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Priority Dispatch® Will Now Enable all Comm Centers with Video to ProQA®, powered by Carbyne
[March 02, 2023]

Priority Dispatch® Will Now Enable all Comm Centers with Video to ProQA®, powered by Carbyne

Video calls will be standard in 9-1-1 protocols, providing unparalleled situational awareness to first responders in times of crisis

NEW YORK, March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Carbyne, the leading provider of cloud-native emergency contact center solutions, and Priority Dispatch®, makers of top-selling emergency call taking technologies, announced that the two companies have partnered to expand access to Video to ProQA®, powered by Carbyne for emergency 9-1-1 call centers. For the first time, video calls will be standardized into the emergency response protocols of the International Academies of Emergency DispatchTM (IAEDTM), available through Priority Dispatch's ProQA platform, and will be available in the spring of 2023.

Carbyne's Emergency Communications as a Service (ECaaS) enables live video, voice, messaging, and real-time location from individuals calling 9-1-1, empowering responders to arrive at the scene better prepared to manage emergency response incidents and improve outcomes. Used by more than 4,000 emergency call centers, Priority Dispatch's ProQA platform will now have enhanced life-saving capabilities.

"Priority Dispatch shares our commitment to modernizing the emergency response industry," said Amir Elichai, CEO, and co-founder of Carbyne. "It is crucial that 9-1-1 call centers keep up with the increased use of digital communication channels to ensure the best possible responses in emergencies. Adding Video to ProQA, powered by Carbyne, is a major step forward for the industy and the safety of people across the country. Having access to video from the scene is rapidly becoming a standard in every PSAP across the country.  We are excited to bring the future of emergency call center technology to more communities and operators."

"Streaming video to 9-1-1 centers has the potential to revolutionize emergency response when available and used properly," said Dr. Jeff J. Clawson, Founder of IAED. "By providing emergency dispatchers with real-time visual information, we can help them make more informed and efficient decisions. This is a game-changing advancement that has the power to transform the way we respond to crisis situations, and I am excited to see its impact on emergency dispatch evaluation and response as it becomes widely adopted."

Carbyne Video (EcaaS) is now available to be deployed by all public safety companies, allowing the quick adoption of maximum video capabilities.  The technology is seamlessly integrated with existing applications and with Parameterless Security Architecture to keep your sensitive data off-limits to hackers. ECaaS is a Carbyne-patented API portfolio that was created to support large software providers with advanced data without having to change their current interface.

About Carbyne

Carbyne (Headquartered in New York, NY) is a leading global provider of cloud-native, mission-critical contact center solutions. Carbyne is one of the largest rich-data providers for emergency response centers, delivering over 250M data points per year all in a unified platform. Our technologies enable emergency contact centers and select enterprises to connect with callers as well as connected devices via highly secure communication channels without needing to download a consumer app. With a mission to redefine emergency collaboration and connect the dots between people, enterprises, and governments, Carbyne provides a unified cloud-native solution that provides live actionable data that can lead to more efficient and transparent operations and ultimately improve the entire dispatch function. With Carbyne, every person counts. Learn more at 

About Priority Dispatch

Priority Dispatch is the world leader in research-based emergency calltaking solutions to emergency call centers in medical, fire, police, and nurse triage disciplines—built on the bedrock foundation of the protocol systems of the IAED. For over 42 years, EMS and 911 agencies have used the IAED-approved Medical Priority Dispatch SystemTM (MPDS®), first with cardsets and now in ProQA software. Our solutions have been time-tested across hundreds of millions of calls and serve thousands of communities around the world. Protocols are available in 29 languages and dialects, over 59 countries. Get to know us at

About International Academies of Emergency Dispatch

The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch is the standard-setting organization for medical, fire, police, and nurse triage emergency dispatch and response services worldwide and is the leading body of emergency services and dispatch experts. Our various Boards and Councils work on behalf of over 69,000 members in 59 countries—and in coordination with other influential public safety organizations—to ensure that its comprehensive system covering all aspects of emergency dispatching is safe, fast, effective, and cutting-edge. IAED protocols are used in more than 4,080 communication centers across the world and have been time-tested across hundreds of millions of calls for medical, fire, police, and nurse triage dispatching.

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