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H2 Green Mining and Ohmium Sign Agreement to Boost Green Hydrogen in Chile
[April 19, 2024]

H2 Green Mining and Ohmium Sign Agreement to Boost Green Hydrogen in Chile

Ohmium International ("Ohmium"), a leading green hydrogen company that designs, manufactures, and deploys advanced Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzers, is pleased to announce a collaboration with Chilean company H2 Green Mining to develop green hydrogen projects to help decarbonize mining operations in the country.

H2 Green Mining is a joint venture between Susterra, a subsidiary of the engineering firm Pares&Alvarez, and Star Energy Partners, a service consulting firm specializing in energy and sustainable growth. The company develops green hydrogen projects to advance sustainable mining practices throughout Chile. H2 Green Mining and Ohmium will collaborate on developing a 20 MW green hydrogen pilot project, with a potential to rapidly scale to 200 MW. The project is based in Northern Chile, in the town of Calama in the Atacama Desert, a region well suited for renewable energy production from solar and wind power. Ohmium's electrolyzers will be used to generate hydrogen for the copper smelting process as well as other thermal processes within the mines. They may also be used to fuel tucks transporting minerals to the nearby port in Mejillones.

"This pioneering project will pair Chile's excellent renewable energy potential with the power of green hydrogen to help decarbonize Chile's mining industry," said Arne Ballantine, Ohmium CEO. "H2 Green Mining is leading the way in transforming the copper mining sector for a sustainable future, and we are excited to partner with them on this and future decarbonization projects."

"Ohmium's PEM electrolyzers are modular for scalability and easily connect with renewable energy - making them an ideal and cost-effective green hydrogen partner," said Julio Bertrand, founding partner in Star Energy Partners and former CEO of CAP, Gasco, and ENAP. "H2 Green Mining has an exciting roadmap for the future, and we are looking forward to collaborating with Ohmium to leverage the power of fossil free energy and help decarbonize Chile's copper mining industry."

About Ohmium: 
Ohmium designs, manufactures and deploys modular, scalable proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers that enable cost-competitive green hydrogen production. The company's suite of electrochemical products helps customers achieve their sustainable energy goals for industrial, transportation, and energy projects. Headquartered in the United States, with manufacturing facilities in India and operations worldwide, Ohmium has a global green hydrogen project pipeline of more than 2 GW across three continents. In 2023, Ohmium raised $250 Million in Series C financing, led by TPG Rise Climate.

Ohmium's Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolyzers 
Ohmium manufactures modular interlocking PEM electrolyzers that integrate advanced power electronics, delivering added value for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications in terms of safety, installation cost and speed, energy density, scalability, and ramp rate. Individual, compact electrolyzers can be easily stacked to significantly reduce installation and maintenance costs and the standardized design enables rapid scaling from megawatts to gigawatts. Ohmium's patented electrolyzer technology features dynamic ramping capabilities, making it suitable to pair with renewable electricity. For more information, please visit

About H2 Green Mining: 
We focus on the production of green H2 to contribute to the decarbonization of the national mining industry. We are a company created by Susterra, a subsidiary of the engineering firm Pares&Alvarez, and Star Energy Partners, a service consulting firm specialized in energy and sustainable growth.

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