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November 1998



Natural MicroSystems, Sun Target Markets With IP Solutions
Natural MicroSystems has announced it will collaborate with Sun Microsystems to provide high-performance, IP telephony OEM solutions for the network service and equipment provider market. Natural MicroSystems' products, including the Fusion IP telephony platform, will support current and future versions of Sun Microsystems' Solaris operating environment and UltraSPARC processor-based PCI and CompactPCI CPU boards. The effort is expected to enable developers of high-value telecommunications systems to leverage Natural MicroSystems' DSP-based voice, fax, and IP telephony processing platforms on the Sun platforms to offer highly scalable and innovative solutions for network-based, enhanced services. The companies will also investigate joint co-sales and co-marketing initiatives in an effort to provide IP telephony OEM solutions to targeted telco accounts. For more information, visit Natural MicroSystems' Web site at www.nmss.com.

Arbinet Unveils LCR Ticker For Network Access
Arbinet Communications has unveiled its real-time LCR International Rate Ticker on its Web site. The patent-pending ticker quotes Arbinet's lowest rate to destinations, which are available to carriers connected to the Arbinet Global Clearing Network (AGCN), throughout the world. The AGCN is designed to provide real-time authentication, authorization, LCR, call placement, and settlement on a transaction-by-transaction basis, allowing carriers to access the best rates and routing options without having to negotiate and contract separately with each supplier. The AGCN is presently clearing and settling minutes for all types of communications companies, including ITSPs and major carriers. For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.arbinet.com.

Texas Instruments Offers New DSP Chips
Texas Instruments (TI) has announced two new DSP chips designed to quicken development of products for wireless video conferencing, wireless e-mail, and super-fast Internet access. TI's new TMS320C6202, one of the world's fastest DSPs at 2,000 MIPS, can accelerate the development of highly efficient, multichannel communications systems, including the base stations that will underlie the next generation of wireless networks. The 'C6202 is also engineered to enable systems to provide voice communications over the Internet via VoIP and accelerate development of faster remote access servers. In addition is the new TMS320C6211, a DSP expected to enable companies to more affordably build technology products for new and emerging markets. Products include consumer-based modems for ADSL communications. For more information, contact the company at 800-477-8924.

Delta Three Provides Real-Time Account Info
Delta Three, Inc., a subsidiary of RSL Communications, Ltd., has announced its customers may obtain detailed, real-time information about their accounts in multiple formats, simply by accessing Delta Three's Web site. The site is accessible 24 hours per day and is designed to offer PC billing, or, detailed records, customer service, new product offerings, and other relevant information. PC billing enables customers to immediately access their account information online to determine the cost of an Internet telephony call as soon as it is placed, see call details, call log, and transaction records, as well as recharge their prepaid accounts. Delta Three's direct account access service can allow customers to view call information in numerous formats such as bar graphs or pie charts. For more information, visit RSL's Web site at www.rslcom.com.

Bell Atlantic, ITXC Enter RBOC Agreement
Bell Atlantic has entered the Internet telephony market in an agreement with ITXC Corp. Traffic originated by ITXC affiliates worldwide are expected to benefit from carrier-class termination on the East Coast of the United States. Under the agreement, Bell Atlantic will accept calls from ITXC in IP format, becoming an ITSP and nonexclusive affiliate of ITXC's WWeXchange service. As an affiliate in the service, Bell Atlantic is paid to terminate calls routed to it by ITXC, just as it is paid to terminate traditional long-distance and international calls by traditional carriers. For more information, visit ITXC's Web site at www.itxc.com.

I-Link Announces Multiline Prototypes
I-Link Inc., has announced its subsidiary, ViaNet Technologies, has developed and is demonstrating a working prototype of a multiline communications device, initially dubbed C4 (Customer Communications Control Device). C4 is designed to provide home and small business customers up to 24 phone lines, using the existing telephone wires connected to their homes or offices today. In addition, it can offer around-the-clock Internet access and access to I-Link's enhanced V-Link services, which include voice mail, fax, paging, e-mail, conference calling, and "follow-me-anywhere, " one-number service. C4 will undergo field trials by year's end and will ship in 1999. For more information, visit I-Link's Web site at www.i-link.net.

Selsius, Symbol Offer H.323 IP Integration
Selsius Systems has announced the successful integration of its H.323-based IP-PBX product line with the Symbol Technologies wireless Spectrum24 NetVision IP phone. Both companies have begun market trials of the integrated wired/wireless IP-PBX systems at numerous Symbol national retail customers. Symbol will sell, service, and support the Selsius products, including the 10Base-T, LAN-based IP-PSTN gateways and call management software. Symbol's NetVision phone is designed to offer high-quality voice transmission over corporate intranets or the Internet and employs built-in H.323 ITU-standard protocols for real-time, multimedia teleconferencing to all standards-based IP telephony devices. With the Selsius gateway, the phone allows users to tie directly to legacy phone systems. For more information, contact Selsius at 972-855-8200.

Motorola Creates Personal Networking Group
Motorola has announced its Internet and Networking Group (ING), a critical unit of the Communications Enterprise, which will focus on making networks more responsive to the demand for integrated, personalized access. Core businesses within ING are corporate networking, broadband communications, wireless content services, and platform software. Through Smart Access technology, Motorola will take a unified approach toward both wireless and wireline networking, addressing the rapidly changing market, as it moves from regulated telecommunications to a new market driven by the Internet, deregulation, and digital/packet networks. Expected results of a truly personal network's speed, mobility, and integration are significant increases in individual productivity and performance. For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.mot.com/ing.

SkyWave Releases Gateway Upgrade
SkyWave Inc., has announced immediate availability of SkyGate 99, the newest version of the company's Internet telephony gateway, designed to seamlessly bridge H.323 IP networks with SS7 intelligent networks. The latest level of interoperability can enable carriers to integrate IP telephony into their current networks while protecting their investments in existing legacy infrastructure. The new release supports several key gateway application interfaces, including SkyWave's Gateway Control Interface (GCI), SGCP, and planned support for TAPI and S.100. In addition, SkyGate 99 features the SmartWorks CTOS Media Server, from TeleSoft, Inc., designed to provide interoperability across third-party telephony hardware platforms, allowing the carrier to choose best-of-breed, heterogeneous components. Other features include real-time faxing and a built-in SNMP agent for remote access and gateway monitoring. For more information, contact SkyWave at 408-245-1771.

Vsys Provides SS7 Gatekeeper
Vsys has announced the commercial availability of its SS7 integrated gatekeeper, the VSwitch. VSwitch, currently available for lab evaluation and network deployment, is a carrier-grade software switch designed to provide Internet (H.323) and PSTN (SS7) interfaces, enabling Vsys customers to offer full-featured voice, data, and fax solutions. Its extensible architecture provides billing and provisioning support and enables timely introduction of customer care services, as well as other advanced IN services such as 800/888 and VPN. An Internet telephony service using VSwitch is transparent to end users, which means no extra digit dialing, pin numbers, or access codes. In addition, VSwitch is currently interoperable with Dialogic-powered DM3 IPLink gateways. For more information, visit the Vsys Web site at www.vsys.com.

ICG Netcom Develops IP Network Management
ICG Netcom has become one of the first integrated communications providers (ICPs) to develop an integrated software tool to support its nationwide IP telephony network - launched in 31 cities in August. The software is designed to give ICG Netcom the ability to view its entire network and monitor each component of service, including voice gateways, routers, and switches. This can allow ICG Netcom to manage the service at every level and ensure a quality customer experience. ICG Netcom utilized portions of Micromuse, Inc.'s, Netcool and Seagate Software, Inc.'s, Seagate NerveCenter version 3.01 software to achieve the software for its network, expected to cover about 90 percent of the long-distance traffic in the nation by year's end. For more information, visit Netcom's Web site at www.netcom.com.

eFusion, Ameritech To Offer Internet Telephony
eFusion, Inc., and Ameritech have announced a co-marketing agreement, under which eFusion will provide Internet telephony application gateways for Ameritech's enterprise customers. The integration is designed to permit both companies to offer a complete Internet solution, allowing businesses to close online transactions, reduce talk time, increase customer satisfaction, and decrease costly customer churn. Sales and support teams from both companies provide complete solutions to businesses looking to invite Internet-enabled prospects into call centers. eFusion's eBridge Interactive Web Response (IWR) system is designed to allow Internet-enabled consumers to browse the Web and, simultaneously, talk directly with a customer service or sales representative to conduct business - all on a single phone line. For more information, contact eFusion at 503-207-6300.

Industry Leaders Support IP Standard
3Com Corporation, Cisco Systems, Inc., GRIC Communications, Inc., iPass, and TransNexus all have agreed to promote interdomain authentication, authorization, and accounting standards for IP telephony through the Open Settlement Protocol (OSP). OSP is designed to allow a clearinghouse to provide call routing and authorization between carriers, as well as offer usage reporting through call detail records. In addition to leaders' support, the ETSI project TIPHON has defined OSP. Major benefits include confidentiality of all information through SSL encryption; secure, mutual authentication of communicating parties; nonrepudiation of all communications through digital signature technology; support for operation through existing firewalls; and flexible, feature-rich information exchange via XML. For more information, visit Cisco's Web site at www.cisco.com.

Ascend, NetCentric Join In IP Fax Alliance
Ascend Communications Inc., and NetCentric Corporation have announced a strategic alliance to provide carriers and NSPs a powerful, scalable network architecture for deploying Internet fax services. Under the joint development and marketing partnership, both companies are integrating NetCentric's FaxStorm Internet fax technology with Ascend's Remote Access MAX platform. The integration is intended to allow carriers and NSPs to quickly expand their FaxStorm-based, enhanced IP services, utilizing their existing Ascend internetworking infrastructure. The alliance is an initial step in NetCentric's announced open gateway strategy. Joint marketing and sales programs to promote the carrier-class solution to service providers worldwide will follow the integration. For more information, contact Ascend at 800-272-3634.

Microcell Solutions Launches New Handset
Microcell Solutions Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Microcell Telecommunications Inc., has launched the Fido Nokia 5190, a new lightweight, compact handset designed to offer attractive features in a simple, easy-to-use format. The Fido Nokia 5190 can offer superior voice quality, fast one-touch access to handset functions, and compatibility with the Fido Nokia 6190 dual-mode handset accessories. The handset is being sold both as a PCS handset, operating on the latest digital technology, and as a dual mode, providing national coverage through access to an analog network. It is available at all Fido points of sale and authorized distributors. Fido operates on GSM. For more information, visit Microcell Telecommunications' Web site at www.microcell.ca.

Trillium Plans H.323 Software For VoIP Market
Trillium Digital Systems, Inc., is planning to offer H.323 software products for the rapidly emerging VoIP market. Trillium expects its new H.323 products to offer higher performance, smaller memory footprints, portability, and greater reliability, modularity, and scalability than current solutions. Initially, products will include H.225.0 Call Signaling, H.225.0 RAS, H.245 Control Signaling, RTP, RTCP, and H.323 Call Manager. Trillium's H.323 products will be based on TAPA (Trillium Advanced Portability Architecture) software to ensure they are independent of the compiler, operating system, processor, and hardware architecture. For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.trillium.com.

Tektronix Enables Solution for RVC
Tektronix, Inc., has announced a next-generation RVC technology, which couples critical interactive video components for a compelling remote communications solution for business. The solution is designed to provide video conferencing quality that is virtually indiscernible from face-to-face communication. The RVC solution is designed to leverage bandwidth efficiency of MPEG-2 to ensure exceptional video quality and utilize existing ATM networks to reduce capital costs associated with deploying and maintaining a separate overlay network. Both end users and service providers can benefit from the easy-to-use scheduling component for ensured administrative integrity, efficiency, and control. For more information, contact Tektronix at 503-627-7111.

VideoServer Intros Audio/Data Conferencing Server
VideoServer, Inc., has announced the Encounter NetServer ADX 1000, an integrated audio and data conferencing server designed to accommodate both traditional phone/POTS users and IP telephony/VoIP users for multiparty conferencing with an easy upgrade path to video. The Encounter NetServer ADX 1000 is engineered to allow corporations to leverage their investments in existing network infrastructure and H.323 endpoints to conduct multiparty audio and data conference calls while reducing overall communications costs. The product allows up to 48 geographically distributed POTS and IP users to participate in a single, multipoint audio conference. End users can easily schedule and control their own conference via a Web interface. For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.videoserver.com.

Array, TVS To Expand IP Network
Comdial Corporation has announced its wholly owned subsidiary, Array Telecom Corp., and Tokyo-based Telecommunications with Valuable Services (TVS), Inc., have signed an agreement to move forward with phase two of TVSNET. TVSNET, a nationwide IP network, is designed to provide international long-distance service and CTI-PBX solutions to Japanese businesses, and Japanese-based Internet services. The quantity and commitment purchase agreement plans to expand the TVS gateway network from 36 Array Telecom gateways to more than 150 gateways, providing total geographic coverage of Japan. In addition, TVS can establish TVSNET as the premier provider of CTI-PBX business solutions, including IP-based call centers, to the emerging Internet market. For more information, visit Comdial's Web site at www.comdial.com.

Qwest Announces Initiatives For Broadband
Qwest Communications is planning several efforts designed to accelerate its leadership in broadband multimedia services. The company will launch a broadscale deployment and activation of a massive IP nationwide network to give customers access to unprecedented bandwidth for multimedia applications. Other Qwest initiatives are scheduled to include acquiring Icon CMT, a leading Internet solutions company; establishing 10 hosting CyberCenters; creating a National Accounts division to sell IP services to multinational customers; and a $36 million agreement with Rudin Management Company Inc., for OC-48 IP services. The nationwide 0C-48 IP network is expected to offer aggressive service-level agreements, including 100-percent network availability. Qwest's new IP services include high-speed, dedicated Internet access, IP-based VPN services, and an expansion of its Q.Talk VoIP network service. For more information, visit Qwest's Web site at www.qwest.net.

HotHaus DSP Software Enables Voice/Fax/Data Exchange
HotHaus Technologies Inc., has announced the HausWare xChange DSP software solution, which is designed to allow seamless exchange of voice, fax, and data modem signals between circuit-switched and packet networks. The turnkey solution is also designed to reduce OEMs' time-to-market and development risk. Available for all Texas Instruments' C5000 family processors, xChange can enable four-channel VoIP solutions on a 'C549 device. HausWare xChange is built on HotHaus' proven software framework, HausFrame, which enables OEMs to tailor xChange with their own algorithms to create differentiable features for their products. For more information, contact HotHaus at 604-278-4300.

Korea Telecom, Clarent Use SS7 For Minutes Offering
Korea Telecom (KT) has announced it is launching global partnership initiatives with large telcos and ITSP partners, ideally from Asia, North America, Latin America, and Europe, for exchanging IP telephony international calling minutes - specifically where KT does not have a major presence. KT is anticipating large call volumes due to its recent, successful implementation and deployment of one of the first SS7/C7 integrations, provided by Clarent Corporation, between traditional circuit-switched networks and IP networks, allowing seamless, single-stage dialing. Also along with Clarent's SS7/C7 system, KT is offering KT Card for IP network calling and merged billing, Worldphone+, a prepaid calling card service for instant, anywhere access to fixed IP calling minutes, and KT Express, a leased-line service for directly connecting the PBX to the IP network. For more information, visit Clarent's Web site at www.clarent.com.

Portal Delivers Management/Billing For IP
Portal Software, Inc., has announced Infranet IPT, a complete, end-to-end customer management and billing solution for businesses offering IP telephony service. Infranet IPT is designed to provide specific customer management and billing features essential to ITSPs such as real-time architecture, support for unlimited services and pricing plans, out-of-the-box gateway integration, prepaid calling card support, and zone-based rating. The solution also can allow ITSPs increased revenue, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction with scalability, along with the unlimited services and pricing plans and gateway support. Infranet IPT is available in Q4 '98 for the Sun Solaris, HP UNIX, and Microsoft Windows NT systems. For more information, contact Portal at 408-343-4400.

NETRIX, Packet Engines Enter Market Agreement
NETRIX Corporation and Packet Engines have announced a distribution agreement, which allows Packet Engines to market and sell NETRIX's range of voice over data products for special projects such as integrated services MANs. Under the nonexclusive, three-year contract, Packet Engines gains worldwide rights to sell NETRIX's entire product line. Packet Engines has already placed the first order. NETRIX's Network Exchange Gateway family with Vodex VoIP/FR software is designed to seamlessly interoperate with Packet Engines' PowerRail family of enterprise routing switches to support voice over routed GB Ethernet - demonstrating viability of high-speed transport of voice and data for enterprise users. For more information, contact NETRIX at 703-742-6000.

dynamicsoft Offers Java-Based VoIP Framework
dynamicsoft has designed its new jVoIP Framework to enable communications equipment manufacturers and service providers the ability to rapidly build services for transmitting voice/fax over IP networks. Based on industry-standard protocols, the jVoIP Framework is a comprehensive set of "plug-and-play" software modules, providing customers a reliable, large-scale solution to meet service providers' needs and offering the flexibility to add new software solutions and upgrades as needed. The framework is designed to run on open standard computing platforms, specifically, including those from Sun Microsystems, with whom dynamicsoft is working to bring its products to market. For more information, contact dynamicsoft at 732-741-7244.

VocalTec, Lucent, ITXC Realize IP Platform Interoperability
VocalTec Communications and Lucent Technologies have developed a solution demonstrating true interoperability between IP telephony gateways over ITXC Corp.'s network. Users can place voice calls seamlessly between the Lucent PacketStar Internet Telephony System and the VocalTec Ensemble Architecture over ITXC's WWeXchange Service. The newly realized interoperability, based on the ITU's H.323 RAS Version 2 international standard, is designed to
allow callers to make inexpensive calls to more locations than traditionally permitted by uninteroperable gateways by using the VocalTec and Lucent gateways. Also with the solution, carriers are expected to deploy truly interoperable, IP telephony solutions. For more information, visit VocalTec's Web site at www.vocaltec.com.

iCall Releases Internet Software
iCall Inc., has released iCallSignal, a new "unattended Internet-access" software designed to allow two computers to dynamically connect to the Internet, exchange information, then disconnect - all without human assistance. iCallSignal is expected to save remote control and mobile users hundreds to thousands of dollars in long-distance and international phone charges when accessing distant computers. The product's technology is application-independent and handles both fixed and dynamic IP addresses, designed to be an ideal enhancement for all types of existing Internet communications software, including file transfer, remote control, telephony, video conferencing, point-of-sale reporting, EDI, and remote collaboration. For more information, contact the company at 864-654-4322.

Sequel Announces Internet Resource Management
Sequel Technology Corporation has announced its Internet Resource Manager (IRM), a second-generation IRM solution optimized for large enterprises. IRM is designed to help IT managers identify, understand, and control Internet and intranet activity on an individual, group, or company basis. The product features enhanced monitoring, access control, and reporting facilities. It can identify and log all Internet activity flowing across critical network access points such as firewalls, proxy servers, and routers and consolidates this information to produce clear, easy-to-understand reports. Running on Windows NT 3.51 or 4.0, IRM is designed to provide an extensive suite of reports addressing every aspect of IP traffic flow through an organization. For more information, contact the company at 425-556-4000.

Shoreline Teleworks System Targets Small/Mid Companies
Shoreline Teleworks, Inc., has introduced CrystaLAN, a network-based voice communication system designed to meet telephony needs of small to mid-sized businesses. The product is built to provide a complete, cost-effective solution and a scalable replacement for costly, proprietary PBX systems, key telephone systems, and Centrex services. It combines top PBX system capabilities with "point-and-click" ease of PCs. CrystaLAN architecture is built around IP and, thus, can easily scale to accommodate new users and future generations of VoIP technology and computer-based telecommunications applications. The system features CrystaLAN IPBX, CrystaLAN Server, CrystaLAN Voice Services, and CrystaLAN Desktop components. For more information, contact the company at 650-937-1300.

Andrea Electronics, Conversational Computing Jointly Package Products
Andrea Electronics Corporation and Conversational Computing Corporation have announced they will jointly package and sell Andrea Electronics' Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Andrea Anti-Noise headsets with Conversational Computing's Conversa Web voice-enabled, Internet browser software through combined retail channels. Bringing together the Conversa Web proprietary search engine and Andrea Electronics headsets is expected to allow computer users at home and at work to speak naturally to the PC and instantaneously "surf" from hot link to hot link. The companies intend to offer a variety of packaging options. Conversational Computing has begun including Andrea NC-80 Noise Cancellation headsets as the sole microphone choice for sale with its Conversa Web software through Conversational Computing's retail distribution channels. For more information, contact Andrea Electronics at 800-442-7787.

VocalTec, Amdocs Partner For IP Services
VocalTec Communications Ltd. and Amdocs have agreed to integrate Amdocs' Ensemble system with the VocalTec Ensemble Architecture (VEA) to offer carriers and service providers a fully integrated, comprehensive solution for customer care, billing, and IP telephony operations. The solution is designed to support advanced, high-volume IP telephony services for both major and emerging telecommunications carriers, as well as leading ISPs. Amdocs' Ensemble system supports convergent customer care and billing activities in multiservice fixed-line and mobile environments. VEA is an open, standards-compliant IP telephony platform designed to route traffic between thousands of gateways and servers and millions of end user devices for both the corporate and carrier markets. For more information, visit VocalTec's Web site at www.vocaltec.com.

Internet Magic Intros Internet Fax System
Internet Magic, Inc., has introduced two versions for its new Internet fax server - a compact, stand-alone device designed to convert any fax machine into an Internet fax server and facilitate electronic distribution of incoming/outgoing faxes via a user's e-mail account. For $499, the server, featuring the Legacy 2000 for the dial-up version and the Legacy 3000 for the LAN version, can cost-effectively send information anywhere in the world, providing a system for Internet fax distribution within a fully scalable device. The server is designed to allow customers to move fax traffic off the PSTN and onto the Internet, Intranet, LAN, or WAN. In addition, the server can enable organizations to send fax documents to as many as 100 destinations with a single transmission. The product supports a full suite of protocols and IETF and ITU standards. For more information, contact the company at 619-824-0500.

Aplio Upgrades Internet Appliance For Call Savings
Aplio, Inc., has announced the current availability of Aplio/Phone 1.5, an Internet telephony appliance upgraded to allow users as much as 100-percent savings on their long-distance phone bills. Aplio/Phone 1.5 extends Aplio's Internet telephony technology by offering several enhancements, including easier setup, greater savings, improved voice interface (available in seven languages), enhanced ease of use for travelers, and greater security. Aplio/Phone 1.5 is a small device, which connects to a regular telephone - as does an answering machine - to provide significant long-distance savings, when using the Internet, without incurring any additional charges, except for the cost of the ISP. For more information, contact the company at 888-642-7546.

Eicon, RYCOM Agree On Bell Canada Sale
Eicon Technology has announced a distribution agreement with Canadian-based RYCOM Inc., to provide its DIVA T/A ISDN modem to Bell Canada. Under agreement terms, RYCOM will sell and distribute Eicon's modem to Bell Canada. The DIVA T/A is designed to offer Bell Canada's customers fast, reliable remote access connections to corporate LANs and the Internet. Michel Doyle, RYCOM's executive vice president and general manager, said, "The addition of Eicon's DIVA T/A would further strengthen the company's offerings to the telephone companies and Internet service providers." RYCOM has been working with a number of telcos in Canada on standardizing their communication solutions using RYCOM's line of networking hardware and software products. For more information, visit Eicon's Web site at www.eicon.com.

Sun Delivers Carrier-Grade Offerings
Sun Microsystems, Inc., has announced its full support of VoIP by offering carrier-grade solutions to telco OEMs. Companies such as Dialogic, dynamicsoft, and Natural MicroSystems have developed telephony/VoIP technologies for the UltraSPARC platform. Telco equipment manufacturers, system integrators, and service providers can integrate these technologies into their next-generation IP services and products for faster time-to-market and improved ability to address emerging telco requirements. Sun offers a range of products to provide the appropriate level of integration and performance required to meet diverse needs of the Internet telephony market. Some products include NEBS-compliant, CompactPCI, and Embedded MP boards to high-performance, Solaris-based Sun Enterprise servers supporting high-volume VoIP applications. For more information, visit Sun's Web site at www.sun.com.

Cisco Announces System for Voice/Fax
Cisco Systems, Inc., has announced Cisco AccessPath-VS3, an enhancement to the AccessPath product family, designed to offer leading-edge voice and fax over IP services. Targeted for service provider and large-scale enterprise applications, the product extension is a fully integrated, dial access system that merges universal VoIP access, industry-leading switching, and high-speed backhaul routing capabilities into a single, scalable architecture. In conjunction with Cisco IOS software functionalities, AccessPath-VS3 is engineered to enable quick deployment of toll-quality voice and fax services over data networks with new levels of system reliability, availability, and scalability. For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.cisco.com.


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