David Erickson Hopes to Revolutionize Communications with Phound

By Rich Tehrani May 06, 2024

David Erickson (News - Alert), a name synonymous with innovation in the telecommunications realm, has been at the forefront of transforming how people connect globally. As the founder of FreeConferenceCall.com and now the co-founder and CEO of Phound, Erickson continues to redefine the boundaries of digital communication.

The Genesis of FreeConferenceCall.com

Erickson’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2001 with the launch of FreeConferenceCall.com. This platform was born from a simple yet ambitious idea, encapsulated when Erickson noted, “I was the first guy to put people on a conference call at the same time—globally and for free.” His platform became a vital tool for millions, providing an affordable solution for real-time communication across various sectors.

Over the years, FreeConferenceCall.com expanded its offerings to include high-definition audio, video conferencing, screen sharing, and international conferencing. This growth was a response to the evolving needs of a global user base that utilized the platform for everything from business meetings to virtual family gatherings.

The Evolution into Phound

Building on his successes, Erickson ventured into a new domain with the creation of Phound, a platform designed to enhance the security and functionality of modern communications. During our interview, Erickson shared insights into Phound’s core features, describing it as “a phone company for enterprising people and enterprises.” He emphasized Phound’s competitive edge, stating, “We will come out as a low-cost leader… I think I am better connected and have better peering capability” compared to competitors like Vonage (News - Alert), 8×8, and Zoom.

Phound leverages Erickson’s extensive experience and relationships in the telecom industry, offering features like “Phound Spaces,” which reimagines traditional contact lists as dynamic, visual spaces tied to phone numbers. Users have the option to either bring an existing phone number or purchase a new one, integrating it into a secure directory that facilitates controlled access and enhanced privacy.

Strategic Vision for Phound

In discussing the strategic vision for Phound, Erickson provided a clear breakdown of the platform’s innovative approach to market entry and customer engagement. “Our go-to-market strategy,” he explained, “is centered on leveraging the inherent cost advantages and superior technology to capture and dominate the SMB sector.” Phound targets businesses that require robust, yet cost-effective telecommunications solutions, catering specifically to enterprises with 10-120 seats.

This focus reflects Erickson’s understanding of the market’s needs—where businesses demand not only functionality but also affordability and security. Phound’s services include voice and video communication, messaging, meetings, and even IVR, all available across various devices, making it a comprehensive solution for modern businesses.

David Erickson, CEO of Phound

The Broader Impact and Future Directions

Under Erickson’s leadership, Phound is poised to hep revolutionize how we perceive and use telecommunications platforms. It’s not just about making calls; it’s about creating a controlled, secure environment for those interactions. Erickson described Phound as a platform that “Turns the phone into a properly managed social media network.” He added, “Phound was created since the pandemic with the hybrid workforce in mind,” highlighting its relevance in today’s evolving work environments.

The platform offers innovative features like voice CAPTCHA and voice filtering, which allow users to manage who can contact them, significantly reducing unwanted calls and spam. This approach not only enhances user privacy but also integrates modern social media functionalities into a traditional telecom service.

Reflecting on his dual residence and hybrid work model, Erickson shared personal insights: “I really like it… I have some deficiencies as a result and net gains as well – I will learn to seize the opportunity of being hybrid.” This adaptability and forward-thinking are evident in Phound’s strategic development and Erickson’s broader vision for the telecommunications industry.

Additional Insights and Industry Influence

Erickson’s contributions extend beyond Phound and FreeConferenceCall.com. His involvement in other successful ventures like CarrierX and WideVoice highlights his deep understanding and foresight in the telecommunications industry. These platforms have provided infrastructure and services that further enhance global connectivity, establishing Erickson as a key player in the industry.

Erickson’s ability to anticipate market trends and user needs has been critical in his ventures. He recognizes the importance of integrating advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence into communication platforms. Phound’s connection with OpenAI and the capability to integrate AI into calls demonstrates this forward-thinking approach, offering functionalities that are not only innovative but also practical, such as per-minute billing and AI-facilitated meetings


David Erickson’s journey from the founder of a groundbreaking free conferencing service to the visionary behind Phound illustrates his significant impact on the industry. As he continues to innovate, his contributions are not only advancing the technology but also reshaping the very fabric of global communication. With Phound, Erickson is helping to set new standards for what a telecommunications platform can be, turning it into a versatile, secure, and user-friendly tool that meets the diverse needs of today’s users.

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Edited by Greg Tavarez
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