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Conduit Tech Receives Powered by Manual J® Approval from Air Conditioning Contractors of America
[March 06, 2024]

Conduit Tech Receives Powered by Manual J® Approval from Air Conditioning Contractors of America

Conduit Tech, Inc. (Conduit Tech), a start-up building tools to generate sales and reduce unbillable work for Residential HVAC Pros, today announced that it has received a Powered by ACCA Manual J® Approval from the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA).

Shelby Breger and Marisa Reddy founded Conduit Tech in 2022 to make it easier for all HVAC Pros to quickly and profitably design, sell, and install high-efficiency and comfortable HVAC systems. Conduit's technology platform streamlines design, sales, and installation planning tasks into several minutes of onsite work, supporting HVAC Pros in building trust with their clients and driving high-quality installs, every time. Conduit's receipt of the Powered by ACCA Manual J® Approval is the latest milestone enabling Conduit to accelerate its mission to empower thousands of HVAC Pros to install the most efficient and comfortable equipment in millions of homes.

Improperly designed & installed HVAC systems can consume as much as 30% more energy than expected. Moreover, improperly designed systems can produce suboptimal occupant comfort and suffer from lower equipment life expectancy. Desining HVAC installations that minimize energy use while maximizing homeowner comfort requires HVAC Pros to perform detailed analysis and evaluation of each home's custom construction, the first step of which is an ACCA Manual J® load calculation analysis. This analysis is becoming even more important as HVAC equipment becomes increasingly sensitive to poor design, due to manufacturer advances and the nationwide push towards electrification.

In addition to its importance as a tool for higher comfort and efficiency, the ACCA Manual J® analysis is increasingly a necessary workflow for HVAC Pros to meet permitting and rebate requirements that require proof of high quality system design.

"ACCA's Manual J® is the cornerstone of delivering comfort and efficiency," said Barton James, ACCA CEO and President. "Only ACCA-approved software complies with our standards and meets code requirements. We're pleased that Conduit Tech has put the effort in to earn ACCA approval for their software."

About Conduit Tech

Conduit Tech is developing innovative system sizing and sales enablement tools to support HVAC Professionals in designing, selling, and installing high-efficiency HVAC systems. In minutes, the Conduit platform produces high-quality room-by-room HVAC system sizing calculations, 2D floor plans and 3D models of homes with detailed data on building materials and sleek, customized sales materials. Sales Pros & Techs using Conduit win through greater sales conversion on high efficiency jobs, enhanced install quality, and faster permitting and rebates on those jobs. Conduit Tech's tooling enables HVAC Pros to do what they do best - provide comfort, health, and energy savings to their clients.

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About ACCA

ACCA is the nation's premier trade association for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration contractors, and is well-known for maintaining standards for proper installation and maintenance of HVACR systems.

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