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MMGuardian Helps With Launch of Project Anchor to Reduce Child Suicide
[March 16, 2023]

MMGuardian Helps With Launch of Project Anchor to Reduce Child Suicide

Pervasive Group Inc. today announced that MMGuardian, the company's award winning parental control app, has been instrumental in the successful launch of Project Anchor, which aims to help parents and guardians navigate child suicide risk.

MMGuardian sends Safety Alerts to parents when the app installed on their child's phone detects that the content of their child's texts and social media messages is indicative of suicidal or self-harm ideation.

Project Anchor consists of two phases. In the recently commenced phase one, parents who have received a Suicide Safety Alert are invited to participate in the research study. The study aims to understand parents' thoughts, feelings and behaviours when receiving the alert, and what type of support such as education, resources and skill building would be most beneficial to parents to help them respond to their child's potential suicide risk. Project Anchor then hopes to use these study results to develop a digital tool to support parents through these difficult moments and in turn, help to improve parent-child communication and reduce risk fo suicide and self-harm in youth.

Dr. Taylor Burke, Project Anchor researcher, said:

"We appreciate the strong support from the MMGuardian team and user community to help us launch Project Anchor and are very happy with the initial progress'.

James Zhou, CEO of Pervasive Group, said: "Helping parents to prevent harm to their children is a key reason why we created and continue to innovate and enhance MMGuardian. We are very pleased to be able to help the Project Anchor team achieve their goal of developing a tool to help parents and reduce child suicide and self-harm".

About Pervasive Group Inc.

Pervasive Group Inc, developers of MMGuardian, is a leading provider of parental control solutions. Its technologies and products help parents protect their children from the risks associated with the use of smartphones in an increasingly online world. For more information, please visit

MMGuardian sends Safety Alerts to parents should the content of texts and popular social media app messages sent or received by their child be indicative of a risk. As of the end of 2022, MMGuardian has scanned nearly 3 billion messages and sent parents10 million Safety Alerts, consisting of:

  • Sexting: 3,502,274
  • Drugs: 3,249,772
  • Suicide: 1,266,881
  • Bullying: 983,533
  • Violence:448,229
  • Predator: 231,639

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