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Innovative Leap in Unified Communications: Zultys Announces Major Update With Release 18, ZAC 9, Mobile ZAC, Web Admin, & MX Report
[April 09, 2024]

Innovative Leap in Unified Communications: Zultys Announces Major Update With Release 18, ZAC 9, Mobile ZAC, Web Admin, & MX Report

Zultys, a leading provider of omnichannel Unified Communications and an Integrated Contact Center, has released a major software system update, a new ZAC version, a new mobile app for iOS and Android devices, and improved administrative and reporting capabilities. Zultys' MX system update, Release 18, introduces significant enhancements and new capabilities for an improved user experience, enabling more seamless communication across devices and collaboration for businesses of all sizes. The upgraded platform not only improves overall performance, scalability, and security but also accelerates the iterative development process for all future software releases.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Zultys' Omnichannel Business Communications Platform (Graphic: Business Wire)

Zultys' Omnichannel Business Communications Platform (Graphic: Business Wire)

"This latest release introduces requested capabilities, enhancements to existing features, and an improved user interface and experience," said John Osgood, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Zultys. "We appreciate the help of our Partners and end users in elevating the user experience and enabling businesses to be more efficient and productive and better serve their customers. The valuable feedback you give to us allows our engineering team to apply that knowledge to the ongoing innovation of our Unified Communications platform. I want to thank our engineering team specifically, as this is a large, multi-product release, and they didn't compromise on anything - a really fantastic job that would have seemed overwhelming to most."

With significant improvements to audio and video conferencing and an expanded participant capacity, version 9.0 of ZAC includes enhancements to the call panel design for seamless navigation and conference management. An enhanced conference interface ensures easy access to features and controls during video conferences. The new ongoing conference type allows for flexible and dynamic teamork.

ZAC 9 introduces new capabilities around MMS, allowing users to send MMS messages to mobile numbers and receive them through both ZAC and Web ZAC, the browser-based version of ZAC. Users can utilize shared numbers when sending outgoing SMS messages. Enhanced individual and group messaging capabilities make chat exchanges more efficient and productive, including replying to, forwarding, and deleting messages. A new powerful search function within individual and group chat conversations allows users to find information quickly and easily.

Enhanced disaster recovery and failover capabilities are now available in ZAC 9, as well as a streamlined auto-update feature, ensuring users are kept informed about new releases through flexible notification options. Multifactor authentication for ZAC 9; Mobile ZAC; and Zultys' admin tools, MX Administrator and updated Web Admin, provides users with additional system protection and improved account security. New maintenance event capabilities make scheduled maintenance more streamlined and less intrusive to the user base.

In addition to ZAC 9, Zultys announced the launch of its new Mobile ZAC app, offering new capabilities and a modern design for an improved user experience. The app is visually consistent and has feature parity across iOS and Android. Features available on the desktop application have been optimized for Mobile ZAC to create an uninterrupted experience, providing a seamless transition from desktop to mobile and allowing users to communicate and collaborate effortlessly while on the go.

The same video conferencing capability in ZAC and Web ZAC is now available in Mobile ZAC, allowing mobile users to easily host and join video conferences and select different video layouts, whether it's a group session or a one-on-one conversation. Users can view, schedule, start, and join conferences with the same interface and controls as ZAC and Web ZAC, making it easier for users to move between the desktop app and the mobile app. Intuitive call controls ensure a smooth and efficient workflow during video conferences.

With Mobile ZAC, accessing and managing Call Attached Data (CAD) while on the go is easier than ever. CAD is a powerful feature for adding contextual information to call records. Mobile users can now not only view CAD data but also edit and update it within the app. iOS and Android emojis can now be used in ZAC, Web ZAC, and Mobile ZAC, allowing users to convey their emotions and streamline their messaging experience. Users can seamlessly move active calls between ZAC, Web ZAC, and Mobile ZAC, providing flexibility and an uninterrupted call experience. Agent roles and queue monitor have now been added to Mobile ZAC for call center functionality on the go. Mobile ZAC replaces all of Zultys' prior mobile apps, including MX Mobile for iOS, Zultys Mobile Communicator for iOS, and Zultys Mobile for Android.

Zultys also unveiled upgraded reporting and administration tools with Release 18. MX Report 4.2 empowers managers with smarter and more robust insights into call handling and agent performance for informed decision-making. Several new reports have been added to the MX Admin category, offering analytics in user and group state presence, ZAC usage, SMS usage, webchat usage, and conference session usage. MX Web Administrator 2.0 allows admins to remotely manage Zultys systems directly through a web browser. This latest version features a modern design and improved navigation window, providing admins with intuitive system controls.

By introducing Release 18, Zultys reaffirms its commitment to providing organizations with an omnichannel Unified Communications and Integrated Contact Center solution that makes it easier for users to communicate and collaborate. ZAC 9 and Mobile ZAC are available for download immediately. Downloads for Release 18 and MX Report 4.2 can be found on the Zultys Knowledge Base System.

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