Nokia Initiates Rollout of 5G Monetization Software for Vodafone

By Greg Tavarez August 08, 2023

The emergence of 5G technology marks a monumental shift, defined by unparalleled speed, dependability, and connectivity. As this network undergoes further advancements, it clears the path for an array of innovative services that were once beyond the realm of imagination.

Whether it's immersive VR encounters or highly responsive IoT gadgets, 5G represents more than just an incremental upgrade — it signifies a groundbreaking stride. This isn't solely about accelerating download rates; it's about shattering the confines imposed by outdated technologies and unleashing a world of possibilities.

Further advancing the capabilities of 5G services, Nokia unveiled its strategic collaboration with Vodafone, a player in the telecommunications space, to bring innovative solutions to multiple European countries.

The announcement marks a step forward as Nokia (News - Alert) initiates the deployment of its Nokia Converged Charging, or NCC, software for Vodafone, harnessing the power of a cloud-based agile delivery model. This deployment is set to redefine the landscape of 5G services by providing enhanced product and service delivery to customers while opening doors to new revenue streams.

The NCC software operates as a dynamic containerized network function within a 5G standalone environment, enabling Vodafone (News - Alert) to introduce innovative features such as network slicing and flexible product offerings. The implications promise an evolution in charging methods and heralds a new era of seamless and efficient service delivery.

“As advanced 5G services start to become more widespread, our Converged Charging solution is very well-placed to help communication service providers and enterprises drive innovative 5G use cases and business models, and deliver significant operating efficiency improvements,” said Hamdy Farid, Senior Vice President, Business Applications at Nokia.

Spanning across several key European markets (including the U.K. and Italy), this deployment showcases Nokia's commitment to shaping the future of telecommunications. By standardizing next-generation charging capabilities across Vodafone's network infrastructure, the collaboration paves the way for real-time rating and charging capabilities, further aligning with the demands of modern, fast-paced connectivity.

“By leveraging the scale of our pan-European and African networks, we can help customers manage factory equipment, open developer marketplaces using our APIs, and enable enterprises to offer bespoke products to their own customers,” said Alberto Ripepi, Chief Network Officer of Vodafone.

Again, this pivotal move signifies more than just an upgrade — it's a strategic migration from traditional legacy charging to a 5G-ready framework. The NCC solution empowers communication service providers to swiftly launch innovative services to the market, while offering an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that simplifies the process. Its adaptability is key, allowing Vodafone to cater to a diverse range of consumers, enterprises and pioneering business models.

Nokia and Vodafone are helping set the stage to reshape the way everyone experiences connectivity, offering not only faster speeds but also the promise of unparalleled customization and service delivery.

Edited by Alex Passett
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