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October 2000


Industry News

Carrier Class Next-Gen Services Offered In IPeria Service Node 2.0
Representing a next-generation approach to delivering subscriber services, IPeria's Service Node 2.0 offers networks the ability to interface with softswitches, media gateways, and integrated access devices via the standards-based session initiation protocol (SIP). This new version grants not only the potential to rescale from thousands to millions of subscribers, but also independence from network topologies and protocols. Quickly deployed, less-expensive, and easily integrated legacy systems are also key components to IPeria's latest offering.
No. 500, itmag.com/freeinfo

Performance Technologies' CPC4400 Layer 3 CompactPCI Ethernet Switch
Performance Technologies'CPC4400 greatly simplifies and speeds system performance by connecting each module in a network system by high-speed Ethernet via an embedded packet-switched backplane. "Embedding standard Ethernet technology in a CompactPCI chassis means system architects can build a next generation of cost-effective, packet-based systems with very familiar additive technology to aim for improved scalability, reliability, and performance," states P. Zorfass of International Data Corp.
No. 501, itmag.com/freeinfo

ComGates' CSSW 4000 Softswitch To Use dynamicsoft SIP User Agent
"The combination of dynamicsoft's capabilities and ComGates' unique softswitch technology addresses several key issues affecting IP telephony and streaming media such as scalability, connectivity, interoperability, and QoS," says Jacob Tirosh, CEO of ComGates. The ComGates CSSW 4000 Softswitch consists of a simple, robust set of development tools with a "multi-protocol, on-the-fly" capability that simultaneously supports H.323, SIP, and MGCP. Rapid deployment of voice and streaming media applications over IP-centric networks is promised by this exciting development. The integration of dynamicsoft's SIP User Agent within the ComGates switch enables ComGates to bring to market a carrier-grade, multi-protocol solution.
No. 502, itmag.com/freeinfo

Remote Office 9150: Truly Active
TelStrat Int'l., is excited to announce the RemoteOffice 9150 system, which balances QoS issues with packet-based and circuit-switched networks in order to maintain toll quality voice. By implementing a programmable fallback protection system, whereby substandard phone applications will automatically be bounced onto circuit-switched networks off of the preset packet-switched network, users can maintain QoS while at the same time saving on telecommunications costs.
No. 503, itmag.com/freeinfo

CrossKeys Introduces IP Analysis
Built for the carrier market, IP Analysis enables service providers to look into the world of their IP networks to proactively identify and compensate for problems, prior disruptions in service and associated lost revenues. IP Analysis, by mapping network resources to services, provides answers to slippery business questions concerning everything from network management and needs assessment, to design and business development activities.
No. 504, itmag.com/freeinfo

Zeus IP Media Server "Screams" To Market
Promising accelerated time-to-market, T & S Software introduces the Zeus IP Media Server. By implementing Zeus's customized industry-specific and flexible services such as intelligent routing, messaging, call screening, party verification, one-number service, and after-hours services, a CLEC or an ISP can quickly expand service offerings, and in turn satisfy customer needs and increase revenues. Zeus' easy to use interface brings together and resolves your network problems.
No. 505, itmag.com/freeinfo

SPC-201: Bigger, Stronger, But Slimmer
At only 3.5" high, but boasting dual slot one Pentium III processors and a large storage capacity, the SPC-201 meets the demands of the Internet/telecommunications industries. The unit deploys a 100 MHz Front-Side-Bus, a two-way server board containing four DIMM slots for an optimum of GB of PC/1000 compliant SDRAM memory for upgrading system performance for such functions as LAN, RAID, and demanding Internet applications. Dual SCSI channels allow flexibility and expandable network solutions. The SPC-201 is appropriate for applications such as co-location, server farms, and data centers where five-nines reliability is an absolute.
No. 506, itmag.com/freeinfo

Alliance Systems Announces New I-Series Next-Generation Platforms
Comprised of two high-power systems -- the 1100 and the 9000 -- Alliance's new offerings serve as platforms for high-density call centers, carrier class networks, Application Service Providers, and PBXs. Performance-based and flexible for the future, these platforms meet requirements for telephony, data, e-business, and wireless applications. They include the ability to run multiple applications and hardware components seamlessly and harmoniously -- a necessary capability in today's Web-based society.
No. 507, itmag.com/freeinfo

Mapletree Networks Announces E1 Universal Access Module
The MTN1030 is the newest member of Mapletree's MTN1000 Universal Access Module (UAM) family. Featuring four times the port density and half the power consumption of others in its class, the MTN1030 provides true universal port functionality, dynamically detecting and processing any type of network access connection on any port. The UniPorte architecture enables each port to configure itself to accommodate any type of incoming call. New functions can be added through software changes without affecting existing functions.
No. 508, itmag.com/freeinfo

High-Density Voice Processor For Packetized Networks
The VX-SP100 was developed by VxTel for broadband telecommunication applications. It offers up to 12 times the channel density of general-purpose DSP-based alternatives commonly used in VoIP applications. VxTel's new processor enables carrier-class equipment vendors to "deliver next-generation, advanced gateways and switches that require hundreds of thousands of channels." The VX-SP1000 integrates all hardware, software, and firmware in one comprehensive package, and can be easily configured to meet evolving communication standards.
No. 509, itmag.com/freeinfo

Now Available: Version 3.5 Of NMS SS7 Software
Improving on its established niche with circuit-switched networks, Natural MicroSystems' new SS7 software offers the flexibility required to support the industry's growing array of packet-switched solutions such as VoIP, wireless IP, and voice portals, providing dependable and seamless connections to existing telephone networks. This protocol also supports enhanced services such as voice and fax messaging, one-number/follow me, and pre-paid calling. In order to provide equipment and service providers with the flexibility and interoperability they require, NMS' SS7 Version 3.5 features added capabilities that support new SS7 variants worldwide, enable increased reliability, and expand operating system support for additional portability of new applications.
No. 510, itmag.com/freeinfo

New Levels Of Voice Quality From OKI
The BV1250 integrates progressive QoS measures in a four-port VoIP gateway, offering high levels of voice quality for small to medium-sized enterprises. Because the lines between data and voice communications have been blurred, it is important to set up invisible solutions within communications systems that seamlessly connect standard telephones, PBXs, key telephone systems, PSTN lines, and fax machines. Integrated new jitter-buffer technologies, automatic delay recovery controls, adjustable voice payload length, voice level controls, and an automatic integrated echo cancellation add up to a high-performance, yet cost effective, price-per-port, VoIP solution. OKI's BV1250 insures an H.323 v2 compliant, easy to set up, solution to your customer management program needs.
No. 511, itmag.com/freeinfo

Cohesion: A Packet-Switching Family
Convergent Networks, Inc., introduces Cohesion, a packet-based switching system that allows both emerging and incumbent carriers to rapidly deploy innovative new services and realize dramatic savings over traditional circuit-switched equipment. Consisting of three primary elements: The ICS2000 Convergence switch, the ICServiceWorks Service Creation Softswitch, and the ICView Network Management System, each of which can work with the Cohesion family or with products from other vendors (when leveraged with standards-based interfaces). Cohesion represents a total next-generation switching solution.
No. 512, itmag.com/freeinfo

StingRay II+ Dual Pentium III/Celeron Single Board Computer
I-Bus/Phoenix announces the StingRay II+, a Pentium III/Celeron FC-PGA single board computer. The StingRay II+ provides for a dual socket 370 upgrade path from the very successful StingRay dual Slot 1 single board computer. It features a 66 MHz or 100 MHz internal bus speed and Socket 370 performance up to 850 MHz with dual processing capability. Voice recognition, image processing, and video conferencing platforms will be well supported by the processing power of the StingRay II+.
No. 513, itmag.com/freeinfo

Optimized Integration Program From BroadIP Networks, Inc.
PacketCop, BroadIP's product developed to offer real solutions to controlling the flow of traffic for current networks, allows companies to maximize the efficiency of their existing networks. A training and integration support initiative focused on the PacketCop suite of products, the Optimized Network Integration Program was developed in response to requests from a number of large-scale enterprise network managers intent on "now" deployment of their networks. BroadIP is offering additional incentives and extra steps to implement PacketCop for companies that apply for the program on their Web site.
No. 514, itmag.com/freeinfo

The Accord MGC-50 Communications Solution
The Accord MGC-50 is a network switch that allows distributed workgroups and departments to communicate via high-quality video, voice, and data over networks that utilize IP, including the Internet, LANs, and intranets. Supporting multi-network and multi-standard protocols, and enabling the integration of existing environments, as well as IP-migration strategies, the MGC-50 allows all end points to communicate effectively regardless of which video or audio standard, speed of transport, or network type is being used. The system supports high data rates and a range of advanced audio compression algorithms that further enhance video and audio quality.
No. 515, itmag.com/freeinfo

i-Tone Selected By Digital Network Services
i-Tone Prime was selected by Digital Network Services as the backbone of the IP service they are providing across the U.S. and Latin America. i-Tone Prime, a carrier-grade VoIP telephony system manufactured by Arelnet, Ltd., is a hot-swappable, no-single-point-of-failure, highly scalable, carrier-grade gateway that packs an extensive feature set which is required for the deployment of large VoIP networks. i-Tone Prime Gateway was designed from inception for VoIP operations and its innovative architecture provides high standards for service richness, cost of ownership, interoperability, scalability, and other carrier critical values.
No. 516, itmag.com/freeinfo

GRIC Now Connected To An InterNAP P-NAP Facility
GRIC, a leading provider of multiple value-added Internet services for service providers, including VoIP and Internet roaming, has selected InterNAP, a provider of high-performance Internet routing technology, as one of its Internet connectivity providers. The service allows VoIP phone calls to bypass a number of private and public network exchange points for more direct delivery, which improves call set-up times and call quality by reducing problems such as packet loss, call latency, and traffic congestion.
No. 517, itmag.com/freeinfo

Concert Tunes In To IP-Based Services
By offering a new portfolio consisting of IP-VPNs offering network solutions, Concert solidifies its spot as a leading global communications company. Concert IP will benefit all sizes of enterprises by improving Internet access and VoIP capabilities. IP Enablers integrate services through as little as a single access line. Different IP virtual private networks are scaled to size in order to fit customers' needs. New applications such as Virtual ISP, e-commerce and global hosting, voice services, wireless mobility, and wholesale services are also offered in order to answer network problems with which any enterprise might be faced.
No. 518, itmag.com/freeinfo

VMIC introduces the latest Intel processor option for its VMEbus SBC, the VMIVME-7697A. Incorporating the recent Intel Pentium III processor with MMX to the VMEbus platform, accompanied by processor speeds of up to 850 MHz, it carries real-time OS features such as 128 MB flash, battery-backed SRAM, three 32-bit timers, and a software-selectable watchdog timer. The operating sytem support includes Windows NT, VxWorks, Solaris, and Linux.
No. 519, itmag.com/freeinfo

deltathree PC-To Phone Software Version 3.1
Seldom is a new version of any existing software groundbreaking news, but deltathree's PC to Phone 3.1 has thoroughly refined itself. Sized down, to be quicker and less fattening to your hard drive, the PC2P 3.1 promises to send and receive faxes, e-mail, and voice mail all from a single point of access, eliminating the need to jump between multiple inboxes. The software, now multilingual, with translations in French and Spanish, also supports PC-to-PC calling, allowing callers to send and receive calls from PC users without access to a separate telephone.
No. 520, itmag.com/freeinfo

Ariel Offers Remote Access Solution
Ariel Corporation announces the RSA 400, a new PCI-based, eight-port, V.90-compatable 56K remote access solution for small- and medium-sized offices. Available in four- and eight- port versions, it connects to standard analog telephone lines and runs out-of-the-box with Windows NT 4.0 and BackOffice Small Business Server. The RSA400 is a full-sized, plug-and-play PCI remote access card. Equipped with eight Conexant modems and four two-line RJ-11 jacks, the RSA400 can accommodate up to eight V.90 remote access sessions (fax or data). In order to maximize flexibility, the RSA400 supports Adaptive Answer, which enables applications such as SBS fax, Spartacom SAPs, LANSource, FAXport/WINport, and NT RRAS to share the same port for answering both data and fax calls.
No. 521, itmag.com/freeinfo

LongBoard Rides The Multimedia Tsunami
LongBoard was launched with the mission of providing multimedia applications for delivery over the global IP and public switched networks, and is promising to revolutionize the way traditional telephony and next-gen services are provided for within the broadband and PSTN markets. Employing multi-engine softswitches, a distributed-model CO, as well as varied applications that may be customized by the providers for customers' needs, LongBoard offers next-generation solutions to today's communications issues.
No. 522, itmag.com/freeinfo

New Rackmount Enclosure From Siliconrax-Sliger
Siliconrax-Sliger introduces this fault-tolerant 4U rackmount enclosure, the SR-CX426R, for telephony platform solutions. Supporting quad Xeon motherboard, a full size AT/ATX motherboard, or up to 20-slot backplane with a combination of PCI and ISA, this versatile 4U rackmount enclosure includes a FDD, a CD-ROM, and four exposed 5.25" verticle drive bays that are shock-mounted for vibration. The SR-CX426R features three quiet, hot-swappable 105 CFM ball-bearing intake fans, one exhaust fan, and an additional fan for a CPU.
No. 523, itmag.com/freeinfo

VoIP For e-Businesses: Aspect's New Offerings
The e-Business Remote uses the proven features of Aspect's WinSet software in combination with the H.323 protocol, TCP/IP connections, and the client component, Microsoft's NetMeeting in order to support thousands of agents over an IP infrastructure. Transparent support by the e-Business Remote ensures the operation of the next generation of e-Marketing, e-Sales, and e-Service applications. Integration of service on Web sites also allows personal, live voice chats between customers and agents. Video, voice, conferencing, and Web interactions are all centralized on a software switch.
No. 524, itmag.com/freeinfo

Ezenia! Announces Availability Of Encounter 1000
The Encounter 1000, a member of Ezenia!'s Encounter product line, allows groups of people to collaborate and interact in real time over IP-based networks. Running on a standard Windows NT server, Encounter 1000's "virtual meetings" allow users to see and hear each other while sharing electronic documents. It may prove an ideal solution for enterprises looking to provide collaboration with remote locations and telecommuters, all in a Web-based format.
No. 525, itmag.com/freeinfo

Avaya's MCU Provides New Networking Capabilities
Lucent spin-off Avaya's new MultiPoint Conferencing Unit will include new networking capabilities, including VoIP, support for an ISDN-BRI Trunk Interface, and Universal Conference Controls accessible via a touch-tone phone or a Web browser. Businesses can also utilize their existing LAN bandwidth for IP audio H.320 video and audio conferencing for add-on participants, reducing transmission costs. Users can also access scheduling and room information through the Conference Reservation and Control System, which automates the reservation process and conference control on the MCU.
No. 526, itmag.com/freeinfo

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