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Voiceitt puts its AI to work, making the remote workplace inclusive
[April 01, 2024]

Voiceitt puts its AI to work, making the remote workplace inclusive

Partnering with Virtualahan, a leading organization employing people with disabilities, leading voice tech startup aims to make the modern workplace, including WFH, inclusive and accessible

TEL AVIV, Israel and STAMFORD, Conn. , April 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Voiceitt, the Israel-based leader in speech recognition technology for non-standard speech, announces its collaboration with Virtualahan, a leading organization in the Philippines that recruits and trains individuals with disabilities for meaningful employment opportunities. Together, the two organizations leverage cutting-edge AI-driven technologies to give people with disabilities a voice and facilitate opportunities for employment.

What a ramp was to yesterday's office building, Voiceitt is to today's remote workplace

Voiceitt and Virtualahan share a common mission to improve the lives of people with disabilities by providing them with the tools and opportunities to thrive in both their personal and professional lives. Through this partnership, they address the pervasive issue of unemployment among people with disabilities by offering them meaningful employment opportunities that utilize Voiceitt's groundbreaking speech recognition. Voiceitt's app for people with speech disabilities facilitates both in-person and remote voice-based communication, as well as interaction with third party apps, such as AI-productivity tools. It is a crucial tool for communication, collaboration, and autonomy for people with disabilities who struggle to be understood or to access mainstream technologies on their own. With Voiceitt, people with disabilities can get a job, keep a job, and enjoy greater productivity and satisfaction on the job.

According to the United Nations, approximately 80% of people with disabilities are unemployed worldwide, representing a significant barrier to social and economic inclusion. In the United States, the unemployment rate among people with disabilites is more than double that of the general population. Voiceitt and Virtualahan are committed to changing these statistics by creating inclusive workplaces where individuals with disabilities can contribute their unique talents and skills.

"Our tech expands employment opportunities and can improve workplace productivity," said Alyson Pace, CEO of Voiceitt. "We are proud to acknowledge the contributions of our invaluable team members with disabilities. With Virtualahan's expertise in training, coaching and employment support, we aim to break down barriers and create opportunities for people with disabilities to thrive in the workplace."

"In parallel, we are engaging with major employers across the tech industry, government, education and healthcare, to deploy our technology in order to leverage tremendous talent in the disability community that is often otherwise untapped," said Pace.

"What a ramp was to yesterday's office building, Voiceitt is to today's remote workplace: if a person cannot participate in or be understood in a video conference or phone call, then they may struggle to fulfill their potential at work."

Virtualahan's founder, Ryan Gersava, highlighted the impact of the collaboration, stating, "At Virtualahan, we provide people with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups with skills for online employment. By partnering with Voiceitt, we provide excluded communities with economic opportunities and life skills to reach their professional potential, and present them with access to cutting-edge technology like Voiceitt that not only improves communication but also opens doors to employment opportunities that were previously inaccessible."

The founders of Voiceitt and Virtualahan, Danny Weissberg and Ryan Gersava, met when they were fellows of the social entrepreneur leadership program, The Global Good Fund Fellowship, and determined to collaborate toward their mutual goals. "It's an honor to support the leadership of Voiceitt and Virtualahan through The Global Good Fund Fellowship, and to follow-on invest in Voiceitt through the Global Impact Fund. Many doors will open for people with disabilities that will positively impact individuals, businesses and the world, thanks to collaboration between leaders of Voiceitt and Virtualahan," said Carrie Rich, CEO of The Global Good Fund and Managing Partner of Global Impact Fund.

Allester Robles, one of the employees at Voiceitt who was recruited through Virtualahan, highlighted how meaningful employment changed his life when he was faced with a diagnosis of stage four nasopharynx cancer that jeopardized his aspirations. The chemotherapy treatments impacted his vocal cords, posing a threat to his once-promising career. "Working at Voiceitt through Virtualahan not only gave me greater confidence but has also allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute my skills and be a part of building technology that makes a difference."

Mary Ann Berdera ("Yann"), another Voiceitt team member who was recruited through Virtualahan, describes her journey, which began at age four when she was infected by the insidious poliovirus, robbing her of the ability to walk. Through Virtualahan's transformative training program, Yann not only acquired essential skills for online employment, but also found a supportive community of individuals who shared her journey. "Working for Voiceitt and Virtualahan feels like redemption," Yann said. "I've been redeemed from 48 years of feeling unproductive. I am working for companies that deliver positive impact to persons with disabilities like me."

Voiceitt's technology enables individuals with speech disabilities to communicate more effectively and access mainstream voice technologies, such as the collaboration platform Webex and the AI productivity tool, ChatGPT. Voiceitt empowers people with disabilities to express themselves and participate more fully in everyday life. Voiceitt partners with organizations such as the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Tennessee to evaluate how technologies like Voiceitt can advance critical employment opportunities.

For more information about Voiceitt ongoing research around disability employment and to explore collaboration opportunities, please contact [email protected].

Voiceitt's mission is to help people with disabilities live more connected, independent lives. Its proprietary automatic speech recognition (ASR) enables people with speech disabilities to access mainstream voice technologies, communicate by voice, and be understood. Voiceitt has been highlighted in international media, including the Wall Street Journal, NPR, Forbes, Amazon Science, BBC, and The New York Times. Investors include the Global Impact Fund, Cisco Investments, the Amazon Alexa Fund, AARP, and Microsoft's M12. Voiceitt is headquartered in Israel, with a subsidiary in Stamford, CT.

Virtualahan, Inc. is a non-profit organization that addresses the high unemployment amongst People with Disabilities and other disadvantaged communities like Solo Parents, Out-of-School Youth, IndigenousPeople, and Recovering Addicts using an Impact Formula that includes Inclusive and Accessible Skills Training, Well-being Sessions, Employment Support, and Partnership for Inclusive Hiring. Its impact has been recognized through awards such as the Global Impact Sourcing Award and the World Summit Award Global Champion.

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