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PREMA is introducing a "Web3 SNS" system to enhance the Web3 social networking and gaming experience
[March 17, 2023]

PREMA is introducing a "Web3 SNS" system to enhance the Web3 social networking and gaming experience

Singapore, March 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PREMA is an NFT-integrated application platform based on Web 3.0 network, focusing on the sale, trading, and practical application of NFT. PREMA can provide users with convenient NFT trading and NFT multifunctional application services. On March 7th, they established a strategic business alliance with Avacus Inc.The company provides distributed social networking services (hereinafter referred to as "Web3 SNS") "Avacus. app" on Web3.

PREMA develops and services NFT/ blockchain content and operates Samurai Guild Games (SamuraiGG), a gaming guild with 30,000 members (as of February 2023). By forming a business alliance with Avacus Inc., they will promote the following businesses of

- Use and all kinds of SNS to attract customers;

- and PREMA deployed various Dapps integration;

- In SamuraiGG is formed on the DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations);

- Through Avacus Connect Dapps develops an advertising distribution business (details below). is a Web3 SNS with a mobile wallet, beta launched in October 2021, and from March 2023, will implement "Avacus Connect", the world's first system to support simultaneous messaging, airdrops and advertising to any NFT holder, to further extend the Web3 project and the use case for the DAO.

The strategic business alliance with Avacus Inc. will provide PREMA with a number of growth benefits and business upgrades to support PREMA's global expansion plans:

1.Attracting customers: Through the use of Avacus. app and various SNS, will increase the visibility of PREMA’s NFT/ blockchain content and SamuraiGG, and attract more users to follo and use their platform.

2.Integration with various Dapps: Avacus. app will integrate with various Dapps deployed by PREMA, which will increase the functionality of both platforms. It even enables users to seamlessly use both platforms and provide a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience.

3.Formation of SamuraiGG DaOs: Formation of SamuraiGG DaOs on Avacus. app will allow for more efficient and decentralized decision-making within guilds.This will provide more transparency and inclusion, which is in line with the Web 3.0 philosophy.

4.Grow the AD distribution business: Growing the AD distribution business through Avacus Connect Dapps will provide PREMA with a new revenue stream that will help the company grow its business.

The business alliance with Avacus Inc. will provide them with access to the Web3 SNS platform, which will enhance its capabilities and increase its visibility.The benefits of this partnership will result in a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience for users and provide a new revenue stream for PREMA. This makes them a more attractive investment opportunity.

The PREMA platform is centered on the NFT market PREMA X, using the PREMA wallet application and traceability system to integrate NFT and NFT usage scenarios, such as metaverse blockchain games in URL (UnReal Life, non-real world), and physical facilities in IRL (In Real Life, real-world) associated with physical products.

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