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IgniteTech Integrates AI Features Across Its Enterprise Software Portfolio
[April 17, 2024]

IgniteTech Integrates AI Features Across Its Enterprise Software Portfolio

IgniteTech, the enterprise software powerhouse known as "Where Software Goes to Thrive™, announced today that it has created and shipped its AI CoPilot technology into 12 of its leading products. This initiative delivers on the company's commitment to enhancing its software solutions with cutting-edge AI solutions, first announced in 2023.

"This rollout is a defining moment in enterprise software powered by our journey of transforming our team into an AI-first workforce," said Eric Vaughan, CEO of IgniteTech. "By embedding our AI CoPilot capabilities into a wide range of our core products, we're fulfilling our promise to put AI at the heart of our customers' success, empowering our customers to solve their business challenges through the promise of AI. While some companies have delivered one or two incremental releases, IgniteTech's team designed,built, and shipped a dozen AI enhancements, setting the pace for the rest of the industry to follow. Much more to come from us."

IgniteTech's AI CoPilot technology is now available for Jive Software, Gensym, DNN, AnswerHub, Computron, GoMembers, Infobright, Knova, MyAlerts, ObjectStore, OneSCM, and Tradebeam. Examples of IgniteTech's AI innovation:

  • Jive AI delivers fast and efficient access to information within the Jive platform. It uses advanced search, Q&A, and summarization tools to unlock the needle of information a user is looking for within the haystack of the vast repository of documents and messages in their Jive instance.
  • Gensym AI augments development within Gensym's real-time control automation software, including code and icon generators, plus documentation chatbots, to enable non-Gensym users to create new code without years of knowledge.
  • DNN AI supercharges content creation on DNN's renowned web content management platforms. Dynamic content generation adapts to audience needs, and the automatic translation of content to support multiple languages - a key requirement of many websites.
  • AnswerHub AI transforms community knowledge into actionable insights. Its AI-powered search and dynamic answer generation streamline problem-solving and boost user engagement.

IgniteTech is bringing the power of AI across its entire portfolio at an accelerated pace as it continues to transform its entire company into an AI-first workforce. Customers can anticipate beneficial AI features that will further improve the value and capabilities of IgniteTech's solutions, rolling out in the near future.


Founded in 2010, IgniteTech is a leading AI-first enterprise software company. With a track record of successful acquisitions and rapid innovation, IgniteTech's solutions power businesses worldwide. The recent announcement of AI product visions across its portfolio highlights IgniteTech's commitment to transforming its offerings with AI-centric solutions.

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