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Spannr Launches First Longevity Stock Index
[August 04, 2022]

Spannr Launches First Longevity Stock Index

Spannr, a leading provider of news, data intelligence, and analysis on the longevity space, today announced the launch of the Spannr Longevity Stock Index, an essential tool for investors to dissect and measure this growing market segment.

The index is built using Spannr's proprietary methodology and a rigorous data-driven weighting process similar to today's leading exchange-traded funds (ETFs). It includes publicly traded companies that Spannr believes reflect the dynamics of the longevity economy across science, technology, business, and finance.

Companies included in the index meet a key set of criteria: an exclusive focus on extending healthspan or lifespan; a platform or technology that underlies multiple age-related diseases; and a stable financial foundation. Specifically, this may include companies working on cell and gene therapy, diagnostics, regenerative medicine, age-tech, tissue engineering, wellness and prevention, and other therapies centered around the Hallmarks of Aging. The Spannr Longevity Stock Index currently tracks 26 companies.

"Ground-breaking tecnologies will transform how humans age, and we believe investor interest in the space will grow significantly in the coming months and years," said Cody Shirk, Founder and CEO of Spannr. "With the launch of the Spannr Longevity Stock Index, investors now have a benchmark to measure performance and optimize their investment strategies. Our intent is to attract interest from new investors who are looking to allocate capital to this rapidly growing trend."

Constituent weights are based on their security-level market capitalization. A single security cap of 50% is applied. The Spannr Longevity Stock Index will be rebalanced quarterly and has a base date of May 10, 2022, with an initial value of 100.

"It's important to note that the index is centered around companies with the capability to treat or measure an aspect of aging that underlies multiple age-related pathologies, not just a single disease like Alzheimer's Disease (AD), heart disease, or cancer," said Shirk. "Our philosophy underscores our belief that the game-changing companies will aid exponentially in extending healthy lifespans."

About Spannr

Launched in March 2022, Spannr aims to be the world's most comprehensive source of longevity news and information. From science and technology to business and investment, Spannr places its community of users at the forefront of an unprecedented shift in human history with exclusive, expert insight into the different currents of the longevity space. Spannr's lineup of products offers engaging content including the Spannr Newsletter, the Spannr Longevity Stock Index, Spannr Events, Spannr Jobs, and Spannr Data. The company also offers private investments via Spannr Ventures for accredited investors. For more information, visit

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