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Startup Andi Enhances Generative AI Search Offering with New Generated Content Feature That Provides Unprecedented Accuracy, Cites Reliable Sources
[March 15, 2023]

Startup Andi Enhances Generative AI Search Offering with New Generated Content Feature That Provides Unprecedented Accuracy, Cites Reliable Sources

MIAMI, March 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Andi, which is building search for the next generation, announced today that just weeks after its initial launch it has launched a new Generated Content feature that provides the most accurate generative AI content and reliable source citation in the industry.

There has been widespread media coverage and concern about inaccurate content from Microsoft’s Bing, Google’s Bard and numerous other upstarts that not only fabricate content but also sources. Andi’s ability to generate accurate content based on reliable sources is a major differentiator, and the key to bringing real, substantive change to the search space.

Connected to the Internet, Andi filters for high-quality content sources and provides accurate summarized answers with links to those sources. This makes it a perfect solution for those who need professional, accurate content. Whether the user is a person looking to draft a corporate tweet, a student researching a paper, or an individual wanting to know the latest news on a certain topic, Andi can provide the information they need - researching and generating accurate content based on up-to-the-minute source material.

On Feb 1, Andi also released a new Summarize feature, which provides accurate summaries of articles and other source material, with citations. Users can see the new Summarize button for each source in their search results. Reading a summary can often immediately surface the answer to a user’s original search query, and also helps the user decide if he/she wants to read the entire original article.

“At the heart of it, Andi is a search assistant that combines the best of both worlds - a chat interface with the ability to see full, visual search results,” said Andi co-founder and CEO Angla Hoover. “Andi responds to users’ questions with conversational answers that include accurate citations for where the information came from.”

“And now we’re adding the reliability and trust of grounded sources to content generation,” said Hoover. “So you can generate tweets about current events, write a comparison report about the latest stocks, or brainstorm ideas for a team retreat based on TripAdvisor reviews. We’re super excited to be rolling out these new features quickly, and there is a lot more in Andi’s development pipeline.”

Andi’s founders created the company to address the fact that search is broken, especially for Gen-Z users, who do everything on a mobile phone and are accustomed to visual feeds like TikTok and Instagram - and tend to use those apps for search, rather than something like Google.

Andi’s main advantage over other alternatives such as ChatGPT is its accuracy. Andi spent a year nailing accuracy before launching. Since its launch in January 2023, Andi’s daily active users have grown by 5.5x.

Andi is pushing the boundaries of generative AI, using semantic search, large language models with prompt chaining, and live data from APIs to answer questions and summarize information grounded by multiple sources. It provides accurate answers in seconds in a TLDR type of format. No other startup can do all of this and match Andi’s high accuracy.

Free for consumers, Andi does not log or track searches at all, giving users complete anonymity. Enterprise plans are in the works – dozens of companies have already reached out to Andi asking for an embedded B2B search solution. It is in the works for later in 2023.

About Andi
Andi is building search for the next generation - visual, conversational and factually accurate. Search is broken. Results are overwhelmed with ads, clickbait and spam. Andi solved this by pioneering conversational search, the first smart search assistant using generative AI to find the right answers and give you clear summaries of the best results, like chatting with a smart friend. Free for anyone to use, Andi is ad free and completely anonymous with no personal data tracking. Andi’s long term vision is to provide an AI assistant that can answer questions and automate tasks in your life - it’s starting with search. Learn more at

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