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Camel Group's Practice of ESG Concept Receives High Commendation from International Expert Team
[August 19, 2022]

Camel Group's Practice of ESG Concept Receives High Commendation from International Expert Team

BEIJING, Aug. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 30 and 31, Camel Group Co., Ltd. ( "Camel Group" or "the Company") was audited by an international expert team ("Expert Team")entrusted by a third party, consisting of environmental safety experts from Washington, D.C. and sociologists from Thailand. The purpose of the audit was to examine Camel Group's environmental, social and governance issues with respect to its operations in China.The comprehensive and robust investigation into Camel's ESG practices includes interviews with employees at the facilities, which were selected by the auditors.

As a result of its audit,The Expert Team recognized the Camel Group's performance in environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. The Company was praised by its employees, customers, the community, suppliers, investors, and others for its ESG practices, including implementing the national "Double Carbon" strategy, adopting and executing an effective ESG compliance system, improving corporate governance, advocating green and low-carbon practices, facilitating energy savings and emission reduction. Also noted in expert team's findings was that Camel Group implemented employee-friendly policies and took an active part in social and charitable undertakings, and deeply participated in community construction initiatives. Camel Group is committed to continuing its efforts to execute meaningful standards, and actively fulfill its security, environmental protection, and social responsibilities.

A Guardian of Safe and Green Production

Safe and green production is the cornerstone of corporate development. Camel Group highly values the management of production safety and environmental protection, and has established a safety, environmental, and occupational health management system. Every year, the factories of the Company receive internal audits for EHS certification and external audits for CQC certification. Continuous audits and improvements ensure the sound operation of the systems.

In terms of environmental monitoring, online monitoring systems have been installed for the sewage discharge of the battery factory and for the exhaust gasemission of the reclaimed lead factory, and the data is directly uploaded to the national monitoring platform. Every factory receives third-party inspections for pollution discharge and environmental quality every quarter (some indicators are monthly). Weekly self-inspections are organized in terms of safety, environmental protection, fire protection, and occupational health. Inspection results are regularly announced on the official website of the Company and the national pollutant discharge permit information platform.

The company also focuses on the information-based practices of safety and environmental protection. The "Micro-safety Platform" effectively classifies and controls sources of danger, identifies hidden danger, tracks the corrections, and sends relevant environment protection data through Camel Group's safety and environmental protection data platform.

Camel Group has always been an advocate and practitioner of green and low-carbon actions. In 2021, the Company invested RMB 90 million in safety, environmental protection, and energy saving projects. Camel Group's factories regularly promoted multiple energy-savings, water-savings and waste reduction projects, with 9 million kWh of electricity, 23000 m3 of water, and 110 tons of solid waste saved. As the Company's energy-saving and efficiency promotion efforts produce more positive outcomes, Camel Group has intensified its confidence and determination in green and sustainable development, and requires every employee to participate in the Company's philosophy of green production and green living. Together we will build a more eco-friendly and sustainable battery manufacturing and recycling industry.

A Bearer of Corporate Social Responsibilities

Performing social responsibilities is the soul of development for Camel Group. The Company actively performs its social responsibility to empower the sustainability construction of a great community. In the past two years, the Company has donated more than RMB 10 million to charitable and poverty-stricken destinations. The Company focuses on repaying the society, actively boosts rural revitalization, participates in voluntary activities, carries out emergency rescues, and contributes to a healthier and happier life for the communities in which it does business.

While performing its social responsibilities, Camel Group cares about employees and fully protects their legitimate rights and interests. Camel Group cherishes the safety and health of every employee, and has been committed to creating a sound working and living environment for them and improving their experiences in terms of working environments, health and safety, meals and living accommodations provided by the Company. In recent years, the Company has invested nearly ten million in anti-epidemic efforts. It has established and implemented anti-epidemic measures in its factories and living areas, vaccinates employees, facilitates nucleic acid testing to the maximum extent, delivers free masks, medical supplies, and other anti-epidemic supplies, thereby effectively containing the spread of the virus.

In terms of employment, Camel Group applies a consistent recruitment procedure that is impartial, voluntary, and based on the same remuneration system as other employers. The Company has erected a smooth development platform and promotion channel to help employees grow with the Company and further enhance their cohesion, solidarity, and happiness.

It is the right moment for Camel Group to continue its growth. The Company receives RBA audits by OEMs and third-party agencies at home and abroad every year, and always insists on the concept of sustainable development. In the past ten years, Camel Group has upheld its mission, provided green power, and developed the circular economy to make unremitting contributions to creating beautiful lives for all of humankind.

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