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Black Ink Tech and Incode Partner to Make Everywhere Identity a Reality
[May 25, 2023]

Black Ink Tech and Incode Partner to Make Everywhere Identity a Reality

The industry trailblazers launch breakthrough consumer controlled portable digital identity connected to government records enabled for Web 3.0 and existing physical world validation

CHARLESTON, S.C., May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Black Ink Technologies Corp, a digital pioneer connecting physical objects, services, and events to a permanent graded data record through immutable ledger technology, is pleased to partner with Incode on a transformative solution that delivers validated global identity. Incode is the leading provider of digital biometric verification and world-class identification authentication solutions. Operating within Black Ink Tech's ChainIT platform, this powerful solution creates a global, ubiquitous digital identity that is simple to validate and universally available.

Incode delivers revolutionary biometric digital identity solutions in 184 countries around the world (61% of total IDs) and has analyzed thousands of identifications. Now, with Black Ink Tech's Validated Data Tokens, the data will be transportable and can be integrated into other markets and systems, including legacy systems, without requiring new hardware. 

"We couldn't be happier about our partnership with Incode," stated Jeremy Blackburn, CEO of Black Ink Tech. "Together, we've cracked the nut on an identity issue that has plagued the industry for years. We've created a scaled, secure, and transportable universal digital identity solution that can be used anywhere, anytime, in the physical, digital, and even virtual worlds. What makes it even better is the individual, or consumer, owns and controls their digital identity and can choose what they share, or verify, and to whom. This is critical to operating on truth in the digital world while maintaining consumer driven privacy."

The everywhere digital identity solution will capture a person's digital identity using Incode's cutting-edge biometric system, then match it to government records for validation and verification. That verification can then be transferred through Blank Ink Tech's Validated Data Tokens and ChainIT platform. The generated QR code displays the Individual's Validated Data Token ID, or IVDT-ID, record, where and when it was created, how it was created, as well as who validated and verified the information.

The IVDT-ID is device independent, meaning even a smartphone can be used to validate an identity. With the permanent, immutable blockchain record, theycan confirm the identity is authentic without needing to access the government records directly. The Incode system biometrically matches the individual to their digital identity, and all of the data points are Touch Audit enabled.

"Incorporating Black Ink Tech's Validated Data Tokens with our solution furthers our mission to power a world of trust and enable One Identity Everywhere," said Ricardo Amper, Founder & CEO of Incode. "We are thrilled to further expand TaaS into global markets. Together, we can transform obsolete identity systems and, ultimately, eliminate fraud". 

Together, Black Ink Tech and Incode will deliver their solution abiding by the highest industry standards, including NIST FRVT testing, iBeta Level 2 ISO 30107-3 Presentation Attack Detection confirmation, SOC 2 certification, Know Your Customer/FATF compliance, Privacy Shield Framework conformance, and support of GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy and data protection regulations.

Join us in the discussion of "How We Can Eliminate Loan Fraud With Digital Identities."

Both Black Ink Tech and Incode are proud to announce a joint webinar discussion on June 27, 2023 at 1:00PM ESTEliminating Loan Fraud: Individual and Organizational Digital Identity in Loan Closings.

This webinar will provide participants with an overview of digital identity in the real estate industry. This will be a discussion of the benefits of digital identities, including increased security and efficiency. Topics will include identity verification, authentication, and data privacy, as well as current trends in identity management. Participants will also learn how to best protect themselves and their client's information in an increasingly digital world. Black Ink Tech and Incode will provide practical tips and strategies for leveraging digital identity.

By the end of the webinar, participants will have a better understanding of how to create and manage personal and organizational digital identities securely and how to leverage this latest technology to not only increase efficiencies but also eliminate fraud, ultimately leading to less risk and higher profits across the board. This webinar is open to the public and participants may register here:

About Black Ink Tech

Black Ink Tech provides heightened transparency and accountability through the collection of verifiable records of truth stored on immutable ledger technology. These records are called Validated Data Tokens, and they are graded based on how data is collected, transmitted, and stored. We aim to offer solutions to daily obstacles by reducing friction and enhancing efficiencies. Whether it's integrating existing legacy systems for Web 3.0 technologies or streamlining current systems and processes, our ChainIT platform optimizes business operations and maximizes value. Where the physical and digital worlds connect

About Incode

Incode Technologies is revolutionizing the trust industry by transforming Identity Verification and Authentication across every major vertical. Incode serves the Financial Services, Gaming, Hospitality, Government and Entertainment sectors with the most accurate, flexible, and easy-to-integrate proprietary technology. Incode's fully automated AI-powered platform solves Onboarding (KYC, KYB, Age Verification), Passwordless Authentication, and Payment Verification (AML) to reduce fraud and increase conversion rates with the highest privacy and safety standards.

With over $220 million raised from investors such as General Atlantic, Softbank, and JP Morgan, Incode's One Identity Everywhere mission is rapidly gaining global adoption. Based in San Francisco, with offices and operations worldwide, Incode is partnering with the most innovative brands to reimagine trust. Join the identity revolution at

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