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Endor Labs Partners with GuidePoint to Secure Software Supply Chains
[April 02, 2024]

Endor Labs Partners with GuidePoint to Secure Software Supply Chains

Endor Labs, a leader in software supply chain security, today announced a strategic partnership with GuidePoint Security, a leading cybersecurity services and solutions provider. The partnership aims to eliminate frustrations and risks in the software development lifecycle by combining Endor Labs' advanced Software Composition Analysis (SCA) platform, designed to make secure software development achievable, with GuidePoint's extensive network of security experts leading its consulting and services offerings. Together, they will accelerate the adoption of transformative SCA capabilities and enhance developer productivity.

The partnership comes at a time when SCA is poised to overtake Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) by 2026, according to The Software Composition Analysis Landscape, Q1 2023 by Forrester Research.

As traditional SCA tools struggle to keep up with he increasing complexity associated with modern software development, create too many false positives and lack context about real application risks, Endor Labs solves these issues by bringing more visibility into direct and transitive dependencies, combining function-level reachability with its Exploit Prediction Scoring System to reduce false positives and prioritize vulnerabilities that matter.

Endor Labs VP of Business Development and Alliances, Andrew Davidson said: "Endor Labs is looking forward to collaborating with GuidePoint, a trusted platform for connecting organizations with valuable security expertise, and its extensive network in order to reach a wider audience and share our knowledge about supply chain security and SCA best practices, contributing to a much more efficient and secure software development ecosystem."

The partnership will see GuidePoint and Endor Labs collaborate on educational and marketing initiatives focused on SCA best practices to raise awareness around the importance of Endor Labs' offerings. GuidePoint will facilitate connections between Endor Labs and organizations seeking to adopt software supply chain security and advanced SCA capabilities, while Endor Labs will tap into GuidePoint's network of security experts, gathering insights to inform the continued evolution of its product roadmap.

About GuidePoint Security

GuidePoint Security knows that each customer environment is different. Your needs, gaps, skillsets and risks are also unique. We take the approach of a trusted advisor, understanding your business and challenges, and evaluating your cybersecurity posture and ecosystem to expose risks, optimize resources and implement best-fit solutions. We want to take on your greatest cybersecurity challenges, provide recommendations that address those complex issues and deliver impactful results. For more information, visit

About Endor Labs

The pace and complexity of software development is rapidly intensifying. Developers are trying to keep up by maximizing reuse of code (internally developed as well as open source), adopting microservices architectures, and relying on a vast array of third party tools and services to automate bits and pieces of the CI-CD process. However, this can quickly sprawl and become untenable, only causing more headaches for development and security teams in the long term. Our mission is to deliver the impossible - create secure software supply chains that actually make developers more productive, rather than drowning in useless alerts. For more information, visit

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