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DYOPATH Introduces DYOGUARD: Redefining Cybersecurity Services
[April 02, 2024]

DYOPATH Introduces DYOGUARD: Redefining Cybersecurity Services

DYOPATH, a managed services provider specializing in IT proficiency, cybersecurity, strategic consulting, and AI-driven operational efficiency, announced its new brand of cybersecurity services, DYOGUARD.

DYOGUARD is the latest in the company's long history of innovating and leading the industry in technological improvements that protect, empower, and enhance organizational operations. In particular, DYOGUARD goes beyond providing the most advanced and proactive tools to prevent cybersecurity breaches; as a service, DYOGUARD enhances cybersecurity protection by ensuring that individual data points are evaluated holistically, that a breach attempt is identified as quickly as possible, and that in the event of a breach, the incident response is swift and coordinated with the organization's IT department and greater business priorities in mind.

"In an effort to elevate the industry, set the bar on cybersecurity service higher, and provide clients with comprehensive and intelligence-driven (rather than product-driven) cybersecurity as a service, we are rolling out new and improved packages under the new DYOGUARD brand name," says Rob Koch, CEO. "We like to say that rather than observing changes with curiosity, we charge forward, creating the systems that will support and drive novel growth, paving the way for others to follow."

The company is now offering two levels of advanced cybersecrity services, as well as optional strategic add-on services for companies that want to take advantage of DYOPATH's strategic consulting and vCISO expertise. DYOGUARD Protect is the tier 1 offering, which includes Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Managed Email Security (MES), Security Reputation Monitoring (SRP), and Dark Web Monitoring (DWM).

DYOGUARD ProtectPro is the tier 2 offering, which includes everything offered by DYOGUARD Protect, as well as SOC as a Service, eXtended Detection & Response (XDR, Enhanced SIEM), Physical & Virtual Network Traffic Analysis (NTA), Vulnerability Scanning, Automated Pentesting, a Dedicated Security Analyst, and Live Security Advisory Calls.

While DYOGUARD's service inclusions go beyond what cybersecurity providers typically offer, DYOPATH is committed to offering solutions that truly make a difference in the life, success, and longevity of its clients.

DYOPATH is on a mission to evolve global IT maturity to ensure great organizations can have an even greater impact on those they serve. The launch of DYOGUARD shows that DYOPATH is actively driving the changes that will empower clients to thrive in changing digital landscapes and ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.

DYOGUARD is now available to existing and new DYOPATH clients and information is available online at


DYOPATH accelerates the evolution of digital infrastructure so organizations can do more of what they do best. From maximizing efficiency to minimizing downtime, we provide end-to-end IT and cyber support. We never let things like connectivity issues, ransomware, or slow support responses prevent our clients from moving mountains.

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