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New Multi-Asset Robo Product Launched for U.S. Investors
[March 30, 2023]

New Multi-Asset Robo Product Launched for U.S. Investors

LendingRobot, an advisory firm specializing in Alternative Investments, has announced the release of their new multi-asset robo product for U.S. investors.

When asked about the launch, Mikhail Kabalin, CEO, said, "We want to give every investor access to alternative investments at LendingRobot, and that's exactly what the Multi-Asset Robo does. The team is really excited to bring a product that allows for lower account minimums and built-in diversification to appeal to the next generation of investors."

The Multi-Asset Alt Robo combines investments from multiple alternative investment platforms to create a portfolio customized to the client's individual risk appetite. After clients select their desired risk strategy, the robo model invests the client's account into multiple assets from its current platform partner list including Prosper, Groundfloor, and Vint. This is the only product of its type in the U.S. market today that automates investments from unaffiliated alternative investment platform.

The COO, Samuel Fennell, says, "We have done the research, and the numbers are there-alternatives continue to grow, and investors are investing more and more assets into alternatives as confidence with more traditional asset classes wane with the next generation." On the subject of the sector's growth, CEO, Mikhail Kabalin, said, "The risk of alternative investments is always going to be there, but we are using technology to help [investors] manage their risk in a sustainable way. The influx of new investors in the wake of 2020 have a higher risk appetite and index high for trust in digital tools to manage their finances. This new product brings the best of both of those worlds together and we are excited to see what this means for the alternative investments industry as a whole."

For more information about the Multi-Asset Alt Robo product, please visit Lend Academy Investments dba LendingRobot is a SEC-registered advisor.

About Lending Robot
Originally launched in 2014, Lending Robot made a name for itself as the first robo-advisor for peer-to-peer lending. Since then, it has continuously generated new products and investment strategies for the investing community. In addition to the Multi-Asset Alt Robo product, Lending Robot also offers access to private securities through their series funds and other financial products.

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