CPaaS Meets Network as Code: Infobip and Nokia Partner to Accelerate Telecom App Development

By Greg Tavarez May 08, 2024

The modern world runs on applications. From ride-hailing services to real-time stock quotes, these digital tools have fundamentally altered how we interact with the world around us.

But for developers building these applications (particularly those that require reliable network connectivity), the process is complex and time-consuming. Traditionally, they've needed to navigate a maze of disparate APIs offered by various telecommunications companies, each with its own quirks and limitations. This not only slows down development but also restricts the potential functionalities of the final product.

Recognizing this challenge, two renowned industry companies – Infobip and Nokia – announced a collaboration aimed at simplifying the creation of applications that leverage telecom network capabilities.

The partnership will provide developers with a combined API offering by drawing on Infobip's CPaaS and Nokia (News - Alert)'s Network as a Code platform with developer portal. This will grant developers access to a wider range of tools for building applications for consumers, businesses and industrial users.

Infobip (News - Alert)'s CPaaS offers APIs for integrating features like SMS, voice, video and chat functionalities into applications. Nokia's platform provides access to 4G and 5G network capabilities, including quality of service control, precise device location tracking and network slicing.

By bringing these functionalities together under umbrella, developers streamline the creation process and gain comprehensive network and CPaaS functionalities within their applications. This collaboration leverages industry standards established by initiatives like GSMA (News - Alert) Open Gateway and the Linux Foundation CAMARA, to which Infobip and Nokia contribute.

Infobip already offers CAMARA-compliant APIs for functionalities like number verification and SIM swap verification. With 12 API collaboration agreements signed, the company is actively expanding its offerings to include features like device location and on-demand quality control.

Notably, Infobip's CPaaS platform was recently a finalist in the inaugural Global Mobile Awards GSMA Open Gateway (News - Alert) Challenge for its anti-fraud intelligence collaboration.

“This agreement with Nokia further demonstrates how Infobip is helping telcos deliver new services and gain new revenue,” said Matija Ra´┐Żem, Vice President of Business Development, Infobip. “We will continue to build and offer additional CAMARA-compliant APIs worldwide, working closely with our telco partners to expose customer experience friendly APIs to developers.

This streamlined approach set by the partnership eliminates the need for developers to navigate complex underlying network technologies independently. As a result, developers will integrate functionalities into their applications faster when compared to using the separate platforms.

“This partnering agreement reflects our ongoing commitment to work closely with the developer community,” said Shkumbin Hamiti, Head of Network Monetization Platform, Cloud and Network Services at Nokia. Nokia has signed collaboration agreements with 11 network operators and ecosystem partners to leverage its Network as a Code platform since its launch in September 2023. “It is about expanding choice and scale and giving developers a one-stop shop for extracting value from Infobip’s and Nokia’s platforms.

Edited by Alex Passett
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