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SET Announces Groundbreaking Solar Boost Technology
[February 02, 2023]

SET Announces Groundbreaking Solar Boost Technology

Smart Earth Technologies (SET) announced today the launch and expansion of their new 330 Product Series featuring solar technology that extends the endpoint battery to a full 20-year life span without compromising environmental durability.

"Consistent with our legacy of innovation, SET is the first to offer a battery based solar enhanced water and gas AMI solution," said Vivek Beri, CEO of SET. "SET has solved the dilemma of extending battery life while enhancing functionality and environmental sustainability."

Battery powered Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) endpoints require a power source to "wake up" and send meter data to the Head End System (HES). Relying strictly on battery power to accomplish this can lead to limited functionality and sometimes life span. Other solutions have attempted to address the power management challenge by offering a replaceable battery solution. However, that approach invites water intrusion, reduces environmental sustainability, and requires increased maintenance by utility personnel. SET's patented solution uses solar energy to significantly support and extend the battery life, thereby delivering substantial return oninvestment (ROI) to utilities.

"SET is committed to innovating the most environmentally sustainable, reliable, and useful solution in the Advanced Metering Infrastructure industry for electric, water, and gas utilities. It is inspiring to live in a time where creative, agile design in technology can deliver excellence for utilities, their consumers, and the public at large," continued Beri.

The SET brand was recently expanded by CrescoNet to include gas and electric solutions. The 330 Product Series adds solar boost AMI endpoints for water and gas utilities to SET's product portfolio.

About Smart Earth Technologies (SET)
SET is the premier global provider of environmentally sustainable utility management solutions for electric, gas, and water utilities. The technology is a highly resilient and secure, public, and private LTE/5G standards-based advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and Internet of Things (IoT), meter-neutral solution. SET is leading the way with groundbreaking solutions such as solar powered endpoints, expanded data capacity, secure battery life, and industry leading scalability for software systems. SET is the largest provider of DER data and control services, providing measurement, command and control of varied DER products and vendors with no meter dependency. Part of the CrescoNet family, both CrescoNet and SET are committed to economic, sustainable, and environmental advancement in energy, water, and waste management across the globe. For more information on Smart Earth Technologies visit

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