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THine Releases to Launch AI Server Business in Addition to LSI and AIOT Business
[March 18, 2024]

THine Releases to Launch AI Server Business in Addition to LSI and AIOT Business

THine Electronics, Inc. (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 6769, "THine"), the global leader in high-speed serial interface and provider of mixed-signal LSI as well as valuable AI/IoT-based solution, today releases to launch its data server business to enhance its business synergy and efficiency in addition to its semiconductor and AI/IoT business. In order to contribute to further utilization of generative AI and AI research in Japan, THine has decided to provide data servers, including AI servers equipped with NVIDIA's GPUs.

THine's new server business will provide:

  • data-related data/AI server products;
  • data-related storage products; and
  • data-related communication switch products;

and develop software, systems and solutions related to the above, etc.

THine plans to establish its new subsidiary, THine HyperData, Inc., on April 1st, 2024 in Yokohama, Japan with the following representatives:

  • Chairman and CEO: Takashi Nakahara, the board member of THine, and the Founder and CEO of THine's AIOT subsidiary
  • President: Kenji Mizuno, th President of Fujitsu Isotec Limited until March 31st, 2024

"It is our great pleasure to support and accelerate the AI utilization and AI research in Japan," said Dr. Takashi Nakahara, Chief Architect Officer of THine, "THine HyperData plans to achieve its sales of 1 billion yen or more in FY2028, accelerating its business by collaboration just like THine's AIOT business does."

About THine
THine Electronics Incorporated is a fabless semiconductor manufacturer and the holding company of its AI/IoT/M2M solution subsidiary, Cathay Tri-Tech, Inc. and its data server subsidiary, THine HyperData, Inc. THine's semiconductor business provides innovative mixed signal LSI and has established de-facto-standard of the high-speed interface technology "V-by-One® HS" for the global 4K/8K televisions. THine's AIOT business provides wireless communication modules including 5G/LTE/NB-IoT and IoT devices such as routers and gateways as well as custom-based system solution. THine's server business provides its data/AI servers, storage products, and communication switch products as well as related software, system and solutions.
THine is headquartered in Tokyo, and has subsidiaries in Yokohama, Taipei, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Santa Clara. THine is listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange under the security code of 6769. For more information, visit

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