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AppViewX and Fortanix Partner to Deliver Enterprises Streamlined and Secure Machine Identity Management and Code Signing Solutions
[March 28, 2024]

AppViewX and Fortanix Partner to Deliver Enterprises Streamlined and Secure Machine Identity Management and Code Signing Solutions

AppViewX, the leader in automated machine identity management (MIM) and application security, and Fortanix, a leader in data-first security and pioneer of Confidential Computing, today announced a partnership to offer cloud-delivered secure digital identity management and code signing. Together the companies make it easy to address critical enterprise security challenges with comprehensive, robust and scalable platforms for certificate lifecycle management automation and code signing.

"The collaboration between AppViewX and Fortanix not only addresses the immediate security needs of enterprises but also ensures a seamless and pure SaaS deployment of machine identity management and secure code signing solutions," said Ravishankar Chamarajnagar, Chief Product Officer at AppViewX. "This synergy provides joint customers with a unified, scalable, and efficient approach to safeguard their digital assets, significantly enhancing their security posture and operational efficiency in an increasingly complex cyber landscape".

By combining the AppViewX Digital Trust Platform and Fortanix Data Security Manager (DSM), both companies complement their current offerings for enterprise organizations via powerful SaaS solutions that empower DevOps, CloudOps, SecOps and application teams to help solve two critical cybersecurity use cases:

  • Machine identity management - Organizations are struggling to manage the massive increase of machine identities across complex hybrid multi-cloud environments. Together AppViewX and Fortanix simplify and streamline this process with a fully automated and secure certificate lifecycle and key management solution.
  • Software Supply Chain Security - While code signing is an important component of ensuring software supply chain security, recent mandates from the CA/Browser Forum for securely storing code signing private keys is disrupting DevOps processes. AppViewX and Fortanix are offering an end-to-end SaaS solution that simplifies secure code signing and meets CA/Browser Forum requirements.

"Fortanix is delighted to collaborate with AppViewX to bring together the strengths of our unified data-first security platform with the identity management and code signing solutions from AppViewX," said Anuj Jaiswal, Vice President of Product at Fortanix. "Together, we strive to deliver innovative, easy to use, and integrated solutions that enable eterprises with efficient and effective approaches to securing identities and providing trust".

The AppViewX Digital Trust Platform includes AppViewX CERT+, AppViewX PKI+, and AppViewX KUBE+, for automating PKI and certificate lifecycle management across complex hybrid multi-cloud environments, and AppViewX SIGN+ for simplifying secure code signing. AppViewX maintains a versatile stance, being entirely agnostic to both Certificate Authorities (CAs) and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), ensuring unparalleled flexibility and integration capabilities.

Fortanix DSM provides full lifecycle key management and cryptography services across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, simplifying provisioning and management while enhancing control of encryption keys. DSM's REST APIs enable integration of the code signing processes with existing developer tools, so keys and certificates can be accessed without delays or disruptions. Granular control options for signings can be used throughout the different stages of the development cycle, with keys and certificates kept safe in natively integrated FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSMs. Audits can now be simplified with tamper-proof logs to help organizations track the usage of their keys and certificates, cryptographic strength, and all code-signing activities.

The AppViewX and Fortanix solutions are available from both vendors, through joint channel partners, and in the AWS Marketplace.

About AppViewX

AppViewX is trusted by the world's leading organizations to reduce risk, ensure compliance, and increase visibility through automated machine identity management and application infrastructure security and orchestration. The AppViewX platform provides complete certificate lifecycle management and PKI-as-a-Service using streamlined workflows to prevent outages, reduce security incidents and enable crypto-agility.

Fortune 1000 companies, including six of the top ten global commercial banks, five of the top ten global media companies, and five of the top ten managed healthcare providers rely on AppViewX to automate NetOps, SecOps, and DevOps. AppViewX is headquartered in New York with offices in the U.K., Australia and three development centers of excellence in India. For more information, visit

About Fortanix

Fortanix is a global leader in data security. We prioritize data exposure management, as traditional perimeter-defense measures leave your data vulnerable to malicious threats in hybrid multicloud environments. Our unified data security platform makes it simple to discover, assess, and remediate data exposure risks, whether it's to enable a Zero Trust enterprise or to prepare for the post-quantum computing era. We empower enterprises worldwide to maintain the privacy and compliance of their most sensitive and regulated data, wherever it may be.

At Fortanix, we bring together the very best people in service of our mission including recognized industry pioneers and experts in cryptography and Confidential Computing. We're also proud to be Great Place to Work certified. Fortanix - Data Exposure Management for the Modern Enterprise. For more information, visit

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