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Gradient Protocol Unveils Plans for Exciting Second Funding Phase With Fjord Foundry Following Successful Seed Round
[March 28, 2024]

Gradient Protocol Unveils Plans for Exciting Second Funding Phase With Fjord Foundry Following Successful Seed Round

New York, NY, March 28, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gradient Protocol is pleased to announce its second funding phase taking place on Fjord Foundry, after a successful conclusion of the private seed round. The primary aim of the protocol will be to innovate within the liquid staking space by developing a platform to enable safe, streamlined, and scalable staking solutions across a multitude of TAO subnets.

The protocol intends to bring about a liquid staking ecosystem in the Bittensor network by deploying specialized validators to different subnets. Gradient’s efforts at diversifying its validation processes seek to bring increased stability to the system, maintain a stable return on investments for its users, and augment the system’s validator performance.

The proceeds from the second funding round will be used to scale up the protocol’s validation capacity, open up new validators, fund the liquidity of the GDT token, and support marketing and developmental activities to strengthen the protocol’s growth.

The TGE of Gradient is set to define how liquid staking platforms could operate on the TAO network moving forward while offering in-house validator slots, revenue-sharing, liquid staking and a native token allat once from the launch of the platform. Gradient will lead by example within the liquid staking space when it comes to decentralization, transparency and community governance.

Gradient Protocol is aiming to cement their position as a novelty liquid staking platform on the Bittensor network through its second funding round on Fjord Foundry, aiming to diversify network validation processes, bootstrap liquidity for its token, GDT, and transition to a platform that is more decentralized, transparent, and governed by the community. 

Through its ongoing expansion, Gradient aims to establish a new standard of transparency and decentralization in the liquid staking domain. 

About Gradient:

Gradient Protocol developed from an innovative vision to set the stage for the liquid staking landscape within the Bittensor network. By leveraging the power of decentralized staking methods, Gradient aspires to offer a sustainable, high-yielding, and truly decentralized platform. The protocols growth is marked by significant milestones in network validation diversity, and highlights its potential to further substantiate the growth of the TAO network as a whole.

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