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Incode joins Global FinTech Alliance, expands to Europe to boost digital security.
[May 06, 2024]

Incode joins Global FinTech Alliance, expands to Europe to boost digital security.

  • The Global FinTech Alliance, an initiative established in Madrid, serves as a nexus for the global digital finance industry.
  • The alliance, driven from Spain, marks a milestone in regional cooperation to promote best practices and fintech innovation.  
  • The company seeks to enhance cybersecurity by facilitating transactions that are safer, faster, and more reliable, with the aim of reducing and mitigating fraud by up to 99%

SAN FRANCISCO, May 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Incode, a world-leading company in identity verification and authentication, founded by Ricardo Amper, is now part of the Global FinTech Alliance. This initiative, originating from Spain, aims to advance global digital finance and provide a secure system for identity verification and authentication, with the potential to significantly reduce fraud. Incode seeks to establish partnerships with major companies across sectors such as banking, fintech, hospitality, airlines, and government.

This alliance was signed by representatives from the European Digital Finance Association (EDFA), the FinTech Alliance Iberoamerica (FIA), the Africa FinTech Network (AFN), and the Digital ASEAN & Digital Philippines & IDEA. These organizations represent the foremost continental associations spanning Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia, marking a significant milestone in interregional cooperation. Their collaboration aims to promote the adoption of best practices in business, legislation, fiancial technology, and to foster innovation through enhanced cooperation.

"We are very pleased to join the Global FinTech Alliance, especially at a time when there is significant global interest in cutting-edge financial technology solutions, with a focus on maintaining cybersecurity in business processes, safeguarding customer information, and with our digital identity technology, we can offer security in transactions, prevent fraud, in order to build trust, which is our mission at Incode, especially in an increasingly digitized world." explains Ricardo Amper, Founder and CEO of Incode Technologies.

Incode's technology is powered by artificial intelligence, offering a fully automated, precise, and human-error-free solution to ensure accurate, reliable, and secure validation processes. Identity verification typically takes an average of five seconds per person. This advanced system incorporates over 30 validations, including passive liveness detection, which utilizes AI and machine learning to prevent unauthorized access and transactions, such as those involving bank accounts, from being compromised by photographs, videos, or synthetic identities created using AI.

"Incode is solidifying its global impact; following significant growth in the United States and Latin America, we have expanded our operations to countries in Latin America. Now, we are strengthening our presence in Europe through operations in such relevant markets as Spain and the United Kingdom," remarked Diego Creel, Director of Incode in Europe. Globally, Incode collaborates with major banks and fintech companies such as Citi, HSBC, Nu Bank, and Chime, among others.

About Incode
Incode is the next-generation platform for identity verification and authentication, revolutionizing the way individuals verify their identity and engage with the world's largest companies. Built upon highly secure and user-friendly Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Incode offers an automated end-to-end platform that facilitates seamless access across multiple channels. Our suite of products focuses on onboarding, authentication, and payment verification, enhancing conversion rates and mitigating fraud risks. With a mission to instill trust and democratize access, Incode collaborates with a diverse array of entities, including banks, fintech firms, hotels, governments, and major global markets. Headquartered in San Francisco, Incode operates offices in Europe and Latin America. To learn more about Incode, please visit

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