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The 5th "Design Licensing and Business (DLAB) Support Scheme" Launching Ceremony of DLAB Hong Kong Pavilion in HK Int'l Licensing Show 2024
[May 08, 2024]

The 5th "Design Licensing and Business (DLAB) Support Scheme" Launching Ceremony of DLAB Hong Kong Pavilion in HK Int'l Licensing Show 2024

Licensing Products Emerge as New Favourite Showcase the Uniqueness of Local Design Talents

HONG KONG, May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Organised by the Innovative Entrepreneur Association (IEA) and sponsored by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), the 5th Design Licensing and Business (DLAB) Support Scheme will set up the DLAB Hong Kong Pavilion again at the Hong Kong International Licensing Show (HKILS) 2024. A launching ceremony was held on 27 April 2024 at the DLAB Hong Kong Pavilion to showcase 45 selected local design companies with their unique licensable businesses and products to visitors across the world.

Mr. LAU Chun, Raistlin, JP, Under Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism of the HKSAR Government was presented as the Guest of Honour of the Launching Ceremony. Other officiating guests were Ms. Cherrie Chong, President of IEA and Dr. Patrick Lau, Deputy Executive Director of HKTDC. After the launching ceremony, all guests proceeded to visit the 'DLAB Hong Kong Pavilion' where they engaged in discussions with 45 selected design enterprises to exchange ideas on promotional content and creative concepts.

Mr. LAU Chun, Raistlin, JP, Under Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism of the HKSAR, thanked IEA for organising the fifth DLAB, and wished great success to all participating companies. He looks forward to collaborating with all of them to further promote the prosperity and development of Hong Kong's cultural and creative industries.

Ms. Cherrie Chong, the President of IEA said, "We are delighted to know that each selected company received funding to participate in the newly launched Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area tour held on January 29th to 30th, 2024 with aim to strengthen communications and possible business opportunities with more established companies in the Mainland China so that our local emerging designers or less experienced IP owners can learn and expand their network outside of Hong Kong. In addition, we will further explore various ways to help selected companies grow their businesses by fostering more networking opportunities with potential clients and partners locally and globally.

Each selected design company would also be granted a discounted fee of HK$3,000 (first-time participants of DLAB) or HK$5,000 (previous participants of DLAB) to join the exhibition at the Hong Kong Pavilion at the Hong Kong International Licensing Show 2024 from 27 to 29 April.

Details of the 5th DLAB can be found on the project website:

About the 45 design companies (5th DLAB companies)

Company Name

Company Background and Brand Profile

A.N.D Creative Limited

"A.N.D" represents the founder's aspiration of creation and sharing, and also symbolises "market and...". We hope that every event we organise and participate in in the future will be a little bit more than an ordinary market. It could be a little more sharing, a little more professional knowledge, a little more courage and opportunity to step out of the comfort zone, we aim to promote the exchange and development of various brands, facilitate learning from each other, assist brands to step out of their own comfort zones, in order to ignite more sparks, and making progress little by little.

A.N.D also assists creators in designing, producing, and promoting their own brands and related merchandise, hoping that creators can not only gain exposure in markets but also bring their works to various sectors of society.

About IP:

Meowchi Co. is about the original "??Meowchi" IP characters who are always cute, lazy, and somehow tired of life.
Meowchi is going to save the world with their overloaded cuteness and lead everyone to live lazily happily in this world. The "Meowchi" IP characters can be licensed for various purposes, such as promotional activities, and can also be produced into different categories of products. Meowchi Co.

Alpha Heart Design & Production Limited

The core concept of Alpha Heart Design and Production Ltd. is to create a professional and healthy image for companies so that they can shine like stars! At the same time, we also hope that people can gain positive influence, value and energy through these cultural and creative designs. Our main business: mascots design, illustrations, brand design, animation, animation post-production (CGI) and theme restaurant design.

About IP:

"The Little Holy Stars" is Alpha Heart production designer Miriam Lam's award-winning project in the "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Guangdong Greater Bay Area Youth Entrepreneurship Pioneer" at 2021. I hope to deliver positive energy to the public through " The Little Holy Star" illustrations, short stories, and products.

Bezalel Art

Founded by Gloria Poon in 2015, the company provides design-related services and sells design products.

About IP:

Han Illustraveller is an illustration brand of designer Gloria Poon. Gloria loves to discover interesting things and travel around. She revels in depicting life with playful and lively brushstrokes, hoping to let more people find happiness and joy through her illustrations.


Bluewave mainly retails original designed outdoor products.

About IP:

A cute frog whose Chinese name is "???" has a round, green body and a yellow belly. It lives by the streams in the forests. It does not swim fast but is keen on floating and drifting. The creation of this cute frog is inspired by a famous rain frog called Breviceps Adspersus.

The IP characters of the star systems have different colours and personalities. They are all in the shape of cute spheres and rotate around the sun.

Bunny Hop Studio

Bunny Hop Studio is a multimedia production house specialised in animation production and motion graphic design, providing multi-disciplinary professional creative services to client. Hello Dumpty is the brand IP originally designed and owned by the studio.

About IP:

Hello Dumpty – the ordinary egg, is always having drama in her heart while keeping her poker face. Although there is a lot of little misfortune in her daily life, she is still enjoying her funny, exciting but fruitful life with her friends.                             

Cantab Star Education Limited

Big Bang Academy is an accredited science EdTech startup. Founded in early 2020, we started with a science workshop of 15 students and a dream of education. Ever since, our in-house developed online education platform, Big Bang Lab, has over 1000+ science animations, interactive teaching materials, and games. Our hybrid science courses, taught both online and offline, have benefited 3,000+ students from Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and other places.

Our mission is to make learning as compelling as movie, as fun as a theme park, as educational as a classroom.

About IP:

Our chipmunk scientists make learning as compelling as a movie, as fun as a theme park, and as educational as a classroom.

Cforcat Production

CFORCAT PRODUCTION is founded in November 2021. It is a start-up company, with major business in comics production and publication, and animation production. 

About IP:

Cat Mask Boys come from the "Cat Mask Boy" comic. Story happened in 1970s' Hong Kong. The 3 little boys, Tiger, Dragon and Rocky, were pupils of elementary school. They acted as supermen with super power when wearing the cat masks.                                            


For DGSQUARED, we are both artistic and playful. We love something fun, pretty, cute, cool, or quirky, there is no limitation in our imagination. Art x Toy - sounds contrary, they actually share something important in common. They both accept diversity, heal you & provide energy for you to embrace everything in life. No matter artists, designers, art lovers, toy lovers, or anyone looking for something different and refreshing, we open a door for many of you to share your creations, exchange ideas, feelings & thoughts, and hope to bring art closer to everyday life, we believe this interaction makes our world more fruitful and fascinating. Art toy - a creative experiment & expression. DGSQUARED - a creative art hub for every dreamer with attitude. Come experience a new world of art together.

About IP:

Yumo and Friends - In the magical ocean, there are some lovely marine creatures. This story is about the lazy workday of Yumo, who, along with their friends, always engage in mischief while on the job. Each character in this story has their own uniqueness.

Dinest Production

Dinest Production is a Design Firm from Hong Kong, "Din" is a Cantonese adjective for crazy, crazy does not mean perfunctory but creative, that's why we are mad in design and creation, striving to provide the best ideas for every project. We aim to spread joy through our uncomplicated narratives and preserve our culture indefinitely. Stay crazy and work creatively.

About IP:

"MaLud" is a Cantonese term used to describe a carefree and relaxed way of life, similar to someone who chills in their own home. MaLudbear is created to show our unique culture and cuisine to tourists, while also appealing to locals. We aim to spread joy through our uncomplicated narratives and preserve our culture indefinitely.                           

Dirty Work Limited

Dirty Work Limited is a company engaged in advertising art. It started producing art toys from 2021.

About IP:

Luka is a kind-hearted and curious prince who embarks on a thrilling adventure to find the legendary fruit of wisdom. During this adventure, he met all kinds of friends, experienced growth and challenges, and finally discovered the wisdom beyond knowledge.

CO CO BEAR is a curious pink bear who has been determined to travel around the world and visit different interesting countries since he was born. "There is nothing that cannot be solved by traveling" is its motto. CO CO BEAR, who is pure and flawless at heart, is willing to venture into the unknown and expand the field of knowledge. CO CO BEAR is lively, mischievous, cute, and has a cheerful personality, which allows it to meet all kinds of people during its journey and listen to touching stories.

Dreams Dean Studio

Dreams Dean Studio is a diversified maker studio with extremely innovative thinking and experimental spirit. In addition to toy prototyping and 3D printing services, it also provides customised 3D design and printing courses for educational institutions.

About IP:

Jungle Rhapsody is a multimedia project based on a traditional board game - Dou Shou Qi. It includes illustrations, 3D printable miniatures, board game, and a NFT project.

Elements Culture Limited

Elements Culture Limited is a company dedicated to culture and creativity business. It provides design services on IP characters, social media apps, product development and merchandising, etc.

About IP:

The vibrant BuBear family is here to bring joy to everyone!

Enchanted Forest Limited

About IP:

Animals are humans' best friends, we used our family members, our dog and cat as the blueprint, to create the dog Shiba - Simba and the cat - Mochi. Adding a little bit of creativity, we created 3 friends of them, who are alpaca - Lamee, rabbit - Punch and sloth - Luke. As this art piece is Simba-centric, the brand is named "I am SIMBA".

Excellent Life International Limited

We focus on operating brand, consulting image design consultation, looking for copyright agents, as well as working with the company team for the product development, production and sales of cartoon derivative products, committed to creating and promoting the comprehensive structure of original cartoon brands. In addition to providing high-quality and reliable authorization services, we will assist manufacturers in product design, product promotion and merchandising sales, so that the products sell well all over the world and make huge profits for customers.

About IP:

Household items, toys, clothes, health & beauty, stationery, 3C-related products, food, outdoor living, game & theme authorization, charity activities, bazaars, etc.

Falling Cyan

Falling Cyan is a start-up design studio, mainly engaged in graphic design and illustrations for children. The content of the illustrations is mainly about life in Hong Kong and Chinese culture.

About IP:

The story of Shouwu Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic ("?????") depicts how a group of young people met in a Chinese medicine clinic of the same name. Although they live in a society that advocate following the trends and abandoning traditions, these young people still show a strong interest in traditional Chinese culture and work part-time in the clinic. They are dedicated to preserving and inheriting the gem of Chinese culture among the young generations. JijiBe ("red date") is a cute rabbit who can practise yoga and Tai Chi. Guiyuan is a university student who mainly promotes cupping and Chinese Kungfu.

Hooman Studio Limited

Previously, the company operated under SOMAX, but in 2023, it transformed into a limited company focusing on creating and customising various pet products. In 2021, it successfully created the Pawsome Island character IP brand.

About IP:

Pawsome Island represents the inner world of pet lovers and aims to share the love and positive energy that pets bring into our lives with the world. Through Pawsome Island, we hope to inspire everyone to adopt a positive attitude towards life, learning unconditional love, happiness, and joy from our furry companions, and spreading that love and positive energy to others. Let Pawsome Island share the purity and beauty that pets bring to us. Let's learn from the wisdom of pets and live in a world where love, empathy, and happiness coexist between humans and animals.                                              

Ink Pen Creative Limited

Ink Pen Creative Ltd. was established in 2020. It is a cross-media content creation company based in Hong Kong. It is committed to developing local original business in Hong Kong, mainly including comic creation and printing quality products, but also including application and multimedia development, IP development cooperation, etc. In 2022, Ink Pen Creative Ltd. was selected into the Hong Kong Comics Support Program which organised by the Hong Kong Animation and Comics Federation, and sponsored by "Create Hong Kong". Became one of the fifteen funded enterprises in the first batch. In July 2022, the comic "The Land of Ming Yi" was published.

About IP:

"The Land of Ming and Yi" is one of the funded works of the first Hong Kong Comics Support Project. The first issue of the comic book was published in July 2022, and it is now on sale in major bookstores in Hong Kong. Ming Yi is a concept in I-Ching meaning the darkness befalls and the world becomes chaotic.

JMK Media Ltd

JMKTV runs an online and mobile-based video platform that help drive different audiences and target customers. It cooperates with different other media platforms around Asia and Pacific areas.

About IP:

JMKFC and other related characters are tourists of the universe who came from the "planet of the chicken". During their journey, they are attracted by the Hong Kong culture. Thus, they decided to stay in Hong Kong. JMKFC and the fellows would like to bring happiness to all their audience. They would also want to become one of the Hong Kong local cultural icons to promote Hong Kong. They put all their effort to seek for innovative diversity and every possibility in production and creation, which help develop overseas market.

JustGoo Creative Company

Found in 2020, JustGoo Studio shares happiness based on the illustration. The company designed a cute monster cartoon with a "big pat pat" (big butt) as the main character, making people smile with his funny and strange poses or ideas.

About IP:

Pei Pei, Pei Mui, Fafa Dino are the main characters of JustGoo. Among these characters, Pei Pei and Pei Mui's signature are their big butt. They are friends and they will go adventures together. During different journeys, they always do some funny actions and make people laugh.

Mr.Q Panda Workshop

About IP:

All about the Mr. Q Panda's happy life. It also shares happiness and love.


Mstandforc is a Hong Kong calligraphy and illustration brand founded by a left-handed artist who provides calligraphy and illustration services in 2014. She transferred her artworks to different products, including paper goods and customised gifts.

About IP

Escape is an art collection to capture the landscapes Mandy visited during the COVID-19 period. Let's take a break and enjoy some beautiful landscapes through her artworks.

No Job No Life Limited

Provide graphic design, illustration and characters design service.

About IP:

Hong Kong is an international city with stress and pressure. We designed a human-like cute animal character with elements of the city that is very funny and can encourage people to work hard again after the short break.

Nya home

NYA HOME mainly retails products with original designs. It also provides commissioned drawing services. The drawings are mainly cats with cute and colourful styles.

About IP:

Inspired by the thought of giving best wishes during the pandemic, we designed a Japanese lucky cat character series. Taking references of the allegorical imagery of the Japanese culture such as Mount Fuji, daruma, koi fish and lucky cat, we created a story about a family with nine cats, and the laughy moments happen due to the large number of cats live within the house.

Packstarr Limited

A company that runs IP campaigns.

About IP:

Gift and premium and other products

Per Artem Lumen Limited

Per Artem Lumen Limited (PAL) is a boutique cultural professional practice based in Hong Kong. PAL offers creative solutions in the fields of arts, culture and heritage. PAL is the publisher of a series of children's music books and board game. It has since been developed into a series of live classical music concerts and animation for children. PAL continues to innovate and diversify the medium to educate and cultivate a new generation of music lovers.

About IP:

Happy Gabby is involved in the field of edutainment. Through the character Happy Gabby, our goal is to provide educational and entertaining content to toddlers and young children, focusing on music, reading, and culture through playful activities. We firmly believe that play is a vital component of learning, as it allows children to have fun while being true to themselves, which facilitates maximum absorption of knowledge. We hold the belief that knowledge is timeless and knows no age limits, emphasizing the importance of lifelong learning.

Plain Paper Laboratory Limited

Starting from a plain paper, we dared to adventure and experiment, combined mechanical paper art with character stories, and created SylBaak Hill, a unique brand in Hong Kong. We're not just about creating products, it's about telling stories, evoking emotions and capturing experiences. Explore nature and tradition, dig deep into culture and history, express the meaning of harmonious coexistence with the world, and bring out the strength and interesting stories of companions. In January 2020, we won the Bronze Award for Best Hong Kong Original Licensed Character Design. After three years of unremitting efforts, we have overcome environmental challenges. By the end of 2022, we won the Merit Award for Best Creative Printing at the 33rd Hong Kong Printing Awards. In 2023, we will be invited to Bangkok to participate in exhibitions and European Product Design Award, as well as cooperation in Kuala Lumpur, Guangzhou etc.

About IP:

SylBaak Hill is a new world. There are a lot of unknown things and new friends to be discovered. By learning interesting things about various cultures around the world, we become companions on the journey and have each other's courage, warmth and fun. We all have stories, connected by our experiences. We come from different cultures and backgrounds. We communicate with each other with our own strengths and characteristics, and combine what we see and hear during the trip to create a fun and peace world.


Focusing on one-stop video production that perfectly presents concepts, we are committed to providing high-quality video works to promote local culture and art. The business includes film dubbing and subtitle production, and the works are expressed in different languages in their original flavour. This year we have actively expanded our development, launching content business works, producing our own channels, and operating and managing IP (products and print media works).

About IP:

A loving and positive Josephine puppy, KAM Bo Bo, together with his family members BAI Mo Mo and others, are designed with the concept of "love" in the hope of bringing more love to the world and healing people's hearts.

Plant216 Company Limited

A design and creative studio.

About IP:

IP Character design concept that based on the "CAT-LIKA" is a cat-alike owl who lives in Hong Kong. He is kind, active, and optimistic. He likes outdoor sports in the mountains, Trail running, and mountain biking. He always brings joy to others. The art of creative Urban Living, is his motto, anywhere, any environment, be true to yourself, be creative, and live out yourself! The outdoor sports IP character.

Playmap Limited

PLAYMAP is a small game development start-up company with the team members who love ACG. We are interested in design, Animation and Game design. We would like to bring new entertainment experience to people with innovation technology. PLAYMAP is keen on creating games with new concepts. The game they are now focusing on is a LOCATION BASE SYSTEM (LBS) game, with an innovative and diversified gameplay. The LBS game concept developed by PLAYMAP receives the recognition from HK CYBER PORT and HK SCIENCE PARK. Also, the game proposal is financially supported by the YBHK program of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (HKFYG).

About IP:

The game characters are from Journey to the Sweet. In the beginning, players can choose characters between LolliKong, Kimo.G and Sugar.E. There is a costume-changing system for every character with a various of costumes. More characters can be unlocked as the game are played more times, such as Dragon's Horse. All mini games are designed based from the 81 challenges happens in the Chinese myth Journey to the West, such as Fly through Five Finger Mountain, Kimo.G's Heart Factory, Crossing Sand River and etc. Players can understand the story and move forward with the characters while experiencing the game play. The competition challenge is another key feature of this game. The goal of this feature is to collect candy points. The higher rank they are, the more rewards they can get. Each challenge can be sent to 30 players at the same time.

Pop Up Creation

POP UP CREATION is a Hong Kong design company established by local designer Frankie Yeung. It focuses on developing original brands - Popcorn Prince's products and design licensing. It also provides graphic design, cartoon IP character design and illustration services, etc.

About IP:

Popcorn Prince and Foodie team looking for tasty journey, love to discover and taste the sweets and bitters. Through a tasty adventurous journey, Bring out a POPositive attitude towards our life.

Save Local Bees Creative Limited

In 2018, we initiated the Save Local Bees Conservation Program, embarking on our journey as pioneers advocating for "saving" bees instead of "exterminating" them. In 2022, our team introduced FunBees as the program ambassador with the aim of promoting local bee conservation and raising environment awareness through the sharing of daily life and stories. We have also created illustrations to share interesting facts and knowledges about bee-saving and designed a series of Save Local Bees merch. Furthermore, we collaborate closely with local beekeepers to launch our natural honey and sparkling honey ginger, striving to make a positive impact on local conservation efforts.

About IP:

FunBee is the KOL of our Bee Kingdom, a delightful and cheerful little bee that adores exploring new plants and flowers for pollination. Throughout its thrilling journey in the natural world, FunBee crosses paths with numerous friends. With its versatile facial expressions and adorable appearance, FunBee loves to share amusing bee stories in a humorous manner, captivating the public and raising awareness about the importance of local bee conservation.


SKY HEART CREATION STUDIO is a company that create original IP, provide illustration services and produce cultural and creative products. It created the "Karlly World" brand, and hopes to create more cute IPs to bring more love and joy to the lives.

About IP:

"Karlly World" depicts the daily interactions of the little girl Karlly and her friends, expressing the love in all things and the fun of life, hoping to bring love and joy to everyone. Karlly's eyes have tears shine like rainbow, and she wants to convey the message of viewing things from the perspective of love, and feeling the beauty and love of lives around us with grateful heart and faith.

Studio Ducklings

Studio Ducklings was founded in 2021 by two graduates from School of Communication, Film Major (Animation and Media Arts Concentration) in HKBU. The studio is based in Hong Kong, mainly focusing on the creation of IP, animation and video production, graphic design etc. Clients including Hong Kong Baptist University and its School of Chinese Medicine, Hans Andersen Club and ACEACEtw. In many projects, the studio produces character IPs and related materials including both motion animation and still designs, based on the request by the clients. Besides the original scope of business, the studio is also developing its own IP "Mushroomhead Travel", which take Hong Kong local elements as background, while adding fantasy elements inside, hoping to convey the identity as a Hong Kong based studio while also attracting fans outside Hong Kong with fantasy elements.

About IP:

The project Mushroomhead Travel is about an alien, Momogu, who came to the Earth for a few years, living with human friend Bulb, in Hong Kong. The project includes Momogu's daily life on the Earth and how it shares things to its other alien and human friends on social media, while also includes its traveling journal across planets with Bulb." Yes I am lazy, so what?" kind of lifestyle is also what project wants to advocate.

Studio Invitro

Studio Invitro is a Hong Kong-based design unit, we provide branding and graphics services.

About IP:

Pomme, the endearing mascot of the Designer Brand "Pomme". Named in memory of the creator's first beloved white Maltese, Apple, Pomme started as a cute white puppy and evolved into an enchanting human kid character. Retaining original charm and fluffiness, Pomme captivates while embodying the brand's love for design and innovation. Pomme is more than a mascot—it's a symbol of enduring love, creativity, and a heartfelt tribute to a treasured pet.


SUM ART, the artist, Mr. Peter Tse, and the designer, Ms. Sandy Lau are committed to promoting Great China Region's cultural, customs and traditions, festivals and landmarks through vibrant and colourful paintings depicting the unique characteristics of China. SUM ART can adopt a theme of incorporating multiple life portraits in order to realise the art of living. We will continue to explore the unlimited possibility of commercialization of contemporary art.

About IP

Impression of Hong Kong - 7 Series + Night is Still Young Series, Moment of Love Series + Dance X Music Series

Sunshine Nursery Rhyme Limited

A Hong Kong children's song production company that promotes traditional culture, general studies and moral education through Cantonese children's songs and videos. In 2020, the company designed a number of IP characters to further promote interaction with children.

About IP:

The four mascots belong to the children's paradise and they play music and sing together. They grow up together with the children, support each other, and learn qualities such as acceptance, courage, and politeness while living in harmony.

Tadaland Limited

Tadaland began in Hong Kong in November 2020. We are named after that 'ta-da!' moment of joy and surprise. We are a professional team of artists, designers, illustrators, animators, musicians, lyricists, personality type experts, educators, linguists, and marketing experts with a common vision. Through our human-centred brand, we aim to help people everywhere discover their worth and potential and use their gifts to make an impact for the better. Tadaland's mission is to foster genuine connections between people through creating a beautiful world with humane characters representing all 16-personality types. Our stories and music serve as edutainment for adults and children alike, inspiring the discovery of joy, hope and love in life.

About IP:

The 16 original MBTI-inspired characters in Tadaland embody individuals' longing to find their identity, pursue their values, and understand others. Combining personality theory and design elements, each character showcases a vibrant personality and unique preferences, symbolizing individuality. These characters empower people to embrace their own distinct qualities and appreciate the remarkable traits of others, enabling them to live authentically and wholeheartedly.

Tepukuma Limited

Tepukuma Limited established in 2020 and focuses on developing original design characters – Tepukuma Family in Mainland China market over the past three years. We worked hard in running all the China social media accounts and is successful to reach over 200K followers. Currently, we are  already involved in the licensing business in different market field such as Music instruments accessories, stationary, art toys, and cell phone case, etc.

About IP:

Tepukuma Family included 4 major characters which could fulfill different market segments:"Tepu & Hana" comes with cutie image which focus on kids market; "IKARI" in cool & fashion style fitted in fashion & art toys market; and then "Creamy" is also in a cutie image but more for lady market.


Founded in Hong Kong, the company's main business are animation production and IP character design and development. Our team has many years of industry experience in animation projects, character and mascot design. Original character design and development projects are one of our important businesses. We hope the work we create brings creative vision, joy and positivity to the world.

About IP:

TOMIDO - Ordinary life, after tempering, is a sign of growth. The character "TOMIDO" is created based on the sweet, bitter, and spicy tastes in life, and the theme of baked goods is added. Launched in the form of animated stories, it makes the character brand more dynamic and delivers a positive message of joy.

Universal Basketball League Limited

Universal Basketball League Limited is a comic company that focuses in basketball.

About IP:

Basketball comic set in year 2300, with famous comic artist Beavis Yu who drew several different comic books before. The story's 1st arc has been completed, still in development.

Vision Arts

Vision Arts is a company focuses in international art and design market. Its business involves cartoon, media and animation creation.

About IP:

TRACYWHITE is a little girl who was born and raised in Hong Kong. She lives in Choi Hung and always dress herself in cheongsam. She received education in Chinese and western cultures, and is dedicated to conveying the message of harmony, peace and blessings.

Weird Boss Studio

Weird Boss Studio focuses on illustration, character creation and other design-related projects in a variety of styles. The illustrator has drawn illustrations for many posters, books, homewares, shopping mall events, etc. In recent years, he has also actively converted his personal IP from 2D to 3D and launched his own IP products to match with the Studio's diversified development.

About IP:

Mr. Gary is a typical big-city little guy and a dull-looking office worker. He has his own ideas about everything. He likes to have fun with his old friend Fat Fat during his busy life. He hopes to share his "different from everyone" philosophy of life.

"Stretching Bear" is a fat bear with a belly who likes to drink afternoon tea and eat biscuits. His hands are short and fat, so he does exercises and stretching to lose weight. The Stretching Bear series uses an amusement park as its creative theme to convey a joyful and active image, and implements the brand's cute style.


A company focused on developing and producing healing mobile games and cute products

About IP:

YanSquareHeaven has developed three brands - 1. Heaven dance art watercolour style dominated; 2. LofnPin's art as the protagonist of "Cute Animals"; 3.adorable Hong Kong performance Cute style painting of Hong Kong's cultural brand and characteristics.

Yinno (HK) Limited

Yinno is a cultural enterprise specializing in the development and sales of high-quality creative cultural products. The company, based in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area as the core of the business, and actively expands the markets at home and abroad. Yinno has original IP characters and is active in crossover with overseas artists. "Love is all Around "is the business philosophy of Yinno. We adhere to high-quality goods and considerate services so as to meet the needs of market culture.

About IP:

"Love Gravity" are alien friends from the Bao star. They have a head shaped like a toast and a tail that looks like a cat. They are kind and loving, like to learn new knowledge, in the chance to meet the earth, and become friends with the earth creatures, since then deeply in love with here...


Yu Ya Corporate Services Ltd. in Hong Kong in 2023, Stream Ideas Group Limited is a digital media company and its principal business activity is to provide online focus group to brand owners and advertising agencies to deliver marketing information through its platforms. The Group's online advertising services include (i) social viral service; (ii) engager service; (iii) mass blogging service.

About IP:

Introduction of Dream story: The legend says if you find the "Lucky Clover" and make a wish, the dream can finally come true. The greenhouse effect has led to global warming, causing snow and ice to melt in the North and South Poles. The Shelters of the animals have been affected and they left home for different reasons. But all had one thing in common, they would like to look for the legendary "Lucky Clover" in order to solve the environmental problem and make dreams happen. In the journey, Polar Bear Nat from the North meets the Penguin Samsam from the South, they share the same dream. Their stories of friendship and romance begin while they look for the Lucky Clover all over the world.

More details of the DLAB Support Scheme are available at the official website at:

About Innovative Entrepreneur Association (IEA)
Innovative Entrepreneur Association is a non-profit making organisation, with the aim to foster the spirit of "Innovative Entrepreneurship" in Hong Kong, the Mainland and all over the world. With the cooperation with the government and other organisations, IEA helps the start-up companies acquire more experience and strategies in order to enhance their competitiveness. IEA always strives to promote Hong Kong as world-leading "Creative and Entrepreneurial Capital".  
There are four letters in the logo of DLAB, "D" stands for Design, "L" stands of Licensing, "A" is And while "B" is the short form of "Business"

About Create Hong Kong
Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) is a dedicated agency set up by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in June 2009. It is under the Communications and Creative Industries Branch of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau and dedicated to spearheading the development of creative industries in Hong Kong. Its strategic foci are nurturing talent and facilitating start-ups, exploring markets, and promoting Hong Kong as Asia's creative capital and fostering a creative atmosphere in the community.  CreateHK sponsors the IEA to organise the various editions of the Cross Industry Matching Showcase and the DLAB since 2011. Website:

Disclaimer: Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region provides funding support to the project only, and does not otherwise take part in the project. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in these materials/events (or by members of the project team) are those of the project organizers only and do not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Communications and Creative Industries Branch of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, Create Hong Kong, the CreateSmart Initiative Secretariat or the CreateSmart Initiative Vetting Committee.


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