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Ecovative Welcomes Dr. Wittke as Forager President to accelerate commercialization of leather-like hides and plastic-free foams for the fashion industry
[April 11, 2024]

Ecovative Welcomes Dr. Wittke as Forager President to accelerate commercialization of leather-like hides and plastic-free foams for the fashion industry

Ecovative, the leader in mycelium-based materials, is excited to announce that Dr. Cornelia (Conny) Wittke has joined the company as the new President of its Forager™ division, which produces materials for the fashion, footwear, and apparel industry. Dr. Wittke, whose track record spans across significant achievements in product innovation and business leadership, is set to spearhead Forager's journey into a new era of growth.

Dr. Wittke has been an integral advisor to Ecovative, lending her strategic insights to the company's commercial operations for several years. With a rich background that includes leading Tweezerman International to notable sales growth through innovation and international expansion, Dr. Wittke has demonstrated her prowess in steering companies towards success. Her efforts in positioning the Zwilling Beauty Group and Tweezerman International as global frontrunners in the beauty tools segment, alongside her entrepreneurial spirit exemplified by her venture with superzero International Inc, and her strategic skills in multiple categories acquired from her global consulting work at McKinsey & Company underscore her capacity to blend visionary leadership with practical execution.

Eben Bayer, CEO and Cofounder of Ecovative, expressed his excitement about Dr. Wittke's role, stating, "Conny's experience connects the best of commercialization in big business with a true entrepreneurial spirit. Conny's appointment as President highlights the strengths of Ecovative's model - our Mycelium Foundry growing better and better mycelium materials -- with market leaders like Conny building sector focused teams that delight our customers."

Dr. Wittke's broad expertise and entrepreneurial leadership in both mature corporations and stat-ups make her the ideal leader to steer Ecovative's commercial pathways for Forager products. "I am committed to steering the company's strategic direction towards new heights in performance and market reach for Forager Hides and Foams," Dr. Wittke stated. "Leveraging our unique position in mycelium material science, supercharging our supply chain, pushing the boundaries of material science and broadening our impact."

Ecovative's journey towards pioneering mycelium materials science for fashion began over a decade ago, marked by strategic developments and partnerships aimed at revolutionizing material science with mycelium-based solutions for foams and leathers. In 2019, the establishment of the company's Mycelium Foundry signified a major leap towards rapid innovation in mycelium materials, capable of transforming industries at commercial scales. The launch of Forager hides and foams in 2022, fueled by a $60 million Series D investment, was a strategic move to address the fashion industry's sustainability challenges producing 100% pure mycelium materials. Forager demonstrates a significant reduction in the use of water, land, and energy. The year 2022 marked a phase of exponential growth and technical material advancements, including a first-of-its-kind partnership with ECCO Leather, illustrating Ecovative's expertise in scaling operations and forging impactful collaborations to bring materials to scale.

With over 15 years of experience, more than 165 patents granted and pending worldwide, and an expansive network of partner growers, Ecovative is strategically positioned to lead the future of performance focused mycelium material science. Dr. Wittke's vision for leveraging business strategy to deliver on commercial success aligns perfectly with Ecovative's mission, promising a future where innovation and product reliability lead the way in producing greater quantities of higher grades of leather-like materials while using far less energy, water, and arable land.

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About Ecovative:

Since its founding in 2007, Ecovative has emerged as the world's premier mycelium technology company, harnessing the power of biology to transform industries ranging from food and fashion to packaging and construction. Through cutting-edge mycelium biofabrication processes, Ecovative creates materials that outperform traditional alternatives in terms of durability, functionality, and efficiency. The company's groundbreaking innovations have captured the attention of major media outlets and have been reinforced through strategic partnerships with industry leaders. With a relentless focus on research, commercialization, and scalability Ecovative is delivering unparalleled performance through the power of biology.

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