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Scribd, Inc. Announces Appointment of Tony Grimminck as CEO, Leading Everand, Scribd, and SlideShare
[April 11, 2024]

Scribd, Inc. Announces Appointment of Tony Grimminck as CEO, Leading Everand, Scribd, and SlideShare

Scribd, Inc., the multinational technology company delivering knowledge, information, and inspiration to billions of people across the globe, today announced the appointment of Tony Grimminck to CEO. This news comes off the heels of Scribd's recent expansion to further streamline how users discover and consume content, including the addition of Everand - a new destination for millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, podcasts, sheet music and more - to sit alongside products Scribd and SlideShare.

In his previous role as Scribd, Inc. CFO, Grimminck was dedicated to investing in growth initiatives, helping steer the company towards exciting new milestones, and increasing profitability. His drive, coupled with a commitment to enhancing user experiences, led to the creation of Everand, and the opportunity to streamline discovery for user who were more interested in ebooks and audiobooks over documents, research and community-uploaded content. Having grown over 16 years into one of the world's largest digital libraries with over 200 million pieces of content, this expanded product offering provides users a better way to find and consume content in whichever way suits them best.

"I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to bring the same level of passion and optimism that I've had in my near half decade at Scribd into our company's next phase of growth," said Grimminck. "This is an incredibly exciting time for us as we continue to build upon our recent expansion, and embark on our newly invigorated mission to spark human curiosity with a focus on the written and spoken word. I look forward to continuing to lead this incredible team, who day in and out are addressing complex challenges and opportunities to take the company to the next level."

Grimminck has led finance, operations and business strategy across a number of well known consumer-focused companies. Prior to Scribd, as CFO of HotelTonight, he led the company to profitability in his first year on the team, raising capital and maintaining continued significant growth. He was also Senior Director of Finance, Strategy and Corporate Development at StubHub and a Vice President of Investment Banking at both Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan. He has brought the same passion for helping companies grow to scale to Scribd, with a commitment to finding operational efficiencies that improve stakeholder value.

Grimminck's proven track record of strong leadership as CFO of Scribd has positioned him as a leader his colleagues trust and a steadying force amidst accelerated growth. Just as in his last four and a half years with Scribd, he will continue leading the company's strategic initiatives to improve both the consumer experience as well as financial performance.

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Scribd, Inc. is a multinational technology company on a mission to spark human curiosity. With a focus on the written and spoken word, its core products - Everand, Scribd, and SlideShare - deliver knowledge, information, and inspiration to billions of people across the globe. Everand is a destination for stories and knowledge offering millions of ebooks, audiobooks, and more. Scribd hosts millions of documents and makes it easier to find and share knowledge. SlideShare provides millions of presentations and other professional content. These apps are available on iOS and Android devices, as well as web browsers. Everand is also available on Apple Watch.

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