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June 1999



Memotec Announces CX950 Access Switch
Memotec Communications, Inc. has announced the introduction of its CX950 Access Switch, the first multiservice access concentrator to allow multiprotocol applications to be carried over a wide spectrum of services on a single platform. Positioned for central and regional site offices, the CX950 integrates analog and digital compressed voice, video, legacy data, and LAN traffic over a choice of WAN services, including ATM, frame relay, and ISDN. With the deployment of the CX950, customers are able to network PBXs using QSIG over standards-based packet infrastructures like ATM, frame relay, and IP with levels of QoS.
No. 500, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

FlowPoint Delivers Industry's First Voice-Over-DSL Integrated Access Device
FlowPoint Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cabletron Systems, today announced the industry's first voice-over-DSL Integrated Access Device (IAD). The FlowPoint 2200V IAD is fully compliant with Jetstream Communications' multi-service access network architecture, providing small businesses with easy, cost-effective access to integrated voice and data services. The FlowPoint 2200V resides at a subscriber's premises, connects to an SDSL circuit, and provides four standard telephone lines as well as continuous, high-speed Internet and remote LAN services over a single copper pair. The Ethernet-to-SDLS router subsystem provides high-performance data features, including a full suite of bridging and routing software, easy configuration and management, and optional firewall and virtual private network (VPN) software.
No. 502, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Mapletree Delivers First Universal Port Card For IP Telephony And Network Access
Mapletree Networks, Inc. has introduced the 2100 Series Digital Modem Card, the first and most highly scalable, low-power, universal port PCI adapter card for both IP telephony and network access applications. Built on Mapletree's breakthrough UniPorte architecture, the 2100 enables equipment vendors to build a new generation of advanced, multi-service access devices more quickly and at lower cost. It also bridges the technology gap between traditional analog and emerging digital and IP-based communications services. The 2100 can handle as few as 12 and up to 120 simultaneous VoIP, FoIP, analog modem, and ISDN calls for as many as five T1 or four E1 lines on a single card.
No. 503, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

NETRIX Introduces Multi-Service ATM/Frame Relay/Voice Switching Platform
NETRIX Corporation is introducing the Network Exchange 2510, the entry-level switch in the NETRIX Network Exchange 2500 family of high performance, multi-service switching platforms. The 2510 combines ATM, frame relay, X.25, TDM, and ISDN for data, voice, and image applications. Functioning as either a carrier edge or an enterprise backbone switch, the 2510 provides cost-effective bandwidth management of public, private, and hybrid networks, with extensive network management, and diagnostic capabilities. The Network Exchange 2510 extends the benefits of NETRIX's Network Exchange 2200 family of voice-over-packet gateways to small and regional sites by adding higher capacity and higher speed connectivity.
No. 505, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

VIPswitch Rolls Out Next Generation QoS Fast Ethernet Enterprise Switch
VIPswitch, Inc. has introduced the VIPswitch 1600. This eight-port 100 percent non-blocking Fast Ethernet QoS switch automatically prioritizes delay sensitive video and voice from the desktop/department level to the enterprise level of the LAN. The VIPswitch 1600 lets network users benefit from desktop video and voice applications over their existing Ethernet network. Parallel-processing technology enables data packets to be squeezed between video and voice packets on a congested network and deliver real-time flawless audio and video without delay or jitter. In addition, the non-blocking architecture increases overall throughput to 100 percent. This plug-and-play scalable enterprise switch integrates with the different H.323 gateways and gatekeepers available on the market.
No. 507, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

SBS Technologies, Embedded PPC Product Products Introduces Denali
SBS Technologies, Inc., Embedded PPC Products announces Denali, a CompactPCI board featuring ATM SAR functionality with Harris & Jeffries ATM support. Denali is the first CompactPCI processor board in production that implements full hot swap and system/non-system slot functionality on a single card. Denali is configured with a 266 MHz PowerPC 740 or 200 MHz PowerPC 603 processor, 64 MB of SDRAM, 8.5MB of Flash, 32K NVRAM/RTC, Ethernet, two RS-232C ports, ATM SAR functionality courtesy of the IDT 77211, and a single PMC module site. Customized versions of Denali are also available to meet very specific application requirements.
No. 511, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

I-Bus Announces Polaris, New CompactPCI CPU Board
I-Bus announces the introduction of the Polaris CompactPCI CPU board, the latest addition to I-Bus' CompactPCI line of products. Polaris, based on the Intel 82443BX chipset, can be configured with up to dual 450 MHz Pentium II processors with MMX technology running at an optimized 100 MHz system bus frequency. Polaris is ideal for applications in the computer telephony, telecommunications infrastructure, and industrial controls markets. Equipped with ultra-wide SCSI, AGP video, and Ethernet, Polaris provides a highly integrated system, leaving slots on CompactPCI backplanes for customer application boards. It is designed to allow maximum airflow for better cooling and enhanced system reliability. In addition, Polaris provides up to 512 MB of unbuffered and registered SDRAM using two DIMMS.
No. 516, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

General Micro Systems Announces Colt II V156
General Micro Systems has announced the Colt II V156, a single-board VMEbus computer. Equipped with a 350 MHz K6 processor with MMX extensions, the single-slot VME64 CPU board features 512 KB of cache and 256 MB of system RAM. The Colt II also features a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port, a Fast/ultra-wide SCSI interface, dual Fast IDE interfaces, a high-performance graphics engine with 64-bit BLT capability, and an external PMC interface for I/O expansion. The Colt II is available with either a 266 MHz Intel Tillamook Pentium Processor or a 350 MHz AMD K6 processor. The Colt II supplements the CPU's on-chip cache with 512 KB of burst-mode Level 2 cache and 256 MB of synchronous, 10-nsec DRAM main memory.
No. 518, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Single-Slot Embedded Celeron Processor-Based VMEbus CPU With PMC and PC.MIP Expansion
VMIC is introducing its first Embedded Celeron processor-based CPU for VMEbus. The VMIVME-7698 is the first in a line of CPUs that utilize Intel's latest Pentium II technology for the embedded market: the Embedded Socket 370 Celeron microprocessor. The Celeron operates at speeds up to 366 MHz and has 128 KB of full-speed on-chip L2 cache. In addition to providing the latest in Intel microprocessor technology, the VMIVME-7698 is VMIC's first CPU to offer a PC.MIP expansion site. This board has applications in a variety of markets including simulation and training, test and measurement, industrial automation, telecommunications, and data acquisition and control.
No. 521, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Analogic TAP-806 Doubles VoIP Port Density
Analogic Corporation has doubled the VoIP port density of its newest telephony application processor board to 60 channels per slot. The TAP-806 offers a cost-effective solution for constructing large, enterprise-level VoIP systems that include a line interface, a codec engine, a packet engine, and a dedicated 10/100 MB Ethernet port for only $75 per port. Within a standard 19" chassis, the 60 channel TAP-806 provides up to 672 ports. A PCI-based DSP resource card designed for PSTN-to-VoIP connectivity applications, the TAP-806 is specified for 60 channels of G.723.1 and G.729 voice compression and supports other standard and proprietary algorithms, including fax and data modem.
No. 524, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

MiTAC Introduces New All-In-One Single Board Computer
MiTAC Industrial Corporation has introduced the MSC-338, a new, fully functional, all-in-one Single Board Computer (SBC). This SBC supports FDDs, two HDDs, Disk-on-Chip, a 10 MB Ethernet interface, CRT/Flat Panel controller, and two Serial/Parallel ports in a form factor as small as a 3.5" hard drive. The MSC-338's design excels as process controls, mechanical controls, room monitors, security systems, machine controls, and other low processing power applications. The SBC is equipped with an onboard 386SX-40 coprocessor with a 72-pin SIMM Socket supporting up to 16 MB, and an embedded 32-pin Disk-on-Chip socket mounted on the board that supports a 72 MB solid state drive. The unit is priced at $370 with OEM volume discounts available.
No. 527, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Industrial CPU Systems' Communication Server Using Pentium III Architecture
Industrial CPU Systems' Model CS2760 series rack mount communication server is an NT-based server customizable for Central Office and Data Network environments. CS3760's compact design provides the user with speed, flexibility, and robustness. The NO 4.0-based server features the latest Intel Pentium III processor, E1/T1 interface, 100/10 base Ethernet, Ultra Wide SCSI II Controller, embedded flat panel display, advanced system monitoring unit, hot swap power supplies with both 48VDC and 110/220 VAC input options, mirrored hot swap drives, and up to six spare PCI, or eight ISA slots.
No. 531, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

White Pine Software Announces Integration Of Streaming Media into MeetingPoint Server
White Pine Software has announced the integration of streaming media technology into its MeetingPoint conference server, which is the first such integration between streaming technology and H.323 conferencing. MeetingPoint is a standards-based software product that enables real-time multipoint group conferencing over an IP network using the H.323 protocol. With the integration of streaming media, MeetingPoint will be able to broadcast a live interactive conference to hundreds or even thousands of people using a streaming media server and player. This will be the first time that H.323 group conferencing and streaming media have been merged into an integrated product offering, making it possible for customers to easily take advantage of the most appropriate combination of technologies for their application scenario.
No. 501, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Clarent's ThroughPacket Reduces IP Network Congestion
Clarent Corporation has announced the development of Clarent ThroughPacket, a technology designed for reducing congestion in IP telephony networks. ThroughPacket technology uses a unique IP multiplexing technique, which transmits voice packets through a network using less bandwidth and causing less congestion when compared to standard IP voice transmissions. Clarent ThroughPacket reduces router delays and dropped packets when queues overflow. It is well suited for carrier IP telephony services sending high volumes of IP voice packets to coincident locations.
No. 504, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Intelliswitch Inc. Unveils iNet
Intelliswitch Inc. has unveiled iNet, an international consortium of Intelliswitch gateway owners. iSwitch VoIP gateway owners may now terminate voice and fax into any participating member's gateways. With current installations in over twenty countries, this allows companies to immediately benefit from the reduced rates of global VoIP termination while still rolling out their own networks. iSwitch VoIP gateways convert PSTN to IP, route via any network which supports IP, and convert the IP data packets back to PSTN. Standard offerings include toll quality voice, H.323 standardization, carrier-level features and scalability, fully integrated enhanced services such as prepaid/debit and callback, monitoring features, and fully international installation and support.
No. 506, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Nortel To Deliver Next-Gen Enterprise Solutions
Nortel Networks has announced that it is working with Hewlett-Packard Company(HP), Intel Corporation, and Microsoft Corporation to integrate voice technology into computing solutions for open, unified communications. Customers worldwide will benefit from the flexibility, simplicity, and economy of unified solutions without sacrificing the reliability and functionality of today's communications and computing products. Nortel Networks' leadership in this collaborations marks a significant milestone in the communications industry's evolution from traditional, proprietary systems to open-systems solutions. HP and Nortel Networks debuted the initial two products based on this collaborative, open-systems effort -- an all-in-one business communications server and an advanced unified messaging solution.
No. 509, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

ShelCad Announces First Of Its Kind Telephone Adapter PCMCIA
ShelCad Communications has announced a first of its kind telephone adapter PCMCIA for business travelers and telecommuters. This new technology combines powerful CTI with plug-and-play technologies. ShelCad's new Hi-Phone PCMCIA product enables users to place calls via the Internet or LAN/WAN using their analog telephone connected to their laptop. System Integrators and software developers can now develop solutions for the home, businesses, travelling businesspersons, and corporate markets. The Voice Over IP system uses a computer and regular telephone set with an easy to install external plug-and-play device which eliminates the need for a sound card or the need to use a microphone and speaker when communicating via a data network infrastructure.
No. 508, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Lucent WaveLAN WLAN Offers Ethernet-Speed Access To Internet, Business Applications
Lucent Technologies has announced a new high-speed version of the award-winning WaveLAN wireless local area network (WLAN) that provides wired Ethernet-equivalent data rates expected by office users. The new WaveLAN/IEE Turbo system offers a high-speed mode that is reliable and provides improved response time for data-intensive network applications that office workers are accustomed to from their wired LAN. The WaveLAN network is fully compliant with the latest IEEE802.11 specification for wireless LANs. The system is one of several wireless data networks available from Lucent Technologies to provide high-speed access to the Internet and corporate intranets.
No. 510, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Cortelco Systems Announces VoIP Gateway Capabilities
Cortelco Systems has announced the development of VoIP capabilities for the company's flagship product, the Millennium Digital Communications Platform. The company will design and develop its own standards-based integrated solution and will license Telogy Networks' Golden Gateway VoIP embedded communications software. Customers will be able to utilize VoIP on the Millennium platform with the addition of an IP Services Card, enabling them to leverage the platform's superior multi-site networking and call routing capabilities by sending real-time voice and real-time fax calls through the Internet or LAN/WAN, rather than through the public telephone network. The result will be decreased communications costs through a reduction of the number of lines needed to support voice and fax traffic.
No. 512, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Alcatel And 3Com Enter Wide Ranging Cooperation
Alcatel and 3Com Corporation has announced a wide-ranging cooperation to promote the convergence of handheld computing and mobile telecommunications devices. The cooperation between the two companies is expected to result in products to customers this year. The forum will be open to all industry players, who are invited to contribute to, and adopt, the resultant API. Additionally, the two companies intend to cooperate through an open public forum to define high level, standard Application Programming Interface (APIs) between any handheld computing device and any mobile phone or telecommunications terminal. The companies also intend to develop and market a software platform -- based on existing server technology from both Alcatel and 3Com -- to service providers and their customers.
No. 513, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Ericsson And BridgePoint Announce Carrier Class VoIP Network
Ericsson Communications, Inc. and BridgePoint Enterprises, Inc. have signed a contract for the delivery of a carrier class VoIP network, initially between Montreal and Moscow, Russia. BridgePoint's customer, VIP Internet will provide international voice and fax traffic over IP networks for the Russian Ministry of the Interior. Ericsson's platform for IP telephony takes voice and fax communication and converts them into data packets, allowing international phone calls and faxes to be transported over IP networks at very high quality and low cost. BridgePoint will use this platform to supply VIP Internet, a Moscow-based ISP, with VoIP services. BridgePoint will operate the VoIP gateways in Montreal and Moscow.
No. 514, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Centigram Unveils SMSC For Delivering Internet And Real-Time Data To Mobile Users Worldwide
Centigram Communications Corporation, a global provider of advanced messaging and communications solutions, has introduced Centigram Short Message Service Center (C-SMSC), a software-only solution that enables carriers to cost-effectively deliver SMS-based mobile data services. SMS is used by wireless carriers and service providers to deliver Internet and real-time data, such as email, stock updates, sports scores, and message/fax notification directly to the mobile user's handset. C-SMSC works with the Centigram Series 6 Enhanced Services platform, and is compatible with all major wireless networks and standards deployed worldwide, including North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Unlike SMS systems that require dedicated hardware, C-SMSC works with Centigram's Series 6 platform, enabling existing Centigram customers to offer SMS-based services through a software upgrade.
No. 517, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

VocalTec Introduces Ensemble Sound, Surf&Call Center
VocalTec Communications, Ltd. has announced VocalTec Ensemble Sound, the latest generation of standards-compliant software technology designed to deliver quality voice and enhanced communications services over IP networks. Based on patent-pending proprietary technology, Ensemble Sound is a set of algorithms that monitors and adjusts to network conditions to help overcome delays or distortions in the transmission of real-time voice and multimedia communications. VocalTec also announced its new VocalTec Surf&Call Center that integrates Ensemble Sound technology into the Surf&Call plug-in for technologically advanced voice quality. The VocalTec Surf&Call Center is a solution for creating worldwide e-commerce services which enable online shoppers to make toll-free calls from their PCs over the Internet directly from a Web site to a call center.
No. 515, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

AT&T To Trial New Lucent Switch Enhancement Designed To Bridge Voice And Data Networks
Lucent Technologies today announced that AT&T will trial a new Lucent switching enhancement that is designed to bring IP capabilities to voice networks. AT&T will trial a version of the Lucent AnyMedia MultiService Module(MSM), a solution that routes voice calls to an IP network, and is expected to have the same reliability as Lucent's 5ESS Switch. The trial will be conducted during the summer of 1999 and will link AT&T New Jersey locations in Bedminster and Middletown as well as the Lucent location in Holmdel, NJ. The current capabilities of the 5ESS Switch have been certified by AT&T and the switching system is already widely deployed in AT&T's network, including its core long-distance network.
No. 519, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

MediaRing Internet Telephone Technology Supported By Conexant
MediaRing, Inc. has announced that Conexant Systems, Inc. will provide chipsets which support MediaRing's voice communication technology. MediaRing Talk 99 technology makes it possible for end-users to connect their standard analog phones to a modem in their computer to make and receive calls over the Internet. Conexant will market these enhanced voice modem chipsets to its modem and PC manufacturers. MediaRing Talk's enhanced modem-phone combination makes it easy for consumers to place and receive Internet phone calls even when their computers are not logged onto the Net, something that was previously available only with a dedicated line lease. Because the call is via the Internet, the end-user only pays for a local ISP connection, significantly reducing the cost of long-distance phone calls.
No. 526, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

NTT International And NTT Communicationware Deploys SS7 Version Of Inter-Tel's Vocal'Net IP Telephony Gateway
Inter-Tel, Inc. has announced that a Signaling System No. 7 (SS7) interoperable version of its award-winning Inter-Tel Vocal'Net IP telephony gateway software will be released in Japan through Tokyo-based NTT International (NTTI) after developing in cooperation with NTTI and Tokyo-based NTT Communicationware Corporation. The gateway software interoperates with the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) switch and SS7. SS7 is the signaling protocol that is used within traditional telephone networks like NTT, MCI, and Sprint, for providing call control between network locations. SS7 capability allows caller information to be transported across carrier networks quickly and efficiently. As a result, network features like calling party I.D., call forwarding and call blocking can be implemented transparently over IP with the Inter-Tel Vocal Net Gateway.
No. 520, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

US.RF's Quick-Cell Wireless Internet System Transforms Local ISP Into Wireless CLEC
Internet Media Corporation has reported the successful deployment of the first US.RF Quick-Cell Wireless CLEC Internet kit in Casper, Wyo. A two-person team at Casper-based ISP CoffeyNet installed the US.RF Quick-Cell Wireless Internet System in about 18 hours, then deployed Wyoming's first two-way wireless burstable T1-equivalent bandwidth in two hours. The wireless T1 equivalent speed Internet access system is currently serving a consortium of public agencies in two Natrona County, Wyo. government buildings located in Casper. CoffeyNet is set to establish T1-equivalent speed service for four more Casper businesses. It also expects to begin providing the first wireless ISDN-equivalent speed Internet service to Casper market home users in the near future.
No. 522, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Compatible Systems Integrates IKE Into VPN Client Software
Compatible Systems Corporation has announced that it is releasing a major upgrade to the Virtual Private Networking (VPN) client software for the company's IntraPort family of VPN Access Servers. Release 3 of the IntraPort client software will be available for Windows NT, 95, 98, MacOS, Intel Linux, and Sun Solaris platforms, the industry's broadest client lineup. Release 3 of the IntaPort VPN client software uses the industry standard Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocol to establish and manage a VPN client session. Prior versions of the IntraPort client utilized a proprietary protocol. The IKE protocol simplifies the authentication process Client session management is invisibly negotiated between the client and the IntraPort server.
No. 530, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Xylan Shines New Light On Power Company's Metropolitan Network
Xylan Corporation has announced that IPALCO Enterprises, Inc., an energy utility in Indianapolis, Indiana, has built an ATM-based integrated voice and data metropolitan area network (MAN) using Xylan switches. The network has let IPALCO (Indiana Power and Light Company) reduce telecommunications costs by converging data and voice onto a single network. In addition to carrying standard client-server and financial applications, the new network has let IPALCO inexpensively introduce data mirroring, disaster recovery, and remote access capabilities, all of which were not able to be implemented on its legacy FDDI infrastructure.
No. 528, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

RADVision Announces Next-Gen NT Gatekeeper
RADVision, Inc. has announced the addition of the new RADVision NGK-100 NT Gatekeeper to their suite of H.323 building blocks. The NGK-100 is designed for production IP-based multimedia networks and is available as a complementary product to RADVision's OnLAN family of building blocks, including the L2W-323P PRI Gateway, L2W-323 BRI Gateway, and the MCU-323 Multipoint Conferencing Unit. Current users of RADVision's L2W-323 BRI Gateway and MCU-323 Multipoint Conferencing Unit may purchase the NGK-100 for added functionality and performance. The NGK-100 gives network managers the power to define, control, optimize, and manage multimedia conferencing and VoIP calls by controlling bandwidth and policies to ensure optimal; implementation of real-time audio, visual, and data conferencing over IP networks.
No. 523, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Lucent And ITXC Announce "ITX-Ready" Gateways And Distribution Agreement
Lucent Technologies and ITXC Corporation have announced that Lucent's PacketStar Internet Telephony System (ITS) release 2.2 will work off-the-shelf with ITXC's WWeXchange Service. In addition, the companies also announced a distribution packt with Catalyst Telecom to resell and service Lucent's PacketStar ITS globally. With Lucent "ITXC-Ready" PacketStar ITS gateways, ITXC's affiliates can quickly get into the Internet telephony market to start offering value-added VoIP services with a pre-configured Lucent PacketStar ITS release 2.2. gateway. The agreement with Catalyst Telecom, a division of ScanSource, Inc., enables ITXC's affiliates worldwide to buy Lucent's PacketStar ITS and get immediate support from Catalyst Telecom directly.
No. 525, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

Hypercom Unveils Industry's Next-Gen High-Capacity IP Telephony Gateway
Hypercom Network Systems has unveiled its next-generation VoIP technology, IP.tel CompressionPlus module, which more than doubles the capacity of IP.tel VoIP gateways, reducing the cost-per-port of deploying IP telephony to as little as $330. With the new compression module, Hypersom gateways support up to 10 T1/E1 circuits per chassis, or as many as 80 per network node. Besides the value in terms of cost-performance, the new IT.tel configuration also achieves an extremely small "footprint," so carriers can grow considerably without having to allocate more space to housing gateways.
No. 529, www.itmag.com/freeinfo

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