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Ibexis Life & Annuity Insurance Company Launches FIA Product Enhancements
[April 08, 2024]

Ibexis Life & Annuity Insurance Company Launches FIA Product Enhancements

Ibexis Life & Annuity Insurance Company® ("Ibexis") today announced multiple enhancements to its FIA Plus™ fixed indexed annuity series offered in the independent marketing organization ("IMO") sales channel.

The FIA Plus™ is an accumulation focused fixed indexed annuity, which now includes a Bonus Rider, Bailout feature and annual declared rate option ("ADR"). The FIA Plus™ continues to offer crediting strategies linked to two unique proprietary indexes from Bank of America, HSBC, and the S&P 500®. In addition, it offers embedded optionality with floor options that provide higher accumulation potential.

"We are always listening and watching the market to ensure our products contain the features that clients desire. We are proud to offer these enhancements to give clients additional ways to save for retirement," said Nate Gemmiti, CEO & President of Ibexis.

Ryan Lex, Chief Distribution Officer at Ibexis, added: "Many clients want the ability to choose a Premium Bonus to have their initial premium multiplied by a declared percent. In addition, all policies will be issued with the protection of a bailout rate, which permits a client to surrender the policy without penalty if the S&P 500® cap rate falls below the declared bailout rate. Finally, the ADR provides another option for clients to earn a fixed rate of return with full flexibility to move in or out annually."

The FIA Plus™ is offered through the following Independent Marketing Organizations: AMS Financial Solutions, Ash Brokerage, Creative One, DMI, ECA Marketing, Financial Independence Group (FIG), Gradient, Insurance Agency Marketing Services (IAMS), Magellan Financial, M&O Marketing, Simplicity Group, Triad Partners and TruChoice.

With insurance licenses in 45 states and the District of Columbia, Ibexis has been assigned a Financial Strength Rating of A- (Excellent) and a Long-Term Issuer Credit Rating of "A-" (Excellent) by AM Best. Both ratings have a "stable" outlook.

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About Ibexis Life & Annuity Insurance Company®

Founded in 1937, Ibexis offers fixed annuities to help clients protect their financial future and prepare for retirement. Ibexis' fixed annuities can help individuals accumulate interest without risk of losing principal and provide guarantee income during retirement. AM Best assigned an A- Financial Strength Rating (4th highest of 13), effective May 2023. Ibexis' full ratings report may be viewed at Ibexis' products are not currently offered in all jurisdictions due to pending regulatory approvals. The FIA Plus™ does not invest directly in any indices and may not include dividends paid on underlying stocks. All product terms subject to contract. Policy form number ICC22_FIA_0922 and related state specific forms are an insurance product subject to the claims paying ability of the issuer and not insured by the FDIC, the NCUSIF, or any other government agency.

The S&P 500® is a product of S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC or its affiliates. S&P 500® and S&P ® are registered trademarks of Standard & Poor's Financial Services; Dow Jones® is a registered trademark of Dow Jones Trademark Holdings. The FIA Plus™ is not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by the foregoing nor do they have any liability for any errors of omissions or interruptions of the S&P 500 Index®.

The BofA U.S. Strength Fast Convergence Index (the "Index") is the property of BofA Securities Inc. and its Affiliates ("BofAS") and licensed to Ibexis Life & Annuity Insurance Company ("Licensee"). The FIA Plus™ ("Product") is not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by BofAS. BofAS has not passed on the legality or suitability of, or the accuracy or adequacy of descriptions and disclosures relating to, the Product, nor makes any representation or warranty, express or implied, to the owners of Product or any member of the public regarding the Product or the advisability of purchasing in the Product, particularly the ability of the Index to track performance of any market or strategy. BofAS' only relationship to Licensee is the licensing of certain trademarks and trade names and the Index or components thereof and is not a party to any transaction contemplated hereby. The Index is determined, composed and calculated by BofAS without regard to the Licensee or the Product or its holders. Subject to its regulatory obligations, BofAS has no obligation to take the needs of the Licensee or the holders of the Product into consideration in determining, composing or calculating the Index, and BofAS shall not be liable, whether in negligence or otherwise, to any person for any errors or omissions in the Index or in the calculation of the Index or under any obligation to advise any person of any errors or omissions therein. BofAS is not responsible for and has not participated in the determination of the timing of, prices of, or quantities of the Product to be issued or in the determination or calculation of the equation by which the Product is to be priced, sold, purchased, or redeemed. BofAS has no obligation or liability in connection with the administration, marketing, or trading of the Product. While volatility controls may result in less fluctuation in rates of return as compared to indices without volatility controls, they may also reduce the overall rate of return as compared to products not subject to volatility controls.

The HSBC AI Global Tactical Index (the "AiGT Index") is the exclusive property of HSBC Bank plc ("HSBC") and administered, calculated, and published by Solactive AG ("Solactive"). HSBC, AiGT, and "HSBC AI Global Tactical Index" (collectively, the "AiGT Marks") are trademarks or service marks of HSBC and have been licensed by HSBC and sub-licensed by Ibexis Life & Annuity Insurance Company (the "Company") for use in a fixed indexed annuity offered by the Company. The fixed indexed annuity is not, in whole or in part, sponsored, structured, priced, endorsed, offered, sold, issued or promoted by HSBC, Solactive or any of their affiliates. HSBC's only relationship to the Company is the licensing of the AiGT Index and AiGT Marks for certain purposes. Solactive's only relationship to the Company is with respect to administering, calculating and publishing the AiGT Index. HSBC and Solactive shall not have any liability with respect to a fixed indexed annuity in which an interest crediting option is based on the AiGT Index and are not liable for any loss relating to the fixed indexed annuity, whether arising directly or indirectly from the use of the AiGT Index, its methodology, any AiGT Mark or otherwise. Neither HSBC nor Solactive have any obligation to take into consideration any of the needs of the Company or any of the owners, annuitants or beneficiaries of the fixed indexed annuity in designing, calculating, administering or licensing the AiGT Index.

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