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September 1998

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MediaSoft Releases IVS Version 3.20
MediaSoft has announced the release of Version 3.20 of its IVS CT-Web software platform. The IVS platform is designed to enable application developers to quickly build, run and manage medium- to large-scale interactive CT-Web solutions integrating leading-edge technologies for voice, fax, Web and multimedia communications. This latest version features simpler installation, year 2000 compliance and more flexible use of voice files. The IVS NetManager has been enhanced to share speech resources across its network via the new, distributed IVS architecture, so that a particular IVS system node, in addition to its own resources, can access and use all shared resources made available by other nodes. For more information, contact Ray Padgham at rpadgham@mediasoft.com or visit www.mediasoft.com.

New Headset Products From Plantronics
Plantronics, Inc. has unveiled the DuoSet Convertible headset family, which is designed to offer superior acoustic performance, a lightweight design, a Quick Disconnect feature and a noise-canceling option. The headset family also offers two comfortable and secure wearing options: it can be adjusted quickly and easily for over-the-head or over-the-ear wear. Plantronics has also added two new headset amplifiers to its product line: the Switcher Multimedia Amplifier and the Vista Universal Amplifier. The Switcher Multimedia Amplifier provides a unified desktop communications solution for telephone and computer users, allowing computer users to connect their Plantronics headset to the telephone and a PC sound card. The Vista Universal Amplifier provides universal compatibility with almost any single- or multi-line telephone as well as full compatibility with the broad range of Plantronics headsets. For more information, call 800-544-4660 or visit www.plantronics.com.

Nortel Launches Telecommuter Product, Enhances Symposium Messenger4.0
New from Nortel (Northern Telecom) is the Meridian HomeOffice II, a remote-access solution that simultaneously extends the Meridian 1 communication system's telephone features and LAN access to telecommuters and small branch offices. By extending call centers or other environments to remote locations, the product enables telecommuters to stay in touch with their businesses, enabling companies to offer workers more flexible working environments and reduce business' real estate and facilities costs. Also from Nortel is the latest version of Symposium Messenger 4.0, a unified messaging product in Nortel's Meridian portfolio. This release adds new fax messaging capabilities to a Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes e-mail inbox, providing users with the ability to view and print a fax, create a fax broadcast distribution list and send a fax without the cost of a dedicated fax line. For more information on the HomeOffice II, contact Carter Cromwell at 408-565-2835, ext. 655; for information on the Symposium Messenger 4.0, contact Kris Hoover at 972-685-5393; or visit www.nortel.com.

CustomerSoft Enhances Its Customer Support Software
CustomerSoft announced that version 3.4 of its customer support software product offering, ESP, is now available. The new version includes features to ensure the reliability of responsiveness to outstanding support inquiries and enhance the productivity of the support agent. It streamlines the way support agents interact with ESP when logging and resolving support requests. For example, when viewing a list of callers, support agents can now open a new support incident for a request with just a single click; pull-down list dependencies can be customized for logging support incidents. For more information, contact Kathy Hendrickson at 303-377-9900 or visit www.customersoft.com.

Girsberger Offers New Office Seating Choices
Girsberger Office Seating has introduced the Taranis (pictured), a chair that employs dynamic seating technology, and the Girsberger 3300, a general-purpose, ergonomically correct chair that is stackable. Taranis is available in two different sizes and features a synchronic seat mechanism that is individually adjustable as well as ergonomically designed cushions with optional, upgradable back extensions. The Girsberger 3300 is ideally suited as a visitor's chair, but can serve in numerous contexts. Its flexible backrest provides optimum comfort for long periods of sitting. For more information, call the company at 800-849-0545.

HotData Unveils Web-Based Data Extraction Service
HotData, Inc., a company dedicated to using new technology to distribute data in a highly granular format, has announced a new end user service that employs the Internet to deliver commercial-quality data directly into HotData-enabled applications. These consist of software with embedded functionality for accessing the company's online data clearinghouse. With the new service, also called "HotData," call center applications can automatically retrieve a caller's address from their phone number; contract managers can correct phone numbers when the telephone company adds new area codes; sales force automation software can retrieve business profiles to aid in relationship building; programs can retrieve demographics, psychographics, tax rates and many other data items. For more information call W. Ellis Oglesby at 512-646-6000 or visit www.hotdata.com.

TelAthena Provides New NT Platform
TelAthena Systems LLC has announced that its call center management and scripting solution is now available on NT. In addition to Windows NT, TelAthena runs on most versions of UNIX, including AIX, HP/UX, SCO, Solaris and Digital. With its products now using both NT and UNIX platforms, TelAthena says it can offer scalable options to any size company. For more information, contact Deirdre Boyle at 888-777-7565 or visit www.telathena.com.

PRIMA Releases New Version Of OPUS Maestro
PRIMA has introduced a new version of its software product: OPUS Maestro v.2. This is a strategic software platform engineered for building and deploying high-capacity, highly available interactive communications services. OPUS Maestro enables any company to capitalize on the power of interactive communications and a host of existing and emerging technologies for a variety of applications: IVR (interactive voice response), CTI front-end call routing to preferred agent groups, screen-based telephony applications (ADSI), unified messaging, call logging, Internet and Intranet integration and voice over IP (Internet telephony). For more information, call the company at 514-768-1000 or visit www.prima.ca.

Fujitsu's IntelliAgent Now Commercially Available
Fujitsu Business Communication Systems has announced the commercial availability of its latest call center desktop software application, IntelliAgent. This product delivers traditional wall display information, personal performance statistics, group status and desktop control features to the agent's personal computer. IntelliAgent works in conjunction with Fujitsu's F9600 Multimedia Platform PBX and IntelliCenter Release 1.2 server and client supervisor application, and supports a maximum of 1,024 agents. For more information, contact Patrick O'Rourke at 619-550-0286 or visit www.fujitsu.com.

Dictaphone Introduces A Monitoring System For Call Centers
New from Dictaphone is the da Vinci QMS system designed to give call centers state-of-the-art, customer-focused quality monitoring technology combined with advanced customer service evaluation tools and training programs. Featuring an "Internet telephony intelligent" design, the da Vinci QMS captures the critical events of the entire customer experience: the customer's interaction with the VRU; all his or her conversations with various agents (even through numerous transfers); the agents' data screens as they appear during and after the call; both how long and how often the customer is put on hold; etc. For more information, call the company at 800-447-7749, ext. D348 or visit www.dictaphone.com.

NICE Presents New Version Of Its Digital Voice Logger
NICE Systems has released the newest version of its digital voice logger, NiceLog 7.5. The new release offers an input capacity of up to 192 recording channels on a single logger. The NiceLog 7.5 also provides improved remote maintenance and support for multisite configurations. This CTI recording solution is ideally suited to call center, financial and public safety environments. For more information, contact Knox Henderson at 604-207-5067 or visit www.nice.com.

Firstlogic Enhances i.d.Centric's Data Quality Suite
Firstlogic announced that the data quality solutions of its i.d.Centric product are now accessible in real-time, client/server environments, such as the Internet. The client/server architecture of the i.d.Centric C/S allows its technology to be integrated into solutions for online transaction processing (OLTP), call centers, Internet Web sites, and other real-time applications. i.d.Centric's data quality suite enables companies that build customer-centric data warehouses, data marts and database marketing systems to create a more complete customer view. For more information, call the company at 800-551-9491 or visit www.idcentric.com.

TALX Releases New Component For Employee Central
TALX has introduced Manager's Desktop, the newest component of Employee Central, the company's dynamic human resources, benefits and payroll self-service application. Manager's Desktop automates workflow, allowing managers to quickly and easily process tasks such as performance reviews, hiring and compensation changes and approval of time reporting using the Internet. To activate the system, supervisors, managers and administrators must give their designated ID and PIN to pass high-level security clearances that identify their management status. For more information, contact Jackie Engel at 314-214-7181 or visit www.talx.com.

Teknion Expands Line Of Mobile Furniture Products
Four new Ability products from Teknion enhance the line of freestanding mobile furniture, increasing its versatility in individual, group- or task-oriented space utilization, whether in alternative office, teaming or private office settings. Ability consists of a variety of mobile solutions ranging from primary work, meeting and specialized tables to table screens, accessories and mobile active storage units. The expanded products consist of telescoping Mobile Screens, Table Screens, Kiosk personal storage units and the Scout for power and data connections. For more information, contact Sheryl Roth Rogers at 877-TEKNION or visit www.tekus.com.

Telecorp Unveils Wall Display Module
The Wall Display Module is the latest addition to Telecorp's ACD Performance Software and other call center enhancements for the Lucent Technologies Definity. Capable of supporting any number of LED readerboards, the Wall Display Module presents the number of agents in each call state plus real-time split information. The user can choose any or all data that comes off the switch, anything from the current ASA to percent in service level. The Wall Display Module also allows the programming of real-time agent rostering figures. For more information, contact John Henciar at 888-223-6299 or visit www.telecorpproducts.com.

Austin Logistics Announces Year 2000 Compliance Of CallTech
The current CallTech release, Version 1.4 Build 12, is fully year 2000-compliant, reports manufacturer Austin Logistics. Furthermore, the company will support a patch for CallTech customers to interface noncompliant devices. CallTech will continue to support output dates in the YYMMDD format, appropriately adjusting dates after December 31, 1999. CallTech is a call center resource optimization technology designed to increase agent productivity by increasing right party contacts, decreasing wrong party contacts and determining optimal staffing scenarios. For more information, contact Mike Kuryak at 512-328-8215 or visit www.austinlogistics.com.

Call$im Basic Edition Available From Systems Modeling
Systems Modeling Corporation has announced the release of Call$im Basic Edition, an introductory version of Call$im, the company's tool for the modeling and analysis of call centers. All models built with Call$im Basic Edition can be automatically upgraded to the Call$im Standard Edition, providing complete upward scalability. This Basic Edition enables users to model their call center, representing individual agent groups or teams of up to 50 agents, and provides all the features and benefits of the Call$im Standard Edition. For more information, Contact Eric Brahney at 412-741-3727 or visit www.sm.com.

Brightware Version 2 Now Shipping
Brightware, Inc. has announced the availability of the second version of Brightware. Version 2 includes the new Advice Agent and enhanced Answer Agent to conduct automated sales and service dialogs with customers on the Web. Advice Agent provides automatic real-time advice to customers by conducting interactive dialogs to determine their needs and present a company's relevant product and service solutions. The Answer Agent automatically answers customers' Web and e-mail inquiries. The Brightware Server automates approximately 80 percent of customer interactions that are straightforward and intelligently routes the 20 percent of complex or high-value customer interactions to human agents for final resolution. For more information, contact John Knightly at 415-884-4744 or visit www.brightware.com.

Bell Canada Launches Call Centre Tool Box
Bell Canada has introduced the Call Centre Tool Box, a guide for small- and medium-sized business managers on how to set up a cost-effective call center - and gain an edge over the competition. The Tool Box shows customers with smaller businesses how to set up and manage a one- to three-line call center on their own, informing them of how to take full advantage of tools that have primarily been used by large corporations. The Tool Box features a six-module printed guide with step-by-step instructions. For more information, contact Don Hogarth at 416-581-3311 or visit www.bell.ca.

AbTech Unveils A New Direct Marketing Tool
AbTech Corporation has announced the ModelQuest MarketMiner, a direct marketing tool. ModelQuest MarketMiner brings a high level of data mining technology to the database marketing industry. Through response modeling, valuation modeling, retention modeling and segmentation, the high-end client/server application provides marketing managers with a predictive data mining tool to acquire, retain and satisfy customers. For more information, contact Andrea Davis at 804-977-0686, ext. 12 or visit www.abtech.com.

New E-Commerce Solution
Business Evolution, Inc. has launched @Once Express, a customer service software solution designed to enable Web sites to respond to customer queries through an integrated, real-time messaging and e-mail console. The product was designed to attack a key problem in e-commerce today: consumers can't get their questions answered while shopping - they're either sent to e-mail links or abandon the shopping process altogether. @Once is a Java-based, client/server application that complies with SSL protocol and can work through all proxy servers and firewalls. It is able to determine the nature and urgency of every request coming in through the Web site and then deciding on the most appropriate response channel - real-time messaging, e-mail or chat. The chat component can be added to @Once Express by integrating the product with @Once Enterprise, a separate solution that brings customers and reps together in a full-screen chat interface. @Once Express is comprised of: Core Server Engine, E-mail Module, Business Logic Module and a Data Module. For more information, contact Wayne Kaplan at 800-984-8341, ext. 201 or visit www.businessevolution.com.

PC-PBX With Call Center Module
COM2001 Technologies, Inc.'s COM2001 NTX Enterprise Communications Server (ECS) is a Windows NT-based server that consolidates multiple telephony and network services, simplifies administration and enables unified messaging/universal access applications. Features include: telephone switch with conference bridge, auto attendant with speech recognition, IVR systems with application generator, personal assistant, etc. The NTX Call Center Module (CCM) includes all the features of the NTX ECS. Its distributed architecture enables the creation of a virtual and/or distributed call center. It has a least-cost routing feature which allows calls coming into one location to be returned by an agent at the location closest to the caller. NTX CCM has advanced Caller ID, queuing and retrieving features - agents get a real-time view of the queue and can pull any critical or priority caller from the queue for an immediate response. For more information, call 760-431-3133 or visit www.com2001.com.

Campaign Manager v2.3 Released By Paragren
Paragren Technologies has announced the availability of One-By-One Campaign Manager v2.3, the newest release of its campaign management software for customer-centric, one-to-one marketing. Campaign Manager v2.3 is designed to provide businesses with enhanced capabilities to discover, establish and grow profitable customer relationships through optimized relationship marketing. It allows users to create a complete, electronic history of marketing campaigns for future reference; users can access this history file at any time to review promotion details. The system also provides a visual, hierarchical diagram of a campaign and its associated packages and segments, along with customer counts. For more information, call the company at 703-758-1090 or visit www.paragren.com.

Desktop CTI Console For Centrex
Perimeter Technology has available Customer-VU PhoneGroups, a multifunctional, Centrex-based attendant console, which handles telephone calls from the same PC used for other office tasks. Users answer and route calls using point-and-click functions. The console is composed of easy-to-install PC cards and software for use on any Windows 95 PC. Features include Caller ID, screen pop on incoming calls, real-time status of multiple phone lines, keyboard and screen access to company directory, inbound and outbound phone activity logs, enhanced office phone administration and automatic hot-key main screen retrieval. The standard package includes caller information and line activity for up to 64 Centrex lines. An optional upgrade to 400 Centrex lines is available. For more information, call 603-645-1616 or visit www.perimetertechnology.com.

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Cascade Distributes Enera Software For Automated Callouts
Cascade International Technologies, Inc. has joined with Enera AB to offer RapidReach. Manufactured by Enera, RapidReach is a comprehensive, advanced application designed to automate and speed up emergency communications and to optimize notification. New for Version 4, RapidReach now offers message transmission/distribution via Internet e-mail, in addition to the previously supported media - phone, pager and fax.

Edify And NCR Launch NT-Based Electronic Banking System
Edify Corporation, which provides enterprise self-service solutions, announced the successful rollout of its multiple bank branding technology which gives service bureaus - third-party Internet telephony operators - extensive ability to offer Internet banking solutions for their customers. NCR Corporation and Edify partnered to design this technology, which has been incorporated into the latest release of Edify's Windows NT-based Electronic Banking System (EBS). More than 20 banks that are now outsourcing their Internet banking to NCR are benefiting from this technology.

Periphonics And Cincom Deliver Integrated Customer Interaction Systems
Periphonics Corporation, a provider of products and services for call processing solutions used in computer-telephony integration and telecom-enhanced network services, has partnered with Cincom Systems, Inc., a provider of document creation, assembly and production software systems, to market integrated customer interaction systems. By integrating Periphonics' interactive voice response (IVR) systems with Cincom's AuroraDS document assembly suite, call center transactions and other information can be communicated through automated document production - with no need for the intervention of customer service personnel.

TCS, Nortel Offer Compatible Technologies
TCS Management Group, Inc. and the Nortel Symposium Partners Program announced that TCS's workforce management software systems are fully compatible with Nortel's new Symposium Call Center Server. This interoperability is the result of TCS's participation in Nortel's Symposium Partner Program. The program is designed to provide customers with call center solutions that are complementary and value-added to enhance Nortel's portfolio of solutions.

WorldCom And TMSI Sign VAR Agreement
WorldCom, Inc. has signed on as a value-added reseller of TMSI's InterLYNX CTI (computer-telephony integration) middleware product under TMSI's Advanced Partner Initiative program. InterLYNX CTI is a Windows NT-based product that provides a "software bridge" between computer and telephony platforms, making possible such applications as screen pop, coordinated call and data transfer, enhanced IVR integration, PC-based telephony, automated workforce schedule enforcement, outbound dialing and call center performance reporting that incorporates both telephony and business information.

Intek Information Announces Strategic Partnership With Conning & Company
Intek Information, Inc. has completed an $18 million equity financing with Conning & Company's private equity group and Intek's existing institutional investor, The Beacon Group. The new financing will be used for acquisitions, operations and technology development. The funding, provided through Conning's Fund V private equity fund, includes $12 million convertible-preferred equity to expand Intek's operation and an additional $3 million commitment to fund acquisitions; the Beacon Group also committed $3 million to fund future acquisitions.

Advantagekbs Resells Knowledge-Broker's Support Solutions
Advantagekbs, Inc. announced that it will integrate its IQSupport Application Suite with KnowledgeBroker Inc.'s KnowledgeBases. Combined, these solutions will strengthen the Advantagekbs customer support suite by providing access to thousands of step-by-step solutions to problems associated with software, hardware, systems and the Internet. KnowlegeBases are prepackaged plug-and-play support solutions that provide help desk solutions for support technicians.

SiteBridge And Icon CMT Form Strategic Partner Alliance
SiteBridge Corporation announced that it has entered into a strategic partner alliance with Icon CMT Corp. Under terms of the agreement, Icon CMT, a leading Internet solutions provider, will offer SiteBridge's CustomerNow technology as an option in its value-added Internet solutions suite. CustomerNow, a real-time Web-based customer service, sales and support solution, is a leading platform for visual collaboration through the Web.

OEM Agreement Between DC Systems And InterVoice
DC Systems Software, a designer of Windows-based software solutions for managing high volumes of inbound and outbound customer interaction through call centers, has announced an OEM license agreement with InterVoice, a leading global supplier of call and business process automation solutions. For companies requiring a complete call center solution, InterVoice will install and maintain DC Systems' Apollo and Mercury CustomerCentric Suites together with AgentConnect, InterVoice's fully integrated, multi-application call center solution.

Rockwell Selects Oracle Database Server
Rockwell Electronic Commerce has announced its selection of Oracle Corporation as the preferred relational database management system supplier for its entire line of integrated call center technologies. As part of the agreement, Rockwell will integrate the Oracle database server into its telephony and Internet-based customer management solutions for call processing management and also for agent desktop application development and deployment. These products are designed to provide Rockwell's customers with "best-in-class" solutions for efficiently managing and optimizing call center applications.

Teknekron's AutoQuality Granted Certification Of Compatibility
Teknekron Infoswitch announced that the latest release of its monitoring system, AutoQuality 2.5, has been granted an additional certification of compatibility with Aspect Telecommunications' Application Bridge and Event Bridge. Teknekron is a member of the Aspect Affinity Alliance partner program, which recognizes innovative call center solutions that are interoperable with Aspect-enabling technologies and that offer long-term business benefits for Aspect customers. AutoQuality automates service observation by automatically scheduling and recording agent monitoring sessions.

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  • Melita International, a provider of integrated customer interaction and intelligent call management solutions for call centers, announced that Tom Pesut is the company's new president and chief operating officer (COO) and Mark D. Malis holds the new position of vice president of human relations.
  • International Data Response Corporation (IDRC), one of the largest telemarketing and customer service outsourcing firms, has appointed Alexia Brown as its in-house corporate counsel. Two more IDRC appointments were announced by ProMark One, a provider of outsourced teleservices solutions within IDRC USA's Outbound unit: Sonia Benson and Melissa Hough were promoted from client service managers to senior client services managers.
  • Communication Service Centers (CSC), an inbound and outbound 1-800 call center, has named Neil D. Schwartz as its director of marketing.
  • Candi Torrijos has accepted the position of director, Sales and Marketing for RightSide Up, an integrated marketing firm based in Van Nuys, California.
  • Clarify, Inc., a provider of front office solutions, has announced the appointment of Kirsten Berg-Painter as vice president of worldwide marketing.
  • Davox Corporation, a developer of call management software, has named Joseph R. Coleman to the position of vice president of North American sales, and as an officer of the company.
  • ACI Telecentrics, Inc., a provider of outbound teleservices, has announced the appointment of Dana A. Olson to the newly created position of COO.
  • High-tech call center Customer Access has promoted Al Cole to call center director.
  • Prism Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of solutions to deliver business intelligence applications, announced that it has promoted three executives to strengthen its worldwide sales organization: Mark Rankovic is now Prism's vice president of worldwide consulting; Don Taylor has been named as Prism's vice president, International; and Stacy Cooper has been promoted to vice president of North American Sales.
  • Joining Witness Systems (a developer of customer interaction recording solutions) to orchestrate the company's new operational excellence initiative is Robin Ragland, the new client project manager for Witness System's implementation of ONYX Customer Center software.

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ATC Communications And IQI Launch New Company
ATC Communications Group, Inc. and IQI, Inc. announced that the two companies have completed their merger to form Aegis Communications Group, Inc. Ranked among the largest publicly traded teleservices providers, Aegis Communications Group will offer complete, integrated marketing services including customer acquisition, customer care and marketing research to leading corporations. The combined company has over 8,500 teleservices professionals, approximately 6,000 teleservices workstations and 26 call centers.

COMNET And Group 1 Software Execute Merger
COMNET Corporation and Group 1 Software announced that their Boards of Directors have approved the merger of Group 1 into COMNET. The merger will result in Group 1 common stock being exchanged for COMNET common stock and the surviving company being renamed Group 1 Software, Inc. Group 1 is a leading provider of software to the direct marketing industry, to other mailers and to a wide variety of organizations for specialized marketing applications. No change in the business directions or operating management of Group 1 are expected as a result of the merger.

GN Netcom Completes ACS Wireless Acquisition
GN Netcom, a world leader in professional telecommunication headsets for the telephone and computer industries, announced that it has completed the previously reported acquisition of ACS Wireless, Inc., a major U.S.-based headset manufacturer. A new company, GN Netcom, Inc., has been formed by the merger of GN Netcom's North American organization, GN Netcom/Unex, Inc., and ACS Wireless. The new company will continue to design, manufacture and market an extensive selection of telephone and computer headsets under the brand names of GN Netcom, Unex and ACS.

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Sterling Commerce Implements Digital Pilot's ServiceWeb
Sterling Commerce, Inc., a leading global provider of electronic commerce software products and services, announced the implementation of ServiceWeb, a Web-based customer service application. ServiceWeb was specifically designed by Dallas-based Digital Pilot to augment support for Sterling Commerce's CONNECT family of products - software used by customers for securely and reliably exchanging information between applications or business processes. Digital Pilot specializes in Web-based solutions.

Intecom Telecommunications Architecture Chosen By Health-Care Organization
Intecom, a premier call center/PBX solutions provider, announced its agreement with Community Health System, the largest health-care provider in Central California, to provide a distributed, enterprisewide telecommunications network that will improve communication between patients and doctors while simplifying the connectivity between its various remote locations. To seamlessly link the organization's remote locations, Intecom will install its flagship communications platform, the Intecom E, at the host location at Fresno Community Medical Center.

Four New Clients For Adrian Miller
Adrian Miller Direct Marketing (AMDM), a teleservices and customer service consulting firm, has announced the signing of four new clients. AMDM is now providing in-house telemarketing consulting support and skills training for Symbol Technologies, DHB Capital Group, Corporate Coffee and General Credit.

CHMA Now Using Meta Marketing
Meta Marketing, Inc., specializing in sales support and marketing services for information technology companies, announced that is it now providing lead generation, prospect qualification, information fulfillment and appointment-setting services for Charles H. Mack & Associates (CHMA). CHMA is a leading provider of senior services care management systems nationwide. In servicing CMHA, Meta will use its new teleprospecting and opportunity-tracking system called TELE-QUAL.

Peter Pan Bus Lines Selects Whitecap
WhiteCap Development Corporation announced that WhiteCap, its CTI product, has been selected by Peter Pan Bus
Lines to develop a fully intelligent, multimedia call center. The new operation, named Telephone Information Professional
Services, provides call center services for Peter Pan customers and, on a contract basis, to outside organizations. WhiteCap has enabled Peter Pan's call center to offer a wide range of inbound and outbound programs, real-time Web interaction, Internet callback and push technologies to help increase the number of ways consumers and companies can connect.

ARM Financial Installs Mosaix Software
Mosaix announced that ARM Financial Group, Inc. has installed Mosaix's ViewStar software to manage its annuities sales process. The new solution is designed to enhance customer service and increase efficiency by enabling ARM Financial brokers to submit orders for processing over the Internet. ARM Financial Group specializes in the growing asset accumulation business, with particular emphasis on retirement savings and investment products.

800 Support Provides Help Desk Services For Trellix
Trellix Corporation has hired 800 Support to provide technical support to users of Trellix 1.0, the "document builder for the Web era." Trellix routes users calling for help to 800 Support, a premier supplier of telephone, fax and Internet-based support and professional services. 800 Support operates the call center and provides expert help desk and technical-support services.

Comcast Selects Syntellect Software Program
Syntellect, Inc. announced that Comcast Cable Communications, Inc. has selected its Vista Interactive Communications Management (ICM) software platform in a contract valued at $2.5 million. As part of this contract, Syntellect will install Vista software in over 40 Comcast Cable call center sites nationwide. Vista is an open standards-based ICM software platform; in contract to closed/proprietary systems, its architecture integrates all call center technologies, including third-generation interactive voice response (IVR), interactive Web response (IWR), predictive dialing, computer-telephony integration (CTI), fax-on-demand, speech recognition and agent desktop productivity tools.

Silknet Software's eSERVICE 98 Chosen By MSFDC
Silknet Software, Inc., a developer of Internet-architected relationship management software for the extended enterprise, announced that MSFDC has selected eSERVICE 98 to provide support for its Internet-based bill presentment and payment service. MSFDC is a joint venture between Microsoft and First Data Corporation. Many of North America's largest financial institutions and telecommunications and utility companies are already participating in the pilot of this new Internet service that MSFDC plans to make available to the public later this year.

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Teltrust Relocates Corporate Headquarters
Teltrust, Inc., a leading provider of wholesale telecommunications services, has announced that it has completed the relocation of its corporate headquarters to larger facilities in the Cottonwood area of Salt Lake City. The new location not only provides additional space for future expansion, but also unites the company's corporate headquarters with its largest call center operation in approximately 70,000 square feet of space. The call center portion of Teltrust's Cottonwood Center, which opened a year ago, houses more than 200 agent workstations and supports 500 to 600 employees. Teltrust operates two additional call centers in the Salt Lake City area.

Integrated Sales Solutions Expands Facility By 50 Percent
Integrated Sales Solutions, Inc., a Chicago-area business-to-business telemarketing company and leading-edge sales force automation implementor, has announced a 50 percent expansion of its current facility in Libertyville, Illinois. The company now occupies two floors (10,000 square feet) in the Viking Park office center and has over 50 full-time employees.

MediaSoft Forms New Business Units
MediaSoft, a leading computer-telephony integration (CTI) and Internet software manufacturer, has announced a strategy - the formation of new business units - to provide enhanced business solutions for specific CTI customer segments. MediaSoft's Systems Unit is divided into two subunits: the High Density Systems unit focuses on the needs of telcos, service bureaus and Fortune 1000 companies; the Small Business Systems unit addresses the paradigm shift to the desktop, where rapid CTI technological innovations and the use of open standards are making CTI more affordable and accessible to the small business environment. MediaSoft's corresponding strategic business unit, Applets & Tools, provides high-level application development platforms enabling high-density and small business users to easily develop standards-based, ready-to-run applications.

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Belgacom Division Earns ISO 9002 Certification
Belgacom's Corporate Customers Division (COR), which serves the largest business clients of Belgium's leading national and international telecommunications carrier, has received ISO certification. COR achieved certification by meeting the rigorous quality-assurance criteria of the International Standards Organization (ISO), which was chartered by the United Nations to establish universal benchmarks for measuring quality. Belgacom offers a wide variety of highly competitive global telecommunications services for multinational corporations.

ALTech Awarded U.S. Patent In Speech Recognition
Applied Language Technologies, Inc. (ALTech), a leading provider of conversational speech recognition technology and products for over-the-telephone, customer service solutions, announced that it has been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The patent covers ALTech's approach for detecting a "barge in" request in speech-enabled applications. Barge-in allows callers to interrupt system prompts or recordings to state a new command.

Syntellect Pay-Per-View Service Surpasses 10 Million Subscriber Mark
Syntellect Interactive Services announced that its Home Ticket pay-per-view (PPV) order processing service now has over 10 million addressable subscribers. This year alone, the company reports, its subscriber base grew by over 500,00 subscribers. A subsidiary of Syntellect, Inc., Syntellect Interactive Services is one of the world's largest fully automated call centers for customers who want to outsource their calling requirements.

AnswerSoft Announces Patent Award For Client/Server Computer Telephony
AnswerSoft, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Davox Corporation, has been awarded U.S. patent #5,754,636 for technology that defines a method of delivering a wide range of telecommunications and data services to desktop PCs in client/server environments. It provides a real-time online method for analyzing customer telephone conversations and associating those calls with customer information through a desktop computer. The patented technology is a key component of AnswerSoft's suite of software solutions, including SoftPhone, SoftPhone Agent, Sixth Sense and OCX Toolkit.

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Internet Peering Relationship For Japanese Market Announced
VIP Calling, Inc. and Rimnet Corporation have announced an agreement to share traffic between their networks in an Internet telephony (IT) peering relationship for the Japanese market. Rimnet is one of the leading Internet service providers (ISPs) in Japan and has established a large IT network. VIP Calling is a leading wholesale provider of international IT services. The agreement provides consumers in Japan and those calling Japan with a high-quality, economical alternative to switch-based telephony service.

Portuguese Telecom Consortium Selects LHS Billing And Customer Care System
LHS Group, Inc., a global provider of billing and customer care solutions, announced that it has signed a multimillion-dollar contract to provide its client/server-based billing and customer care solution BSCS (Business Support and Control System) to Portuguese telecom consortium Optimus, formerly known as Main Road. Under terms of the agreement, LHS provides its BSCS version 5.1, implementation, customization and related services. Optimus is the third and newest mobile network operator in Portugal and was awarded a GSM license last year.

TouchWave Forges Agreement With British Telecom
TouchWave, Inc., a Palo Alto-based developer and manufacturer of network phone systems, has signed a partnership agreement with British Telecom (BT), one of Europe's leading telephone carriers and a leader in both data and telecommunications services. The British telecommunications firm will partner on the roll-out of new TouchWave products and technologies. Under the agreement, BT will evaluate existing and future versions of WebSwitch and provide TouchWave with technical recommendations and product feedback.

Golden Abacus Of Singapore Installs Periphonics' IVR Systems
Periphonics Corporation, a leading worldwide provider of products and services for call processing solutions used in computer-telephony integration (CTI) and telecom-enhanced network services, announced that Golden Abacus Pte Ltd. of Singapore has purchased its interactive voice response (IVR) systems. Formed from the joint venture between Golden Harvest Multiplex and Abacus International, Golden Abacus specializes in developing systems and providing solutions to enhance the strategic objectives of the entertainment industry. Two VPS/is2 9500 IVR systems from Periphonics support a fully integrated ticketing system known as 'Round-the-Clock On-line Booking Information Network (ROBIN), which is used by patrons of Golden Village Cinemas.

Belgacom Introduces New "Euroregional" Telecommunications Company
Belgian national and international telecommunications carrier Belgacom has announced the creation of a new "Euroregional" (multinational) telecommunications company called "Triangle." The new company was formed by a joint venture with Accom, (a German telecom company), two Dutch public utility companies (in Maastricht and Heerlen) and the Dutch investment bank, Industriebank Liof. It will provide telephone service in the Maastricht (Netherlands)/Aachen (Germany)/Liege & Hasselt (Belgium) region.

Amdocs Establishes Customer Support Center In Brazil
Amdocs Limited, a leading international provider of customer care and billing solutions to the telecommunications industry, has announced the opening of a customer support center in S�o Paulo, Brazil. The center facilitates Amdocs' total solution approach for its Brazilian customers. These customers include the BellSouth/Safra-owned BCP cellular operation in S�o Paulo, which is already live, and other major installations currently being implemented.

Interactive Intelligence Partners With MISNet And ONYX Software
Interactive Intelligence, Inc. has partnered with MISNet, Inc. for the distribution of Interactive Intelligence's Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC) throughout the Philippines. MISNet, a privately owned Philippines-based company, is an established provider of software solutions. Interactive Intelligence has also announced plans to develop an integrated solution for ONYX Customer Center

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