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Zyxel Networks Launches Layer 3 Access Switch Family
[March 15, 2023]

Zyxel Networks Launches Layer 3 Access Switch Family

Zyxel Networks, a leader in delivering secure, AI- and cloud-powered business and home networking solutions, today introduced its new XGS2220 Series 24/48-port GbE L3 Access Switches with 2 10GbE and 4 10G SFP+ Uplinks. The versatile, feature-rich, cloud-managed Layer 3 access switches address the growing bandwidth demands of SMBs, hotels, schools, system integrators, and MSPs that run distributed 300- to 500-person networks.

The new family of XGS2220 Series switches includes six models, featuring PoE, non-PoE, and fiber versions, to ease deployment and maximize the performance of bandwidth-intensive devices such as WiFi 6/6E wireless access points, laptops, servers, and workstations. The 24- and 48-port Layer 3 access switches are equipped with six additional 10G ports, including four 10G SFP+ fiber connections for link aggregation, and two 10G Multi-Gig RJ-45 ports, to provide additional connectivity options to additional switches, servers, or network gateways.

The new XGS2220 Series L3 Access Switch family includes (with street prices):

  • XGS2220-30 24-port GbE + 2 10GbE L3 Access Switch with 4 SFP+ 10G Uplink - ($849.99 USD)
  • XGS2220-30F 24-port SFP + 2 10GbE L3 Access Switch with 4 SFP+ 10G Uplink - ($999.99 USD)
  • XGS2220-30HP 24-port GbE + 2 10GbE L3 Access PoE+ Switch with 4 SFP+ 10G Uplink (400W) - ($1,249.99 USD)
  • XGS2220-54 48-port GbE + 2 10GbE L3 Access Switch with 4 SFP+ 10G Uplink - ($1,249.99 USD)
  • XGS2220-54HP 48-port GbE + 2 10GbE L3 Access PoE+ Switch with 4 SFP+ 10G Uplink (600W) - ($1,649.99 USD)
  • XGS2220-54FP 48-port GbE + 2 x 10GbE L3 Access PoE+ Switch with 4 SFP+ 10G Uplink (960W) - ($1,899.99 USD)

Designed to meet enterprise-level applications, XGS2220 Series switches support full Layer 2 features, including advanced features such as QinQ VLAN tunneling and VLAN translation, and Layer 3 static routing capabilities, granting users more control over larger and more complicated network structres.

Operating temperature of the switches is optimized with a smart fan for quiet operation and efficiency.

Features and Benefits of XGS2220 Series Switches include:

  • Flexible 10G Support for Converged Networking Applications - 10G Multi-Gigabit ports and SFP+ ports provide the flexibility to connect to servers, network storage, or other high-speed network devices with either 10G copper or fiber connections. The SFP+ 10G uplink ports can be used to connect to aggregation switches for backbone services or resiliency. A full Layer 2 feature set can shape traffic for diverse VoIP, video conferencing, IPTV, and networked AV deployments. L2 multicast, IGMP snooping, Multicast VLAN Registration (MVR), and voice VLAN, provide more effective traffic management for converged applications.
  • Dedicated Networked AV Mode - For AV system integrators that provide IP-based networks to support audio and video services, the tailor-made networked AV mode makes it easy to setup an AV over IP system. Ideal for a wide variety of environments, including classrooms, sports bars, central control rooms, and large outdoor video wall displays, the intuitive setup wizard addresses the most utilized features of AVoIP applications. The graphical status overview of key AV network elements, such as IGMP and IP information, accompanied by a condensed function menu, helps the user manage and monitor the system with ease.
  • High-Powered Power over Ethernet (PoE) - Equipped with generous power budgets up to 960W, XGS2220 PoE Switches provide 10 ports of IEEE 802.3bt (PoE++) offering up to 60W per port, and 16 or 40 ports of IEEE 802.3at delivering up to 30W per port to simplify deployments of WiFi 6/6E access points, VoIP, surveillance, and networked AV devices.
  • Management Flexibility - XGS2220 series switches can be managed in standalone mode, or in Nebula cloud-managed mode, giving organizations flexibility in how to manage and operate the switches. The switches come with a one-year Nebula Pro license which provides simplicity, scalability, and flexibility of management, while providing advanced IGMP technology, network analytics alerts, and more.
  • Resiliency and Availability - XGS2220 series switches allow the creation of a physical stack of up to four units using the 10G fiber ports to provide high bandwidth for more flexible management. The stacking topology under the ring architecture provides high redundancy in case one of the stacking links fails, enabling the system to quickly recover through another stacking connection.

"The increasing bandwidth requirements of high-performance network devices such as WiFi 6/6E access points and workstations, and advanced applications such as networked AV and surveillance, are creating network chokepoints that negatively impact their performance and effectiveness," explained Tri Nguyen, Channel Sales and Product Manager at Zyxel Networks. "The new XGS2220 series switches deliver performance, versatility, and ease-of-management that makes them the ideal solution for upgrading existing network infrastructures to take advantage of the latest high-performance devices and newest converged networking applications."

Zyxel XGS2220 series switches carry limited lifetime warranties and are available now through all Zyxel authorized resellers and e-commerce partners.

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About Zyxel:

Zyxel Networks is a technology provider with over 30 years of experience, specializing in delivering solutions for small to medium-sized businesses and the enterprise-edge in partnership with VARs, MSPs and System Integrators. We enable network professionals to connect and protect organizations with greater ease by bringing together intuitive, scalable and secure cloud management with a complete portfolio of network devices.

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