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Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol (SBP) and Digital Power Optimization (DPO) Partner to Advance Bitcoin Mining as a Clean Energy Solution
[May 11, 2023]

Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol (SBP) and Digital Power Optimization (DPO) Partner to Advance Bitcoin Mining as a Clean Energy Solution

Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol (SBP) and Digital Power Optimization (DPO) have announced a new partnership aimed at advancing the profitability of using verified clean energy sources for bitcoin mining while accelerating the buildout of clean energy infrastructure. SBP will verify DPO's clean energy use through a third-party audit and then issue DPO and its clients one Sustainable Bitcoin Certificate (SBC) for each bitcoin it has produced with 100% sustainable energy sources. These SBCs make it more profitable to operate bitcoin data centers using clean energy.

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DPO builds flexible data centers that utilize on-location, behind-the-meter bitcoin mining computers to maximize the profitability of clean energy assets. DPO is currently running bitcoin mining deployments behind the meter on wind, solar and hydro facilities. One of DPO's own hydroelectric sites is currently undergoing a FERC-mandated maintenance review and through bitcoin mining with SBCs, DPO is able to fund the necessary maintenance. Keeping this plant, which has been producing zero-carbon power since 1908, safe and operational aids the decarbonization of the grid. DPO also intends to partner with SBP to incentivize the development and repowering of additional wind and solar assets in North America.

SBP is the most trusted solution in bitcoin sustainability for institutional investors and as the margins of bitcoin miners decrease, they are being seen as a key pathway for green bitcoin miners to maintain profitability. SBPs mission is to incentivize the use of verified clean energy through a market-bsed mechanism and mobilize institutional capital into clean energy development, creating a transparency layer for the sustainability of the bitcoin network.

"We are thrilled to add DPO to our growing list of clean energy miners," said Brad Van Voorhees, CEO and Cofounder of SBP. "DPO's model of partnering directly with clean energy producers to monetize excess generation and solve the daily challenges these companies face is well-aligned with our vision of how bitcoin mining can be a key energy transition technology."

"DPO is excited to partner with SBP to further advance bitcoin mining as a solution for renewable energy companies" said DPO's CEO Andrew Webber. "SBP's innovative offering is an institutionally-appropriate way for our clean energy clients to out-earn bitcoin miners using dirty power and will help us accelerate the decarbonization of the bitcoin network and the US power grid." This partnership with SBP will not only benefit DPO and its clients, but also contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

About Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol

Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol (SBP) is on a mission to unlock Bitcoin's potential as our planet's most sustainable asset class and accelerate investment into the renewable energy sector. SBP has pioneered a market-driven solution to financially incentivize bitcoin miners to use verified clean energy sources and for the first time ever, enable investors to hold bitcoin in an auditably sustainable way. In creating a transparency layer for the Bitcoin mining ecosystem, SBP forms the missing link between climate-conscious investors and the world's most critical monetary technology. For more information about SBP or to become a partner, visit

About Digital Power Optimization

Digital Power Optimization is an energy services provider which builds flexible data centers on-site at clean energy assets to help asset owners maximize the value of their energy. DPO offers its solution as a service to the power plant owner, and helps its clients maximize their revenues. By aligning its interests with low-cost clean power companies, DPO believes that it creates the most competitive flexible data centers while making the construction of on-site flexible loads as attractive as possible for plant owners. For more information on DPO, please visit

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