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Amplica Labs Acquires AI Platform Speakeasy to Improve Civil Dialogue Online
[April 19, 2024]

Amplica Labs Acquires AI Platform Speakeasy to Improve Civil Dialogue Online

This acquisition aims to enhance online conversations by leveraging Speakeasy's innovative AI technology and Amplica Labs' commitment to transforming the web through the development of the next generation of digital infrastructure, including the Frequency blockchain.

NEW YORK, April 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In a groundbreaking move designed to redefine the future of online interactions, Amplica Labs has announced its acquisition of Speakeasy's pioneering AI platform for improving digital discourse. This acquisition marks a significant step forward in addressing the pressing issues plaguing online conversations today.

Braxton Woodham, President at Amplica Labs, emphasized the transformative nature of the acquisition, stating, "Civil dialogue on the internet is an endangered species. With Speakeasy, we can not only help address the toxicity that defines much of the existing web, but also elevate online conversations through the judicious application of AI. This acquisition is a leap towards a healthier web powered by honest, meaningful, constructive online engagement."

Nicholas Thompson, Co-founder at Speakeasy and CEO of The Atlantic, shared his vision for the future of digital interactions: "Today's online conversation is broken, and existing solutions are failing publishers, creators, brands, individuals, and communities. The innovative technology developed at Speakeasy and now set to be implemented by Amplica Labs is designed to transform online conversations for the better, ensuring they're more productive, engaging and meaningful for all parties." 

The Future of Online Conversations

Digital citizens face many challenges engaging in online discourse, including toxicity and the negative impact of trolls and bots, often exacerbated by ad-driven models on closed platforms. The advanced technology developed at Speakeasy offers a solution using AI-driven curation and moderation to assess audience needs and transform online interactions into meaningful diaogues. As the need for intelligent content moderation services grows, Amplica Labs is poised to leverage Speakeasy technology to lead the charge in creating a digital landscape where conversations foster community, understanding, and innovation.

Speakeasy was developed under the leadership of Thompson and Raffi Krikorian, Chief Technology Officer at Emerson Collective. While in beta, the project hosted hundreds of thoughtful, insightful, and respectful conversations and debates.

Raffi Krikorian, Speakeasy Co-founder and CTO at Emerson Collective shares his vision for the impact of this acquisition: "The integration of our technologies with Amplica Labs marks a significant leap forward in the evolution of online communication. We are directly tackling the issues that users and platforms encounter during digital conversations, laying the groundwork for virtual spaces where every interaction is meaningful. By leveraging AI, our focus is on creating solutions that encourage positive and inclusive dialogues, thereby establishing new norms for how we communicate in the digital age."

Amplica Labs, a key part of McCourt Global's technology business, has contributed to a range of infrastructure projects in support of the evolution and adoption of the web including Frequency and Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP.) Amplica Labs is also a key component in supporting the vision of Project Liberty – a $500-million far-reaching effort to build a better internet launched by civic entrepreneur Frank McCourt.

"Speakeasy is a perfect example of how to utilize the potential of AI to enhance a growing ecosystem of decentralized social platforms and build healthier digital communities," said Frank McCourt, Executive Chairman of McCourt Global and Founder of Project Liberty. "This acquisition supports Project Liberty's mission to advance the responsible development of the internet for tomorrow, starting today."

About Amplica Labs

Amplica Labs is a tech company committed to enabling creators to build the next generation of social applications that empower people in their digital lives. Operating under the umbrella of Project Liberty, a far-reaching, $500 million initiative launched by McCourt Global, our world-class technology team plays a pivotal role in constructing essential infrastructure and contributing to core protocols, notably Frequency and DSNP.

About Project Liberty

Project Liberty is a far-reaching effort to build an internet where individuals have more control over their data, a voice in how digital platforms operate, and greater access to the economic benefits of innovation. Launched in 2021 by civic entrepreneur Frank McCourt and supported by a $500-million commitment, Project Liberty encompasses the work of the Project Liberty Institute—a 501(c)(3) with an international partner network that includes Georgetown University, Stanford University, Sciences Po, and other leading academic institutions and civic organizations—and Amplica Labs, a technology business launched by McCourt Global that is focused on developing the next generation of digital infrastructure. Project Liberty's activities include the release of the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP), which is stewarded by the Institute and available as a public utility to serve as the bedrock of a more equitable web and support a new era of innovation that empowers people over platforms and serves the common good.

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