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Banuba Improves Facial Feature Editing in Face AR SDK
[May 26, 2023]

Banuba Improves Facial Feature Editing in Face AR SDK

Facial feature editing (face morphing) has been present in Face AR SDK before version 1.7. But with the new update its capabilities have been greatly expanded. Now it is possible to easily customize the following features (watch a short demo):

  • Eyebrows (spacing, height, bend)
  • Eyes (shape, size, spacing, squint, lower eyelid size & position)
  • Nose (width, length, tip size)
  • Mouth (size, smile, shape, lip thickness)
  • Cheeks (size of the cheeks and cheekbones, dimples/sunken cheeks)
  • Chin (length, width, V-shape)

This addition has many potential applications. For example, it can be used to simulate the results of plastic surgery, edit photos, change apearance for video calls and much more. Face morphing can also be combined with other similar features, e.g. face touch-up for more impressive effect. In addition, this functionality will be implemented in TINT makeup virtual try-on - a powerful and realistic virtual try-on platform.

Face feature editing comes as part of v1.7 update, which also brought along a massive performance boost. This is especially important for WebAR SDK and lower-end smartphones that don't have much processing power to spare. Now, thanks to the Turbo mode, face tracking system skips certain frames when detecting a face, instead of checking every frame. It still provides high accuracy and smooth detection but doesn't load the device as much. In the web-based version, this option is on by default.

Virtual backgrounds, one of the most popular features, has also received a performance update. It will be especially noticeable on Apple devices - up to 10x faster work.

About Banuba

Banuba is an augmented reality company with over 7 years on the market, pioneering face tracking, virtual try-on, and virtual background technologies. Besides TINT and Face filters SDK, it also offers Video Editor SDK - a ready-made video editing suite that can be quickly integrated into a mobile app.

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