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Skymel's NeuroSplit™ Adaptive Inferencing Lets AI Companies Run the Latest GenAI Models - Even on Older GPUs
[May 22, 2024]

Skymel's NeuroSplit™ Adaptive Inferencing Lets AI Companies Run the Latest GenAI Models - Even on Older GPUs

Skymel today emerged from stealth with the introduction of NeuroSplit™ - the AI industry's first Adaptive Inferencing technology. Patent-pending NeuroSplit 'splits' individual AI model inferencing, allowing the initial phase to run on end-user devices, with the rest completed on cloud GPUs. NeuroSplit reduces compute costs by up to 60% by enabling AI companies to use older, lower-cost, and more readily available GPUs for modern AI models. An application that typically requires multiple Nvidia A100s at an average cost of $2.74 per hour can use either a single A100 or multiple V100s at 83 cents per hour when using NeuroSplit. It enhances user experience by using only available compute, maintaining a buffer between their application and other applications running on the device.

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Skymel co-founders (from left) Sushant Tripathy, CTO, and Neetu Pathak, CEO. (Photo: Business Wire)

Skymel co-founders (from left) Sushant Tripathy, CTO, and Neetu Pathak, CEO. (Photo: Business Wire)

"Innovation in AI applications today is bounded only by physics and imagination, with the former limited largely by the ever-present, still fast-growing, and extremely costly need for compute," said Torsten Volk, Managing Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). "Use of local compute for AI can also impact other applications on user devices. Innovations like NeuroSplit that flip the tables on physical and economic limitations accelerate the realization of the benefits of AI from both provider and end-user standpoints."

The High Cost of AI Inferencing

AI inferencing is the process of applying trained neural networks to new data to make predictions or classifications and is used in various applications including image recognition and fraud detection. It requires significant compute resources, often leading to high costs. Local computing reduces these costs by running AI models on end-user devices like smartphones and laptops, improving service speed and efficiency. However, this approach can degrade the performace of other applications on the device due to the intensive use of local compute. It's also restrictive with regard to the complexity and size of models that can be used locally.

NeuroSplit™ Adaptive Inferencing

Skymel's NeuroSplit technology dynamically assesses and utilizes only the idle compute capacity on end-user devices for AI inferencing. It balances the computational load between local devices and cloud GPUs, ensuring that the end-user device's performance isn't compromised. It does this by maintaining a buffer between the compute used by NeuroSplit-enabled AI applications and other applications running on the device.

NeuroSplit overcomes the limitations of running AI on end-user devices by supporting large, complex models that can't be fully processed locally. It allows multiple models per application and features an inference pipeline cache for fast processing. NeuroSplit also supports inference rotation to avoid redundant downloads of the same open-source models across multiple applications, ensuring efficient use of end-user device computing resources and storage.

Skymel was founded by Neetu Pathak, CEO, formerly of Redis and Fortella, and Sushant Tripathy, CTO, who previously led machine-learning initiatives at Google and PayPal. Pathak holds a master's degree in computer science from the University of Utah. Tripathy holds a PhD in Computational Biology from Northwestern University and completed his undergraduate bachelor's studies at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Skymel has raised $525,000 in pre-seed funding from Unusual Ventures and additional angel investors.

"NeuroSplit revolutionizes the way that AI application providers think about GPU economics," said Pathak. "It also brings significant advantages to end users, creating an ever-greater pull for the best applications and experiences that application providers can possibly deliver. We cannot wait to see how NeuroSplit helps accelerate innovation and adoption in this already almost unimaginably dynamic industry."

NeuroSplit is available in preview immediately and will be available in private beta in Q3 2024. To try NeuroSplit while uploading your own images to a cloud-based image-tagging application, visit For more information about the company and the product, visit

About Skymel

Skymel's NeuroSplit is a groundbreaking solution that is revolutionizing AI inference compute management. It continuously assesses available end-user compute capacity and dynamically balances the computational load required for AI inferencing between the user device and the application provider's GPU servers. NeuroSplit is tailored for AI developers and application providers looking to optimize AI inference compute management, save costs, and enhance scalability without compromising performance. Join the AI revolution with NeuroSplit and unlock the full potential of your AI applications. For more information, visit or follow us on X or LinkedIn.

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