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Syniverse Introduces Evolved Mobility for Outbound Roaming to Reduce OpEx for Mobile Operators Retiring 3G Networks
[February 23, 2023]

Syniverse Introduces Evolved Mobility for Outbound Roaming to Reduce OpEx for Mobile Operators Retiring 3G Networks

Syniverse, "the world's most connected company,"® today announced the availability of a new key feature of Evolved Mobility, the company's Voice over LTE (VoLTE) roaming solution. The new Outbound Roaming feature, a first-of-its-kind solution, connects outbound roamers traveling from operators that have retired their 3G networks. This adds to the existing Inbound Roaming feature already available through Evolved Mobility to help mobile operators sunset legacy networks without sacrificing subscriber experience.

With the continued growth of 5G, mobile operators are looking to reallocate spectrum resources and realize OpEx benefits associated with the retirement of their 3G networks. Retiring these networks has become a challenge for operators looking to maintain best-in-class roaming experiences for their subscribers when they travel and must rely on operator networks that have not deployed VoLTE roaming.

"Operators need a clearly defined strategy to retire these networks, especially as travel has increased among consumers," said Andrew Davies, Chief Executive Officer of Syniverse. "Syniverse has been at the forefront of guiding operators through network transformations for more than 30 years, and our Evolved Mobility solution has been successfully adopted by leading operators such as AT&T and Verizon. With this latest Outbound Roaming feature, we will now also help operators free up millions of dollars associated with maintaining this legacy infrastructure without degrading the customer experience for their own users roaming abroad."

Syniverse's Evolved Mobility for Outbound Roaming is a cloud-based feature that recognizes the importance of ensuring reliable outbound roaming connectivity for operators retiring their own 3G networks. Evolved Mobility for Outbound Roaming helps mobile operators transition from their legacy network equipment wthout sacrificing a subscriber's ability to outbound roam to non-VoLTE markets. With this feature, 4G and 5G mobile devices can roam onto visited operators that do not have VoLTE roaming in place. This unique feature enables the subscriber to connect when they otherwise could not and delivers a multitude of benefits for the operators and their subscribers, including significant OpEx savings on retirement of legacy network elements and a superior customer experience that drives subscriber loyalty and revenue retention for mobile operators.

Evolved Mobility for Inbound and Evolved Mobility for Outbound are available for mobile operators today.

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