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March 1999



Microlog Delivers Call Center Solution
Microlog has announced the delivery of a comprehensive, open standards-based family of call center solutions designed to harness the power of multiple-media communications and unified queuing. uniQue can offer more personal service to all customers and transform the traditional call center into a customer contact center. uniQue can funnel voice, e-mail, Web, fax, and hard copy mail transactions into one, easy-to-manage queue, enabling the contact center manager to prioritize and track responses to all inquiries, not just those from over the telephone. Designed to lower the total cost of ownership, uniQue can route the transactions to the appropriate contact center agent, based on the skill set of that agent. The product can also integrate with existing legacy systems.
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Cisco, GI, AT&T Plan IP Cable Solution
Cisco Systems and General Instrument Corporation (GI) have announced plans to work with AT&T on a nonexclusive basis to develop and trial a seamless, end-to-end IP solution, designed to allow AT&T to offer data, voice, and video services over the hybrid, fiber-coax network, which is currently being deployed by AT&T and TCI. Specific agreements pending, the Cisco/GI IP solution is expected to allow AT&T to offer its customers the ability to simultaneously watch television, send and receive faxes, surf the Web, and talk on the phone. The proposed IP backbone would contain the Cisco 12000 Gigabit Switch Router (GSR) - a multigigabit, carrier-class IP backbone router, and the Universal Broadband Router (uBR) - a cost-effective, scalable interface between subscriber cable modems and the backbone data network. Packet telephony gateways would be based on the Cisco AS5X00 VoIP gateway servers.
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Sideware Initiates E-Business Solution Testing
Sideware Systems has identified a number of clients to begin beta testing of its e-commerce, customer service software, Dr. Bean. Dr. Bean is designed as a value-added product, which can be integrated with IBM middleware products such as DB2, Net.Commerce, and Websphere to create e-commerce solutions. Companies can use Dr. Bean - in 100 percent Java script - to deliver live, personalized customer service over the Internet from their own e-commerce sites. E-commerce CSRs equipped with the product can take control of customers' browsers and lead them through Web pages on a guided tour or follow them to assess their purchasing interests. With the click of a mouse, customers are expected to access and "chat" with a live CSR about sales specials, alternate products, shipping, or any other service questions.
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Lucent To Buy Kenan
Lucent Technologies has announced plans to acquire privately held Kenan Systems Corporation and expects to complete the transaction in the quarter ending March 31, 1999. The acquisition, to be accounted for as a pooling of interests, is expected to be accretive to earnings beginning in fiscal 1999 - the first year of combined operations. Kenan Systems specializes in highly flexible billing, order processing, and customer analysis software designed to support almost any combination of services, vendor equipment, and networks. The support can enable service providers to use one software program to produce a single customer bill for any combination of wireless, wireline, voice, data, Internet, and broadband cable services.
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NetCentric, iReady Join For Internet Faxing
NetCentric Corporation and iReady Corporation have announced a joint sales, marketing, and development partnership. The agreement calls for iReady's Internet Tuner - a chip designed to Internet-enable fax machines and multifunction peripherals to send traffic via NetCentric FaxStorm networks worldwide, such as those operated by GTE, Singapore Telecommunications, and .comfax. The agreement is expected to allow manufacturers of fax machines and other devices to add Internet fax capabilities to their products easily and inexpensively. The NetCentric and iReady solution can support the T.37 and SMTP industry standards for fax-to-fax and fax-to-e-mail transmissions.
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ASC Intros Multiservice Aggregator
Advanced Switching Communications (ASC) has announced a new multiservice aggregator for carriers and service providers. Expected to accelerate deployment of advanced services, expand markets, and lower operating costs, ASC's RBOX family can offer the protocol flexibility and service management features needed to support SLAs and hybrid networks. The lower cost, rich feature set, and unique packaging of RBOX can enable carriers and service providers to expedite their POPs beyond tier-one city markets. The first products are the RBOX 1000 and RBOX 2000 Multi-Service Aggregator, both designed for the CO and to meet carrier-class, NEBS Level 3 requirements. RBOX systems are designed to support multiple protocols simultaneously, each able to be individually configured in software to support ATM or frame relay traffic. Future support is expected to include IP/PPP.
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Argon Announces Topology Navigation Intelligence
Argon Networks has announced one of the first systems designed to solve the impending network scalability problems caused by Internet peering and the deployment of VPNs on the public infrastructure. Argon has unveiled topology processing performance in its GigaPacket Node (GPN) Control Shelf architecture, along with leading-edge implementations of MPLS, BGP4, OSPF, and IS-IS routing protocols. The system architecture is designed to encompass both the routing protocols and topology processing engine - its approach required to ensure that the route processing performance scales with the new bandwidth capacity and applications. "The deployment of the new public infrastructure is fueled by private data networking and new Internet applications such as e-commerce migrating to a common service provider infrastructure," said Argon President and CEO Mike Grady. The GPN is designed to deliver performance benchmarks three to five times greater than traditional, single-processor embedded designs.
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GRIC, Lucent Unveil Prepaid Calling
GRIC Communications and Lucent Technologies have jointly introduced a prepaid Internet telephony calling card system for service providers. GRICprepaid is a Java-based software application designed to interface with Lucent's PacketStar IP Telephony System (ITS) via an enhanced Lucent-developed API. The system can give service providers an easy way to bill customers for placing prepaid calls over the Internet. In addition, a calling card enabled by GRICprepaid can offer real-time authentication, rating, voice response, and call termination via Lucent's PacketStar ITS. GRICprepaid includes the latest version of Lucent's PacketStar ITS Release 2.2.1 and an easy-to-use, Web-based interface to handle all account, template, and tariff table management. Currently available, GRICprepaid supports a four-tiered, distributed server environment and is designed to be highly scalable, customizable, and localizable.
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Motorola, Zephyr Partner For Global VoIP
Motorola's Internet and Networking Group (ING) has announced a strategic relationship with Zephyr Telecommunications to support a global VoIP network. Using Motorola's Vanguard 6560 multiservice router, which can incorporate digital IP technology, Zephyr can broaden its services by offering voice, data, video, and Internet access at the lowest possible price while maintaining a high QoS. The network's designed robustness helps enable Zephyr to prioritize information and integrate multimedia. Currently, the network - present in eight countries - is designed to support a capacity of four to five million minutes each month. Zephyr plans to triple the capacity within the next two years and extend its network to more than 20 countries. Zephyr also plans to integrate IP into its local telephony network, once testing overseas is complete.
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Path 1 Develops Real-Time, VoIP Solution
Path 1 announced it has realized its TrueCircuit technology, designed to enable the transmission of multiple forms of real-time network traffic over a single, heavily congested network and the Internet. TrueCircuit technology can allow real-time digital packets to slice through a congested network environment without delays or dropped packets. It can produce dedicated transmission channels for real-time packets traveling among computer data, enabling practical, large-scale commercial implementations of high-quality voice and live video over IP. TrueCircuit technology is expected to be available as a powerful feature component for integrated circuit manufacturers to combine with existing cable modem and data-routing silicon circuits. Channels can be instantaneously assigned and relinquished to allow much greater throughput efficiency. TrueCircuit can enable the offering of live TV-like video broadcast and ATM-like quality telephone service over computer networks. It can also facilitate billing for multiple classes of service and enhance network throughput for even non-real-time data.
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Concord Launches VAR Program
Concord Technologies has announced the launch of its VAR Alliance program for unified messaging and Internet fax services. Designed for companies marketing computer products and providing consulting services, the program intends to reward VARs for implementing Concord's cost-saving and productivity-enhancing Internet telephony services within their customer organizations. Concord Universal Mailbox can offer users an e-mail address and unique, toll-free phone number for voice, fax, and pager messages. Concord Internet Fax can allow users with an Internet connection and WinFax PRO software to send faxes to any fax number worldwide via Concord's fax platforms and global networks. Through partnerships with Concord, VARs can expand their selling propositions and create new, recurring revenue streams. To participate, VARs identify where Concord's services can be applied for their customers and arrange for service installation with a Concord account manager.
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Inter-Tel Releases Gateway Software Upgrade
Inter-Tel has unveiled an upgrade to the Inter-Tel Vocal'Net Internet telephony gateway, designed to allow business and consumer users to place long-distance calls over IP networks at potentially lower prices. Inter-Tel Vocal'Net v1.2 software can add client-side H.323 compatibility for interoperability with other Internet telephony products, and enhanced voice transmission quality, as well as deliver real-time fax support to Inter-Tel Vocal'Net gateways. The new software also can make it easier for ITSPs to manage networks and process customer accounts by expanding upon the capabilities of Inter-Tel's Service Provider Package, designed to offer a suite of gatekeeper applications for managing networks of multiple Inter-Tel Vocal'Net gateways. The software's support for the G.723.1 and G.711 vocoders can enhance overall voice quality while offering a migration path from the Inter-Tel Vocal'Net's proprietary call control to H.323 standards-based control. Real-time fax capabilities for the upgrade can be delivered by a combination of the company's software and DSP-based fax hardware.
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Sierra Wireless Announces Wireless Data Program
Sierra Wireless and partners have announced the WirelessReady Alliance, a program designed to unite leading mobile computing hardware vendors, software developers, and service providers with a common vision of accelerating the rate of mobile computing adoption through the delivery of complete and compelling wireless data solutions. The Alliance provides regular wireless data industry news and updates through comprehensive, password-protected Web pages. Members also receive wireless-related sales, marketing, technology, and product support by using the expertise from within the member base. The Alliance also promotes collaboration and strategic partnerships among members to help further the program's solutions-driven mission and allows members to optionally submit product prototypes for compatibility testing to lead to prelaunch design validation and "WirelessReady" certification.
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Omtool Achieves SAP Certification For Interface
Omtool has announced that SAP America has certified the Fax Sr. Interface - the interface between Omtool's network and Internet faxing solution and SAP R/3. The Omtool interface is designed to enhance the ability of Omtool and SAP joint customers to send and receive faxes from any R/3 application. The certification helps Omtool assure its entire installed base of customers that Fax Sr. has passed a rigorous testing process for compatibility and operation. Omtool can provide a seamless link between Fax Sr. and SAP R/3 by leveraging the open architecture of the SAP Business Framework, in conjunction with SAP BAPIs. Fax Sr. also can allow SAP customers to fax or broadcast fax any type of document or format from their R/3 application and send confirmation directly to the desktop.
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TransMedia, DGM&S To Offer New SS7
TransMedia Communications and DGM&S Telecom have announced a partnership to offer new distributed, carrier-grade signaling capabilities expected to advance multimedia customer services. The technology can further intelligent applications for voice, data, and mobility communications services and customer-activated Internet applications, while integrating carriers' existing PSTN customer applications such as billing, 800- and 900- number services, and local number portability. The new, joint developments of the distributed technology and open APIs are part of a larger Virtual Service Node framework - designed to be leveraged by a broad group of developers to create new multimedia applications, and by carriers to deliver a wider set of differentiated, multimedia services. The joint efforts are expected to address SS7 signaling termination, call control, call routing, platform control, new and existing feature applications, and development.
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Telia Light, MIND CTI Join In IP Services Effort
Telia Light AB, a fully owned subsidiary of Telia, and MIND CTI announced that Telia Light has chosen MIND-iPhonEX as the billing and customer care system for its IP services, PC-to-phone, and Web-based call center. Telia Light plans to employ the MIND-iPhonEX Web client software for its customer service representatives. The two companies have agreed to continue their cooperation - with MIND CTI supplying Telia with the account handling system customized to its individual needs. MIND-iPhonEX is a carrier-grade, real-time VoIP billing and customer care system, designed to handle both pre- and postpaid billing, creation and management of prepaid calling cards, real-time cutoff calls, individualized customer rate tables, and flexible fax charge options by page, duration, or priority.
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USA Global Link Adds Global Crossing To Network
USA Global Link has agreed to acquire extensive transmission capacity on Global Crossing's state-of-the-art, global, fiber-optic network - the addition completing USA Global Link's primary team of technology partners for the realization of one of the first fully integrated, IP-based telecommunications networks. The high-speed broadband routes are expected to constitute a significant portion of the backbone of USA Global Link's advanced Global InterNetwork system. Agreement options also allow USA Global Link to extend its network through the purchase of extensive, additional capacity in current and future Global Crossing systems throughout Europe, the Pacific, and Central and Latin America for up to five years. Currently in initial phases of deploying the infrastructure in 18 countries, USA Global Link is implementing a comprehensive marketing and organizational structure to support Global InterNetwork service offerings in 28 target markets to allow it to address 73 percent of the world's telecom traffic.
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Net2Phone Plans Start Of Nationwide Program
IDT's Net2Phone has announced plans to unveil its new reseller program specifically designed for Internet telephony resellers in the United States. Net2Phone USA is expected to integrate a world-class, prepaid calling platform into IDT/Net2Phone's domestic and worldwide IP/telecom network. The program can generate aggressive returns to resellers while offering strikingly competitive rates to end users. Targeted are ISPs, along with telecommunications, cable, consumer product, and online shopping companies. All US long-distance calls sent over the Internet are five cents per minute, while many countries are priced at 10 cents per minute (for On-Net callers). Net2Phone USA can enable LD resellers, MLMs, calling card distributors, and others to offer prepaid calling cards routed over the Internet through retail, wholesale, and customizable programs. The company plans to bring 30 cities live over the next six months.
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Cubix, StarVox Team For VoIP
Cubix Corporation has announced a partnership with StarVox to provide one of the industry's first complete "network-telephony-in-a-box" solutions. Cubix's Density Series server system is expected to host StarVox's StarGate family of product services and integrate traditional PBX features with PSTN reliability over a corporate WAN. The enterprise VoIP solution is designed to offer customers a path to seamlessly converge all their voice and data traffic. StarVox reportedly chose Cubix's Density Series for its fault-tolerance, compact design, and sophisticated management capabilities. The two companies collaborated on an ideal hardware design, which included special power distribution to handle the sophisticated telephony adapter boards used by StarVox. Each 19", rackmountable Density Series system can support a Pentium II server powering four PCI and two ISA expansion slots for telephony peripheral boards.
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Microsoft, Qwest Plan Broadband For Apps
Microsoft Corp. and Qwest Communications International have announced a strategic relationship expected to help enable businesses to have high-speed network services, which can maximize network resources, reduce costs, generate new sources of revenue, and optimize management of computing operations. The Qwest service - built on the Microsoft Windows NT Server operating system and Qwest's IP-based, fiber-optic network - is designed for businesses of all sizes. To accelerate Qwest's time-to-market with business services, Microsoft plans to license a broad range of its software to Qwest, as well as become a shareholder in Qwest by purchasing $200 million of Qwest's common stock. Qwest's high-speed network is expected to support the development, integration, and maintenance of advanced hosting services, including dedicated electronic commerce, Web application hosting, streaming media, managed software services, and virtual private networking, based on Microsoft platforms.
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Arbinet Connects Network To AT&T
Arbinet announced it has connected the Arbinet Global Clearing Network (AGCN) to the AT&T Global Clearinghouse in order to clear minutes between the two. Becoming a partner of the AT&T Global Clearinghouse, members of AGCN can originate and terminate VoIP and PSTN minutes with AT&T Global Clearinghouse partners and vice versa. AGCN can handle routing management, settlements, billing, and administration to allow members or partners to save on staff and administration costs. AGCN is designed to offer real-time authentication, authorization, least-cost routing, call placement, and settlement on a transaction-by-transaction basis, allowing carriers to access the best rates and routing options without having to negotiate and contract separately with each supplier. AT&T's operation can offer a complete, centrally managed solution designed to allow ISPs and telecommunications authorities to easily establish and operate phone-to-phone Internet telephony services to more than 140 countries globally.
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Lucent To Merge With Ascend
Lucent Technologies announced it has signed a definitive agreement to merge with Ascend Communications, in a transaction valued at about $20 billion. The transaction is expected to become complete by June 30, during Lucent's third fiscal quarter, and account for a pooling of interests. Concurrent with the merger, Lucent is planning a Broadband Networks Group - comprising the Ascend organization and Lucent's Data Networking Systems, Optical Networking, and Communications Software groups - scheduled to focus on delivering broadband, multiservice networks. Ascend offers WAN core switching and access data networking equipment for telecommunications carriers, ISPs, corporations, and government users worldwide.
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SALIX Intros Architecture, Switch For Next-Gen Telephony
SALIX Technologies has introduced the SALIX Enhanced Telephony Xchange (ETX) Architecture - in a new class of high-speed, high-performance service-layer devices built to enable seamless connections both to and between the PSTN and packet data network (PDN) at new price points. Also new is the ETX5000, designed as a true carrier-class switch to integrate all the service functions of voice and data networks into a single device. The new product is the first in the SALIX ETX family of class-independent telephony switches designed to enable service providers to offer customers high-quality, next-generation telephony services and facilitate deployment of VPN services. The SALIX ETX5000 - based on the company's FleXchange Unified Switch Fabric - can fully integrate the functionality of a CO tandem switch and an Internet telephony gateway. Its architecture can scale up to 100,000 ports.
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Castle Offers Platform For Voice/Data Switching
Castle Networks has unveiled its flagship product - the Castle Networks C2100 Services Mediation Platform (SMP), a next-generation, CO platform designed to switch both voice and data traffic. Rocky Mountain Internet - an ISP turning full-service CLEC - began field trials in January. The first customer shipments are scheduled for July. The C2100 SMP, in a new class of equipment, can unbundle voice switching from Class 5 equipment and allow service providers to quickly expand into regional markets offering integrated voice and data services to business customers. In addition, the solution is designed as a platform for peering with long-distance providers and efficiently feeding data traffic to ISPs. The hardware/software - based on the Services Mediation Architecture (SMA) - is designed to offer mediation required to transparently connect to any service from any network in one single platform, regardless of disparate signaling, access, and network technologies.
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Force Adds New Speed To SBCs
Force Computers, a Solectron subsidiary, has introduced PowerPC-based SBCs, designed to be the fastest available to the market. The PowerCoreCPCI-6750 for CompactPCI and the PowerCore-6750 for VME bus environments feature a next-generation PowerPC 750 processor built with an advanced, copper-based CMOS process technology, which can increase the processor's clock speed to 400 MHz and drive down power consumption. Based on the Force core architecture, the platforms can deliver "plug-in-and-go" upgrade solutions for telecom, datacomm, and industrial control customers who want to boost system speed for real-time processing requirements in wireless infrastructure, high-performance data packet switches, test equipment, and other industrial control systems. Both platforms can also offer up to 256 MB of SDRAM and support fast memory access requirements of real-time embedded computing applications.
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ITServ Launches 800 Access For Internet Voice
ITServ has announced the implementation of 800-number access for its Internet voice messaging service, FirstGate. Subscribers throughout North America are expected to access FirstGate services using the number 1-877-MY-VMAIL. FirstGate is a service developed by the company and designed to allow a user to send, receive, copy, and forward voice messages over the Internet to any e-mail address worldwide from a touchtone telephone. FirstGate processes the voice messages, which are then compressed into standard .WAV sound files and sent out over the Internet to any e-mail address around the world.
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InnoMedia Adds Software To Internet Telephone
InnoMedia expects its new SoftTalk telephony software to be available in April as an option for communicating with InfoTalk Version 2.0. With the software, PC owners can use their computers to talk over the Internet with users of InfoTalk 2.0 - a standalone Internet phone appliance - anywhere in the world without long-distance charges and without prescheduling their calls with the SaveDial feature. Callers dial the desired number, press a key, and hang up after one ring. The products can automatically notify the call recipient and transparently initiate the Internet connection for both sides. Other SoftTalk and InfoTalk features include caller ID, automatic software upgrade, and performance tuning, which is designed to let users evaluate network conditions and ISP connections for fine-tuning voice quality. Multiple compression algorithms and automatic quick packet recovery also can help ensure the best possible voice quality and lowest delay possible.
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ARESCOM Delivers Enhanced Router Software
ARESCOM has announced the addition of new features and capabilities to the Remote Manager software for the Apex 1100 ISDN BRI router. The enhancements are expected to enable network managers and ISPs to optimize the performance and resources of the network, plus increase their efficiency of configuring and managing Apex 1100 routers remotely. Now available is increased flexibility in installation, monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintenance of ISDN connections. Also, the Remote Manager can now support up to 16 Connection Profiles to provide a flexible array of dial-in and dial-out combinations, caller ID, faxes, and errant dial-ins, and automatically check SPID registration. Networking enhancements include port mapping, RIP, Proxy Arp, and dial-on-demand routing.
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Crystal Group Releases New Computer Chassis
Crystal Group has announced the release of the CS600 computer chassis - a 2U-high x 19� rackmount chassis featuring a six-slot ISA or ISA/PCI PICMG 2.0-compliant passive backplane with a butterfly backplane design. Cards mount horizontally in the chassis - three on each side - with a removable card cage. Power supplies are 100- or 150-watt AC or DC. Each unit can accommodate three 3.5� hard drive bays and two cooling fans, and onboard system monitoring and alarm capabilities are available with each CS600. The unit's performance characteristics are designed as identical to Crystal's CS500 computer in an equally space-saving form factor.
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Diversified Offers Fault-Tolerant Enclosure
Diversified Technology has announced the release of the new FTS906 Industrial Rackmount Fault-Tolerant Enclosure. The FTS906 is a 19� rackmountable computer chassis - designed to combine a small enclosure, large power supply, fault-tolerance/serviceability, diagnostic features, cooling, slot count, and large storage capacity into one package. The product also features front-loading, dual, hot-swappable 300- or 400-watt power supplies, which can operate in a load-sharing, redundant mode with their own self-contained airflow system. In addition, the FTS906 can accommodate up to 20-slot EISA, ISA, PCI/EISA, and PCI/ISA backplanes.
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I-Bus Intros Highly Integrated CPU
I-Bus has announced the introduction of MantaRay - a highly integrated, Pentium II passive backplane CPU board - designed to use Intel's latest 440BX chipset to support processor speeds of up to 450 MHz with a 100 MHz external clock, and up to 333 MHz with a 66 MHz external clock. Options include onboard Ethernet, SCSI, and video. These features can allow the customer to both use the add-in slots for application boards with no worry about the availability of peripheral boards and to create more dense systems in a smaller footprint while increasing the focus on the application and added value. MantaRay is based on the standard for PCI in passive backplanes (established by PICMG) can support up to 1 GB SDRAM, and contains its own internal Level II cache embedded in the Pentium II CPU module.
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SoftLinx Releases Y2K Fax Upgrade
SoftLinx has announced the release of its Year 2000-compliant Replix unixFAX Version 4.3 for Solaris, designed to ensure the system will function properly in the Year 2000 and beyond. The new version is designed to offer multiple, enhanced fax features. Now, users can fax documents directly from their application over the company network, and inbound faxes can be viewed and managed right in their e-mail boxes with any standard image viewer. Replix unixFAX is designed to offer powerful, Internet/intranet fax messaging capabilities, which not only can ensure seamless interoperability with an application over the corporate network, but also can provide integration of e-mail for companies constructing their unified messaging strategies. Currently, Replix unixFAX is designed to be fully scalable and customizable to fit the needs of corporations of all sizes.
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MiTAC Intros New SBC
MITAC Industrial Corporation has introduced the MSC-366LX, a new SBC based on Intel's 440LX chipset, designed to support up to a Pentium II 333 MHz processor and withstand harsh applications prone to shock, vibration, and high EMI environments. Standard features include three, 168-pin DMM Sockets, which can support up to 192 MB SDRAM each, an enhanced ISAPLUS bus drive, and compliance to ACPI power management. The system is designed to follow industrial PICMG PCI/ISA requirements and offer complete compatibility for an upgrade of all current backplane-based IPC systems. Additional features include a specially designed 1 Kbit EEPROM, offering read/write data for user programs to enable storing vital system information such as system ID, password, and other critical data.
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Patton Unveils mDSL Modem With Plug-Ins
Patton Electronics Company has announced a two-wire mDSL modem designed to support selectable data rates from 64 Kbps to 2.3 Mbps. Available in three versions - Model 1095-T1, Model 1095-E1, and Model 1095-CampuS - the NetLink 1095 is intended for deployment by carriers and ISPs to deliver high-speed digital services over two-wire local loop circuits or to be used by corporations for wide-area networking in a leased line/campus environment. The Model 1095 uses plug-in modules for connection to routers, switches, multiplexers, servers, or other customer hardware. Patton's Ethernet Bridge module and Voice/Fax/Data module are available for the modem. The Model 1095 can support synchronous, full-duplex communication over one, unconditioned twisted pair.
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ACS Ships Internet Telephony Card
ACS Innovations has announced the shipment of its first Internet telephony card, the COMPRO Ezfone, an ISA card designed to allow users to make calls over the Internet as easily as making a regular telephone call. The product plugs into an available ISA slot to offer a low-cost alternative to conventional long-distance and international calls - up to a possible 95 percent savings on their phone bills. The COMPRO Ezfone uses a 40 MIPS processor, which can produce high-quality, full-duplex audio compression and decompression for high sound quality with a delay averaging 200 ms, compared with a two- or three-second delay with competing products. To call someone without an Ezfone, the user can subscribe to a worldwide network of H.323-compliant gateway servers, then dial the gateway and enter a password, after which the gateway can connect to the regular phone automatically.
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SOSINC Releases Gateway With PBX, Routing
SOSINC has announced the availability of routing and PBX functionality in its Sovereign V/IP telephony gateway. The Sovereign Bridge/Router capabilities can offer an economical interconnectivity solution for system administrators managing Ethernet LANs or those looking to establish a LAN. Designed to provide transparent bridging and multiprotocol routing between two segments, the Sovereign also can connect multiple networks, which are geographically separated from one another, to create a WAN. The enhanced product's functionality includes applications for network optimization, fault isolation, and physical network extension, as well as auto attendant, remote call routing, voice mail, audio text, and online traffic tracking features.
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Pivotal Offers Advanced ISDN Server
Pivotal Networking has introduced the new StarGazer 1900 multifunction access server - designed as a complete, scalable access solution - targeting home and office users. The product includes advanced ISDN support, frame relay, and point-to-point communications to enable Internet access, dial-in remote access service, and remote LAN connectivity. StarGazer 1900 also enables virtual private networking, utilizing L2TP, for the SOHO market. Able to support bandwidth on demand and automatic connection setup as well, the product can be configured in minutes with Pivotal's Simple Multifunction configuRation Tool (SMART), designed as a user-friendly, Web browser-based interface. The company's single IP address technology can allow the 1900 to dynamically acquire an IP address from an ISP, so that multiple LAN users can access the Internet using the allocated single IP address. Included security features are call back, calling line ID, private addressing, DES encryption, and packet filtering.
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