaviors and attitudes toward service providers in deregulating industries such as telecommunications, cable TV and electric utilities. Using models developed by PNR from its ReQuest national survey of consumer behaviors and attitudes, Metromail will assign estimates - known as HomeScores - to each of 103 million U.S. households in its proprietary national consumer database.

Bluestone Software Integrates Computer Associates' Technology
Bluestone Software, Inc. has announced the integration of Sapphire/Web Release 5, the company's expanded new release of its Web application server framework, with Unicenter TNG, Computer Associates' enterprise management solution. The Sapphire/Web Release 5 integration with Unicenter TNG is generally available from Bluestone Software, delivered through Sapphire/Application Manager, which allows IS managers to control application environments from a single point.

SLP InfoWare And Hewlett-Packard Announce Worldwide Partnership
SLP InfoWare, a leader in data mining-enabled customer retention and churn management applications, and Hewlett-Packard, a leader in supplying solutions to cellular and wireline operators, have formed a worldwide alliance. The partnership will bring the power and flexibility of SLP's predictive churn identification software, Churn/Customer Profiling System (CPS), to HP's Call Behavior Analysis (CBA) software.

ALLTEL Signs Consolidation Contract With Philippine Long Distance
ALLTEL has announced the signing of a call center consolidation contract with Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), the Republic of Philippine's largest telecommunications provider. PLDT has 1.7 million customer lines, or 85 percent of the country's local and long-distance telephone service. Under terms of the agreement, ALLTEL will consolidate PLDT's five existing call centers into two new centers that leverage operating efficiencies and deliver a higher level of customer service.

Intecom Partners With Local Call Center Skills Development Program
Intecom, a Dallas-based call center/PBX solutions provider, announced that it will join the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) in a recruitment and training program to help address a communitywide employment initiative focusing on call centers. DCCCD recently kicked off a call center skill and development program in response to the need of Dallas-area businesses for more qualified employees in the customer service and call center industry.

SITEL Signs Agreement With 3COM
SITEL Corporation has entered an agreement with 3Com Corporation to provide worldwide technical teleservices support for various 3Com product lines, including PalmPilot products, U.S. Robotics modems and Bigpicture video conferencing equipment. On behalf of 3Com, SITEL call centers in the U.S., Europe, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region will handle technical inquiries from 3Com customers, both individual and business, via telephone and e-mail.

People…[return to top]

Chordiant Software named Sam Spadafora chief executive officer and president. Formerly a senior executive with Sun Microsystems, Spadafora will now lead Chordiant's management team, succeeding Carol Realini.

Thomas M. Del Vecchio has been named executive vice president of King TeleServices. Del Vecchio will continue in his role as chief operating officer with additional responsibility for strategic and planning initiatives.

Davox Corporation announced that Louis Marianacci has resigned as president of the company. Alphonse M. Lucchese, Davox chairman and chief executive officer, will assume the responsibilities of the presidency while a search is undertaken for a new president.

Thomas R. Kivela has joined GN Netcom/Unex as vice president of operations. Assuming responsibility for production, materials, manufacturing, engineering, the repair center and quality systems, Kivela joins the company from Microwave Radio Communications, a division of California Microwave Corporation.

Nitsuko America has appointed Eric Babbitt general manager at Nitsuko Canada. Formerly the president of TIE/communications Research, Babbitt is assuming the responsibilities for Nitsuko's sales and marketing efforts in Canada.

Mark Donovan has been named to the newly created position of senior vice president of customer service and operations of Davox Corporation. Formerly Davox's vice president of operations, Donovan will now lead the development and implementation of Davox's customer support in addition to his former responsibilities.

SITEL Corporation has named Phillip Clough, the company's president, to the additional post of chief executive officer. Clough replaces Michael P. May, who has resigned. Prior to joining SITEL, Clough was an investment banker with Alex, Brown & Sons, Baltimore.

Electronic Card Systems, Inc. (ECS) has appointed Ryan O'Connor senior vice president of marketing. Prior to joining ECS, O'Connor served as executive vice president in charge of sales and operations at Card Payment, Inc.

Gregory Green, Ph.D. has been named vice president of strategic marketing strategy by Executive Marketing Services, Inc. (EMS). Formerly with Price Waterhouse, Green managed professional consulting teams for several Fortune 100 companies. At EMS, he will oversee further expansion into database development, data mining, statistical modeling and strategic database marketing.

Paragren Technologies announced that Emily Eelkema has joined the company as director of strategic alliances. Eelkema will be responsible for developing and managing strategic relationships and partnerships for Paragren's marketing software, services and market intelligence.

The Medical Phone Company has appointed Bernard H. Coyle, Jr., Ph.D., to the position of director of operations. Coyle has held management positions at Amerimed Corporation, United Chemical Technologies, Inc., Vernitron Corporation and American Injector, Inc.

Douglas Jennings has joined Phonetics, Inc. as product support specialist, to provide technical support and programming assistance. Jennings recently held the position of customer service manager for Summit Solutions.

InfoPlex Corporation announced that Adrienne A. Dale and Brenda C. Nirenstein have been elected vice presidents of the information development company. Dale and Nirenstein both have responsibility for the setup and execution of client programs. Dale manages information systems and heads up program management; Nirenstein continues to head the 100-seat call center.

SiteBridge Corporation has appointed Jim Sullivan vice president of sales. Formerly director of East Coast operations for ichat, Inc., Sullivan's experience will be leveraged to grow SiteBridge's customer base and manage the overall sales operations of its Web-based CustomerNow product.

Lightbridge, Inc. has named Brian P. Connolly as an executive officer and senior vice president of sales and marketing, a position in which Connolly will oversee worldwide sales, marketing, alliances and account management. Formerly he was vice president and chief operating officer at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC).

Distributed Bits, L.L.C. announced the appointment of Brian Carlson as vice president of sales. In this newly created position, Carlson will develop, manage and lead all sales activities and oversee the marketing and support of the company's products and services around the world. He will also have overall responsibility for building and managing the company's sales channels.

Stephen C. Wright has been appointed president of SOFTBANK Services Group's newest division, SOFTBANK Logistics Group. Wright is responsible for all aspects of the company's distribution and fulfillment services through its automated distribution center in Grove City, Ohio. Previously, he served as chief operating officer of Computer Integration Corporation (CIC).

Harris Select Communications has named Robert J. Bryan vice president of call center operations. Prior to joining Harris Select Communications, Bryan was with IQI Corporation and ran 14 call centers for Ed Blank and Associates.�



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