Aviz and Spirent Team Up for Cost-Effective 5G Traffic Monitoring

By Greg Tavarez May 28, 2024

Across IoT Evolution and 5G Evolution, we have seen organizations shake up their strategies to get the most out of 5G technology. The issue we sometimes see, however, is that the ability to manage and optimize these networks is not always as easy as it seems. 

Delivering on the promises of enhanced mobile broadband, massive IoT integration and ultra-low latency for critical applications requires an adaptable network infrastructure. Traditional solutions often come with limitations. This locks telecommunication companies into vendor-specific hardware and hinders their ability to adapt.

To address these challenges, Aviz Networks and Spirent Communications joined forces by offering an innovative approach to 5G network intelligence.

Aviz offers Networking 3.0, a data-centric stack which is vendor agnostic and supports multiple ASICs, switches, NOS, clouds, LLMs and integrates with AI and security applications. It is designed for open-source networking and works with existing network infrastructures.

Spirent (News - Alert) is a provider of automated test and assurance solutions for networks, cybersecurity and positioning. The company provides innovative products, services and managed solutions that address the test, assurance and automation challenges of a new generation of technologies, including 5G, cloud, autonomous vehicles and beyond.

The purpose of the collaboration is to boost the Networking 3.0 Stack by providing telecommunication companies with more open and hardware-agnostic methods for intelligent traffic monitoring across a wide range of 5G network applications.

The focus?

Aviz's Service Nodes, which integrate with existing packet broker networks. Unlike traditional solutions, Service Nodes operate on readily available, general-purpose hardware. This eliminates dependence on vendor-specific hardware, a cost factor, and makes certain that future network upgrades are not restricted by proprietary solutions. Spirent's Landslide platform will be incorporated to validate Aviz Service Nodes. What this will do is offer telecommunication customers a reliable, pre-configured solution for improved network efficiency and cost savings.

“Our solution is designed for AI-powered data-driven networking for 5G deployments and we estimate that customers can achieve a staggering 50% reduction in total cost of ownership through this software-defined approach,” said Vishal Shukla, founder and CEO at Aviz Networks. “Thanks to our new collaboration, Aviz Service Nodes, combined with the unmatched testing capabilities of Spirent Landslide, represents a significant milestone in our commitment to Telco success with our AI-enabled Networking 3.0 Stack.”

Spirent's Landslide platform offers a comprehensive suite of testing and validation tools for network infrastructure. Integrating Landslide with Aviz Service Nodes enables in-depth performance analysis of the Service Nodes themselves. With the combined solution, telecommunication companies will be more confident in deploying Aviz Service Nodes for intelligent traffic monitoring across various 5G applications.

The benefits of this collaboration aren't just cost savings and vendor independence, though. Aviz Service Nodes, operating on open hardware, enable telecommunication companies to leverage advancements in general-purpose hardware for improved performance and scalability. This future-proofs their network infrastructure and allows them to adapt to evolving network demands without hardware upgrades.

Furthermore, intelligent traffic monitoring through Aviz Service Nodes allows telcos to gain valuable insights into network performance across various applications. This data can be used to optimize network resource allocation, prioritize mission-critical services and troubleshoot network issues proactively. With the rise of bandwidth-intensive applications like video streaming and IoT, efficient traffic management is crucial for delivering a seamless user experience on 5G networks.

“Partnering with Aviz Networks represents an important step to further enhance network testing, while demonstrating Landslide’s capabilities to seamlessly integrate with Aviz’s Networking 3.0 framework,” said Kishore Kumar, 5G Business Development, APAC South at Spirent Communications (News - Alert). “This integration ushers in a new era of intelligent traffic monitoring and AI-driven network optimization, enhancing the capabilities of both solutions and setting a new standard for open, scalable and efficient 5G network applications.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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