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ISG to Examine Multi Public Cloud Services, Solutions Market
[June 06, 2023]

ISG to Examine Multi Public Cloud Services, Solutions Market

Information Services Group (ISG) (Nasdaq: III), a leading global technology research and advisory firm, has launched a series of research studies examining providers helping enterprises and public sector entities migrate to public clouds and maximize value from their cloud transformations.

ISG will publish three comprehensive ISG Provider Lens™ studies: Multi Public Cloud Services and Multi Public Cloud Solutions, both aimed at the commercial sector, and a third, also called Multi Public Cloud Services, focused specifically on the needs of the U.S. public sector. All three studies are scheduled to be released in December 2023.

Buyers will be able to use information from the studies to evaluate their current vendor relationships, potential new engagements and available offerings, while ISG advisors use the information to recommend providers to the firm's buy-side clients.

Enterprises and public sector entities are seeking to partner with strategic service providers to facilitate cloud transformation on major hyperscalers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. They are looking to providers to help them manage and secure workloads, enable observability, and optimize costs through FinOps strategies.

"Organizations are on the lookout for partners and solutions that can help realize the potential of cloud technology," said Jan Erik Aase, partner and global leader, ISG Provider Lens Research. "The right partners and solutions are essential to securing workloads, controlling costs, and going beyond mere lift-and-shift migration to achieve true business transformation."

For the Multi Public Cloud Services study for the commercial market, ISG has distributed surveys to more than 230 providers. Working in collaboration with ISG's global advisors, the research team will produce seven quadrants representing the typical multi public cloud services enterprises are buying based on ISG's experience working with its clients. The seven quadrants are:

  • Consulting and Transformation Services, assessing providers partnering with multiple public cloud infrastructure providers to help enterprises optimize and transform their IT operations to enhance efficiency, agility and security.
  • Managed services, covering managed service providers specializing in multicloud environments, comprising AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and other hyperscalers. These providers adopt a DevOps-centric approach to support robust continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines and provide expertise in site reliability engineering (SRE) and business resiliency.
  • FinOps Services and Cloud Optimization, evaluating providers offering consulting and managed services for multicloud infrastructure cost optimization. Leaders demonstrate ability to predict clients' consumption patterns using AI- and ML-based analytics, as well as using FinOps frameworks to analyze and forecast usage, pricing and financial impact.
  • Hyperscale Infrastructure and Platform Services, assessing suppliers providing virtual compute resources, middleware and software in highly scalable public cloud environments, providing resources as virtual or containerized software, complemented by serverless architectures, with multiple microservices and runtime engines.
  • SAP HANA Infrastructure Services, covering cloud infrastructures best suited to host SAP's software portfolio, including operations, facilities, provisioning and scalability for SAP workloads. Key criteria include data migration tools, technical support, system imaging, backup and restore capabilities, disaster recovery, resource usage monitoring and more.
  • Secure Enterprise Filesharing Services, analyzing vendors offering enterprise-grade cloud filesharing platforms to make business documents accessible via browser, desktop or mobile applications. These services provide strong administrative controls, secure access management, robust multi-factor authentication, and regulatory compliance.
  • Sovereign Cloud Infrastructure Services, evaluating providers offering secure clud infrastructure for hosting enterprise and public sector workloads and data in data centers located in specific geographies and subject to local jurisdiction, adhering to requirements described in projects including Gaia-X, GDPR and electronic data interchange (EDI).

Geographically focused reports from the study will cover the global multi public cloud services market and examine services available in Brazil, France, Germany, the Nordics, Switzerland, the U.K., and the U.S., with a separate focus on sovereign cloud infrastructure services for Europe. ISG analysts Pedro L. Bicudo Maschio (Brazil and France), Rohan Thomas (Nordics and U.K.), Ulrich Meister and Wolfgang Heinhaus (Germany, Switzerland and Europe) and Shashank Rajmane (U.S.) will serve as authors of the reports.

A similar report will be produced that evaluates providers of multi public cloud services specifically for the U.S. public sector. ISG has distributed surveys to more than 40 such providers, and will assess provider capabilities in four quadrants:

  • Consulting and Transformation Services, assessing providers that help public sector organizations optimize and transform use of public cloud services for efficiency, agility and security, and partner with public cloud infrastructure providers to develop creative multicloud programs and industry solutions, and address customer-specific complexities.
  • Managed Services, evaluating providers and integrators offering managed infrastructure and application services on public clouds, including lifecycle management. These providers offer real-time and predictive analysis, monitoring and management to maximize performance, reduce costs, and ensure compliance and security.
  • Hyperscale Infrastructure and Platform Services, assessing providers of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) capabilities critical to public sector organizations' ability to operate securely and adaptively on and across one or more public clouds.
  • SAP HANA Infrastructure Services, analyzing service providers with infrastructure, development and managed services capabilities suited to host SAP's software portfolio, with an emphasis on SAP S/4HANA workloads and large-scale HANA databases.

ISG analyst Bruce Guptill will author the U.S. Public Sector report.

For the Multi Public Cloud Solutions study, ISG has distributed surveys to more than 75 solutions providers and will evaluate provider capabilities in three quadrants:

  • Multicloud FinOps Platforms, covering independent software vendors (ISVs) offering standalone, dedicated/proprietary platforms and solutions for cloud financial management across multiple public clouds to help clients maintain financial accountability for their cloud services.
  • Cloud-native Observability Solutions, assessing software vendors that provide dedicated/proprietary platforms and solutions for cloud-native logging, tracing and measuring of containerized applications and infrastructure.
  • Cloud-native Security Platforms, evaluating ISVs offering dedicated/proprietary platforms and solutions for securing infrastructure and applications in a cloud-native environment, ranging from application development to production and runtime.

ISG analyst Shashank Rajmane will serve as author of the Multi Public Cloud Solutions report.

A list of identified providers and vendors and further details on the studies are available in these digital brochures: Multi Cloud Public Services, Multi Cloud Public Services - U.S. Public Sector and Multi Public Cloud Solutions. Companies not listed as multi public cloud services and solutions providers can contact ISG and ask to be included in the studies.

All 2023 ISG Provider Lens™ evaluations feature expanded customer experience (CX) data that measures actual enterprise experience with specific provider services and solutions, based on ISG's continuous CX research. Enterprise customers wishing to share their experience about a specific provider or vendor are encouraged to register here to receive a personalized survey URL. Participants will receive a copy of this report in return for their feedback.

About ISG Provider Lens™ Research

The ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant research series is the only service provider evaluation of its kind to combine empirical, data-driven research and market analysis with the real-world experience and observations of ISG's global advisory team. Enterprises will find a wealth of detailed data and market analysis to help guide their selection of appropriate sourcing partners, while ISG advisors use the reports to validate their own market knowledge and make recommendations to ISG's enterprise clients. The research currently covers providers offering their services globally, across Europe, as well as in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, the U.K., France, Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, the Nordics, Australia and Singapore/Malaysia, with additional markets to be added in the future. For more information about ISG Provider Lens research, please visit this webpage.

A companion research series, the ISG Provider Lens Archetype reports, offer a first-of-its-kind evaluation of providers from the perspective of specific buyer types.

About ISG

ISG (Information Services Group) (Nasdaq: III) is a leading global technology research and advisory firm. A trusted business partner to more than 900 clients, including more than 75 of the world's top 100 enterprises, ISG is committed to helping corporations, public sector organizations, and service and technology providers achieve operational excellence and faster growth. The firm specializes in digital transformation services, including automation, cloud and data analytics; sourcing advisory; managed governance and risk services; network carrier services; strategy and operations design; change management; market intelligence and technology research and analysis. Founded in 2006, and based in Stamford, Conn., ISG employs more than 1,600 digital-ready professionals operating in more than 20 countries-a global team known for its innovative thinking, market influence, deep industry and technology expertise, and world-class research and analytical capabilities based on the industry's most comprehensive marketplace data. For more information, visit

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