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Datorios unleashes real-time AI with the first observability tool for streaming data
[April 24, 2024]

Datorios unleashes real-time AI with the first observability tool for streaming data

Deep visibility into Flink stream processing enables faster AI innovation and thorough auditability

PALO ALTO, Calif. and TEL AVIV, Israel, April 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ --, a leading developer of real-time technology for Apache Flink announces today the immediate availability of the Datorios data observability platform for Apache Flink. The new offering gives organizations never-before-seen insights into streaming data processing, which makes it easier for companies to bring new real-time AI systems to market and audit their behavior.

A flight data recorder for real-time AI
Based on years of research and development in real-time military intelligence, Datorios provides never-before-seen insights into the streaming data that fuels AI applications and other realtime systems. Datorios reveals exactly how that data looks as it's being transformed and processed within Apache Flink-based data pipelines, As a result, the development, troubleshooting, and auditing of real time AI applications becomes much easier.

"The most innovative companies are trusting AI to put operations on auto-pilot," said Ronen Korman, CEO and co-founder of Datorios. "Datorios is their flight data recorder, showing them exactly how a system behaved and why at any point in time. Just as with aircraft, unexpected conditions can affect performance; insights from Datorios makes that clear so they can continuously improve their AI."

Data streams continuously to AI systems, which in turn automate proceses like fraud detection, product recommendations, and vehicle routing. It often travels via Apache Kafka, and is processed by applications written with Apache Flink. There are hundreds of ways streaming data can be disrupted. It can arrive out of order, or more than once, or in unexpected formats.

A must-have for Apache Flink developers
Datorios solves the very hard problem of helping Apache Flink developers see this data and all the different ways it can vary during each step of the Apache Flink program. This is crucially important to speed up development and help engineers perfect the processing of real-time data.

Datorios provides Flink developers with:

  • Event visualization - see the journey of data as it flows through each processing operation.
  • Event search - trace specific events; great for auditing and regulatory compliance.
  • State monitoring - see how the state changes during each processing step.
  • Window analysis - dive into the internal processing of windows including order of processing, lateness, discarded records, state evolution, and window emits.
  • Record and replay - share videos of data processing with other developers.

"I'm a long-time user of Apache Flink, and I'm excited to use Datorios," said Yaroslav Tkachenko, principal software engineer at crypto data streaming company, GoldSky. "It's an extremely powerful tool for analyzing Flink pipelines that can visualize events, analyze windows, and even view state."

It's free to explore Datorios
As of today Datorios is publicly available with almost no limitations, you can sign-up and start using it for free here. Ideal for those who want to explore the capabilities of the tool without initial investment. If you would like to learn more about Datorios, visit our documentation page or connect with Datorios community members on our Slack channel.

About Datorios
Rooted in the collective wisdom of the Apache Flink community and addressing the unique challenges faced by enterprises, Datorios is the first data observability platform for Apache Flink, empowering data engineers with the ability to supercharge real-time business innovation and make real-time data processing the organizational norm instead of the exception. Datorios is a remote-first employer with headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel and Palo Alto, CA. Datorios is funded by Grove Ventures and Eclipse Ventures.

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